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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years as a Mom it’s that the role is nothing to sneeze at. When I became pregnant for the first time I remember thinking that it would be a breeze, being a parent. I’d watched countless family members and friends take on the Motherly role and figured that if they could do it so easily then why couldn’t I? Well, as easy as some women make it out to be it was no surprise that I felt that way..unfortunately for me I was never told about the downsides of parenthood; sleepless nights, stained clothing, the endless exasperation. I was in no way prepared for the tired look my face would permanently adapt nor was I prepared for all of the ups and downs of motherhood that weren’t included in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” or “What to Expect in the First Years” series.

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When I was given the opportunity to work with Basq to review their beauty products I couldn’t believe my good fortune. With the finest quality ingredients going into their skin care products, Basq was exactly what I needed to start feeling like myself again after so long in the Mommy trenches. Unlike a lot of beauty and skin products on the market today, Basq has taken the guess work out of their ingredients list so you can be 100% sure you’re getting only the best quality with none of the questionable ingredients. Not only do they offer the highest quality ingredients but they’re also located right here in the US and are NEVER tested on animals! That last part is extremely important to me as I will not knowingly buy, use or promote products that are tested on animals ever.

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I was sent the Cucumber Tea Eye Gel, Fragrance Free Illipe Body Butter, and their limited edition “It’s a Small World” by Basq Dream Lavender Sleep Mist for my review. It all came in such a lovely bag as you can see in the pictures. This would make for a great gift to anyone but I kept this one for myself!

The Cucumber Tea Eye Gel does wonders for those of us who experience occasional or frequent cases of the puffy eyes in the mornings. Using a combination of Green Tea and Cucumber, both being known for their healing properties, the Cucumber Tea Eye Gel is also an excellent way to fill in fine lines and soothe tired eyes with a cooling sensation. The eye gel as you can see is quite clear with just a tint of green. It’s refreshing to put on your eyes, it gives the skin a pick me up kind of feeling and look. I put it on at night but if you do put it on during the day give plenty of time for it to absorb before applying any make-up.

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The Fragrance Free Illipe Body Butter  is an ultra rich blend of nutrients and moisturizers that is a great way to treat your dry, sensitive and itchy skin. Imagine the relief you’ll get on those spots that are a constant source of dryness and itchiness. Don’t be fooled by the super thick texture of this one, folks, it’s this nutrient packed butter will absorb into  your skin effortlessly and without leaving any greasy residue. While I love scented items it’s always good to have an option for those who are sensitive to scents and whose skin may react to it. The body butter is amazing for giving

The Lavender Mist is one of my favorites if only for it’s helpful slumber inducing properties. We use lavender quite often in my home but nothing comes close to ranking as a favorite as this sleep mist by Basq. Boasting both healing and air freshening properties, the Lavender Mist Sleep Spray does wonders for those wanting to get a good nights sleep, freshen up a room for their family members or guests. The real beauty of the mist though is that through good sleep attained by using the mist you’re also doing your skin a favor: a good nights sleep does wonders in bringing out the natural glow of ones skin as well as helps in other area’s of your body as well; you’re skin, memory and creativity all benefit from the use of lavender!

The Lavender Mist doesn’t have to be just for moms and babies, my 13 year old daughter loves the scent, this one is not overpowering, it’s more subtle than some I’ve had which I like. I can definitely smell it in the room and it makes me go ahhhh time to relax, love it!

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  1. I’m ready to fall asleep at my computer (but I have to wait for my muffins to cool so I can put them in bags for my parents for breakfast!!), and the sound of the cucumber tea eye gel cooling your eyes just sound so amazing right now!! I think I’m going to have to go wash my face with one of my cooling washes before bed!!


    I learned Basq will not test on animals ..this is wonderful and a plus for me ..I don’t think cosmetics prove anything tested on animals .. but that eye gel sounds like it is some magical product i have to look into more ..thank you for the sharing of this 😀

  3. Michele Cupp says:

    It’s good to know that Basq is located in the US and does NOT do animal testing. Love the use of high quality ingredients, as well.

