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Make your own health a top-priority this holiday season and beyond!

I have to admit until I was approached to try out the BackJoy wellness products I had never heard of them. I learned that this holiday season they are donating up to $5,000 in pain relief products to deserving charities such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center or Soles4Souls and more. It’s their way to Give Back, Spread Joy this holiday season! So not only do I get support such an initiative I also got to try out some wonderful wellness products that are helping me sit smart and sleep sound!

Introducing my new favorite pillow the BackJoy SleepSound Pillow! The lavender was my own addition I just love lavender!

backjoy pillow

As my husband and daughter will attest I’m very picky about my pillows. There are so few that I can sleep on as they’re either too hard, too soft, too hot etc.. Normally I use two memory foam pillows as they were the ones that worked best for me, so much so that I would want to take one with me when we travelled as hotel pillows are never comfortable for me. Well this works when we’re travelling by car but not so much by plane! I’m astounded to say that not only do I sleep well with the SleepSound pillow it’s the only pillow I need to use, I don’t need a second pillow at all, this is the first time ever!

sleepsound pillow

About the SleepSound Pillow

BackJoy’s SleepSound™ Pillow combines the support of memory foam and the soft comfort of down without the drawbacks of either. The SleepSound Pillow is the world’s only patented pillow that self-adjusts to support optimal sleeping posture, whether you’re a side or back sleeper.
Our Soft Support™ Reinvented Down fill allows you to fall asleep in comfort, while the Cool Comfort™ Memory Foam layers support your head and neck in proper alignment throughout the night. This layered design provides superior loft without clumping or flattening.
The handcrafted pillow shell increases breathability to moderate heat for complete sleeping comfort. Innovative sidewalls flex and conform around the neck and shoulders for total comfort and alignment.

backjoy pillow 2

My husband also tried the SleepSound pillow (yes I gave it up for one night but one night only) and he also really liked it. I found that interesting because the pillow he currently uses is also a memory foam pillow but it’s one of those fimer ones that is curved. I personally can’t sleep on that pillow but we can both sleep soundly with the SleepSound Pillow. Now I didn’t get hubby one for Christmas but I will have to get him one for his birthday now which is in January! Needless to say the SleepSound Pillow is a big hit!

I did give hubby the awesome Trigger Point Massager as he has back pain issues.


At only $29.99 this massager is a steal! Don’t waste money on expensive back massagers all you need is the Trigger Point Massager! You can use it for your shoulders, neck, back and even feet! I’m just going to share BackJoy’s pictures of this one in use as their pictures explain it all!

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A simple self-massage tool for advanced pain relief.

The Trigger Point Massager is lightweight, durable and simple to use. Simply hook the tool over your shoulder or around your body and use the therapy knobs to massage and release tight or achy muscles.

Relieve pain through direct pressure in your back, neck, shoulders, and anywhere else your body holds tension. The unique multi-purpose handles offer full control when navigating the device over your body. Therapy knobs provide deep trigger point release.

Now how cool is that? It looks so simple but it works and it works well. Everyone should have one!

Last but not least is the SitSmart, when I saw it I admit I chuckled, wondering how something so funny was going to help relieve my back pain when sitting at my office chair. My tail bone gets sore after sitting in any office chair for a few hours and as someone who does the majority of her work in an office chair that’s an issue. I do get up and stretch but it’s never comfortable.

backjoy smart sit

I almost didn’t realize the SitSmart was working until I tried sitting at my chair without it, I really noticed the difference then! It does help improve your posture, I’m a total sloucher when sitting, so bad but this makes me sit better! Who knew?! Well I do now and as a result it goes with me from my home office to the contract office I work at a few days a week. It makes my work time more comfortable and no more tail bone pain yay!

BackJoy SitSmart is a safe and effective way to improve posture and relieve back pain. SitSmart automatically positions your body in correct posture for all-day comfort. Its patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably “floating” your spine over the seat.

