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Gift Ideas for Mom From Cariloha Bamboo Clothes & Del Sol Color Change Review

If you’re looking for a gift for mom, your sister, daughter or any gal you know we’re happy to share some of our favorite gift ideas from Cariloha Bamboo and Del Sol Color Change! Mother’s Day came a few days early for me this year and of course I couldn’t be happier about it as I’ve had the chance to wear some soft and comfortable Carlioha bamboo clothes and when the sun came out I got to have fun with my Del Sol color changing t-shirts. Their products are great not only for Mother’s Day but any time of the year. They have more than just clothes too, you’ll definitely want to check it all out!

Bamboo Clothes

I received a wonderful selection of Cariloha bamboo clothes and Del Sol Color Change t-shirts and I have to say I love them all. There was a method to my madness of what I selected and why which I will share soon.  Let’s start with the fabulous bamboo clothes. If you don’t know already bamboo clothing (and sheets, towels and more) are so softy and silky that it’s just wonderful to touch and feel. Not only that material made of bamboo has antimicrobial qualities! So you can give the gift of bamboo to your loved ones or yourself and know that it’s a sustainable product that feels so soft, keeps you cool and just looks good!


I have to say bamboo clothes can not be beat when it comes to softness and keeping you cool. One of my new favorite items is the Genesis Bamboo dress. It’s soft like all the bamboo clothing, is a nice style and it’s very forgiving by hiding things we don’t want to show. Here’s me wearing my new dress a cardigan (first picture above is the dress without a cardigan). I got the dress in a large, as I don’t like dresses tight, it is stretchy and I have lots of room but I think it fits just right. I normally wear about a size 10 at the largest.

genesis dress cardi small

I wanted a dress I could wear during the day and evening, was comfortable but could be dressed up if need be and this Cariloha Genesis bamboo dress met all that criteria. I wanted some bamboo clothes for this summer with the warmer weather as material made of bamboo is known for it’s cooling effects. This dress along with the t-shirts and Celeste tank that I got from Cariloha will not only be worn over the summer, they will be staples in my suitcase when I go to a conference in San Jose and then off to Disneyland to meet up with my family for our vacation.

Here’s some of the other awesome Cariloha bamboo clothes that I’ve added to my wardrobe. I figured you didn’t want to see me modelling everything LOL.

You can’t have bamboo clothes without having socks in your collection and the softy socks are wonderful for wearing at home, they keep my feet cozy without overheating them. They’ll be in my suitcase too even for the summer as they’ll be my slippers when I’m away 🙂 The Celeste tank top is a little dressier than regular tank tops and it’s a nice flowing tank, not tight, however I wish it had a padded bust then we wouldn’t want to worry about what to wear underneath. So yes you do need a strapless bra or clear or white straps whatever  you prefer either way it’s worth it. Every suitcase and wardrobe for that matter needs a soft and comfy t-shirt so Aloha to my bamboo t-shirt. I got this t-shirt in a size X-large as they are quite fitted and I prefer mine t-shirts to be a bit loose. I’m happy I got X-Large as Large would have been too fitted for me. They do have some stretch however so you have some room to play with.

Now let’s talk about the fun Del Sol Color Change t-shirts I selected. Remember I said there was a method to my madness. So that vacation to Disneyland I mentioned, well we’re also hitting universal studios. You know what it’s like while on vacation especially theme parks the kids and yes even the adults always want souvenirs. Well I’ve trumped those souvenirs and got these t-shirts in advance so that 1) souvenirs done and no having to waste time in theme park stores, 2) these are way cooler, hello they change color!

Here’s me in my Tinkerbell t-shirt because who doesn’t love Tinkerbell she’s always been a favorite with myself and my daughter.

del sol tink

Here’s what my Tinkerbell shirt looks like before it’s been out in the sun

Del Sol Tinkerbell shirt

Now I do have to mention that the shirts are a bit more on the fitted side and I prefer to have a little extra room. The shirts do have a lot of stretch to them and they are a soft cotton. I normally take anywhere from a size 8-10 or medium to large at most but this one I got in X-Large so something to think about when selecting your size.

I also decided to get not only myself some t-shirts but my daughter too because let’s face it we moms are always thinking of our kids and again now she doesn’t have to get a t-shirt in Disneyland this one is so cool. I got her the women’s x-small t-shirts as she’s 12 and not big on the princesses which is what was mostly available in Del Sol kids’ Disney shirts. My daughter is quite petite she still wears a kids size 10 clothing so that gives you a bit of an idea but the x-small t-shirts are perfect for her. They are long enough she can wear leggings with them if she wants but not so long it looks like a night gown. I got her the Mickey and Minnie one pictured above which she hasn’t seen yet, it’s a surprise it will be her souvenir when we get to Disneyland.

