My Healthy Journey #‎CoreUnDiet‬

My Healthy Journey #‎CoreUnDiet‬

As many of you may know I talk about being the healthiest me possible which doesn’t include dieting. I don’t believe in dieting, I believe in being healthy and taking changes in baby steps. One the baby steps I took just this month was doing a cleanse and for a couple of weeks I’ve just been trying to not gain weight. The not gaining weight part is just to see if anything I eat or do triggers weight gain. I did have a day where I went up a bit and I figured out what my trigger was.

This is my support group that I mention below. We were together in Las Vegas January 2015 and met Noelle Pickus Pace Sochi Silver Olympic medallist in teh middle :)

Core undiet group

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A Pawsitively Warm Winter for Your Favourite Cat!

A Pawsitively Warm Winter for Your Favourite Cat!

I must admit that I love living in the Vancouver area. While a lot of Canada has been deluged with snow storm after snow storm we haven’t seen a snowflake here in months. I do love the temperate weather and it’s one of the many reasons that I love living on the west coast. Fortunately for the rest of Canada as we’re coming near the end of February, winter will hopefully be coming to an end soon too. I know many people up north and back east will be happy to see all that white stuff disappear!

Oliver Cat

Our Cat Oliver

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St. Patrick’s Day Round Robin Giveaway $1000 in Prizes!

St. Patrick’s Day Round Robin Giveaway ends 3/20 open worldwide $1000 in prizes!

Here’s an amazing giveaway. I will be giving one winner $25 Paypal Cash which is open worldwide. I’ve also joined up with 39 more bloggers who are each giveaway away a $25 gift card of some kind so you have 40 chances in total of winning! How much fun is that! You’ll need to check each of their sites to see if it’s open to US/Canada or worldwide. Read on for how to enter and join in the St. Patrick’s Day fun!

st patty 1

I am offering my winner their choice of $25 paypal cash (all winners will be paid in $USD and must have a paypal account) 

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe #CoolerwithAlmondBreeze

I’ve been drinking almond milk for a few years now whether it’s in my smoothies, my coffees (especially my mochas), as cool drink to quench my thirst or my daughter’s personal favourite mixed in with some hot chocolate yum! Lately I’ve been exploring my options for baking with almond milk and I’m happy to say that it’s just as delicious in our baked goods as it is to drink. Our new favourite is making banana chocolate chip muffins with you got it almond milk in them.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Piper Home Security System

Powered by Mom shares her review on the Piper Home Security System

Being away from home has always made me ill at ease about possible intruders but now, especially since having children, it’s made me even more uneasy to leave home without making sure that every door, window, crack and crevice is sealed up tight. It might sound a little crazy to some of my readers but with all the horror stories I hear on the late night news about people having their homes broken into or coming home to strangers it’s no surprise that I’d want to know my home is safe and secure in my absence; even more so when my family and I are home together.


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Apple iPad Mini 3 Giveaway ends 3/6 US only

Powered by Mom shares an Apple iPad Mini 3Guest Giveaway ends 3/6 US only

ipad mini 3

Now this is a fabulous giveaway! Everyone would love an Apple iPad Mini 3. I love mine and while you enter you can find out more about how you can protect all your internet enabled devices from cell phones and laptops to tablets and desktops so that you feel secure about not only what sites you’re visiting, but how to keep YOUR information secure! [Read more…]


MasterLock Portable Safe Giveaway

Powered by Mom Shares a MasterLock Portable Safe Guest Giveaway ends 3/9 US Only

masterlock portable safe

How would like an item that is easy to carry around but can also protect your every day items like your phone, handheld electronics, keys and more? Welcome MasterLock’s SafeSpace portable safe gives you a new sense of security. You can now travel and shop with a greater sense of security than ever before. [Read more…]


New Year New Goals Giveaway ends 3/15 CAN Only

Powered by Mom Brings You a New Year New Goals Giveaway ends 3/15 CANADA ONLY

New Year Reminder Giveaway button

The New Year’s countdown might feel like it was ages ago, but that’s no excuse to step away from your goals and give up on your mission to bigger and better things! Continue to make this the year you overcome challenges, achieve the unexpected and build new relationships or even rehash old ones. I know it’s all too easy to already have fallen back in to bad habits, I’ve caught myself doing just that and had to correct myself, re-adjust and kepe those goals in mind! [Read more…]