Now all I need is the Sleepsound travel pillow so I can sleep anywhere, even when I’m flying! Make sure to check out the BackJoy products your back, shoulders and neck will thank you for it!

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  1. RAJEE PANDI says:

    love to try it looks so comfy and never heard it before

  2. Susan Nimersheim says:

    Of the three products I think the pillow interests me the most, especially since the review said it worked well in a plane as well as a regular night’s sleep! The second product I like is the posture correcter,…something I have always had problems with. sitting at a computer most of the day is very hard on your back, so it looks like this might just be the ticket!

  3. Michelle S. says:

    All 3 products look great. I would like the SitSmart for work since I do sit all day and I know I slouch! I’m always interested in trying out a new pillow since I have trouble finding one that I like. This one has an interesting shape which has me curious as to how it would be.

  4. Oh my gosh! I am in love with the trigger point massager! I have tons of back, neck, and foot pain. I used to get trigger point injections at the pain specialists but it just became to expensive here where I now live. I bet this would be amazing!

  5. Terri Irvin says:

    Working at a desk all day, can cause all kinds of neck problems for my husband. He loves his memory foam pillow. I have back problems and I heard memory foam pillows are the way to go. I think ordinary pillows cause pressure around the neck which is not good.

  6. Ellen Thompson says:

    The memory pillow sounds great and I would love to try it. I wake up with back pain and have trouble sleeping so I think this would be a good pillow to try. The pressure point massager also sounds interesting.

  7. just by looking at the pillow it looks comfy

  8. laurie murley says:

    this sounds like a great product, did not know their was such a product for us people with back trouble

  9. Jessica Cox says:

    The pillow looks so comfy and I am a side sleeper but I always wake up on my back and I sweat really bad at night its so gross I would love to see how the cool air works

  10. Laura Royal says:

    I love that the SitSmart improves your posture.

  11. Christa Bengtsson says:

    The design does look a little funny, but if it works then it is worth looking into. I don’t sit in chairs correctly either so it could help me.

  12. This is a nice, high-quality chair that is very comfortable to lay in. I give thumbs up on ergonomics.

  13. Crystal Mexico says:

    I love the shape of the pillow and the layers. The massager looks amazing too! Thank you for the review. It was very thorough.

  14. Trisha McKee says:

    I work thirteen hour shifts and it is sitting at my desk. I need the SitSmart because my work can be stressful and i find myself sitting hunched over. I need to re-teach my body the correct posture.

  15. Renee Rousseau says:

    The SitSmart would be an excellent addition to my home office. I have a tendency to slip into “bad for the back” posture when deep in thought. The SitSmart would certainly encourage good posture and it’s portable!

  16. Michelle Castagne says:

    The combination of the memory foam and the down makes it very appealing to get a better nights sleep.

  17. I love how it says it self adjusts to support optimal sleeping posture whether you are a back or side sleeper.

  18. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love the pillow. I have pillows which are fine when they start out but by the morning they are flat and my neck is so sore. I love the SitSmart. It would be so nice not to have back pain from sitting at a computer all day at work.

  19. I love that the layered design of this pillow provides superior loft, without clumping or flattening!

  20. I learned that BackJoy SitSmart is a safe and effective way to improve posture and relieve back pain. SitSmart automatically positions your body in correct posture for all-day comfort. Its patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably “floating” your spine over the seat.

  21. natalie nichols says:

    I LOVE the cool comfort memory foam!

  22. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I never knew they supported these awesome charities that is awesome! I think all these would be wonderful to have. The sit smart is something I have been wanting to try because I am a sloucher also!

  23. these products sound lovely! i have had chronic back pain for years, and would love to try all of them out!! 🙂 the trigger point massager looks just fabulous!

  24. The pillow sounds really good to help with my neck issues.

  25. The pillow looks like it would fit comfortably with your neck and give good support.

  26. Michele Behlen says:

    I learned that the pillow contains both memory foam and down for softness.