However she did get the Marvel t-shirt in advance which is for when we go visit Universal Studios during our family vacation. I think all of these t-shirts are way cooler than any you’d buy at the theme parks and we save time, maybe even a bit of money. Hard to compare since the ones there don’t change color. Here’s my cutie in her Captain America t-shirt 🙂 It was later in the evening so it was not dark out but no sun so it hasn’t changed color yet although I can see the blue starting to come in.

del sol captain america

Here’s what this t-shirt looks like in full color, it usually only takes 15-20 minutes maximum in the sun before the patterns colors have fully changed.

del sol captain america


I think we’re set for our wardrobe and even some pretty nice souvenirs for our family vacation and we’re definitely going to be dressed comfortably and keep cool with our Del Sol Color Change and Cariloha bamboo clothes!

So as I said  if you’re ever looking for some gift ideas  Cariloha Bamboo and Del Sol are the places to go for some fabulous gifts! My whole family loves them so they get our stamp of approval!

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  1. Vennie M. says:

    I’ve never tried any of the bamboo items but they all great! The Softy Bamboo Socks look heavenly!

  2. Mary Fagans says:

    I love Bamboo clothing. They are some of the softest clothing I’ve ever felt. I like the bamboo sheets also, they are so great to sleep on. I haven’t seen the color changing shirts till now, but they are so cute, so I think I may have to get a few.

  3. Sarah L says:

    Interesting concept to have the colors changed by the sun. Not something I need.

  4. Alison Gibb says:

    Great stuff. The dress is adorable! I can’t believe they make color changing clothes!

  5. bev kimball says:

    Great review of all these nice comfy lookin bamboo clothes! I especially like the dress! I looks great on and very comfortable!

  6. tammy kay ward says:

    they look so soft and comfy and i love them all,very interesting facts about them and love the reviews on here

  7. I would love to try bamboo clothing. Color changing is a bit juvenile. Give me a solid color and I’m good.

  8. Lisa Schweizer says:

    Thank you for the awesome review! I can’t wait to check out all the products and make a purchase 🙂

  9. velma murphy says:

    the color and the clthes breath 🙂

  10. Kathy C. says:

    I learned that the clothes breathe! Never knew that!

  11. Back in the 80s I remember “mood shirts” came out that changed with your body temp & for a short while sun activated shirts. I never understood why they didn’t catch on because it’s sure unique. I’m glad to see these & am familiar with bamboo & all its uses. I think it is the material of the future & as times goes on we’ll discover more & more ways to use it.

  12. This is a really awesome review! I love that the materials are antimicrobal! And they look so comfy and stylish!

  13. Lauryn R says:

    Great review! You have me more than convinced, I really want to add some bamboo clothes to my wardrobe! I love soft fabrics, and even I have not tried anything bamboo yet, these sound amazing! And the color changing shirts are AWESOME!

  14. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I like your review it was really informative.. You informed us of every aspect of the Bamboo Clothing even the sizing of the Pretty Black Dress you were wearing. Looks very nice on you!! I love the fact that Bamboo clothes are very light and are cooling to wear. I also love that the del sol Shirts change color in the sun. Sounds like such fun. Thankyou for being so informative,, have a nice day!! :0)~~~~

  15. debra dubois says:

    I like that bamboo products have antimicrobial qualities as mentioned in your post. This is great i could really use this. THANKS!

  16. Sarah Elyce says:

    My favorite part would be that they are soft and comfortable- allowing the fabric to breathe.

  17. marnie ward says:

    I would love the opportunity to wear some of these soft and comfortable comfortable Carlioha bamboo clothing. Especially clothing that is forgiving in hiding things. Another great thing about these products are that they are made from Bamboo plant that is transformed into soft bamboo fabric and we can enjoy the soft touch and green footprint of this renewable resource.

  18. Ronald G says:

    I would say that I learned that not only are clothes made from bamboo light and cool, but they also have microbial effects

  19. I learned that bamboo is stretchy and has antimicrobial properties.

  20. Gaynell Holmes FB Snowfazam Holmes says:

    I learned about the product line and the quality as well as how nice they look when worn! Thank you!!

  21. Paula V says:

    I love that dress and the versatility of it with or without a jacket…I had no idea Cariloha has workout clothes…I love the capri pants.

