Air and Water Portable Ice Maker Review

Powered by Mom Blog brings you a Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker Review

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Powered by Mom Blog recently received the Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker to review from this summer. We had the ideal event to test out this portable ice maker as we had our annual summer barbeque with our close friends and family so we had about 20 people here in total. Let me begin by saying that it was extremely easy to set up and use, there’s not much you have to do to get this ice maker up and running. Don’t look too closely but you can see my reflection in the ice maker as I’m taking the picture or at least a reflection of my slippers lol

To get started we just wiped down the inside, added water to the reservoir, plugged it in, turned it on and set it to make ice, that’s it, seriously that easy. You get a nice amount of ice too which is great. We ran it a second time before we used it just so we could run the water through the machine and get any new machine taste out of it if you know what I mean. It’s not small but it can fit on a counter, it’s bigger than our bread maker it’s  L: 14.25″ x W: 16.88″ x H: 16.75″ to give you an idea of its size.

You can see through the top to see how much ice you have. As you can see the ice is not cubed, they’re an odd shape and they’re smaller than regular ice cubes but I found this perfect for drinks. The kids though they looked pretty cool and kept putting their ice cubes on their straws to suck on them, so it was like a party game for them LOL

top of ice maker

It has a light up screen if  you need it which we didn’t but you never know. We had a enough ice for our barbeque and we even had some left over, however, even if we had run out it wouldn’t have taken very long to make more ice. As long as you keep your eye out on it you can set it to make more ice as it makes about 12 “cubes” in 13 minutes which I think is very quick.

I love the red color as it’s a nice metallic red, not that orange red which I don’t care for. It went rather well with my red Solo cups not that I was trying to match that but if I did have it on my kitchen counter it would be a nice accent color, as I do have some red accents in my kitchen.

lit up panel on ice maker

Everyone at our bbq was impressed with this ice maker, no one had seen one and were surprised to learn how much ice we could make with it. We had ours set up on a separate bench with cups and other beverages so everyone could just help themselves to the ice when they need it. So no need for coolers or ice buckets for your ice, it stays cold until you need, perfect. You can’t bring it outdoors, although I was tempted to put it outside and plug it in but it was an extremely hot day and that would not be the smart thing to do. So we just set up inside as I mentioned with the drinks and cups and it really did work out perfectly.

inside ice maker

It’s easy to clean up to, just dump out the ice and wipe it down. It has a self cleaning feature which you just select on the panel and away it goes. It’s so simple to use as I’ve mentioned that there’s not much else I can tell you, just set it up and use it, that’s my kind of machine!

Here are a few of the features on the Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker but you can also read more on If you’re interested in purchasing this ice maker you can also save 20% by using code Save20!

  • Automatic shut off & overflow protection
  • Removable ice basket
  • Red finish
  • Needs more water indicator
  • 18 hour timer – set the timer and have ice ready when you want it!

inside ice maker with cup

Overall we give the Newair AI-215R Portable Ice Maker 4.5 out of 5 stars. It only lost half a star point because I personally would like it just a bit smaller so I could leave it on my counter. I have very limited counter space so I can’t leave too many items on there. Others may have no problem with this and I admit it’s a personal preference but I have to give my honest opinion. This does not take away from the functionality, the nice design that adds to the look of a kitchen, the ease of operation and how much ice it can make it a short amount of time! We do love this portable ice maker so it gets a high rating from Powered by Mom and family!


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  1. I have got to get one of these. They’d come in handy when a storms coming. When we have a power outage, the ice sells out quickly.

  2. The new era has new appliances & machines for the home, to make families in good comfort with the ease of these new machines & families can spend more time together. Also, these new machines & appliances are affordable & worth the money. I would love to have one of the ice machines because we use more ice than the normal family & my furkid won’t drink water from his bowl unless we put ice in it! The would be perfect in our home!!

  3. Gale McCarron says:

    This would be amazing to have for parties! We’re always running out! Great product!!!

  4. Laurie Nykaza says:

    We always run out of ice when we have a bbq so this would be amazing to have to make sure it does not happen again. I love the color red so cute.

  5. Bonny McDevitt says:

    I would absolutely love this!!!!!!

  6. love it

  7. RICHARD HICKS says:

    Pretty nifty ice maker. It would really come in useful when we have big get togethers.

  8. Our icemaker in our freezer quit, but the freezer still works. This is just what I need. I love ice cold drinks and can’t seem to keep enough going in the house.

  9. Maureen Ruble says:

    What a unique idea that would be so useful for our family….I can even imagine taking this with us when we go camping. I can connect it to the electrical outlet and “voila”….no more ice runs!

  10. monica kirkham says:

    As crazy as this may sound, I didn’t even know or think about there being such a thing as a portable ice maker…. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock for a little too long, haha. 😉 We don’t use ice in our apartment because our freezer doesn’t have an ice maker and the tap water in our area is disgusting… We buy bagged ice from time to time, but we also don’t have enough room for the big bags… with 6 people in the house, our freezer is usually reserved for FOOD. With that said, this is now on my “must have” list… I, too, don’t have a lot of counter space and wish it were a tad smaller… but for what it would do for me, I would find a way to make some space somewhere!

  11. Teri Melton says:

    I also have limited counter space, so it would have to go on the floor when using it. But we have such a tiny freezer that we have to bring out an ice chest and buy bagged ice anytime we have someone over as it is so it would not be a problem. And I could take it to my kids’ or friends’ houses when we go there for gatherings.

  12. Pamela McCreary says:

    I really need this I am tired of ice cube trays!

