Goodbye Ouch Hello Fabulous Hair Days

Goodbye Ouch, Hello Fabulous Hair Days! 

As girls, we’ve all experienced at some point the pain of hair brushing and hair styling. I recall when I was younger and had very long hair and a lot of it, having to grit my teeth as my mom brushed my hair and either put it in French Braids or a bun. Oh, how I hated that process but having such long hair it was a necessary evil.

fabulous hair days

Now with my daughter, I feel her pain, and I try to avoid it. For her, she’s got more hair challenges because she has a lot of hair but it’s fine and tangles oh so easily. When she was younger, she hated to have her hair brushed because all she had to do was sleep on it and she would have a web of tangles. I did everything I could to gently brush out those knots, but it was inevitable that there were tears. [Read more…]

Fake it ladies – Professional Hair Color at Home

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Fake it ladies – Professional Hair Color at Home #PleasureOfFakingIt

AGEbeautiful wants you to ditch your drugstore hair color for their professional quality hair color. You will love it!

Don’t worry this is still family friendly and for those who color their hair like I do you will want to know more.

AGEbeautiful image (1)

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Refresh and Update Your Wardrobe at Value Village

Refresh and Update Your Wardrobe at Value Village

If you’re on a budget or just like to save, you too can refresh and update your wardrobe at Value Village

Value Village

One of the two Value Village stores near where I live.

I consider myself to be moderately thrifty. I love coming across great deals on the things that my family needs, whether it be household items, groceries or even clothes. With a teenage girl in the house who seems to be growing faster than a weed, finding deals on clothes is especially important these days. Of course, it’s always nice to find clothes for myself and my husband too, but if you have a teenager or two in your midst, then you know all about the struggle of catering to their ever-changing clothing needs. Thankfully I can find her clothes in styles she loves that don’t cost us crazy retail prices. Better yet, I can find clothes for the whole family and more at Value Village. [Read more…]

BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review

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Powered by Mom’s BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review

Probiotics for your skin! BeBe & Bella your new favorite skin care line.

I’m a big believer in probiotics as part of my routine for a healthy lifestyle. However until BeBe and Bella I did not know you could have probiotics on your skin. I love this idea!Let’s be honest, as time goes by we’re not getting any older. As we continue to age, it’s more important than ever to start taking care of our bodies because as we age so do they.

BeBe Bella

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Age Beautifully with ZOTOS AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Professional Hair Colors Review

Age Beautifully with ZOTOS AGEbeautiful anti-aging professional hair color.

There are 50 fabulous shades to choose from with AGEbeautiful.

Zotos AGEbeautiful

About ZOTOS Professional

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Aromafloria Mixology DIY Beauty Collection

Aromafloria Mixology DIY Beauty Collection

Love essential oils? Like to custom blend your beauty products? Say hello to Aromafloria’s Mixology Collection!

If you’ve been following Powered by Mom for a while now you know that we love essential oils. There are so many benefits to each essential oil that we could write an entire article on each kind of essential oil. In fact you should check out our article on the Top 8 Uses of Lavender, that’s just lavender folks. Now we can also put adding it to our favorite Mixology base products. It’s DIY dream and if you love essential oils like we do it’s twice as awesome!

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