Carilhoa Bamboo Bed & Bath Review

Powered by Mom’s Cariloha Bamboo Bed & Bath Review

If you’ve been following Powered by Mom for a while now then you know that we love Cariloha bamboo products. We simply can’t get enough and yes, they send me items to review but I also go and buy them.

Love my Cariloha bamboo graphite towels!

bamboo towels

For example because they now seem to be the only socks I want to wear I recently bought some Cariloha Bamboo socks. They are so plush and soft on my feet and they have that cooling effect that all bamboo products do. Perfect for your feet! See how excited I am about their products and that’s just the socks, let’s get on to the even ahem “cooler” stuff such as the bed and bath products!Yep that’s me wearing my socks on a trip a few months ago. I even have to travel with my bamboo socks!

bamboo socks

I’m not the only one in my family that’s crazy for Cariloha’s bamboo products both my hubby and daughter are in love with them too. When I received our first sheet set my daughter hinted constantly that our sheets were so much softer than hers so naturally we had to get her a set for her bed. When I received a plush blanket I practically had to hunt the blanket down to see which one of them had it. You can read my review on the first blanket my daughter received HERE.

bamboo blanket

About the Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blanket

Cuddle up in viscose from bamboo softness. This dreamy-soft viscose from bamboo blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the couch or cozying up by the fire. We’ve added quilt batting to the blanket’s interior core to provide a natural weight that you’d expect from a luxury blanket. The plush-pile fabric makes the Cariloha blanket ultra comfy and ideal for year round use. Cariloha blankets are odor resistant and softer than cotton or cashmere throws, at a fraction of the price, too, making them a must-have favorite for the entire household.
• Dimensions: 50″ x 70″
• Ribbon: Tone-on-Tone satin ribbon ties each blanket in square.
• Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
• Quilt batting added to the throw’s interior core for a luxurious weight
Even the inside of the bamboo blanket is soft and plush. You can use either side but the top side which I of course turn around so it’s facing me is just luxurious!
bamboo blanet reverse
While everything is a favorite when it comes to Cariloha Bamboo products their towels are very high on the list of items we love. I don’t even know why I bother keeping any of our old towels when we all only go and grab the Cariloha Bamboo towels. This graphite set is my favorite because I love the color and the sizes are perfect. We have to have at least three sets though since there are three of us 🙂

bamboo towels graphite

I will soon be getting the duvet cover and I can’t wait! Our bedding set will be complete from the sheets to the cover and of course I always have my bamboo plush blanket on my side of the bed 😉

No matter what you get from Cariloha it’s a great choice, you really can’t go wrong. While you’re enjoying the pure cooling, luxurious feel of the bamboo products you’re also helping the Earth by using such renewable resource. It truly is win-win!

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  1. sherry butcher says:

    I learned that the Throw has a Quilt batting added to the interior core for a luxurious weight and the color is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Definitely going to give the bamboo socks a try. I’m on my feet twelve hours and this would help with my aching feet.

  3. I think it would wonderful to have a bamboo duvet cover for my bed. I already enjoy sleeping in bamboo pajamas and wearing bamboo socks. It’s a fabric that lasts a long time.

  4. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    I have heard so many great things about all their products especially their sheets. They all look so comfy and really well made.

  5. Lindsey Swanty says:

    The pictures of this blanket are PERFECT! They show how soft the blanket is… and how much I would snuggle up in one! (Or shall I say, how much my mini me would steal it?!)

  6. this looks soft

  7. The blanket looks so soft. I would love to curl up in one.

  8. Meredith Miller says:

    The towels and blanket look so fluffy and soft! Love them!

  9. I just love that they are odor resistant and are soft and cool! I have dogs, so odor resistant is a plus and I live in Las Vegas so anything cool is amazing to me! 🙂

  10. Jodi Hunter says:

    These look so soft, they look so pretty too.

  11. Michelle Proper says:

    Wow! I can almost feel that Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blanket! Love it…the towels look fabulous too 🙂

  12. I love the towels in Caribean Mint, would like to try the socks and am seriously considering purchasing the plush blanket for my husband. He is always cold on the couch and would appreciate the softness of this.

  13. Cori Westphal says:

    I love that they say the blanket is softer than cashmere. That’s crazy! And at a price I can afford!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  14. bernardina sims says:

    I did not know how soft and comfy bamboo could be.

  15. Great review! I didn’t know they sold socks too…they do look comfy and those are just the kind I wear. I’m crushing on the plush throw you have pictured…I could see myself cuddling in it watching a good movie.

  16. I would really like to get some of these. You have sold me by telling me how soft the bamboo is. Plus, bamboo grows fast, so they can use it without harming anything else.

  17. Chantelle A says:

    I learned that bamboo is a renewable resource

  18. Angela Cash says:

    I love that Cariloha blankets are odor resistant. I also like that they are machine washable.

  19. I really like these plushy blankets, but I have trouble finding ones that are made of a renewable resource like bamboo. Usually they are polyester.

  20. Cindy Peterson says:

    I like the fact the bamboo socks have a natural cooling element to them.

  21. I have a house full of pets, so knowing these are odor resistant is a huge plus in my book when thinking about purchasing.

  22. SueSueper says:

    Love the softness, perfect for cuddling with.

  23. I really love that soft blanket!! I would love to cuddle up with it.

  24. Linda Davison says:

    I never knew they made bamboo socks! I sweat so much and my feet get so hot. These socks you said have a cooling effect, so I can’t wait to try a pair.