  4. I try to buy cruelty-free products whenever possible, which can be a daunting prospect at times. So, not only do I love that Basq doesn’t test on animals, but also that this review told me about Basq’s policy so I won’t have to waste my time searching the web to suss them out. I’ve been looking for a new eye gel and Basq’s just might be the one for me.

  5. laurie murley says:

    this sounds like a great product, would love to try them

  6. Several things caught my eye..made in the USA and not experimenting on animals. Got to be a great product with that base. Would love to try.

  7. I love the fact that they are made in the USA. It is good to know that the body butter doesn’t leave a greasy residue because I have dry patches and, though I like the moisturizing effects of a body butter, I have often had to deal with the greasy feeling which is uncomfortable.

  8. terry myers says:

    I could have used this my son hated to sleep from birth and on now his wife says he still hates to sleep now they have 3 kids do not like to sleep my daughter in law could use the treatment she would use it because not used on animals

  9. Susan Robbins says:

    I like the pretty gold bag that the products come in and that they are made in the USA. I love that the body butter is fragrance free as I can’t tolerate any scent.

  10. These Basq Beauty Products look great, I’d love to try them. I think I’m most interested in trying the Cucumber Tea Eye Gel, my under eye area could definitely use some pampering.

  11. Melissa Shirley says:

    I like that the body butter is fragrance free. I have a lot of skin issues. I have fair skin and it is dry but also sensitive and fragrances in products sometimes break me out. So that is nice to know. Thanks.

  12. I adore the little added bag, sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy hah! The cucumber gel looks so refreshing, and I know that I could definitely use the lavendar spray!!

  13. Alison Gibb says:

    Being a Mom is the hardest job in the world, with crappy pay, but is the most rewarding! These products sound like just what the doctor ordered! My eyes are killing me right now. I wish I had that cool cucumber gel right now!

  14. Natalie Brown says:

    I so remember feeling the same way when my son was growing up. This eye gel sounds just lovely and soothing. I like that they don’t test on animals too. Thank-you for the information & review!

  15. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I love that they are made in the USA and never test them on animals. They use only the best! I love this product! Thanks for the chance!

  16. Thanks again for the Fantastic Review on Basq Beauty Products Review! I sure could definitely use these products! I love the Green Tea Cucumber mixture for the bags under your eyes! I have bags on my bags! These products sound absolutely wonderful! I love the crème for getting rid of those dry, scratchy patches! I have those on my elbows, knees and my heels! I’ve tried many different products and nothing has worked! I also love the Lavender spray! I sure could use that to help me relax and sleep! I am totally worn out! I’ve heard so many times how Lavender is good for relaxing and helping you sleep, however, I just haven’t been able to get some! Thanks so very much for the Fantastic Review and all the information on the products which you shared with us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  17. rosa rogers says:

    I like that these products are not tested on anilmals..And i like that they are gentle and not harsh.

  18. David Fultner says:

    Really nice optics in the display. Thanks for the read.

  19. Because I am a person who is sensitive to many products, I love that these products are gentle and non-irritating.

  20. Love the review. Like that it’s not full of ingredients we can’t pronounce. Not tested on animals and made in the U.S. I’m not pregnant but could use the lavender mist at night to help relax. I have problems sleeping. Seems like I have bags under my eyes all the time so could use the cucumber tea gel.

  21. angelia medlin says:

    I am always looks for good products made will quality ingredients. I especially am a big fan of lavender and would love to try their lavender mist. I am sure its wonderful.

  22. I learned that the body butter helps your dry skin. And that it is not scented.

  23. Dana Morin says:

    I like the fact that they do not test on animals, very important. And they use the highest quality ingredients.

  24. Laurie Nykaza says:

    They use the highest quality ingredients but they’re also located right here in the US and are NEVER tested on animals! that is a great reason to try out their products.

  25. AnneMarie Chiappetta says:

    I can so relate to what you said. I wish some one would have given me heads up on what, I would be experiencing. I raised my children when I was in my 20’s but a few years ago (I’m now in my 50’s) I took in my husband’s 2 young grand sons. One being extremely special needs. A good nights sleep is one thing I have been struggling with since I took them in. I have tried different sprays but found the smell so overwhelming that it just gave me a headache. I extremely like that you said the smell is not over whelming on the dream mist. Also due to the lack of sleep, my eyes look terrible in the morning. I have tried other products, with no luck so far.

