Graco 3-in-1 Extend2Fit™ 3-in-1 Car Seat Review

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Graco 3-in-1 Extend2Fit™ 3-in-1 Car Seat Review

Graco is known for their top notch standards when it comes to the quality of their car seats.

We waited in anticipation for our Graco 3-in-1 Extend2Fit™ 3-in-1 Car Seat o arrive! The days seemed like years. Finally, it arrived {baby Rhett} thought it was Christmas in July. The Graco 3-in-1 Extend2Fit™ 3-in-1 Car Seat is the perfect grow with “me” seat. Follow along as I walk you through this car seat and it’s fabulous features!

graco car seat

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LuLaRoe Clothes Simply Comfortable and Cute Too

Powered by Mom’s LuLaRoe Clothes Simply Comfortable and Cute Too – Review

Warning – if you do not want to become addicted to a clothing line that is simply comfortable and oh so cute too, stop reading now.

Psst there’s also a giveaway!

If you don’t know LuLaRoe clothes that are taking the US by storm, then you’re in for a treat. If you already “Roe” then you know what it’s like to love their clothes. I simply had to warn you all because it’s happened to me and I’ve seen now that there are thousands of women who have become obsessed with LuLaRoe clothes. It starts out with just getting a pair of their “butter soft” leggings, usually a black pair to you know go with everything.


I have to note that I blame my new LuLaRoe clothes addiction on Jenni the LuLaRoe consultant of the LuLaRoe Belles who asked if she could send me a few pieces of their clothing line to review. 

Check out those skirts, leggings and that dress (above) which is my new favorite dress the Amelia!

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Therafit Grace Sandals Review

Powered by Mom’s Therafit Grace Sandals Review

If you’re looking for a cute but comfortable pair of sandals then the Therafit Grace Sandals are the ones for you!

Therafit’s patented technology was developed to deliver comfortable women’s footwear with personalized comfort and support. I’m happy to say that I find this to be true. I have a few pairs of Therafit shoes and sandals and they are well made and comfortable. Now that my daughter wears ladies size shoes, she got to try out these Therafit Grace Sandals in a size 6. Find out what she thought of the these sandals.

Therafit Grace Sandals

About the Therafit’s Grace Sandals

Therafit’s Grace leather sandal is the timeless classic. The padded collar and adjustable straps make it the perfect year-round sandal. Featuring Therafit’s contoured footbedsuperior arch support, and deep heel-cups that stabilize and support your foot. Wear it everyday and everywhere – the Grace!

Therafit Footwear products are designed for optimal support and cushioning with the goal of providing you with reliable comfort, protection and relief from arch pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and other foot pain symptoms.

Here’s my daughter wearing the Therafit Grace Sandals in pewter. As you can see she’s quite slender and she tends to have narrow feet which can be challenging when it comes to finding sandals to fit her feet.

therafit girl

The size 6 sandals were a good size for her, they run on the small size as this is the only pair of size 6 shoes she can wear. She still has some room in them but not so much that she’s tripping over her sandals. The velcro adjustments are handy for people with more narrow feet like my daughter so that they stay on her feet.

therafit close up

My daughter loves the Therafit Grace Sandals because they are comfortable, she actually prefers comfort over fashion (hard to believe for a teen-aged girl right?) but luckily she gets both with these sandals. They are so comfortable that she will be taking them on our vacation next week where we will be doing a lot of walking between our cruise destinations and Disney World! I like them because Therafit shoes and sandals are well made and as mentioned earlier they are made for women’s feet but most of all they are made for comfort! I have some issues with my feet so for myself comfort and shock absorbence is a big deal.

therafit 2

Overall my daughter says she feels like she has the comfort of runners on but the benefits of an open toe shoe for summer and as a result these sandals have become one of her favorite pair of shoes to wear. She says she just wishes she could wear them all year long. That would be nice but hard with our rain in the fall and winter lol. Overall these Grace Sandals are a big hit with my teen for comfort and fashionable enough to suit her teen sensibilities.


Set Her Diva Free With Swicharoos Sandals

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Swicharoos Sandals Fit for a Diva!

If your tween/teen loves shoes, especially sandals then Swicharoos will have her in shoe heaven.

This review is brought to you by Powered by Mom Team Member Misty!

Many ladies love shoes and often times that love begins early on when little girls are wearing their mommy’s shoes, and clunking all over the house.  My daughter especially loves shoes of all types.  She has been a shoe fanatic since she was a toddler.  She would go into a store and if she saw shoes, before I knew it, her shoes would be on the floor.  She would ask for shoes for her birthdays when she was still really small.  She was a true connoisseur of shoes from the beginning, and at ten she still is.  When she received her Swicharoos Sandals she was in heaven with all the choices.


About Swicharoos

These adorable sandals were designed for fashion savvy girls who will love the flexibility these sandals offer.  There are endless options to mix and match these fun fashion accessories.  There are two color choices for the soles, and then you can put on the “uppers” which are available in 12 styles.  Swicharoos are easy to change using their patented attachment system. With a quick push, turn, and click, the tops are switched and a new fashion statement is created.  The complete set comes in the above shown adorable bag, and they can store in there when not being worn.


 My daughter loves her beautiful, fashionable Swicharoos sandals.  She wears them everywhere, and carries the cute bag they came in with her in case she decides a shoe change is in order.  When she first got them she quickly figured out how to change the tops to different ones.  It was so simple, yet the shoes click in firmly and stay put.  She loves to be able to decide what color and style “uppers” would work best with her outfit.


She was out and about one afternoon wearing one zebra sandal and one leopard sandal.  She is very much her own person.  I think it is great that there are shoes available that cater to that.  These Swicharoos enable her to be creative with her sandals if she so desires to be.  She can be classic one day and wear solid white, or she can wear the silver and rhinestones for an upscale look.  She can go to the park in glittery pink, or metallic gold, or one of each.  There is an “upper” to match just about every outfit she has, as well as most destinations.  I love the versatility, and the fact that I do not have to go shoe shopping for multiple shoes to achieve what Swicharoos offers.

Storage for her Swicharoos is amazing.  If she had 12 pairs of sandals, her closet would be overflowing.  With Swicharoos she can store all her uppers flat in the bag, and just one or two pairs of sandals are out.  What a huge difference that makes in a small bedroom.


Watch out world, my little Diva is ready for anything with her Swicharoo sandals.

Which upper is your favorite?

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Way to GO, Honey

Powered by Mom’s Pacific Resources International (PRI) Manuka Honey & More Review

June is all about congratulations – to dads, grads, weddings, birthdays and more – Way to go Honey

To congratulate everyone we’re sharing some of our favorite products, some are great for our bodies inside and out, some taste so good and all of them you’ll just want to find out more because you can get 15% OFF ALL PRI products plus FREE shipping! You will want to take advantage of that discount but these products are AHmazing, seriously I love them all and that’s not something I get to say often about any product line. To shop go to and use discount code: Honey15. Now let’s talk about these fabulous items.

Here are all the PRI products that I received, read on to find out more.

PRI Manuka Honey [Read more…]

The Perfect Gift for Baby at IncrediBundles Review

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The Perfect Gift for Baby at IncrediBundles Review

Incredibundles has fabulous gifts for babies and toddlers.

I was so excited to receive my bundle from! I chose to create my own bundle which was a lot of fun. At you can also pick a pre-assembled bundle. This is the PERFECT gift for any baby in your life. I’ve had my items for a few days now and my son will just not put them down, he’s obsessed! What’s even more wonderful is that my items came in a reusable storage box, perfect for our playroom.

Now I can’t stop looking for more things to order from



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