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We all know it’s important that everyone but especially kids get the proper amount of minerals and vitamins to help their bodies grow and to be healthy. It can be a challenge to get this balance in their foods so supplements such as vitamins are a great option. It’s important though that those vitamins not be loaded with sugar and fillers so you need quality options like alternaVites!

About alternaVites:

Unlike many other kids’ vitamin products, alternaVites Kids:
  • The most versatile vitamin on the market – can be poured directly on the tongue where it melts in your mouth (think pixie stick!), or it also can be mixed into yogurts, puddings or smoothies, licked off a spoon, or even sprinkled on top of fruit.  alternaVites Kids allows you and your kids to get creative!
  • Is truly delicious!  Available in two awesome flavors:  strawberry bubble gum and raspberry cotton candy.
  • Contains 0 grams of sugar (free of aspartame and high fructose corn syrup)
  • Gluten- free
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Vegetarian

alternaVites are now available at Walmart!! And- you can go HERE to print a $2 off coupon! 

Be sure to read more about alternaVites and Mom Does Reviews thoughts HERE.

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One lucky reader will win a Celebrity Tote Prize pack with 2 boxes of alternaVites Kids or Adult.

The giveaway is open to US only, 18+

The giveaway ends 9/16 at 1159p est

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  1. Lisa Hollinger Barto says:

    I would like my son to try it because it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners and seems to be an easy way to take vitamins.

  2. Charissa N. says:

    I would like to try them because I’m trying to stay healthy.

  3. robyn donnelly says:

    My daughters and I are always trying to go natural and organic and this could help. This may help with being more healthy.

  4. jeanette sheets says:

    i can sprinkle it on my food

  5. Laurie Marcurella says:

    I like that it is aspartame free. Many times, sugar free things have fake sugars that are even worse.

  6. debra dubois says:

    This is GREAT!! My granddaughter always gives a fight taking her vitamins this would be a great way for her she just don’t like to swallow pills,

  7. Sarah Oswald says:

    I love that it can be put in yogurt or anything else to hide it so they dont know that it is ibn there easy to take.

  8. Anne Marie Carter says:

    I like the fact that these can be sprinkled on food.

  9. My kids are picky about their vitamins so they would most likely want to try these.

  10. We’re in the market for a new kid’s vitamin!

  11. Michelle White says:

    My kiddos are picky eater and need all the boost they can get.

  12. I would like my kids to try these because I know that it would be a great way for them to take their vitamins without complaining.

  13. I would love to try this product because it’s sugar-free and easy for the kids to take every day.

  14. My children need a fun way to get their vitamins and tummies is getting boring for them this is awesome product that i would love to try

  15. Amanda Alvarado says:

    They are easier to take along when traveling and they look like they would be easier to get dd to take plus NO SUGAR!!!

  16. Amber Stevens says:

    You can mix it with anything. My daughter is a picky eater and i’d like her to get more of what she needs!

  17. rebecca day says:

    they seem easy to take my kids might take them

  18. Melissa Hartley says:

    AlternaVites seem to be good tasting & fun for kids to take daily..thanks.

  19. michelle oakley warner says:

    like the name alternative from taking big gaudy vitamins, great idea, kids love to make their own drink too, make a shake or something, i think my kids would love this.

  20. Annette Roberts says:

    They sound delicious!

  21. gretchen luper says:

    they are sugar free and tasty, can be given in different ways.

  22. looks like a fun way to get them to take vitamins

  23. Jessica Menster says:

    My son has braces and the chewy vitamins are too chewy and the hard vitamins need to be broken in two for him to chew on. This would be perfect for him!

  24. Christa Bengtsson says:

    that it is very easy to take.

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