  27. jessica z says:

    I like the idea of all these products! I have been having such great neck and upper back pain the last few days!

  28. crystal w. says:

    I learned that the pillow shape of the traditional market might just be all wrong. I think this is such a different shape that it might just work better than all the others

  29. Debbie Lewis says:

    I would really think that this would help me sleep better because I always wake up with a stiff neck that takes a while to go away

  30. I have had 13 surgeries on my back, let me just say one word about this item, HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Erin Ellis says:

    I love the shape of this pillow, and the massager looks awesome!

  32. Great review. My husband is the one with the back problems, and trouble sleeping. He sleeps in a completely dark, quite room. Every little sound wakes him. I sleep in my own room, (Yes, we sleep in different rooms. We have been married forever and are each like a 100 years old.) with the TV blaring all night long, and it’s lit up like sunshine.

  33. peggy rydzewski says:

    The SleepSound Pillow is the world’s only patented pillow that self-adjusts to support optimal sleeping posture, whether you’re a side or back sleeper.

  34. denise low says:

    I think that the pillow could really help my neck. I am always getting a stiff neck. I love the shape of the pillow.

  35. I used a SitSmart (older version) at my job and loved it. I hate sitting still and need to work on my posture. It really helped with that. Great for long car rides too.

  36. Hargow Wong says:

    SitSmart is great! It helps keep good posture while seating and relieve back pain.

  37. I love the idea of the SitSmart. I think it could really come in handy in the car! I have a long commute and all that time in an supportive car seat takes a toll on my back. I bet this would work!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  38. These are some very interesting products, especially the pillow. I’m not getting very good rest at night and am constantly tired. I’d love to try this to see if I would wake up refreshed for a change.

  39. i would love to try all of these, especially the sitsmart, as i am sitting most of the day and my lower back aches so bad as a result

  40. Debbie Loy says:

    I would really use the sit smart as I tend to sit on edge of my chair to avoid my back hurting thing which doesn’t work for long periods of time this may allow me to use my chair correct.

  41. Michelle Macaluso says:

    I could really use one of those pillows! My neck is always sore when I wake up.

  42. allyson tice says:

    I love how this seat sitter helps you sit straighter and prevents back pain! I would love to work at my desk pain free for a day!

  43. All of the items look great, but the sit smart intrigues me. At work, I’m one of the only people I know that locks the back of their chair to be straight upright and not lean back. I think the sit smart would be another step to my preference. LOL. Thanks.

  44. Sharon Cubic says:

    I have never heard of a trigger point massager. It sounds great. I also have never seen a pillow that had both memory foam and down together.

  45. Rebecca W says:

    I love how it I adjusts to the sleeper

  46. Janet Marie Gillich says:

    I would love to try the Trigger point massager. I have lots of trigger points on my back and if this could help between the monthly trips to my massage therapist I would be grateful.

  47. Becky Richardson says:

    I love that it conforms without flattening.

  48. kara kudro says:

    I love that the pillow is a mix of memory foam and down, I currently switch between a memory foam and down filled pillow and would love to try a pillow that is a mix of the two.

  49. I am a side sleeper.. I need one of those pillows so bad..

  50. Christine says:

    I like that the memory pillow adjust to the sleeper! I also like the pillow forms to your neck.

  51. I really enjoyed your review. The sitsmart and sleepsmart sound like products I am interested in trying. Both my hubby & myself suffer from back problems.

  52. susan smoaks says:

    i think this pillow would be perfect for me to get a good nights rest. i love sleep and without a good pillow it gets harder and harder.

  53. Renee HendersonGray says:

    The SitSmart would be ideal for people that sit for long periods of time and people that have problems with sciatica and back pain. I really love the Sleepsound pillow because of the cooling effect and neck and spinal support. The Trigger point massager is great for those hard to reach areas.

  54. Cindy Conner Bowling says:

    I have never heard of this company until now. I need the pillow for my head to help with the chronic migraines. My mother has recently hurt her back so she needs the Trigger Point Massager. Thanks for the reviews. I will be checking out their website.

