Top 10 Lemon Essential Oil Uses

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There are so many uses for lemon essential oil that it would take pages to write them all so I’m going to share my top 10. It’s no secret that I love essential oils and it’s become a lifestyle. I use doTERRA as I’ve learned over the years that it’s imperative to utilize a good quality essential oil. Quality over quantity is important when it comes to essential oils.

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Douglas Fir has a unique chemical composition that’s particularly rich in beta-pinene, contributing to its ability to promote feelings of clear airways. Douglas Fir can also be used to purify the skin and promote a positive mood.

Lime provides internal cleansing benefits* and can be diffused to help purify the air. It’s also an effective and natural surface cleaner. Lime is known for its ability to uplift, balance, and energize. Lime is frequently used in facial and body cleansers for its purifying properties and uplifting scent. [Read more…]

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DIGESTZEN and ZENGEST are the same blend just a different name for Canada. This blend of oils will amaze you. Fennel, Peppermint, Ginger, Anise are all part of this incredible digestive blend that calms and soothes an upset tummy in minutes. Really!

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MARJORAM has a wide variety of uses from muscle/joint aches to fluid retention and arthritic pain.

AROMATOUCH is a massage blend with oils to promote relaxation and reduce feelings of stress. Check out the link in the comments for details on the Aromatouch blend.Get your order in ASAP as these will sell out quickly!! GO HERE to order

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Spearmint … this oil can be used to help focus and uplift your mood, can help with indigestion and can also help with cleansing your mouth and provide fresh breath. Peppermint … this oil helps with getting rid of headaches, stomach bloating, gas or indigestion that causes bloating and can also help bring alertness when low on energy. I also use peppermint in my DIY lip balm and bug spray with lavender.

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