  25. I think these products are nice and very high quality. I give thumbs up on both stitching and material.

  26. Nena Sinclair says:

    These towels look like pure luxury, soft, cozy, absorbent, just what I want in the perfect bath towel!

  27. wen budro says:

    Winter makes me so much more appreciate of soft, comfortable throw blankets and sleepwear. Their products look wonderful especially the sheets and blankets.

  28. laurie murley says:

    this sounds like a great product, I would love to try them in my home

  29. those a re soft the only problem i dont have kid that stay with me but the dog take my blaket

  30. Allyson F. says:

    They’re odor resistant -how cool?! That’ll be helpful with kids and dogs!

  31. Colleen P says:

    The socks look comfy, but wow, the plush blanket looks amazing! I like that it is also odor resistant because sometimes blankets around our house develop a funky smell.

  32. Oh my gosh that throw looks so so comfy. At nights it’s in the 20s here, so even looking at that throw is making me feel warmer!

  33. Those look so soft and comfortable!

  34. I have never tried bamboo before, when I think of bamboo it sounds like it’s rough but by the looks of everything it looks really soft and comfy makes me want to curl up on the couch beside my husband and nestle in and watch a netflix movie!

  35. Cathy Truman says:

    I want some of the Bamboo socks, they sound wonderful so plush and soft and I love
    that they have a cooling effect. These would be perfect gifts for my friends.

  36. carmen york says:

    they are odor resistant

  37. Dana Miller says:

    I love the fact that these products come from a renewable resource that grows so quickly. I am wondering how absorbent the bath towels are? I try to find the softest face cloths so they are gentle on our delicate skin. My daughter won’t use anything she finds rough or scratchy in texture…children can be super sensitive to texture. From your rave review I know we would love Carilhoa’s products and appreciate their softness.

  38. Jocelyne Alldrick says:

    I learned that the bamboo throw blanket has quilt batting to make it heavier and feel more luxurious

  39. Florence C says:

    I like that Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blanket is is soft and plush even on the inside.

  40. I love how Bamboo is odor resistant and also soft.

  41. Katherine Riley says:

    I love that blanket (and the towels) (and the sheets) (and the socks!) I love that bamboo have cooling properties.

  42. josephine evans says:

    I learned that they sell numerous items from socks to linen and towels. They are soft, plush and very comfortable.

  43. allyson tice says:

    OMG I am OBSESSED With the fact that these are odor resistant!!! I have 3 cats ..a dog and 3 KIDS! That is something that I would totally be on board with having in my blankets!

  44. ellen willett says:

    odor resistance

  45. gretchen luper says:

    the plush and soft socks are to die for. I would love one of everything they make. soft is my thing.

  46. Linda Short says:

    I enjoyed learning that Cariloha’s bamboo products are odor resistant and softer than cotton or cashmere throws.

  47. Diana Smith Hill says:

    That is a plush throw and nice lining! I would love to try Carilhoa bamboo products!

  48. Allie fAllie f says:

    It blows my mind that bamboo has a cooling effect. This is crucial for those (like me) who have difficulty sleeping in heated environments.

  49. Julie Keyworth says:

    I like that they’re cooling and very soft! Now I want to get me everything that you have!! Lol

  50. Lisa Konieczke says:

    I love that bamboo products are soft and cooling. I really want to try the v neck sleep shirts, they seem as though they’d make for an extra restful sleep. I would love the plush throw… you can never have too many of those around our house.

  51. I never realized that Cariloha had clothing too! The socks look so comfy!

  52. paula brown says:

    I learned that bamboo is softer then cotton and Feels cooler. You are also helping the earth by using bamboo products.

  53. I’ve read several Cariloha reviews, and have been entering giveaways and coveting the sheet set for quite awhile now. I didn’t know they made socks and comforters until this review though. I wear sandals most of the year because my feet get too hot in shoes, but if I had bamboo socks to wick away the sweat and keep my feet cooler, I just might wear closed in shoes in the winter. And, oh, that throw blanket! I want, I want! And really, thank you for sharing your knowledge and hosting this giveaway!

  54. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I learned the Cariloha blankets are odor resistant and softer than cotton or cashmere throws.

  55. i really like the cooling effect of the sheets !

  56. Kerri Stewart says:

    The “Cooling Effect” of the blanket means it can be used year round not just during the winter. I NEED a CARILOHA blanket!

  57. i love bamboo for it’s softness and wicking properties

  58. Darlene Sullins says:

    Oh my goodness, the towels look amazing and I can only guess at how wonderfully soft and absorbent they are!!!!!!

  59. Dorothy Teel says:

    I love the graphite towels they are beautiful and the socks can’t be beat, as they are very comfortable for our tired feet and do keep our feet warm,

  60. Stephanie F. says:

    I didn’t realize Cariloha had clothing! I thought it was only towels and bedding. Soft clothing is the best. They look cute too!

  61. Jennifer Reed says:

    I learned that Bamboo products have a cooling effect from your review, such as with the socks. My feet get so warm so I think this would be an excellent alternative to my regular socks.

  62. I learned that quilt batting has been added to the blankets now.

  63. Rise Isom says:

    This review really makes me want to try bamboo. I love comfort and cool. Also quality linens add so much to my life, I really appreciate them

  64. I didn’t know they had a cooling feel to them… that must make the sheets feel fab. Nothing worse than being to hot in the summer. But I really love the look and softness to the towels!!

