Calendar Key Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Review

Powered by Mom shares her Calendar Key Necklace with Swarovski Crystal from Any Old Day Jewelry Review

I must admit that I have a preference for giving and receiving gifts that are personalized. Whether it’s been a handmade card, a macaroni necklace from my daughter or something with my name on it I just love it. I feel it goes to show that the the person who gave it put some thought behind the gift and/or made it with love. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think that means that other gifts aren’t special as I know all my family and friends give with love and they’re all special but I do have a weakness if you will for those personalized gifts.

Calendar Key Necklace

So it’s no surprise when I heard about the Calendar Key Necklace from Not Just Any Old Day that I was immediately smitten! I received the brass plated Calendar Key Necklace and had a clear Swarovski Crystal on it to reprsent my birthstone. Yep that’s right I decided that mom (me) would get this one as I’m usually always getting stuff for the family and I actually did not own anything that commemorated my own birthday.

Calendar Key Necklace

There’s actually a bit of a story behind my birthday as I actually have two birthdays! One is  a day in June which all off my official documents has and one is my real birthday. Huh? No I’m not running from law or living in witness protection but I was born in Vietnam when the war was ending.

any old day 3

Long story short my original birth certificate was riddled with mistakes that my parents (mom was Vietnamese, dad was Canadian) were worried it would be problematic when it came time to leave the country. So my mom was advised to get a new birth certificate with a new date as it would be quicker, this resulted in the June birth date. Which by the way is the date I’ve celebrated my birthday since ever and my parents didn’t even tell me that I was actually born in April until I was an adult with a child of my own, just before my mom passed away of cancer. Quite a story isn’t it?


So I thought to myself it’s time I celebrate my “real” birthday since my family hasn’t taken the hint to celebrate both days. What’s wrong with cake and presents twice a year I ask you? LOL. Now I have something with my April birthday and it’s unique with it’s own story to tell. I can think of so many special moments I’d love to get the Calendar Key Necklaces or the “Your Special Day Crown Calendar” or maybe I should get the Two Calendar Keys on one chain and have both birthdays on there! hmmm so many choices, they have bracelets, rings, charms and so much more to make your gift truly unique and personalized.


No matter what you select it will be a wonderful gift to celebrate that special moment! Thank you Not Any Old Day Jewelry for this lovely piece to review, I love it 🙂




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  1. Ashley B. says:

    What a lovely story, thank you for sharing 🙂 I think anyone would love to have such a unique piece of jewelry!

  2. Lovely story! Thank you for the review! love the necklace!

  3. Lily Kwan says:

    Thank you for sharing your birthday story. This jewelry looks very nice!

  4. thsi necklace is pretty and ilove to get one and wear that

  5. Kathy Stahlman says:

    You must feel special, getting to celebrate 2 birthdays.

  6. Linda Madden says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  7. Robin Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. It’s nice to get to know you! I think these are just lovely and a great way to commemorate any special date. So pretty and I love it in the silver.

  8. What a great story! I would definitely say that you picked a great day to commemorate, and you deserve it! This is such a pretty and original piece of jewelry, I love it! I would probably have a hard time choosing a date though, as I have 3 kids. I was born on my mother’s birthday though, so I would probably either choose February 2, or my anniversary with my husband.

  9. Kathy Foley says:

    You have one of the best blogs on the internet! You always find the most interesting, cool giveaways and products. LOVE this jewelry idea–wish I had been the one who thought of it first. 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Siterria Nelson says:

    Beautiful Beautiful 🙂 Always a Pleasure To Read About How Great Of A Lifestyle A Person Had Or Went Through And Inspired Them To Create Something Let Alone Were It.I was Born In April Weighing In 1lb 5ounces at Birth Had Complications At Birth And Didn’t Get released from the hospital until Halloween Day Of 1986.So This Truly Inspired Me To Get Me One Made 🙂 ~Thanks~

  11. Hello, My birthday is in June too. I do like the April birthstone being a diamond LOL. Happy Birthday x 2!

  12. Mary Songer says:

    Your story is wonderful. And I agree that your family should celebrate both birthdays. Birthday cake should not be a once a year thing!

  13. These are great! And I agree — two birthdays are way better than one!

  14. Julie Simpson. says:

    There are so many things you can commemorate both sad and happy it’s kinda hard to choose just one. As I’ve gotten older I am taking better care of me, and more time for me. I am definitely getting my birthday on the one I choose.

  15. I love it!! So pretty. Your parents must have wanted to tell you sooner. probably a very hard decision to make. Thank-you for the Great Giveaway!!

  16. Jackie Smith says:

    This would make a great gift. I am always looking for something unique to by for people that are hard to buy for. What a neat idea and what a great story. I love the brass plated on a chain.

  17. debra dubois says:

    That is such a heartwarming story it sure is special.. This is such a nice gift and what a prize i would so love to be the WINNER!

  18. Karen Inman says:

    I too enjoy getting unique one of a kind presents. My sister and I compete at this she gave me a medieval poison ring and I gave here a necklace made with the head of the bullet and her birthstone. I find your story of 2 birthdays very unique!

