Disneyland Family Vacation Tips

What to plan for a Disneyland Family Vacation

Here are some of the tips that worked for us when we went to Disneyland and Disneyworld

Disneyland fireworks 2

Summer is here and and as such warm weather wardrobes are being fussed over, beach bodies are being prepped and talk of summer destinations may have already reached your ears. In my house, our summer plans are all that’s being talked about right now so, naturally, I’ve been reflecting on the trip to Disneyland that our family took last year (we went to DisneyWorld a few years ago too). [Read more…]

Carousel Inn and Suites Perfect Disneyland Hotel Choice

Powered by Mom found the perfect hotel when going to Disneyland – Carousel Inn and Suites

We had a very busy summer vacation but luckily for us for the Disneyland portion of our trip we had selected the perfect hotel to stay at and it was the Carousel Inn and Suites. Staying at this hotel  made going to Disneyland so much easier and more enjoyable. I can’t wait to tell you about all of the things we enjoyed at the Carousel Inn and Suites and why I, my family and the family that joined us for vacation highly recommend it! We also loved their onsite restaurant the Pizza Press, it’s an experience not to be missed, if you’re in the area and even if you’re not staying at the Carousel Inn & Suites you need to go eat at the Pizza Press! You can read about our delicious experience at the Pizza Press HERE

My pictures did not do the hotel justice so I’m including a few from their website as they show off exactly how the Carousel Inn and Suites look.



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