  65. I didn’t know that the fabrics are odor resistant. That is great!

  66. i didnt know bamboo was odor resistant and a cool to touch fabric and sooooo soft. must try

  67. Sarah Pickering says:

    We recently purchased their products as well, I love sustainable and the softness is great for our sensitive skin.

  68. Brenda Cushman says:

    All of the products look amazing I think after reading this review I would love to try all of them I believe Cariloha is a win win.I especially liked the blanket soft and cozy which I would love!

  69. I like that the throw blanket is reversible. It looks so soft!

  70. I like that they have a natural weight to them as a luxury towel should. It’s hard to find a good old fashioned bath towel anymore. They are so thin and just focus on the colors.

  71. Candace Galan-Calderon says:

    I want one of their blankets so bad, they look so comfy! All of their products look great!

  72. I love that the socks keep your feet cooler! Even in the winter when I am cold inside, I hate wearing socks – my feet always get so hot!

  73. I love SOFT blankets and sheets
    and the fact that bamboo is a renewable and sustainable source is magnificent
    Great review!

  74. The review was well put I think. I Love soft and fluffy anything. Have lots of soft socks and would Love to buy some Bamboo Sheets. They look comfy

  75. Bamboo towels?! I didn’t even know that was a thing. I need those. So soft.

  76. Angie Fiack says:

    I learned that bamboo has a cooling effect, which would make a bamboo blanket a great gift for my grandson who is always too warm.

  77. These products sound amazing. I love the idea of using bamboo because it is sustainable.

  78. E. Diane Macauley says:

    When I hear ‘throw blanket’ I immediately think of a simple, single-ply blanket. like many fleece blankets out there. I love that Cariloha actually has three layers with the batting in the middle. It sounds really fantastic with the weight and the wonderful softness of bamboo. Thanks! I can’t wait to hear about the duvet! 🙂

  79. I keep hearing how soft bamboo is – I’d love to try it!

  80. Andrea Darst says:

    I’ve never tried bamboo products, but these look so soft and comfy!

  81. Love the graphite towels! The idea of having really comfortable socks that are cooling is one that intrigues me!

  82. All of these products sounds so soft and cozy. I would for sure love that throw blanket, but I bet the towels are absolutely amazing as well.

  83. Christy Caldwell says:

    I’ve always heard bamboo products are cooling and no matter how cold it is at not night I seem to get too warm. I really need these Cariloha products. They look so soft and inviting and cool!

  84. Tammy S Catterton says:

    All their towels so on look great look so soft & comfy from your pics & review of it. thanks for sharing

  85. crystal gibson says:

    I would love to snuggle up with the super soft throw blanket. I need some new towels and sheets so I need to check them out.

  86. Deborah W. says:

    All of the Cariloha bamboo products sound so soft. I would love to try the sheets especially. There’s nothing like sliding into a super soft bed with quality sheets.

  87. I love that bamboo throw blanket! It looks so soft and luxurious. Your bamboo socks must feel so good on your feet. I would love to feel pampered with Cariloha’s bamboo products. I always thought bamboo was a tree and learned it is a grass.

  88. Sara Theissen says:

    Oh man these look so good! They look so soft.

  89. Anita Duvall says:

    Those socks look to die for! Also, I would love to have the towels and on the website they also offer Bath Sheets that I would love to have.

  90. Catherine Telliet says:

    I would love the bamboo v-neck t-shirt. It is made into a luxury softness with a non-odor obsorbing material, very light weight and is so soft and feels better than silk. They have a.wide range of sizes for.women too. Up to a xxlarge. Just my.size. This shirt sounds like it is meant for me!


    Even the inside of the bamboo blanket is soft and plush. You can use either side but the top side which I of course turn around so it’s facing me is just luxurious!

  92. Sally Gearhart says:

    I want those socks badly, I love a good pair of socks & those look like great ones! My husband tells me I’m a dork because thats always the # 1 thing I want for birthdays/christmas! 🙂

  93. margaret peg m says:

    hi, i love the bamboo throw blanket, i would love to have one for the family room. machine washable, can’t go wrong!

  94. Sharyonda says:

    Carilhoa = plush, comfort, and cozy all the things one looks for and want in bedding. I see they also provide it in clothing also.

  95. They look so soft and luxurious. The bedding and blankets make be really comfortable to sleep in.

  96. Christine says:

    I like that they are so soft. I think I need some of the sheets for my hubby because he is always waking up sweating at night

  97. denise low says:

    I think that the blankets wonderful to sleep on. Also I would love to try the pillows. Thank you for sharing.

  98. courtney hennagir says:

    I am such a sucker for a soft,fuzzy blanket! I love all the photos you posted.Also love how you pointed out the green factor! Bamboo is seriously awesome for so many reasons!

  99. I agree with you about the bamboo socks they offer. I have a few pair and I love them too!

  100. Lori Williams says:

    I went to their site to read a more about these products and learned that they have their own stores!! I didn’t know and am hoping to find one near me or a relative that will be able to go and purchase for me. These products look so gorgeous! I can’t not wait to try some of them. Thank you for sharing!

  101. Cathryne H says:

    This really makes me want to buy the socks. My feet have been really itchy at night lately and it sounds like they might help!