  55. jessica garcia says:

    I love the fact that it is cool comfort , i need that extra support for my back at the present moment .

  56. Emma Smith says:

    The memory foam that will keep it cool

  57. Sara Theissen says:

    I learned that Cool Comfort™ Memory Foam layers support your head and neck in proper alignment throughout the night!!

  58. Clarisa Skinner says:

    the BackJoy SitSmart, BackJoy SleepSound Pillow and the Trigger Point Massager! – The Backjoy SitSmart sounds like something I need at work. I have an office job. I used to have an ergonomic chair, but it broke and my company never replaced it. My current chair makes my back hurt if I sit for too long. I would love to try the SitSmart to see if it helps keep me comfortable all day at work. The pillow also sounds great. I often get really hot at night and the keep cool layer sounds heavenly. The picture above showed someone using the Trigger Point Massager on their foot. I have had 4 foot surgeries over the past 2 years and could really use the relief this item would give me.

  59. Kelly Schmidt says:

    I have learned about and am quite fascinated with the Sleep Sound pillow’s self adjusting mechanism

  60. Meredith Miller says:

    The SitSmart looks interesting. My bottom is always sliding in my chair and I wonder if it would help.

  61. barbara dunaway says:

    love the fact that it made of two layers

  62. Stephanie Liske says:

    I love that the pillow is a mixture of the memory foam and normal pillow stuffing. I think this would be perfect for me.

  63. KristiGross says:

    I like that the pillow forms to your neck for support. That is important to me and hard to find.

  64. Lorena Keech says:

    The massager is interesting. I’m afraid there would be a real learning curve to figure out how best to use it.

  65. robyn donnelly says:

    I like the massager and could use this too.

  66. Kathy Eyre says:

    I’m with you regarding “pickiness” of pillows, but my big thing is some make me too hot, I like the cool comfort in this pillow

  67. Elizabeth E says:

    I get terrible knots in my back and I should try that back massager, regardless of whether I win it or not! I’ll look for it on Amazon.

  68. Kim Pinch says:

    I like the cool comfort memory foam, I hate having to flip over my pillow all the time.

  69. I sit in an office chair for almost 8 hours straight. I definitely have back pain. I thought I would have to spend about $500 on a good chair to fix that. This is a great option to try!

  70. E. Diane Macauley says:

    I love that the sleep smart pillow combines the best of memory foam and down. currently I use one of each type of pillow and it is a pain to take two pillows just for me when we travel. I am also really intrigued by the Sit Smart. I too am a chronic sloucher and would love something to help with posture and the pain that comes from bad sitting posture.

  71. janet aycock says:

    i like that it lets you sleep in comfort

  72. Lisa Sarmiento says:

    I appreciate this review because I have been looking for something to relieve my back pain from sitting all day. I also need a pillow that relieves my neck pain. I like reviews that are honest and unbiased. I like that you gave good comparisons and examples of what you prefer and how the product worked for you or another family member. This makes your review “real” versus some of the Amazon reviews that feel forced or faked, in my opinion.

  73. I’ve been wanting to try the sitsmart. I find myself slouching after sitting for hours and my back starts aching.

  74. I love that this company gives back so much. Their products are wonderful!

  75. Andrina Goetz says:

    I need that trigger point massager for my feet. My hubbys back could use it too.

  76. I have heard that these types of pillows help people who suffer from migraines.

  77. Julie Murphy says:

    I like that it is cool for in the summer.

  78. Julie Murphy says:

    I like that it is cool for in the summer.

  79. Julie Murphy says:

    I like that it is cool for in the summer.

  80. Jeanna Massman says:

    I learned that Sound Sleeper has a layered design with reinvented down and memory foam.

  81. Heather McDonald says:

    I did not even know that a product like the SitSmart was a thing. But I definitely need it in my life! I sit down for a living, and I certainly suffer for it. I think this product would be soooo helpful!