  22. Wow I so want that skirt now! It’s adorable and looks really comfy.

  23. Paula Morgan says:

    This dress looks great on you!! LOVE the shoes!! I guess I am kind of lucky. Living within an hour’s drive of South Padre Island, Texas, I have access to the Island’s Beach and Surf Shops…and you have no trouble finding Del Sol items there!! My only problem is that they never make their items large enough for me to wear.

  24. Kathy C. says:

    The dress looks great on you! I also love the Del Sol t-shirts. Great review!

  25. wow they have some great clothes and everything else

  26. LOVE del sol tshirts!! caroliha clothing sounds great! I need more breathable clothing for the humid summer.

  27. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    The dress looks great on you and can be easily dressed up or down. The t-shirt is very cute. I love that these clothes have anti-microbial properties.

  28. Sally T. says:

    I love the sheets and the towels and I learned the sheets are cooling to sleep
    on,but also are comfy to sleep in.

  29. Gale McCarron says:

    You all look simply adorable. This looks like such a fun brand of clothes to wear, and they also look extremely comfortable. My girls would simply adore these. Thanks for your review!

  30. Julie Wood says:

    The dress you are wearing looks gorgeous on you. This is a dress that I would wear. I really like the Cariloha clothes and would wear these shirts and dresses. They are comfortable.

  31. Debbie Welchert says:

    Cariloha Bamboo clothes sound amazing and comfortable. I would love to have some of the Del Sol Color Change shirts for myself and grandchildren. They would be so much fun watching them change colors.

  32. Fiona N says:

    Now I know that the material made of bamboo has antimicrobial qualities. Awesome products!
    Thank You for the great review!

  33. Tamara Terni says:

    that dress looks amazing on you I love it. and I love the color changing clothes. what a great idea my grandchildren would get a kick out of that.

  34. Okay first…’re wrong, we LOVE seeing you model everything. I’m so glad you specified the fit of these clothes, it’s always hard ordering online, because you really can’t tell how the fit will be, and like you, I prefer a little extra space in my clothes. Very clever idea getting those shirts instead of buying souvenir shirts at the shops. Great time saver, and probably a budget savvy move, since once you’re in the shops, it’s so easy to buy more than you planned.

    • lol thansk Raye greatly appreciated. I totally agree we always buy more than we planned when actually in the stores, it’s another reason I buy “souvenirs” ahead of time 🙂

  35. Cindy B says:

    The tshirts are cute but that dress just looks like the perfect balance between comfy/casual and being dressy. Thanks for sharing.

  36. From your review, I learned that they have a nice assortment of Disney tee shirts for children.

  37. Bailey Dexter says:

    Great review, I learned that the clothes are so soft and comfy. Something I look for when buying new items. Usually when you find clothes that are to comfly, you know they must not have the look to go out of the house in, but that is certainly not the case with the clothes. They are a great look for anywhere!

  38. I’ve seen the Genesis dress on Cariloha’s website and thought it was nice, but I really like the way it looks on you. Now I want one for myself even more than I did before! I don’t have any bamboo clothing–yet. I’ve been reading a lot about bamboo clothing and other fabric items like sheets and towels, and I’m convinced. Thanks for the review. (The color-changing tees are cute, but strike me as kind of gimmicky.)

  39. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I thank you for all the information on the bamboo clothing from Cariloha. I would love to try them I get so hot in regular clothing these would keep me cooler.

  40. Sarah L says:

    I am wearing a bamboo shirt right this minute. I love how soft it is. I’d like to try the bamboo socks.

  41. Lula Ruger says:

    Thanks for the great review i love the fact that the clothes are sort and comfy most importantly i love the breathable fabrics

  42. Candy Kelley says:

    I am pretty unfamiliar with anything in clothing that is bamboo and don’t find the towels too absorbent but the clothes are definitely stylish. I bet they are very breathable also.

  43. courtney b says:

    i learned bamboo clothes are super soft! i need this!!!!!!!

  44. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I think I want the Celeste tank top because it is dressier.

  45. Linda Treadwell says:

    I have brought stuff from Del Sol but I wasn’t aware of the Cariloha bamboo clothing line. It sounds really comfy to wear.

  46. Joyce Raymond says:

    I’m so glad that you showed what you looked like with some of the clothing. The average size for a woman is 145lb, so I get vexed when I see size 0 woman trying to convince me what I would look like in their clothes, (this happens in plus size catalogues and stores!).

  47. Gail Williams says:

    I like the modeling of the items by you and your daughter. I am interested in the black bamboo dress myself for a convention I am attending this summer. It looks perfect length, too.