  19. Oh cool! These are really neat. (:

    By far, it’s really the best way to show off your birthstone, and to help those who forget your birthday. Hehe. 😛

  20. I’d love one for the day we lost our baby due to miscarriage or for our wedding anniversary….


    That is such a heartwarming story.. I know you will cherish those for yrs to come.. such a nice gift and what a prize
    I even have a chance to win. Thank you so much for the chance and gl to all who enter <3

  22. Rose Reeder says:

    I especially like your silver collection as I don’t any. I like the Sterling Silver Key Calendar Charm with Swarovski Crystal.

  23. Debra Holloway says:

    This jewelry is beautiful. I love all of it. An amazing story about your birth dates.

  24. I love the bracelets and rings,they are very

  25. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says:

    This Jewelry is so Beautiful & Unique & I would Love to Win! Thanks for the chance!

  26. Mary Dailey says:

    I love these! I haven’t seen anything else like them! So special!

  27. Unique jewelry, noone else will have anything like it.

  28. April Farley says:

    Ohhh I see you are an April baby like me! We have the best birthstone ! These necklaces are very sweet! I too would rather give and receive a personal type gift.

  29. Laurie Nykaza says:

    This key is so pretty with the crystal love to wear one.

  30. melanie Szymanowski says:

    Love the necklace

  31. Elizabeth C says:

    Wow, that’s wild! Sounds like it was the best plan though! I love their crystal jewelry and miniature statues.

  32. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are so cute I love the bracelets and the rings. They are unique.

  33. Henry Zumbrun says:

    I love the story about your two birthdays which tells about your family and why there are two!

  34. I don’t think I’d wear that as a necklace seems a little bit to big, but would love it as a key chain (:

  35. MysticalMom says:

    My 2 sisters are adopted. They have their date of birth & the “gottcha” day!
    Loved ur story!

  36. Saundra McKenzie says:

    I also love personalized gifts and this is so unique. I would get the key and add my wedding anniversary.

  37. Holly Wright says:

    I absolutely love this necklace, I would like to get one for my mom!

  38. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I would definitely celebrate BOTH birthdays! You deserve it girl 🙂 How did you feel when you found out?? I think I would feel a little odd, knowing that I had been 2 months older than I thought my whole life. But I love the necklace, it’s gorgeous <3 Happy 2 Birthdays!!

  39. beth combs says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I love how personal and unique this is (: It’d be great for a birthday present!

  41. Debbie Welchert says:

    I liked your story. Two birthdays, Yippie. These would make perfect gifts too. I know my daughter would love to have one.

  42. The Calendar Key necklace is way cool. The story of your birthday was interesting. It was a crazy time in history and it sure doesn’t surprise me. My Father also had two birthdays one that he thought was his birthday and that we celebrated for almost his entire life and the date that is actually on his birth certificate. He was born a twin and his twin died and they kept him alive on the oven door all those many years ago. Some how with all the commotion and bad record keeping back then his birth certificate was wrong by one day. I agree with you why not two birthdays 🙂

  43. Marie Bauer says:

    I really like Swarovski . This is the first time I have seen the key. My inlaws are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, this would be perfect.

  44. It’s definitely different. I like how it shows off your actual birthday and not just the stone of the color of your birth month.

  45. They have so many really nice items of jewelery, I could get my whole shopping list done for Christmas by going to their site.

  46. These are so pretty and what an interesting story behind two birthdays! I would want cake and everything both days.

  47. Leslie ross says:

    This is really cool

  48. Cynthia Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, you should crack the whip and have to celebrations a year. I will be looking up the Calendar Key for gifts this coming birthday season.

  49. Nena Sinclair says:

    I love these pieces, they are so unique and cute!

  50. Darlene Demell says:

    You are the first person I have heard of having two birthdays. I understand the reasoning behind it though. I love these jewellery pieces, they are very unique. I agree with the other poster who said you should have a necklace with two keys to celebrate both your special days.

  51. This jewelry is so unique and antique looking which is why I love it. I like the silver ones. I think you’re story is really cool. I think you should get a necklace with 2 keys for each special day. That’s what I would do 🙂

  52. Holly Thomas says:

    I love unique jewelry and would like this for my anniversary.

  53. Rebecca Xavier says:

    This necklace looks beautiful. Thanks for the review.

  54. SO glad you love your Calendar necklace! Thanks for the amazing review.

  55. Very pretty necklace!!

  56. Heather Decosta says:

    I love this story!

  57. rochelle haynes says:

    Very nice love to win this

  58. Wow, that is a cool story. I wonder why your parents just didn’t keep your birthday date in April since they knew when you were born. Then to keep it from you so long. Crazy! I love the skeleton key jewelry like this. I love that this is personalized. My daughter just had her first baby boy 2 days ago on Saturday and I would love to win this necklace for her. I would have Mason’s birthday marked on it of course. She would love it.

  59. mary gallardo says:

    I really love the brass plated one! I would love it for my daughter

  60. Holly Schilling says:

    This is great! I didn’t know about this until your blog post.

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