  82. I work in the Physical Therapy field and love finding new products that can help people increase their health, and decrease pain. The Trigger Point Massager is great. I have used similar products and people are able to massage out knots and sore muscles. The best part is how find tuned the device is, so they can hit the exact spot and dig into the muscle.

  83. This would be perfect for my husband for the firmness. I can’t tell you how many pillows we’ve gone through, trying to find the right firmness. None would last more then a few weeks. Also, this would be just right for me with all the night sweats I seem to be experiencing, this would keep me cooler at night.

  84. OMG ,, would love to win this .. i have trouble falling asleep due to neck injuries .. good luck everybody

  85. Sue Mullaney says:

    I learned that it is a self-adjusting pillow; it looks like a really nice item to have especially since I do have problems with my back and neck.

  86. diamondslady812 says:

    I also enjoy a cool pillow and I suffer from sciatic nerve pain so this is right up my alley. I think the sitsmart would help while sitting as I have tendency to slouch a bit.

  87. I’ve heard really good things about the trigger point massager!

  88. The SitSmart looks so intriguing, and I learned that it automatically positions you into the correct posture. I would love it for work.

  89. I have been wanting a trigger point massager for years! These products all look amazing.

  90. anything to help with back pain , and comfort i am all for it and the prices seem pretty reasonable as well

  91. Ingermaria Berryman says:

    I really want all these products! I have chronic body pain and these would all get good use from me. I’ll have to get them if I don’t win. What I like (which is everything, but I’ll list key points): the pillow has two layers of memory foam. One on top and one on bottom. The inside filling is down. The pillow allows for proper alignment of the spine which is obviously better for your body. It also does not bunch up or flatten out. It sounds perfect. The back massager looks wonderful, I’m just drooling over that and the chair sitter thing. The back massager has knobs throughout to release tension and knots anywhere in your hody. The chair sitter thing is something I’ve never seen before and it looks wonderful. I would love to have one for proper sitting posture and spinal alignment. Everything is so wonderful and I would love them all and put them to good use. If I don’t win,, I’ll add them to my shopping list. Thank you.

  92. Tia Wallner says:

    I learned that the SleepSound Pillow is the world’s only patented pillow that self-adjusts to support optimal sleeping posture, whether you’re a side or back sleeper. This is perfect!

  93. Kimberly O says:

    I tend to sweat at night so the cooling aspect of the pillow will be great. My husband will love the massager for his feet! Thanks.

  94. Angel McMore says:

    The self adjusting of the pillow is something I focused on while reading this review. I would be nice to sleep thru the night without having to adjust my pillows.

  95. The fact that the pillow keeps you cool is great!
    There’s nothing worse than a sweaty head while you’re sleeping. 🙂

  96. Cindy Peterson says:

    I haven’t seen a memory foam pillow that also had the comfort of down. What an interesting shape. My husband is so picky about his pillows, but I think he would like this one.

  97. Interesting that the pillow has down and memory foam. I think I need the SitSmart also I tend to slouch when I’m in a chair.

  98. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I learned the BackJoy SitSmart is a safe and effective way to improve posture and relieve back pain. Which is definitely something I could use, I always have back pain and terrible posture because of it!

  99. Kaye Newman says:

    I am a very picking sleeper also. My pillow has to be just right. These look so comfortable and relaxing. I have got to get me one.

  100. Cassie Hayes says:

    I would love to try all of these but the sit smart sounds the best. I have back and hip issues and it sounds like it would ease my pain.

  101. nicole krutz says:

    I like the cool comfort of the pillow!

  102. Ooh, the Sit Right sounds awesome! My husband and I could both use this.

  103. would like to try the sit right !

  104. Michelle Schafer says:

    cool comforting foam layers? Sign me up! My back usually hurts and I wake numerous times every night to change positions. Makes for a crappy sleep 🙁

  105. michelle k. says:

    I love all of these products, I have a lot of problems with my shoulder and the trigger point massager would be great

  106. I love how the sleepsound pillow self adjusts and keeps you cool at the same time. It’s hard to sleep when you’re hot. The sitsmart also sounds like just what I need. I sit at a desk all day and my chair kills me!