    I would really like to try these products with just a chance of a good nights sleep. Thank you for the chance.

  26. The more I read your reviews, the more I think that you are so much like me when I was younger! No one told me either about motherhood when I had my oldest daughter either! I had terrible depression after having her! Now that my kids are a bit older, I am able to get a good night’s sleep, however, I wonder if I ever will! With my hubby being sick and in the living room trying to sleep, he expects me to wake him up, if he’s sleeping, to take a pain pill! The last one I give him is at 2am! Fine with me, I sit online and enter contests and such. However, I’m not getting my proper rest either! I think my eyes have bags on their bags! This cucumber stuff sounds wonderfully soothing! Also, I have heard so many times about how lavender helps you sleep and I have yet to get some! Like I said, with hubby not working his part-time job, there is NO extra money for anything! I have to go to the grocery store with a list of only what we definitely need and purchase ONLY that! These kids are really starting to get miserable because we really haven’t had any treats in the house for months! I was trying to bake things, however, have been running out of baking stuff and my husband says that baking stuff is not a priority! I feel so bad for the kids, my husband and the financial situation all these illnesses of his has put us in! I’m totally a walking stress ball these days! I certainly could use these products to help me try to relax, get some sleep, and get rid of the bags bags! Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review and the information you provided all of us! I guess I’ll enter your contest, however, I really haven’t been winning anything with entering these! I was staying up to between 2-4am every night before Christmas trying to win Christmas gifts for the kids and family! Needless to say, Christmas here was not very good! If I see something that I know I can put away for the 2015 Christmas, I’ll put it away, if I win! Thanks again for the information, I truly do appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  27. nice review, would like to know more about your product thank you

  28. I. Feel that your review was very thorough and Interesting. I like in your description you shared you used thses products and how you felt about it.

  29. I like the company does not test on animals

  30. Marthalynn says:

    It’s so nice that they use high quality, safe ingredients. I don’t have time to read label! I just want to buy a product and know that it’s good. These sound like they belong on my vanity ASAP!

  31. Boy, everything about these products sound great. The eye gel, the body cream & the lavender mist all sound like products I would like to try. I like that they don’t test on animals & limited ingredients.

  32. Holly Thomas says:

    Everything sounds so luxurious, like a day at the spa!

  33. Tamra Phelps says:

    It’s great that the body butter doesn’t leave that heavy, greasy feeling! I hate that! It’s also nice that they do not test on animals, since I hate that, too.

  34. Ingermaria Berryman says:

    Thanks for the great review. I’ve been wanting a lavender spray to spritz my bedding to help me relax and go to sleep. My skin is super dry in arrid Colorado, so the body butter and eye gel would be perfect. I like that they use natural ingredients, are here in the Us, and cruelty free.

  35. laura rubenstein says:

    I would love to try the Cucumber eye gel.. These products are amazing!!

  36. Mindy Glazer says:

    These look like great products and I’d love to try them!

  37. I love that these products are safe and gentle to use, even for sensitive skin. I love a good rich body butter that absorbs well with no greasy feeling.

  38. Hope I win theses sweepstakes

  39. I like trying new things

  40. (Basq Beauty Products Review) All of these products sound wonderful to me, I really want to try that Cucumber Tea Eye Gel the most-

  41. Angela Leathers says:

    The eye gel sounds like the perfect treatment for this mama. I was sleep deprived for a few years while finishing grad school, working full-time, and parenting as well. My eyes are often times puffy or surrounded by circles. They would likely appear a tad more bright and shiny with a little help.

  42. Id like to try the cucumber eye mask.I was a single mom at 20 yrs old.I still lived at home so I had a lot of help from my mom. Im so thankful I had her because I had no clue what to do.I had some motherly instincts but not many.Tired eyes are a lifetime thing. Lol! Id like to try some of these products.

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