Miami Beach Suncare Review

Miami Beach Suncare is a must have for summer and any time of year!

Powered by Mom now has a new favorite sun care line and it’s Miami Beach Suncare! It was an essential in my beach bag and during my travels this summer and will continue to be a must have in our home for sun protection. I was lucky enough to receive these items for review but I will be buying more when we run out which will be very soon!

Miami Beach Suncare

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Air and Water Portable Ice Maker Review

Powered by Mom Blog brings you a Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker Review

air and water ice maker 1

Powered by Mom Blog recently received the Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker to review from this summer. We had the ideal event to test out this portable ice maker as we had our annual summer barbeque with our close friends and family so we had about 20 people here in total. Let me begin by saying that it was extremely easy to set up and use, there’s not much you have to do to get this ice maker up and running. Don’t look too closely but you can see my reflection in the ice maker as I’m taking the picture or at least a reflection of my slippers lol [Read more...]


Parenting 101 Tips and Giveaway

Parenting 101 Tips and Giveaway open to Canada Only ends 8/31

Parenting 101 giveaway

I have to admit before my daughter was born I wasn’t even sure I ever wanted to be a mom. The thought of being totally responsible for another human being was almost horrifying, what if I messed up and totally warped them? Well almost 13 years later with my daughter’s 13th birthday fast approaching this September I’m happy to say I have not warped her mind (I think lol), she’s a wonderful girl and now I can’t imagine not being her mom.

This is my daughter when she was a newborn ahhh the memories

baby photo parenting 101

Thankfully for me I had family and friends I could turn to for support and sometimes just to listen when I had those mommy moments where I was sure I was going to lose my mind or make some horrible mistake. I think those of us who have such a support network are lucky and if you don’t have one believe me you can create such a network. I thought it would be wonderful to share some of those Parenting 101 tips that were shared with me, ones I’ve learned on my own and an opportunity for our community to share as well!  [Read more...]


Calendar Key Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Review

Powered by Mom shares her Calendar Key Necklace with Swarovski Crystal from Any Old Day Jewelry Review

I must admit that I have a preference for giving and receiving gifts that are personalized. Whether it’s been a handmade card, a macaroni necklace from my daughter or something with my name on it I just love it. I feel it goes to show that the the person who gave it put some thought behind the gift and/or made it with love. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think that means that other gifts aren’t special as I know all my family and friends give with love and they’re all special but I do have a weakness if you will for those personalized gifts.

Calendar Key Necklace

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Green Amethyst Gold Earrings Giveaway


Green Amethyst Gold Earrings Guest Giveaway ends 9/3 US Only

green amethyst earrings

Hosted by Give Oh Giveaway & Sponsored by Sierra Collections

Who loves jewelry? I’ve never heard of green amethyst but these earrings do look lovely. So if you love jewelry, especially earrings like I do, you definitely want to check this out! Besides you can never have too many earrings can you?! [Read more...]


Cascade Platinum Prize Pack Giveaway

Cascade Platinum Prize Pack Guest Giveaway ends 9/5 US Only

Cascade we all know the name and trust the brand and now there’s Cascade Platinum the latest and greatest addition to the Cascade line of products! It’s like the name implies premium product that is designed to achieve a clean so powerful it helps to keep the dishwasher and your dishes sparkling! It even powers through 24-hour stuck-on food!

cascade prize pack

Sponsored by: Cascade  Hosted by: It’s Free At Last and a group of amazing bloggers

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Ecogear Backpack and S’well Bottle Giveaway

Ecogear Backpack and S’well Bottle Guest Giveaway ends 9/3 US/CAN – $100 value!

eco back pack

Sponsored by: My Little Green Shop    Hosted by: MommyFootprint

Going back to school can be a challenging place for parents to find green options. We are excited to bring you this amazing 17oz S’well Bottle that is teamed up with an Ecogear Flash Backpack Giveaway! The S’well bottles are easily the hottest item heading into schools this Fall because of their fun colors and double walled design keeping water cool all day. The Ecogear Backpacks have a hiking vibe with classic design so that kids can use them for many years. Unlike cheaper backpacks, these are made without PVC so there aren’t any lead concerns. We’ve used Ecogear Backpacks for years and love how the zippers and pockets have stood up to kids that are hard on school gear. Great quality all around! [Read more...]


Rollors Outdoor Family Game Giveaway

Rollors Outdoor Family Game Guest Giveaway ends 9/10 US Only


Looking for something new and different to add entertainment to your backyard barbeque parties? Rollors is the latest and greatest back yard game that can provide hours of fun and laughs. ROLLORS® can be played wherever a flat ground surface can be found. [Read more...]


Ivy Kids Fun and Educational Kits

Ivy Kids Fun and Educational Kits Review

Check out our new reviewer Jeni’s thoughts on the Ivy Kids educational kits!

When the kids are getting restless during the hot Summer months, or you just want to keep their imagination and education gears grinding before they go back to school, Ivy-Kids is the perfect resource!  Ivy-Kids is a month educational subscription box for children ages 3 to 8.  These amazing boxes are packed with monthly resources and tools that parents and caregivers can use to participate with the child’s learning.  The kits contain over 10 activities, all based on the classic children’s book that’s included in the box.  Instructions and options for modifying each game are also included, as well as thought-provoking questions to encourage critical thinking.  Ivy-Kids kits are created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own, so you can feel great about the materials they include, and the skills they instigate. [Read more...]


Mabel’s Labels Back to School Giveaway

Mabel’s Labels Back to Schoo Guest Giveaway ends 9/2 US & Canada

mabels labels

Who has kids that are already back to school? Here they go back to school after labour day and that’s coming up pretty quick. So if you haven’t already got all your back to school stuff you’ll want to make sure you have some fabulous Mabel’s Labels! Help them keep track of their stuff and if they do misplace it at school it has a Mabel’s Label on it yay!  [Read more...]