Asparagus Proscuitto Roll Recipe

Powered by Mom Shares a Asparagus Proscuitto Roll Recipe

I love proscuitto and asparagus so pairing them up in a flaky pastry is like heaven for me, so delicious and easy, my favorite kind of recipe! Asparagus is in seasons as I write this so it’s perfect timing :)

asparagus roll 1

You can of course make different variations of this roll, you can substitute the proscuitto for many other thinly sliced meats, I like it also with a spicy salami. [Read more…]


Sterling Silver Amethyst & White Topaz Bracelet Giveaway ends 5/4 US Only

Powered by Mom shares a Sterling Silver Amethyst & White Topaz Bracelet Guest Giveaway ends 5/4 US Only

 Most women love jewelry, and this Sterling Silver bracelet is an example of why. Who wouldn’t love to win this beautiful bracelet?!


 Hosted by Gone Klippin’ Krazy, Adventures of Nurse, Adventures of Country Divas and a great bunch of bloggers!

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Jojoba Skin Care

Powered by Mom Shares a Jojoba Skin Care Review

There’s no greater feeling than the victory of finding a skin care product that works. Not one that does a mediocre job or leaves you feeling lukewarm about the outcome but one that you’ll be able to swear by and that leaves you feeling blown away by the results. Finding such an elusive product has driven me crazy for many years but when I finally came across The Jojoba Company my spirits were raised; even more so when I was given the green light to work with them to review their fabulous Jojoba based products.

jojoba all

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Cuddlefish Towel Giveaway ends 5/4 Open WW

Powered by Mom shares a Cuddlefish Towel Guest Giveaway ends 5/4 Open WW

Towels are always a must have when it comes to going to the beach, but take up so much room. Our friends from Mom Does Reviews is hosting a great giveaway of two towels that take up much less room!


This fun giveaway is sponsored by Cuddlefish Towel Company and hosted by Mom Does Reviews and the Sizzling Summer Bloggers!

AMD FX APU HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop at Best Buy

Powered by Mom Talks Tech – AMD FX APU HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop at Best Buy

If you’ve been a Powered by Mom reader even for a short time you’re most likely already aware that I’m passionate about technology. I love my tech and I’m happy to admit I’m a technology geek. We’ve got our tablets, phones, gaming systems and for a blogger and social media manager I’m always checking these things out especially desktop and laptop computers. The latest addition to my wish list is the AMD FX APU HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop at Best Buy.



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AskAlmond Nutrition Consultation Giveaway ends 5/2 Open WW

Powred by Mom brings you an AskAlmond Nutrition Consultation Giveaway ends 5/2 Open WW

If you are struggling with weight or just want tips on how to eat better a nutritionist is the best person to talk to. Almond has created a way to talk to one without traveling or spending time waiting in a lobby. Now you can speak with a registered Dietitian from the comfort of your own home with a video chat. Check out Katrina’s full review here at Powered by Mom.


 Sponsored by Almond

No matter what your goals you will find the personalized consultation helpful and will go away with some tips and ideas tailored to your needs.

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Almond Nutrition Coaching Review

Powered by Mom shares an AskAlmond Nutrition Coaching Review

This review was brought to you by our team member Katrina! Read her bio on our about page


 Like many, I have struggled with my weight nearly my whole life. I could sit here and tell you excuse after excuse as to why I was so overweight, but it came down to WHAT I was eating and HOW much of it. Recently I was asked to check out a website that allowed you to speak with a Registered Dietitian while in the comfort of your home called Almond. The concept was really interesting to me since there has been so much talk about getting virtual health care.


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