Zike Z150 a New Way to Ride Review

Powered by Mom Blog brings you Zike Z150 a New Way to Ride Review

If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy that’s fun and (don’t tell them) is a great way to get some exercise you want to check out a Zike! It’s a hybrid of a bicycle and, skateboard and push scooter and it’s just good old fun! As it’s lower impact exercise the Zike is easier on your bones and joints than running is and has a ton more benefits to Ziking which we will enlighten you about but first let’s talk about all the fun we had with our Zike Z150!

daughter zike 1

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Magnolia Ripkin Your Mouthy Aunt

Magnolia Ripkin Gives In Your Face and Humorus Advice to Powered by Mom Readers

Because Everyone is Entitled to her Opinion

Magnolia ripkin

It seems that on every street corner there’s someone hocking their goods on how they can make your life better from self help books to life coaches and more. The industry tries to take advantage of the opportunity to “help you”. Many are a cookie cutter solution, assuming that one size (or one advice) fits all. So much of it is just so well “beige”, colorless, useless and just plain boring and whitewashed.

We don’t need white washed advice, it’s rarely helpful,  we need a proverbial slap (maybe a really one too) in the face with a dash of humor to get us thinking and out of the beige. Well some of our readers are getting just that from our guest author Magnolia Ripkin! [Read more...]


Miami Beach Suncare Review

Miami Beach Suncare is a must have for summer and any time of year!

Powered by Mom now has a new favorite sun care line and it’s Miami Beach Suncare! It was an essential in my beach bag and during my travels this summer and will continue to be a must have in our home for sun protection. I was lucky enough to receive these items for review but I will be buying more when we run out which will be very soon!

Miami Beach Suncare

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Air and Water Portable Ice Maker Review

Powered by Mom Blog brings you a Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker Review

air and water ice maker 1

Powered by Mom Blog recently received the Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker to review from Air-n-Water.com this summer. We had the ideal event to test out this portable ice maker as we had our annual summer barbeque with our close friends and family so we had about 20 people here in total. Let me begin by saying that it was extremely easy to set up and use, there’s not much you have to do to get this ice maker up and running. Don’t look too closely but you can see my reflection in the ice maker as I’m taking the picture or at least a reflection of my slippers lol [Read more...]


Parenting 101 Tips and Giveaway

Parenting 101 Tips and Giveaway open to Canada Only ends 8/31

Parenting 101 giveaway

I have to admit before my daughter was born I wasn’t even sure I ever wanted to be a mom. The thought of being totally responsible for another human being was almost horrifying, what if I messed up and totally warped them? Well almost 13 years later with my daughter’s 13th birthday fast approaching this September I’m happy to say I have not warped her mind (I think lol), she’s a wonderful girl and now I can’t imagine not being her mom.

This is my daughter when she was a newborn ahhh the memories

baby photo parenting 101

Thankfully for me I had family and friends I could turn to for support and sometimes just to listen when I had those mommy moments where I was sure I was going to lose my mind or make some horrible mistake. I think those of us who have such a support network are lucky and if you don’t have one believe me you can create such a network. I thought it would be wonderful to share some of those Parenting 101 tips that were shared with me, ones I’ve learned on my own and an opportunity for our community to share as well!  [Read more...]


Happy Meal Toys Guest Giveaway

 Happy Meal Toys Guest Giveaway ends 9/3 US Only

Kids love Mario Kart and Beanie Babies and now some lucky person can win FOUR of these cute toys!

mario kart and beanie babies

Mom Does Reviews and her fun blogger friends have a HAPPY giveaway for you!

Yay!! It’s a fun, happy, Happy Meal toy Giveaway!! Kids love them and really love Mario Kart and Beanie Babies! [Read more...]


K’Nex Plants and Zombies Giveaway

K’Nex Plants and Zombies Guest Giveaway ends 9/7 US Only

knex plants vs zombies

Sponsored by K’Nex and hosted by Mom Does Reviews and her fun blogger friends!

Defeat the zombies, save your brains…in the Wild West! Includes a 2 Cowboy Zombie figures, 1 Prospector Zombie figure and 1 Peashooter figure plus K’NEX parts to build an area of the Wild West level from Plants vs Zombies 2! Defeat the zombies use the Peashooter’s shooting action – 7 peas are included with a buildable ammo stand. Slide the Peashooter back and forth along the track for target practice. Easy to follow building instructions included. For ages 5 and up. [Read more...]


$15 Gift Card Flash Giveaway

Powered by Mom Blog share a $15 Gift Card Long Weekend Flash Giveaway ends 9/2 open Worldwide!

The long weekend is here and what better way to celebrate than for me to get together with my two blogging pals to bring you all a fun flash giveaway!

So here we go again we’re giving away a $15 Amazon OR $15 Paypal or $15 Walmart gift code! Better yet it’s open worldwide! Which one would you choose?

Say thanks to my two friends over at Mom Does Reviews and Southern Krazed for co-sponsoring this giveaway!

amazon paypal walmart

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Grilling Prize Pack Giveaway

Grilling Prize Pack Guest Giveaway ends 9/7 US Only


Sponsored by Holland House and hosted by Mom Does Reviews

WE love to grill on the bbq all year long if we can as everything seems to taste so good when it’s been grilled. It’s also a healthier way to cook your food, just add some herbs or a nice marinade and you’re good to go. A good cooking wine can also add some amazing flavor to food on the grill! [Read more...]