  102. I like that the bamboo blanket is so soft. It sounds wonderful!

  103. I want to get my mother some bamboo sheets that will help keep her cool.

  104. Rebecca B says:

    My husband sweats so the odor resistant properties are important to me as well as the breathabilty.

  105. Tina Wahrmund says:

    The blanket looks so soft and comfy. Would love to snuggle with it on the couch.

  106. I am amazed what they make out of bamboo! I love how the items are so soft and this is what I love in a blanket and socks too!! I think it is nice to snuggle next to something soft like it looks.

  107. Colette S says:

    I’ve been hearing about this brand and I would really love to try their towels and sheets. I’ve heard so much about this brand since last year

  108. Bamboo is so soft and luxurious.

  109. Stephanie says:

    The blanket looks so soft and comfy – it would be perfect for the winter. Thanks for sharing.

  110. That blanket looks absolutely to die for! I love a good plush blanket to snuggle up with while reading or watching a movie. I love the Ocean Blue color that they have on their website. It’s unique from other blankets that I have seen!

  111. I love that the materials are eco-friendly and the quality and softness of the material is outstanding.

  112. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    They look so soft and comfortable – I might spend more time in bed then I should lol

  113. Lynda Del says:

    Love plush towels and these look like heaven to use.

  114. Brianna Beers says:

    I love the fact that this is Machine wash cold, tumble dry low and doesn’t need to be dry cleaned makes life with children so much easier to be able to wash this at home.

  115. The socks seems amazing! Soft, comfy, and moisture wicking!


  117. Paol Trenny says:

    I like the blanket has Tone-on-Tone satin ribbon ties each blanket in square, which would add contrast to the product.

  118. Debbie Petch says:

    I like the fact that bamboo is softer than cashmere but only a fraction of the cost!

  119. I really like that the blanket has quilt batting. It helps give it a more solid weight. I like the extra coverage and also the plush look and I’m sure feel of the blanket.

  120. Never heard of bamboo products, only the plant. But these products look like something that I would try. Like my bedding to be soft, not itchy like some products are.

  121. You had me hooked at soft & cool. Would be a awesome blanket to own.

  122. The choice of sides to use on the blanket is a nice touch!

  123. Terri Irvin says:

    The plush blanket looks very soft like my baby grand-daughter’s hair. The towels look like they have high yarn count. Llama angora and bamboo are known to be very soft.

  124. Sally Wilsey says:

    If I had these i don’t think I would ever leave my bed. They look so soft and comfortable. Just add coffee and a good book and I am there.

  125. K-Squared says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to which I might be able to change the towels that I have presently; they belonged to my grandparents and have been used by my family for years on end. I love the color and the sizes of these perfectly made towels! Thus, it would be the top quality bath towels that offer a combined luxury softness and bacterial resistance into one amazing towel! It’s apparent that they’re earth-friendly viscose from bamboo towels are just the answer. To my surprise I researched to find the towels are made from a blend of rayon from renewable viscose from bamboo and cotton! Being the health conditions within my family; I would love to win and offer in return feed back on that of the Cariloha towels… which are noted for being perfect at home, gym, car, pool and / or spa.

  126. Susan Burge (@georgiarealist) says:

    I have a few bamboo things from other manufacturers. The throw with added quilt batting for weight sounds like a great idea – I have a blanket that’s very soft but extremely slippery and inclined to wander off of its own volition. Some weight might help keep it where I want it. I didn’t know about the cooling effect. I’d love to try the socks.

  127. Brianna Lumb says:

    The blanket looks amazing, I might need to buy one

  128. KittyPride says:

    The towels sound like heaven, I would love to be wrapped in all that softness. So funny that you have to hunt down the blanket, must be very cozy 😀

  129. That blanket looks incredibly soft. And so do the towels! I may be asking my husband for one of those blankets soon; we could use another cuddly throw.

  130. These products even LOOK so soft and inviting.

  131. I have some of their towels and love them. They are super soft & really thick

  132. I had no idea they had socks, but they sound really comfortable!

  133. Arik Issan says:

    If the towels and duvet are as you say, the socks must be amazing. I need some cooling socks. Soft and comfortable are all that are needed.

  134. Klydra Pugh says:

    I learned they added quilt batting to the blanket to give it natural weight
    Thanks for the chance

  135. Christine Holliday says:

    I saw the towel and fell in love. Then I saw the socks! I have such problems with my feet therefore socks but never thought of trying bamboo. I could kick myself. I must get some!

  136. Kate Finn says:

    I need new towels, and I love how the stripes on the towels provide such a neat contrast.

  137. These blankets and towels sound like a dream! I can only imagine how soft they are 🙂

  138. I’ve seen those blankets before, but I didn’t realize that they were reversable. Because of the way they are folded and tied in the store, you only get to see one side. HOw interesting!

  139. I love the idea of the two sided blanket. So cozy!

  140. Michelle Macaluso says:

    Those towels look so soft! My brother has been telling my to try bamboo products, now I might have to!

  141. I love that bamboo is naturally odor and bacterial resistant and sustainable. I need to replace every fabric in my home with this stuff!!!

  142. Lisa Sherrington says:

    I have been looking at Bamboo sheets and towels and socks now for awhle, I love this reivew it helped me immensely decide that yes Bamboo is for our family! The towels are so soft and amazing and the socks look so comfortable and soft also! I especially love that they have that cooling effect that all bamboo products do.

