Death by Chocolate Poke Cake Recipe

Powered by Mom’s Death by Chocolate Poke Cake Recipe

If you love chocolate like we do you will LOVE this Death by Chocolate Poke Cake!

This delicious Death by Chocolate Poke Cake has is super moist with the homemade chocolate pudding. I then topped it with a whipped cream and cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache AND chocolate chips. I figured if I was going to call it a Death by Chocolate Poke Cake that meant there was no such thing as too much chocolate. Chocolate lovers this one is for you!

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A Delicious Twist on Chicken Nachos & Crescent Rolls

A Delicious Twist on Chicken Nachos & Crescent Rolls with Great Value Pasta Sauces


Check out how the Great Value Pasta Sauces help to create these two tasty recipes Cheesy Chicken Nachos and Powerhouse Pizza Rollups!

Pasta sauces don’t have to be just for pasta!

You never know what tasty meals you can create when you shake up your regular recipes. For example, when you have delicious pasta sauces available to you like those from Walmart’s Great Value line, why limit yourself by just putting them on pasta?! Try using them to make your nachos bolder or to add burst of flavour to an every-day crescent roll. Overall, try pairing your pasta sauces with something besides, well, pasta.chicken nachos [Read more…]

Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Back to School with an Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe 

This Easy Chicken fajitas recipe is perfect after those hectic days.

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Noooo not back to school yet! While I don’t want summer to end the fact is that it’s August and time is flying by! We’re gong to enjoy what’s left of our gorgeous summer but we have to face reality, back to school is coming. It’s time start thinking preparations, school supplies, new clothes for the kids and all that fun stuff. To make things easier for those hectic times we like to have some delicious meals that are a breeze to put together like these easy chicken fajitas!

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Star Wars BB8 Theme Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath Bomb Recipe – Star Wars BB8 Theme

Are you or someone you know a Star Wars fan? If so you can make this bath bomb recipe as a BB8 theme. If they’re not a Star Wars fan that’s okay too the colors (orange & white) used in this bath bomb recipe make it easy to use for any theme, spring, summer, baby shower, wedding and more!

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Hawaiian Chicken Kebab Recipe

Powered by Mom’s Hawaiian Chicken Kebab Recipe

This Hawaiian Chicken Kebab Recipe is perfect for summer!

We love summer not only for the warmer weather but because we can grill on the barbeque every day! One of our favorite things to do is to make kebabs like our Hawaiian Chicken Kebab recipe! Whether you call them skewers, kebobs or kebabs they are fun to make and even more fun to eat!Okay I admit I have no idea if they make these in Hawaii but whenever I think of pineapple (and coconuts) I think of Hawaii. I lvoe the sweet taste of pineapple mixed with a spicy BB sauce on our chicken.

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Easy Apple Pie Recipe

Powered by Mom’s Easy Apple Pie Recipe

You can never go wrong with a yummy and easy apple pie recipe

While I love making and trying different foods, especially desserts, I also love the classics. One of my favorite desserts is an apple, everyone in my family loves apple pie. When you have an easy apple pie recipe like this one there’s no reason not to have a slice of good ole apple pie. If you like to make your own crust, feel free but no one has been able to tell when we used a frozen crust and when it was made from scratch. So have a few frozen pie shells on hand always makes this the ultimate easy apple pie recipe but oh so delicious!

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