  107. Robin Abrams says:

    I love the sounds of the SitSmart . I sit at my desk for hours at a time and I am very sore after wards. This sitsmart sounds like it would be the answers to my prayers

  108. caitlyn collins says:

    I love the part about being a pillow that self-adjusts to support optimal sleeping posture. Since I sleep on both my side and my back (sometimes) it’s nice to know that I can do so comfortably with one of these pillows.

  109. Michelle S says:

    I also have a hard time finding a good pillow – not too hard not too soft. I like how this is a combination of down and memory foam. I will have to look for one.

  110. Angela Bowman says:

    The back massager is awesome! I often need relief but have no means. My husband works 13 hour days and don’t have the heart to ask for back rubs from him. This would solve sooo many issues for me!!

  111. Dianne Mumpower says:

    Chronic pain keeps me from sleeping well every night. I would love to try any of these products as they all sound like they would have an impact on how I feel. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

  112. I like that both side and back sleepers can use this pillow.

  113. “Its patented design works by tilting your hips upright and comfortably “floating” your spine over the seat.” makes me what a SitSmart 😉

  114. I love how it won’t flatten, so my neck will be supported all night!

  115. These 3 items seem a custom fit for my issues. I have cervical spine issues with multiple surgeries & recently diagnosed with chronic arthritis, bone spurs, fibromyalgia & chronic trigger point pain. I will have to check out these products as they would all be of benefit to me!

  116. Bonnie Day says:

    I have herniated disks in both my neck and my lower back from 2 rear end collisions All of these goodies I feel would help me My back is always in pain and my neck no matter what pillows I try it still hurts These sound like awesome products

  117. Lori Barrett says:

    I love that this pillow has the Cool Comfort Memory Foam layers! They are so much more comfortable, especially in the summer!

  118. heather e.g. kaufman says:

    I would love to try this pillow & see if it helps my sleep any. The SitSmart seems like it would really help my bad posture at the computer.

  119. With my neck issues and tension headaches, I really need something to help correct my posture. And I’m always looking for a pillow that will actually work for me! These both look fantastic and I’m very interested in trying them out.

  120. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I’d like to try their pillow I had a down pillow but that just got flat by morning. and the SitSmart does sound interesting-it would be great at work

  121. I like that the BackJoy SitSmart improve your postures and relieves back pain because sitting for a long time is painful for me.

  122. Jessica Lodge says:

    I need the SitSmart because my posture is horrible!! I’m curious if it fits big bottoms ok. I would not want it to dig into me.

  123. I am always looking for the perfect pillow, I am also interested in the seat. My daughter could really use it

  124. Melissa Crisp says:

    I like that it has cool comfort and it’s self adjusting.

  125. I think the Sleep Sound pillow sounds perfect. I have had so much trouble finding a pillow that supports my neck properly and the fact that this one combines the best features of down and memory foam makes it seem like an excellent possibility.

  126. This sounds like it would be really useful for back pain.

  127. The Trigger Point Massager is such a great tool. I know someone who would get a lot of use from it!

  128. The Massager and the SitSmart would be great for my spouse, who has some chronic back pain. But that pillow would be mine! I love that it’s both supportive and comfortable whether you’re sleeping on your side or your back. Thanks for the review.

  129. ruby reis wade says:

    OMG that pillow sounds like a life saver. I toss and turn all night. I would love to find a pillow that would make me happy. And the messages sounds perfect for me. I have a very bad shoulder that I beg my hubby to message but he never can because he has a “bad wrist” now I could take care of it myself. I think I would give the sitsmart to my dad, he has a very bad back and I am sure this would help him

  130. I like the BackJoy SleepSound Pillow!. The shape is different, but it does look comfortable. I have trouble sleeping some times and this might be just the pillow I need to help me sleep better.