  143. Christina B. says:

    I think If I had a set of towels I loved so much I’d just go ahead and give the old ones to my pets for blankies 🙂 My dogs would love that.

  144. Julie Waldron says:

    The blanket looks so soft! I like that you can use either side.

  145. That blanket sounds amazing! I would horde it for myself!

  146. Cathleen King says:

    I love the blanket, it’s looks very comfy to use during the winter months.

  147. Stephanie H. says:

    I like that you can use either side of the bamboo blanket and the socks look comfy too!

  148. Stephanie H. says:

    I like that you can use either side of the bamboo blanket and the socks do look comfy!

  149. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to own any of these fantastic Bamboo items! I really love the Towels and the Blanket 🙂 It’s really neat how they help the Earth by using Bamboo, such a renewable resource!! Thanks for this giveaway :).

  150. I’ve never tried bamboo products. Money is tight for luxury items right now. I loved your review on the socks and I would like to try them. I’m don’t like anything on my feet even when their ice cold. I would love to win one of these products!

  151. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    I love they are machane washable. The built in backing is great.

  152. Crystal Rogers Walker says:

    I love the Bamboo my parents use only bamboo and I love that it keeps you warm but not hot because I am post menapausal and cannot sleep if I am too hot, I would love to try these

  153. Tiffany S says:

    I learned that bamboo is a renewable source.

  154. Laura Royal says:

    I learned that bamboo is a renewable source.

  155. Lisa Kerr says:

    I want to try all of their products! I have been wanting a set of the sheets for a while now.

  156. heather e.g. kaufman says:

    The throw blanket looks so incredibly soft. I would love to cuddle up on the couch with it.

  157. I hate socks myself and avoid them as much as possible, but with how soft and cool you say these are I may be a convert! At least for the winter months!

  158. I love that bamboo is a renewable source and has a many benefits – is warm yet also has a cooling effect. Soft and absorbent.

  159. BlessedTA says:

    I learnt that the blanket has/made viscose from bamboo softness

  160. I like the idea of the socks and throw. I knew there were bamboo sheets and towels but not throws and socks.

    Lovely and cosy.

  161. I love the softness of bamboo in sheets and towels.

  162. Brenda Penton says:

    Those towels look so soft! I have a few Carilhoa shirts and they are so soft and comfy.

  163. Carol Denny says:

    I have some bambo towels.I think they are the best towels I have. Love them

  164. I already knew that I love bamboo flooring, but I had no idea how great other bamboo products are! I love that they are so soft!! The blanket looks so plush! Best of all, they are washable! Can’t wait to try them!

  165. The throws look so cozy!

  166. Jessica Lodge says:

    The throw looks heavenly. I love the color too.

  167. janet aycock says:

    i love that the bambo products are so soft

  168. I adore bamboo fabrics, they are so soft and easy to care for.

  169. Pauline Gorczycki says:


  170. Michelle Castagne says:

    I love the bamboo socks, how comfortable they look and environment friendly.

  171. I am absolutely in love with that throw. Looks so comfy

  172. Bonnie Day says:

    I love the fact that they are a renewable resource

  173. I live in Northern BC and boy do we need warm. Your blankets looks very warm and comforting. They would be awesome to win

  174. I have learned of various products the Cailoha makes. Bedding from sheets to blankets, clothing as is socks. I would love to try those as I am diabetic and have feet problems now. It is hard to find socks that fit and are comfortable to wear. I need something that will keep the foot dry, cool while bringing ease to the pins and needle tingling that diabetics suffer from. Now I have never before heard of Cariloha bamboo products I have used other products and would not give up my sheets unless another brand is better. The only way I will find that out is by buying some Cailoha for myself and thank you “powered-by-mom” for bringing it to my attention.

  175. Janet Marie Gillich says:

    I own a pair of their sheets and they are my favorite sheets. I can’t wait to try something else from this brand.

  176. Sheila M. says:

    My first impression was surprise when you review mentioned how soft the sheets are, and I would love to try them out. They have the added bonus of being cooling.

  177. Karla Sceviour says:

    omgoodness,I so want to try one of those comfy cozy soft plush blankets,they look fabulous! I love the satin ribbon on each blanket as well.

  178. I have wanted to try a pair of bamboo socks for some time now and their Boot Lattice Teal/Lime Sock is gorgeous enough to have me ordering.

  179. Alyssa E. says:

    It sounds so soft! I really want to feel the softeness looking at all these pictures. I also learned they have clothes which is really cool because you talk about how great the socks are, imagine how great the shirts and pants are going to be?!

  180. I learned that they made clothes. The socks are airy and thats why I want some. I like socks that let your feet breath. Id love to have some sheets, blankets and socks.

  181. I learned that their throw blankets are so plush machine washable

  182. belinda bell says:

    I love that bamboo as a cooling effect. I need to be cool

  183. ruby reis wade says:

    omg the throw blanket sounds amazing. I love that it is odor resistant and that it has a weight to it. I have been in their stores but I don’t remember ever feeling a throw blanket. looks like my next cruise I may buy one.

  184. I love the sheets and shirts I have from Cariloha. I’d love to try these.

  185. I have heard amazing things about bamboo products and have been lucky enough to own a few pieces of clothing (T-shirts)… I also love that bamboo is environmentally friendly with a low impact or carbon footprint. Thank you for the review and I hope I can own a few blankets or towels someday.