  13. I bought an ice maker but it was a different brand. I had issues with it more then once, This is a nicer one. More features and more money which is fine. I miss the one I had but it became an eye sore since I had problems. I would not hesitate to buy one from this company they seem more professional and have a lot of choices:)

  14. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    This would be ideal for my family as we host many get togethers and ice is always an issue. We currently buy a large bag and put it in a cooler but folks do uncouth things like sit on the cooler and how do you get the ice when the chest has become a chair.

  15. This would be so handy to make ice cubes for smoothies! I don’t know where I have less space… on my counters or in my freezer! Fortunately, the cubes can be put in a bag & tucked in wherever, while ice cube trays take up so much space (and they have to be flat) that I seldom have ice on hand. And even if we were to get a new fridge, the location is inaccessible for plumbing in an ice maker.

  16. This would so much be the thing for me. I have iced drinks all day long and nobody else in the family really does (so they don’t care about ice!). I don’t have the automatic thing in the fridge door so I struggle with ice trays all of the time. It’s a chore!

  17. Cathy French says:

    The ice maker in our refrigerator no longer works so my boyfriend relies on old fashioned ice cube trays and ice packs to take to work with him. When we have people over we have to buy bags of ice which is so inconvenient. This icemaker would be used frequently especially for our get togethers.

  18. Cathy French says:

    The ice maker in our refrigerator no longer works so my boyfriend relies on old fashioned ice cube trays and ice packs to take to work with him. When we have people over we have to buy bags of ice which is so inconvenient. This icemaker would be used frequently especially for our get togethers.

  19. This is pretty awesome! We don’t have an icemaker and I do not like the way the ice tastes when made in little plastic ice makers that you stick in the freezer. And buying bags of ice doesn’t work very well either, as they usually turn into a huge block of ice that isn’t usable.

  20. Barbara Mayes says:

    Thanks for the great review. I would love to have something like this. We rent and don’t always manage to find a place with an ice maker in the refrigerator. Sounds like it makes plenty of ice for family get togethers, and is attractive.

  21. alena svetelska says:

    I would love to have,we go to mountains at lot where we have our cabin,taking this to the lake where we spent a lot of time,would be perfect for us.

  22. NAIDA PIERCE says:

    This is awesome ! I need an icemaker

  23. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    This is pretty cool and something I could really use. We don’t have an ice maker and we have to keep buying bags of ice. I really like the color of this.

  24. wow that is neat likei said that woudl be great for party and you do not have to wlakin get ice all the time

  25. Tammy Nelson says:

    This would be great for family get togethers.

  26. This is the coolest thing! It would be great to have this when we go camping so we wouldn’t have to make trips to the store for more ice.

  27. Thank you very much for your review! This ice machine would be such a wonderful product to own during the summer months. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve run out to buy ice. I would save time AND money 🙂

  28. Charissa N. says:

    Sounds like an amazing ice maker. I’d love to have one since my freezer can barely fit our groceries, let alone ice trays.

  29. Linda Madden says:

    I love ice water. I drink it all day long and eat the ice. This would be great to have.

  30. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I have a cousin that has one of these and she loves hers. It sounds like exactly what we need especially
    in the warm months when we are using a lot of ice for our coolers. Thanks for your review. I am completely ready to get one now.

  31. renee mirsky says:

    I like the features such as the timer and the fact that one can see how much ice is left in the bucket through the clear top!

  32. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    Whom ever thought of making this machine is Awesome. I love that its portable and easy to read light up screen.

  33. Tammy Pille says:

    I have needed this for all our family get togethers. Especially camping! These are so cool and handy!!

  34. amy tolley says:

    this is a pretty neat machine no more buying ice at the store this would work just great we use alot of ice in my family and this would definately get a work out in my home thanks for this great review i was wondering how these machines worked out and now i know thatnks

  35. A southern girls dream, a portable ice machine. Hot flash heaven

  36. Linda romer says:

    Oh boy I love this, it’s just what I need as I have a small freezer and it is hard to find room to make ice cubes.

  37. I like everything about this ice maker. It’s just perfect for what I need. Even the dark metallic red is perfect for my kitchen decor. My kitchen is Black & Silver with Red accents through out with roosters. I like the smaller ice cubes better than the big ones so that was a plus for me and I that it is self cleaning.

  38. Julie Simpson says:

    I’m totally fascinated with this ice maker . They have changed the way washers and dryers look, very sleek many colors I love the idea of bringing this out and not making. Someone go and get ice and miss the fun. Can’t wait to try it out!!

  39. We need this! Our fridge doesn’t have an ice maker so having this would be wonderful!

  40. cheryla lister says:

    I didn’t know such products existed! I’m amazed at how fast it makes the ice cubes. This would work well for get-togethers at church.

  41. Cheryl Rogers says:

    I really need one of these, I make smoothies and even crunch on ice a bit too during the day, my new Kitchen Aid fridge/ freezer can even keep up with me.

  42. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This is such a neat appliance. I think it can definitely save some major cash. We go through a ton of ice with 5 people in the home.

  43. teresa null says:

    i had no idea where to get a portable ice making machine..when we have a cook out we purchase a bag of ice but it is never enough and lot of it melts before we can use it. this would be great!!

  44. Looks interesting

  45. Looks like it would be handy to have. Wish I had one the end of July to mid August when hubby had knee surgery!

  46. save time and money, they get and crazy amount for a bag of ice.

  47. Donna Harris says:

    I’ve been wanting an ice machine, so I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up!

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