  131. Sally Wilsey says:

    I really like the Sitsmart for my daughter who is in nursing school and always has a sore back when she comes home to do homework. The massager for my son who is going to school for drafting and always has kinks in his back. And lastly the pillow for me as i can’t find one that is comfortable and doesn’t leave me with a headache in the morning.

  132. My husband could use the sits mart

  133. I am not familiar with this products in particular; but I often find myself looking for ways to relieve pain on my back, giving that I stand for a long period of time at work.
    This tools look like the products I often wish for.

  134. This is a new company to me. My upper shoulders and neck are always sore. I’d like to try this pillow and see if it helps. Right now I use three pillows.

  135. paige chandler says:

    I learned that this pillow self adjusts, I never had one but think this pillow would provide much needed good sleep that is so elusive to me.

  136. Sharon Rooney says:

    I like that the SleepSound Pillow self-adjusts to support whether you’re a side or back sleeper. I sometime sleep on my side and sometimes on my back so this would be great for me.

  137. @aricahutchins says:

    I sleep on. Couch nd suffer backaches all day everyday i wonder if this would help ?! Would love to win to try it out

  138. I suffer from chronic pain and am always on the lookout for products to help. I especially !like the memory foam pillow.

  139. Cristy Ridey says:

    I love that the Sit Smart automatically positions your body in correct posture for all-day comfort! I work 12 hour shifts and I catch myself slouching frequently. I need this to help me sit correctly!

  140. Anita Duvall says:

    I would love to have one of the Trigger Point Massagers more than anything! The pillow looks great and I love the memory foam. That’s really important for durability.

  141. The cool comfort layer of the pillow is wonderful. But it is the seat that intrigues me as I probably would benefit the most from it.

  142. I learned that the pillow has reinvented down. It sounds really comfortable.

  143. my husband could use the sitsmart

  144. Cynthia Mercado says:

    I could use all of these products! I have such terrible back issues since my auto accident. The trigger massager is awesome but I am looking to possibly purchase all of these. I am on disability due to my back so I wish insurance would cover these items.

  145. I’m a side sleeper and I think this pillow would work well for me. The seat would be good too.

  146. Teri Giese says:

    Honestly, I have had 2 back surgeries, as well. As having been born with Rickets, (a severe vitamin D deficiency), so these products would be an absolute blessing. I do have a quite expensive memory foam pillow, as well as the mattress, but my pillow is not always comfy. Have muscle spasms in various areas of my back daily. Was on morphine even! Narcotics are not EVER the way to go, so it is yoga, stretching and water fitness. The trigger massage would be A-mazing!

  147. belinda bell says:

    I have never of the sitsmart before, but like you I am a sloucher and I think looks like it would help.

  148. I would love to hae the sitsmart because I sit all day for work

  149. I would like all three, I have hard time sleeping because of pain and constantly adjusting my pillow or switching out. The SitSmart, I would be curious to see if it relieved hip pain.

  150. I’ve spent thousands on chiropractors in the past 5 years and I still haven’t had any kind of relief at all. Maybe its time to try something different (those worthless quacks). The pillow sounds like it might ease my nights a bit. Thanks for the review.

  151. Wow the Trigger Point Massager looks super helpful for reaching tough spots on my back.

  152. Emily Endrizzi says:

    I would love to try the pillow. It sounds like it would really help me. The massager would be wonderful for my boyfriend because he has limited range of motion in his shoulders. This would really help him reach the places that are sore.

  153. Melissa Hartley says:

    I learned that Soft Support™ Reinvented Down fill allows you to fall asleep in comfort, while the Cool Comfort™ Memory Foam layers support your head and neck in proper alignment throughout the night. This layered design provides superior loft without clumping or flattening.

    I really need this pillow for my chronic neck pain.
    Thank you

  154. suzanne esaine says:

    It’s great to know that there are products available for people like me with severe back issues. All the extra help is so much appreciated.

