Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System Review

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Powered by Mom’s Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System Review

Get rid of grime and dirt with the power of the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop

Who gets excited about a steam mop? Well that would be me because that’s what I usually use to clean our floors in our home. I only use either steam or non-toxic, natural products. We don’t have carpet just hardwood, laminate, tile and one area with linoleum. Between allergies, health concerns and just not like the smells of those chemical type of cleaners I’ve been steam mopping my floors for years. My challenge is finding one that works well and doesn’t weigh a ton for me to lug around the whole house. Say hello to my new favorite steam mop that is blasting dirt away the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System.

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Just Bones Boardwear Offers Adjustable Waist Boardshorts #Review


Just Bones Boardwear Fits All Sizes

Just Bones Boardwear Patent Pending Adjustable Straps Make All the Difference

Ever have the problem of shorts and pants not fitting in the waist while still fitting in the length? My kids have always been a lot tinier in the waist than in length so buying bottoms with adjustable straps has always been extremely important. Swim trunks were always falling off because the waist was just too loose. Just Bones Boardwear fixed that problem with their patented adjustable straps in their swim trunks.

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Therafit Adrienne Women’s Ankle Boot


Therafit Adrienne Women’s Ankle Boot Review

Comfy and cute you’ll love the Therafit Adrienne Women’s Ankle Boot!

Find out why team member Bobbie loves the Therafit ADrienne Women’s Ankle Boot: I suffer from Diabetes. Thankfully, it is something I can control with diet and exercise. However, one of the issues I have that comes from it is neuropathy. It is a painful, burning of the nerves in my feet. I have to wear very good shoes to protect my feet. Not just from neuropathy but also from any cuts, scrapes, or damage. What is a minor scrape to someone else could be a major issue for me. Including amputation.

Therafit Adrienne

One of the ways I protect my feet against the ice, cold weather, and snow is by wearing the Adrienne Women’s Fabric Ankle Boots from Therafit. [Read more…]

Make The New Year Healthier With The NutriBullet Pro 900


NutriBullet Pro 900 Review

Healthier Lifestyles with the NutriBullet Pro 900

I am going to be honest and just say that several people rolled their eyes when I said I wanted the NutriBullet PRO 900. Especially since I already own one of the most coveted blenders. And while I love the coveted blender with all my heart I wanted something that I could use in a hurry without having to drag something out of the cabinet. When I started researching blenders I already had in mind 3 things that were very important and it had to have them: [Read more…]

8-in-1 Knixwear Evolution Bra

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8-in-1 Knixwear Evolution Bra Review

Say hello to your new favourite bra the 8-in-1 Knixwear Evolution Bra!

The Knixwear Evolution Bra has become a huge success in a short time. In just eight months they raised over 1.5 million from Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, blowing away their original goal of $30,000! Why? It’s the bra that every woman wants and needs but just doesn’t know it yet. It will cut down the average of 16 different bras that most women will own at one time. I admit I’m one of those women and I kept buying them in the hopes of finding that elusive comfortable bra that had the right support and more. I never found that bra until I discovered the Knixwear Evolution Bra!

The Knixwear Evolution Bra is a Powered by Mom Holiday Gift Guide Top Pick, find out why!

Check out this quick video to get the lowdown on your new favorite bra, the only one you need, you’ll want more than one of them though trust me 🙂

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Mer-Sea & Co For Beautiful Gifts – Travel Wraps & More

Mer-Sea & Co For Beautiful Gifts – Travel Wraps & More

Mer-Sea & Co have beautiful gifts from travel wraps to candles & more.

Whether you love to travel or would like to give or receive gifts that are perfect for helping you to relax, Mer-Sea & Co. have beautiful gifts. How about an at home spa day with bath salts, beautifully scented candles, body lotions and more or for those who are out and about, love fashion or like myself travel, check out their travel wraps, oh so versatile.

Mer-Sea & Co. made it onto our Holiday Gift Guide. Read on to find out why!


While the months of November and December are famous for the holiday shopping craze, they’re also popular months for traveling. I have so many family and friends who seem to have been just about everywhere since November 1st and their stories of their travels have been great conversation starters over the last few weeks. Some have gone off on business while others have flown off to be with family for the holidays. So far my husband, daughter and myself have stayed put but I’m not complaining because I’ve done my fair share of traveling over the last year. [Read more…]