BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review

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Powered by Mom’s BeBe and Bella Probiotic Skin Care Review

Probiotics for your skin! BeBe & Bella your new favorite skin care line.

I’m a big believer in probiotics as part of my routine for a healthy lifestyle. However until BeBe and Bella I did not know you could have probiotics on your skin. I love this idea!Let’s be honest, as time goes by we’re not getting any older. As we continue to age, it’s more important than ever to start taking care of our bodies because as we age so do they.

BeBe Bella

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Age Beautifully with ZOTOS AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Professional Hair Colors Review

Age Beautifully with ZOTOS AGEbeautiful anti-aging professional hair color.

There are 50 fabulous shades to choose from with AGEbeautiful.

Zotos AGEbeautiful

About ZOTOS Professional

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Aromafloria Mixology DIY Beauty Collection

Aromafloria Mixology DIY Beauty Collection

Love essential oils? Like to custom blend your beauty products? Say hello to Aromafloria’s Mixology Collection!

If you’ve been following Powered by Mom for a while now you know that we love essential oils. There are so many benefits to each essential oil that we could write an entire article on each kind of essential oil. In fact you should check out our article on the Top 8 Uses of Lavender, that’s just lavender folks. Now we can also put adding it to our favorite Mixology base products. It’s DIY dream and if you love essential oils like we do it’s twice as awesome!

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NuMe Signature Hair Dryer Review

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Powered by Mom’s NuMe Signature Hair Dryer Review

2015 Powered By Mom Gift Guide Pick! #2015PBMGiftGuide

I have a new purple NuMe Signature Hair Dryer and it’s perfect for me! I have finally found a hair dryer that meets all of my needs and as an added bonus I got it in my favorite color – purple! Better yet NuMe always seems to have HUGE discounts on their products so you’re bound to snag a deal of some kind if you just keep checking back. I’ll tell you more about their awesome prices but let’s talk about my new hair dryer first!

Look at my lovely purple NuMe Signature Hair Dryer that also made it onto my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! See other Gift Guide items HERE.

You can save BIG on this Signature Hair Dryer by using code: SDRYER69 when you GO HERE

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Quick and Easy Hair Care with Dry Shampoo

Quick and Easy Hair Care with Dry Shampoo

If you’re anything like me and many others the weather affects your mood and motivation. I know that here in Vancouver now that it’s fall going into winter the grey, rainy days can start to wear on us. It makes my mood a bit grey sometimes and wreaks havoc on my hair, say hello to the frizzes. That’s why I love certain hair products like Batiste™ Dry Shampoo! Believe it or not I don’t use a lot of product on my hair and I rarely use hairspray or mousse and I never use gel but I wouldn’t not be without the Dry Shampoo!

Powered by Mom Sept 2015

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Tips For Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

Tips For Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

Finding it hard to coordinate your wardrobe with a tight budget? While putting your face together to match your outfit may sound daunting, you don’t have to worry any more. The following tips should help guide you to keeping you fashion forward without breaking the bank.

One of my favorite handbags is made from seatbelts. This is my every day go to bag as it well goes with everything.

betty bag fauna

Beauty Tip 1: Less is more. Don’t cake on makeup, you only end up looking like a painted doll or a silly clown when you add it on too thick. Just a little here and there will make you stand out more and subtly is key. [Read more…]