  186. Lisa Johnston says:

    Great review, I agree with you about the bedding…so soft and comfy. I need to buy myself some socks now.

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    I love all the items reviewed. I was looking at a set of the towels from Cariloha just the other day. They look so luxurious as does every other item in their collection.

  189. I love that they are made from a renewable resource and have odor resistant properties as well as a luxurious feeling. Can’t beat it!!

  190. Marilyn H. says:

    I am a total sock person, so when that is the first thing I see, I am excited. I love really soft socks and that feel so cushy underneath your feet. I will be marking their page just for the socks. Seeing the blanket, it looks like the perfect nap blanket. Soft and cozy. Just the type you want your children to have and remember when they are an adult. Beautiful products.

  191. That blanket looks amazingly soft, so do the towels actually.

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    I see that you can even put this blanket into the dryer on low! I love that! That makes it so easy to take care of!

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    I love how these products resist odor and that’s important here in our AZ hot weather, thanks!

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    I learned that their bamboo products have a cooling affect! 🙂

  195. i learned that Even the inside of the bamboo blanket is soft and plush….

  196. crystal w. says:

    I learned that bamboo socks are cooling i would have thought they would be warmer and hotter and possibly make me sweat lol

  197. Bamboo Striped Split V-neck Tee – Gray

  198. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I love everything on the website. The throw looks so soft, I want to cuddle with it!

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    Thanks for the review 🙂 It was nice to learn that all Bamboo products have a cooling effect!

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  202. I love how soft and cozy bamboo products can feel.

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    bamboo products are soft, cuddly. I’d love some of my own

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    I have been wishing for one of their blankets for the past several years. I just keep hoping. How soft and plush are the socks?

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    I’ve been hearing some many good things about Bamboo products that I can’t wait to try them. The blankets look so soft and it sounds like the bedding is just as nice. Thanks for the great review, you make ,e want to rush out and buy some new sheets.

  213. Sandy Couzens says:

    We live on the edge of a rain forest so to have bath towels that are odor resistant would be amazing. Dampness is always a problem. I’m so happy I read your blog on these Carilhoa Bamboo products because I haven’t tried them before. But I would Love to try them.Thank you !!

  214. Recipe Fairy says:

    I’ve heard a lot about Cariloha lately. They seem so luxurious and everything looks so soft!!

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    Didn’t realize that they were softer than cashmere! What a great product.

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    I love that these bamboo products are not only luxurious and plush but also odor resistant. That’s a big plus with bath towels and throw blankets.

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    I just want to sink myself and wrap myself in the plush throw blanket. How cozy!

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    I want one!
    or five. 🙂

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    bamboo products are soft, cuddly. you can’t wait to be around it. they are comfortable to the touch, keep you cozy. anyone in their right mind would love to be able to have some of these products. once you have one you want to have more. socks, blankets etc….

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    I get SO HOT when I sleep so having something that stays cool would be amazing for my nights rest.

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  227. Deborah D says:

    They are softer than regular sheets.

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    I can just picture a sweet kitty making biscuits on the fluffy blanket! I love comfy new socks too, they make life feel fresh and exciting.

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  236. love the bamboo content. you have to feel it for yourself to know the difference. so smooth

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    The towels look so soft and comfy, but socks! I have problem feet and I need comfy socks.

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    I have been seeing a lot of about Carilhoa lately but I DID NOT know they have SOCKS! And with the cooling effect…. oh my. I need those in my life…

  239. Those towels look so soft and they have matching sheets for a master room/bath

  240. I learned that they make socks with a cooling feature, which I find fantastic and I love that their blankets are odor resistant.

  241. They sound super soft and comfy and would be great to try out.

  242. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    We’ve been wanting to switch all our bedding and towels to organic cotton or bamboo! I have a few bamboo clothing pieces and they are WAY softer than anything else I own!! I’ll definitely have the sheets, skirt, and socks on my birthday wish list! Lol!

  243. I have only heard good things about Carilhoa products! I can only imagine their towels and sheets are super soft

  244. Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Carilhoa Bamboo Bed & Bath Review! I have not yet had the pleasure of trying out any of the Carilhoa Bamboo products. I definitely would love to! The blanket looks so soft, warm and oh so cuddly!!!! The towels also look so soft and warm. I can already imagine getting out of the shower and wrapping a Carilhoa Bamboo Towel around me! What a nice thought to have! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on Carilhoa Bamboo Bed & Bath Review with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

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    Ty for the review. Cariloha products sound amazing. Have heard from others how soft the sheets are and didn’t know they had socks!

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  256. I like that there is quilt batting added in the bamboo blanket for weight and that blanket is soft inside and out

  257. They look so wonderfully soft. I bet they are extremely warm as well.

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    It was interesting to learn what all can be made from bamboo. I like all their products. There scarves are especially nice.

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    Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blanket looks so comfortable and wish to have for my mother

  261. Sarah Hayes says:

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  264. I love the sustainability of bamboo. It’s why I’ve been looking into linen lately. I don’t have any experience with cloth made of either material, though, and I like the sound of bamboo now. The cooling effect of those socks sounds amazing. So does the plushness of the material! I might just have to consider getting bamboo sheets instead of linen now. And maybe that new towel and wash cloth I need should be bamboo, too! Odor-resistance is a must with those things. lol

  265. Thank you for telling me about the cooling effects of the bamboo in regards to the socks. They keep you warm yet not to over heat. I love bamboo knitting needles and understand that the sheets and towels are wonderful as well the softness just kind of pulls you in.

