Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

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Powered by Mom’s Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

Simply Earth essential oils are 100% pure guaranteed.

I use essential oils every day, in a diffuser, on my skin, in a spray and so much more. So when I was offered the opportunity to check out Simply Earth essential oils I jumped at the chance. When I opened the box with 36 Simply Earth essential oils all 15ml bottles it was like Christmas for this mom! There were many I have never tried so had to start looking up in my essential oil guide to find out more information about them, what kinds of properties they had what they could be used for and more.

The box I received, you can see 18 of the 36 essential oil bottles in this photo. 

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Beside-U Canada Backpack, Bags & More

Powered by Mom’s Beside-U Canada Backpack & Handbag Review

Beside-U backpacks and bags are your lightweight but durable nylon bags for everyday use or when travelling.

The two bags I got to try from Beside-U Canada on a recent trip to Israel you can see below. Well you can see the straps of the Westlake Backpack and the Mika crossbody. Those two bags were with me at all times during my travels through Israel. They were perfect for this trip. Read on to find out why they are fabulous travel bags and for everyday use.

Here I am with my Mika and Westlake bags at the top of Masada and that’s the Dead Sea you can see as well, in Israel. If you don’t know of the historical significance of this UNESCO site make sure to look it up, it’s fascinating. 

Beside U bag

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Soufeel Personalized Jewelry

PBM Team Member Missy

Soufeel Personalized Jewelry Review

Personalized Jewelry that Speaks What YOU Feel

I’m pretty excited about this company Soufeel Personalized Jewelry! I tell everyone I run into now about it. They have slide charms and bracelets, necklaces and rings. They can gift wrap and send them, send them straight to you or you can send a gift card to your special someone so they can pick out what they want. What’s most exciting is how beautiful the jewelry is and how good it looks on you.personalized jewelry

Pretty charms, emotionally significant, beautiful jewelry….those words are how I would describe Soufeel Jewelry. To someone who isn’t a huge jewelry fan, I can honestly say that I’ve worn my Soufool pesonalized jewelry since I received it. I receive compliments all of the time on my lovely bracelet.  [Read more…]

BeeTox Bee Venom Face Tightening Cream

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BeeTox Bee Venom Face Tightening Cream

Improve the look of your skin naturally with BeeTox Bee Venom Cream


About The Honey Collection

Beetox Bee Venom Face Tightening Crème is a luxurious face crème designed with top quality natural premium ingredients including bee venom which together helps your skin to look fresher, firmer and healthier. This amazing face cream is hand-crafted using 100% natural ingredients in our boutique factory.

BeeTox sounds scary, but in reality, it just may be the all-natural alternative many people are looking for, opposed to risky surgeries and chemicals to keep looking young. You only get one face and only one chance to keep it young. Before trying invasive surgeries or injecting your forehead with who knows what, try the Honey Collection BeeTox Cream.

BeeTox is made from 100% natural products to make your skin look younger, have more elasticity, and retain more moisture. How can this be, you ask? Well, BeeTox Bee Venom has ingredients that will lift and tighten the skin. With regular use, it will soften, plump and smooth the skin.

BeeTox Bee Venom Cream

Honey is an amazing substance that has been included in many home remedies. Did you know that the same type of honey (Manuka Honey) used to make BeeTox is also known to eradicate more than 250 strains of bacteria, including resistant MSA? Honey is also known to help skin conditions, scalp problems, boosts energy, soothes a sore throat and reduces allergy symptoms. Honey is nature’s first aid miracle.

If premature aging is a concern, this blend of Manuka Honey and Bee Venom will lift, soothe, tighten, and plump your skin to obtain a more youthful appearance. I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I can attest to the effects. I had lots of little lines around my eyes, crow’s feet, they are called. I also have saggy skin under my chin.

I decided to try the cream on my face to see if there would be any difference. I have tried many creams that say they work, but many of them give a temporary result. I’ve got a bathroom full of face creams in hopes that I can stay looking young. I don’t want to consider facelifts, Botox or other fillers because they can be harmful, and the risks outweigh the benefits for me. Besides, aging is natural, but I’d like my skin to stay as healthy as it can. I have seen results. I like that my lines have diminished, and my skin feels tighter under my chin.

before and after-review-1

BeeTox is a fabulous choice for any skin type. If you’re concerned about premature aging and environmental damage, this all natural product will be perfect for you. The honey, apricot rosehip and avocado oils, easyliance contribute to new cell growth, immediately visible and tightening, improvement in moisture retention, brightening and softening of the skin. Your skin can only get better with BeeTox.

NOTE: Because it is made from Honey Bee Venom, a patch test is recommended, due to allergies.

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GuruNanda Essential Oils & Diffuser Review

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Powered by Mom’s GuruNanda Essential Oils & Diffuser Review

There are so many amazing benefits to essential oils and GuruNanda essential oils are top quality.

I’ve been using essential oils for a couple of years now. First I started using them because there were so many wonderful scents which are natural, not artificial. Then I started to learn more and more about the benefits of essential oils. I’m still learning all the benefits of the different types of essential oils. From lavender to help us relax to being great at keeping pesky bugs that bite away. There’s so much to learn but one important lesson is that it’s important to use a top quality oil like GuruNanda essential oils. Many essential oils are not pure, they sound like a great deal but the poor quality means you don’t reap the benefits.

GuruNanda Essential Oils & Diffuser set

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Harley Pasternak Power Blender Professional Grade Review

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Harley Pasternak Power Blender Review

It is Professional Grade Blender!

It’s another wonderful review from Powered by Mom team writer: Missy!

Foodies. That is what people that love to eat and cook are called. At-Home Chefs is another term coined. To be a good at-home chef, foodies want the best materials and ingredients to work with. The Harley Pasternak Power Blender is a professional grade blender with an amazing look and amazing power.

My husband is culinary trained, so I’ve seen some of the neatest kitchens and have a behind-the-scenes idea of what it takes to make food like chefs do. He’s always telling me how to cook things the “right” way and telling me what I do wrong in the kitchen. It’s annoying, but I understand why he does it. He loves food and wants it to taste good.


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