  48. Sue Hull says:

    I want to try the bamboo socks, they look so soft. I love the Mickey T-shirt that changes color. My nieces would want the Tinkerbell one. Your dress is really cute and you look nice in it. I don’t wear dresses. I’m a pants woman. Thank you for the great review 🙂

  49. Rebecca Wilson says:

    It’s nice to get more information on bamboo clothing. I have a chronic pain condition that make most clothing uncomfortable, but I imagine bamboo would be okay on my poor skin. Thank you for all the information, and for that on the color changing wear.

  50. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Great review! I love the outfits! I have heard bamboo products are so soft.

  51. robyn donnelly says:

    A great review and very informational. I like the shirts and I like mine a little baggy too.

  52. I love the Hooded Zip Sweatshirt – Iridescent Butterflies.

  53. Cute ideals!

  54. Kristin Petrie says:

    I don’t see my comment, so I’m trying again! These clothes all look so comfortable and I’d really love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Sherrie C. says:

    That black dress from Cariloha looks really nice on you. I’ve never had the opportunity to try Bamboo clothing or products but I here they are wonderful quality. I also like that bamboo products have antimicrobial qualities as mentioned in your post. That Tinkerbell t-shirt your reviewed from Del Sol is adorable. My four year granddaughter would go gaga for that t-shirt. She loves Tink 🙂

  56. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I love the shirts, nail polish and accessories that change colors in the sun. Thanks for the review.

  57. Soft and silky, sounds wonderful.

  58. I would like to try bamboo bedding and clothing. It looks soft. Color changing? That sounds silly. I like plain solid t-shirts. No printing on it.

  59. Jill A. Collins says:

    Lucky, lucky girl! I could literally go broke shopping at Cariloha. I’ve never seen that dress there, but it is absolutely gorgeous on you.

  60. Dorothy Boucher says:

    love the outfits and what I really love is that bamboo is not only soft material but the material is made to keep you cool and comfortable.. thanks for share and great review @tisonlyme143

  61. michelle oakley warner says:

    wow i never knew that bamboo clothes had the antimicrobial qualities, thats awesome. i like how they keep you cool too, im always breaking out in a sweat for no reason sometimes,lol. awesome products

  62. Dena Sablotny says:

    Bamboo keeps you cool. I had no idea!

  63. Lisa Green says:

    I never knew bamboo had antimicrobial qualities!

  64. Ale Valderrama says:

    ***Love The Softy Socks, Bamboo Comfy socks Without Overheating, Soo Nice!!! 😉

  65. I love the anti-microbial qualities of the bamboo fabric! And I love the color-changing magic of the Del Sol clothes. Are these the same company or two different companies?

  66. Brian Smith says:

    I learned that bamboo keeps you cooler….I have already ordered myself two shirts! I hope it’s true!

  67. Nena Sinclair says:

    I love that bamboo has antimicrobial qualities as well as softness! The dress looks great on you!

  68. Jeri E. says:

    I learned that in addition to being very soft and comfortable, bamboo clothing helps to keep you cooler, and it also has antimicrobial properties. That’s pretty amazing, and it really makes me want to try some of this clothing! Thank you for the informative review!!

  69. Sharon Howard says:

    I learned that Bamboo clothes are soft and comfortable they also look amazing too. I’m very well informed about Bamboo clothes after reading your review.

  70. I love the styles and I love the material. You look great and so does your little model. Great review of the product and styles.

  71. I love the idea of a bamboo clothing line! I never heard of it or its cooling effects! Sounds like a wonderful line for summer clothing!

  72. Sandy Cain says:

    Wow, bamboo has it all. Soft, sustainable, AND anti-microbial! And it keeps you nice and cool for the brutal summer that I feel is coming. And the Del Sol color changing clothing is amazing – who would ever have thought of such a thing? Super reviews, you answered all my questions, and then some!

  73. Diane Elizabeth says:

    I knew bamboo was a sustainable material, but I had no idea it also has antimicrobial qualities. I need new bath towels, I’m so happy to know this before my purchase. Thanks for the review!

  74. i love that it keeps you cool and also the color changing shirts look like fun

  75. rochelle haynes says:

    I learned that there cloths are wonderful for wearing at home.

  76. Terran Murphy says:

    It’s very helpful to know the tees run small. Thanks!

  77. Shannon says:

    I love that the bamboo clothing line keeps you so cool!

  78. I have heard of Cariloha Bamboo sheets, but I didn’t realize there was a clothing line, too. I love the black dress and blue skort – two items I would have chosen for myself. My mom introduced me to Del Sol several years ago when she returned with souvenirs from Myrtle Beach. I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the Del Sol Disney line.

  79. Thank You for your Review. Very Well written and very informative/
    I have all the information I need to have knowledge to purchase this
    Thank You

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