  155. Diane Sallans says:

    I love the idea that the pillow will stay cool – I’m always flipping my pillow to get to the cool side. That massagger is really interesting looking – I’d love to try it. And SitSmart could really help my back, especially when it’s gotten over tired.

  156. laura rubenstein says:

    This is very interesting and I would try it. I have a bad back so anything that would help would be great

  157. I really need all 3! I have lots of health problems. I have terrible posture. Sitting at the desk all day is making it worse I think. So the SitSmart could certainly help me. The SleepSound pillow would be great since it keeps me in alignment. I live at the chiropractors. I was told I don’t sleep right, so this too would be a big help. The Trigger Point Massager, I know a lot about trigger points because of my fibromyalgia. I need to work on my trigger points but don’t feel adequate in my abilities, so this would be a big help too. So I honestly need all 3. If I had one and loved it, as I know I would, I would get the other 2 as well. Thanks for letting me know about these great products. I would have never known otherwise.

  158. I’d love to try these, especially the Trigger Point Massager. It’d be great to use after a workout.

  159. I’m needing a new pillow for home and also have a hard time sleeping if I don’t find one just right… and I would LOVE to find a travel pillow that I can get a good night’s sleep on!

  160. Alyssa Emmett says:

    Oh my goodness my posture is bad too! I totally need the SitSmart! I slouch a lot and I don’t even know so sometimes when people are taking pictures I’m slouching in the pictures as well.

  161. My back is horrible ,my pain doc uses trigger point injections ,I’ve never seen a trigger point massager before,and the blend of materials in the pillow sounds so promising ,I’ve bought tons of them nothing ever seems to comfort me. I sit quite a bit ,the posture corrector would be great for keeping me aligned.

  162. These are all great products. I could really use the pillow…my neck needs some correct support. And, the SitSmart is something I think we could all benefit from. I have had a Theracane for many years and can attest to the fact that something like it, the Trigger Point Massager, would help to get in there and loosen up those knots.

  163. Christina B. says:

    I’ve never tried anything like that SitSmart but if it helps with posture I probably need it. I know I slump a bit when I sit and I know my back aches a lot after I sit awhile but I never thought to use something to Sit on I only tried those back arch supporters which didn’t really help.

  164. elizabeth miller says:

    The Trigger point massager is a wonderful item for someone that has chronic back pain. The fact that it adjusts as you sleep to how your sleep would be a great addition to decreasing neck pain. I like that the back Joy helps posture because as we get older, we tend to slouch more.

  165. adrienne z says:

    I need back support. like that this pillow supports the neck all night too. I do alot of very physical labor at work and I’m sore all of the time. my feet are killing me, my neck hurts, my shoulders are sore – I need as much help as I can get and would also love to try the backjoy support chair

  166. Debbie Welchert says:

    All of these products sound wonderful. I have neck and shoulder issues I would love having one of each. They sound and look like they would help me a great deal. I have to admit though, the pillow sounds amazing, and I would love having it the most.

  167. This looks awesome! That Trigger Point Massager would be so great to have as it’s always hard to get someone else to rub my back like I want it done. It was a stroke of genius to make one of these.

  168. The memory pillow remembers to adjust to the sleeper . The Trigger point massager is fabulous for someone who has fibromyalgia and needs to get trigger points that are deep and I love the fact that the Back Joy helps improve posture which in turn can actually help a person breathe better and more fully.

  169. Angela Saver says:

    I really like that this pillow self-adjusts to the optimal sleeping posture!

  170. I like that it is soft and not firm.

  171. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like the their pillow self-adjusts to support your sleeping posture!

  172. Esther Swartz says:

    I hadn’t heard about the SitSmart before, it looks great! I hurt my back in May and have been doing light duty at a desk since then, this would help me keep from slouching!

  173. I would like to try the SitSmart on my chair at work.

  174. Jerrica Evans says:

    I would love to have all these things but the pillow just looks so comfortable I think I’m going to have to get one.

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