  266. Debbie Lewis says:

    Everything sounds amazing, so soft and cuddly. Would love to have one of everything

  267. I am a sock lover so the socks seem pretty cool to me.
    One of my new years resolutions is to get better sleep and the soft bamboo sheets from Carilhoa would be fabulous.

  268. Sarah Phillips says:

    I really like how luxuriously soft and well made all Cariloha’s products are! The fact that they are downright gorgeous and machine washable makes me want them even more. I love that you can use both sides of the bamboo blanket too. I learned that Cariloha’s products are environmentally friendly!

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    Since I live in a warm climate, the cooling effects of bamboo products is just what I need. I was very impressed with your review and it made me want to try several of their items.

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    I love that bamboo products have a cooling effect and that they are made from materials that are safe for the environment.

  278. I’ve never tried anything from Carilhoa, but I’ve always heard their products were amazing. The towels that you received… wow… they look so luxurious and soft. The blanket looks cozy too. I can understand why you’d have to hunt it down. I’d sit on the couch with the blanket, a cup of tea and binge watch a TV show or a movie. Lol. They look like awesome products.

  279. I think the sheets would be great with the cooling effect, the blanket sounds wonderful too, The way you talk about the towels, I think they would be addicting if they are everyone’s favorite.

  280. Patty wright says:

    I learned I would love to have one of these blankets. They look so soft.

  281. Oh wow, all of their bamboo products sound amazing!! I have been dying to try fabric made of bamboo since I first heard of it. The husband and I are very picky about our towels and have yet to find one that we like. I will definitely be investing in a couple of sets very soon! 🙂

  282. DeAnna Keller says:

    I learned that Cariloha Bamboo shirts are twice as soft as cotton!

  283. paige chandler says:

    I learned about the cooling power of bamboo and how soft they are. Also good for the environment. Must Possess!!

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    I like the graphite color as well. I keep thinking about upgrading my sheets to bamboo, and towels sound equally luxuriant

  285. I learned that Bamboo products had cooling effects. I could really take advantage of this…I am always hot!

  286. Jillian Too says:

    The throw blanket looks so incredibly soft. I really that it’s safe to machine-wash.

  287. Cassie Fancy says:

    I learned it has a cooling affect which is great for me as I always over blanket lol

  288. I learned bamboo products have a cooling effect, which would be nice for me since I overheat easily

  289. Dorothy Boucher says:

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    carilhoa carries, so many wonderful sheets and towel sets that are actually worth the money you spend on them.

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    I just love the look of the Cariloha Bamboo Throw Blanket, it looks so soft and comfy. I find it amazing that it can not only keep you warm but can also have a cooling effect in the warmer weather.

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    Everything seems so luxuriously soft. Gotta try those socks. I especially must try the blanket. Cozy for sure.

  293. Lisa Williams says:

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  294. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    What luxury! Those towels are just beautiful! I think I would also just reach for the Cariloha towels!

  295. I love that bamboo products have a cooling effect. I bet that makes them super comfortable to wrap up in.

  296. I learned that they have great cooling and soft features in this bamboo product

  297. I didn’t know their throw blankets were odor resistant ~ they look so luxe, I’d love to get one in the Sand color to go with our bedroom! Thanks for your review 🙂

  298. Linda Herrera says:

    Softer than cashmere or cotton! I love that their products are odor resistant which is a plus with animals and during the winter months when things can get musty! That they make socks that are cooling! Great for my hot feet!

  299. What odour that for sure..we have 2 dogs and they love laying on blankets that are left on the couch, I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore

  300. Christine says:

    I learned that bamboo products have odor resistant properties & that bamboo is an earth friendly resource!

  301. I learned that Cariloha blankets are odor resistant and softer than cotton or cashmere throws. With kids in the house, odor resistance is a big plus! Such high quality products from Cariloha!

  302. I had no idea they made socks too. I wear wool socks year round because my feet are always cold. If I buy nothing else, I’m getting a few pair of the socks.

  303. who knew bamboo had so may great properties! id love to try those towels!

  304. elizabeth miller says:

    I had no clue this company made socks that had a cooling effect. That is great. I am definitely going to have to look into these for my daughter who really can not stand wearing socks because most make her feet sweat so bad.

  305. I heard so much about the Cariloha’s bamboo product but I have never on one.

  306. Dawn Wright says:

    I love how they they are odor resistant and softer than cotton or cashmere throws that arr more expensive. I Like that they a can be used year round to snuggle with!

    Bamboo is largely considered a woody plant; however, it’s really a true grass. It can be found in many parts of the world but is primarily grown in East Asia and South East Asia, where it’s used for everything from building materials to food sources! Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made from a special blend of viscose from bamboo. Bamboo’s soft, silky feel, its ability to take colors well and its breathability are designed to appeal to those who seek the very best in natural luxury. It’s so soft you can actually feel the bamboo softness for yourself. “Very Cozy to keep me warm”

  308. Angel Park says:

    Not only is it a renewable resource but I love the softness it provides with everything! I recently got some bamboo pillowcases and they truly are soft and don’t tug at my face. Trying to prevent the wrinkles here! I would love to try their other products.

  309. The soft blanket looks perfect for curling up with my dog, a good book and coffee to relax! I think I’d be fighting my hubby and teen for the blanket, though!

  310. All the stuff sounds great, I’m particularly interested in a pair of the socks. I love socks! Lol Thanks for sharing these with us.

  311. Kim Henrichs says:

    I love that there is batting inside to make it even fluffier!

  312. Dawn Jones says:

    I love the color of the towels. I have always wanted to try Bamboo Sheets. I would have never thought about Bamboo socks. I bet they feel great. Have a great day.

  313. Linda Manns says:

    I am really amazed at all the great products this company has. I really appreciate you sharing these great products. Thank you so much for sharing

  314. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These products sound so nice.I have some bamboo yoga pants and they are SO SOFT!

  315. I like that it uses a renewable resource!

  316. Jeanne Melanson says:

    Oh my goodness! They have socks too? I’m entering a giveaway for the throw and went to have a look at their site. I also love that they make clothing and loves their dresses. I feel a shopping spree coming on … 🙂

  317. The blanked looks so soft me want, and those socks I sleep with socks in winter and those looks like something i need

  318. Debbie Welchert says:

    The towels and blanket throw sound so wonderful and I would love to see how soft they are for myself. My daughter received bamboo socks for Christmas and I will have to ask what she thinks of them. I didn’t know that they can keep your feet cool which is a big plus for me.

  319. Thanks a lot! Now I am very jealous and want some towels, bedding and clothing from Cariloha! They sound like something I would enjoy with their softness and the “cooling effect” they have.

  320. Sandy Cain says:

    Cariloha products are the best. I have one of their shirts, and my mom has a set of their sheets. Cool, so soft, comfortable, no wrinkling! Thanks for mentioning the socks – I forgot they even have socks, and now I plan to order some for the three of us. And bamboo grows SO quickly with very little care – the perfect, sustainable crop.

  321. heather wesley says:

    it seems all their products seem to be extremely soft an luxurious… every girl could use a little more soft in their lives lol

  322. annette campbell says:

    This blanket looks so incredibily soft. I would love to try it out. I like the idea that these products

  323. Holly Thomas says:

    My sister has the sheets and they are so soft!

  324. Robert Brown says:

    We’ve got their sheets as well, and are amazed at how they cool. I’d be curious to try the socks to see if they have the same quality.

  325. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Oh I have not tried their socks yet but I am going to now. My husband and son have some of the underwear and they say they are so comfortable! I have the Tee’s and they are cool and comfy as well!

  326. i know that bamboo helps with allergens as well as a cooling in the blanket and sheets!

  327. These towels look wonderful – the added protection of odor protection would be excellent for the bath towels that can get musty from being wet! They look so soft too 🙂

  328. Karen Giasson says:

    I learned that the fabrics are odor resistant. I would love to try these products.

  329. Dawn Keenan says:

    I didn’t know that bamboo products were odor resistant. That makes the throw really appealing!

  330. Marthalynn says:

    That throw looks so soft! I’d love to have it on my couch. I think cozy throws make great gifts, too. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in that!?

  331. Melissa M says:

    The cooling effect of the bamboo socks sounds great. I also like the satin trim on the blanket.

  332. Lisa Garland says:

    I like that the socks have a cooling effect and that the blanket is odor resist!

  333. I love the large size of the throw blanket and how soft it looks. It would definitely keep me warm in the winter months!

  334. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I learnd bamboo is xooling effect and soft

  335. Gail Williams says:

    I learned about the luxurious cooling and soft effect of the bamboo products. It makes me want to get at least 3 towel sets myself for my family.

  336. it sounds like the bamboo products are softer than other products… I like the selection of products you can get from there. I owned a pair of bamboo socks before and I remember liking them. I also love that it’s a renewable resource, unlike some other stuff. the blanket & towels look so comfy – and sounds that way too.

  337. I would choose the Plush Bamboo Throw Blanket in Ocean Blue.

  338. That blanket looks so soft and cozy!!

  339. Tricia Hope says:

    I recently got some bamboo sheets so would love to try a throw!

  340. I would love to have that throw/. I can’t begin to imagine anything softer than cashmere!!

  341. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like that these are made from materials that are safe for the enviroment and how soft they look.

  342. Emily Endrizzi says:

    Wow! Those towels look amazing. So soft and fluffy. I would be in heaven with those!

  343. Amy Baker says:

    Love that there is batting inside the blanket to give it some heft! Love the odor resistant properties and love that bamboo is such an earth friendly resource! I can hardly wait to see what will come next! I have bamboo cutting boards, flooring, and towels and socks…it really is amazing!

  344. I really love the Cariloha bamboo towels! I need some nice large towels
    and I also love the graphite color.

  345. Sophia,M.,McConnery says:

    Those socks look so comfy.I want those!

  346. Jerrica Evans says:

    It looks so soft and comfortable I want one. I’ve never had any Carilhoa Bamboo products before but I think I need to get some now!

  347. natalie nichols says:

    I would love to have a throw. They look soo soft!

  348. Angela Saver says:

    I learned & love that quilt batting has been added to the throw’s interior core!

  349. melody hodge says:

    I cant believe how soft this looks. Its one of those that you know without even touching it that is going to be one of the softest things ever. Ive never tried Cariloha’s bamboo products but I sure would like too.

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