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June is all about congratulations – to dads, grads, weddings, birthdays and more – Way to go Honey

To congratulate everyone we’re sharing some of our favorite products, some are great for our bodies inside and out, some taste so good and all of them you’ll just want to find out more because you can get 15% OFF ALL PRI products plus FREE shipping! You will want to take advantage of that discount but these products are AHmazing, seriously I love them all and that’s not something I get to say often about any product line. To shop go to shoppri.com and use discount code: Honey15. Now let’s talk about these fabulous items.

Here are all the PRI products that I received, read on to find out more.

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The Perfect Gift for Baby at IncrediBundles Review

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The Perfect Gift for Baby at IncrediBundles Review

Incredibundles has fabulous gifts for babies and toddlers.

I was so excited to receive my bundle from IncrediBundles.com! I chose to create my own bundle which was a lot of fun. At IncrediBundles.com you can also pick a pre-assembled bundle. This is the PERFECT gift for any baby in your life. I’ve had my items for a few days now and my son will just not put them down, he’s obsessed! What’s even more wonderful is that my items came in a reusable storage box, perfect for our playroom.

Now I can’t stop looking for more things to order from IncrediBundles.com


About Incredibundles.com

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Salton 5-in-1 Pressure Cooker Review

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Salton 5-in-1 Pressure Cooker Review

This pressure cooker will make meal times easier and tastier too.

Earlier this week I received the best thing EVER! I was gifted with a Salton 5-in-1 Pressure Cooker and to say that it’s made me happy is an understatement! I’ve always wanted a pressure cooker, but I was under the assumption that it was only used for canning. Boy, I was wrong and admit it!

I’ve been searching for recipes and dinner ideas on the internet. However, I haven’t found any that I’d like to try, as of yet. I know that my new cooker does so much more than pressure cooking, but I love the idea of using pressure to add flavor to the foods I cook.

It’s another fabulous review by team member Missy.


The first night I had it, I just stared at it, hoping it would inspire me to cook an amazing meal that my family would go crazy over. The next day, I decided to break it out of the box and try my hand at pressure cooking for the first time ever.

I had purchased a HUGE Boston Butt and since it was in my freezer, I decided, why not? After it thawed out, I realized it was too big for this cooker . What’s a girl to do except find a sharp knife and make it fit, right?



After cutting it into three pieces, (one with a pretty large bone), I took two pieces, seasoned it up and tossed them into the cooker. Because the Salton 5-in-1  pressure cooker has a browning feature, I put a little olive oil in the non-stick pressure pot, browned both pieces at the same time, turning them over to brown all sides. I then covered the two pieces with enough water to cover it. Pork Butt typically has a lot of fat in it and when you roast it, the flavors ignite. I was very suspicious of using the cooker because I didn’t know if the flavors would infuse like the do in the oven.

I set the timer for 50 minutes and waited. When the timer went off, I checked it. It wasn’t quite falling apart like I was hoping, but it was cooked. The whole point of cooking in a pressure cooker is to cook food fast and let the pressure force flavors back into the food, also making the food you cook tender. I decided to put 10 more minutes back on the clock and cooked it some more.


The last 10 minutes were the key. The meat was intact and tender, it had a perfect amount of seasoning and was so delicious. Dinner that night was eaten in total silence, everyone enjoyed their meal.

A few days later and school was also out for the summer, my kids need to eat lunch. (I know, they are so needy.) I took the leftover roast (along with the juices they cooked in last time…we saved it) and put it back in the cooker. I set the timer for 15 minutes. My hope was to be able to shred it and make sandwiches for my kids.  Once I drained the meat, I put the cooker on “brown” and shredded it in the pot with just a wooden spoon!

Pork Roll Ups-recipe-1

I made Pork Tortilla Rollups for the kids for lunch.  They loved it.  There were smiles all around.


There are so many things you can do with the Salton 5-in-1 cooker. It’s a pressure cooker, it browns your food, it warms, it slow cooks and it steams. I plan on using my machine for many, many years because it’s going to make my life so much easier. The time alone it will save me in the kitchen is priceless.

Pork Rollups-recipe-2

For more information on Salton’s 5-in-1 Pressure Cooker, visit their website.

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Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ #Review

Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ #Review

Tony Roma ribs and BBQ is yummy any time of the year.

What’s for supper? It’s an age old question at my house! Truth be told, it’s usually the last thing on my mind. These days, it seems we are all rushing here and there between work, kids, school, homework, housework – you know the routine. Well, what if I told you that you can have a delicious sit down meal in only a matter of minutes? Got your attention yet? I would love to introduce you to Tony Roma’s Ribs and BBQ!

This review as brought to you by team member Diane.

Tony Roma's Ribs and BBQ

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PRI The Beauty of Manuka Honey Review

 Powered by Mom’s PRI The Beauty of Manuka Honey Review

Manuka Honey, Manuka Honey Soap, Manuka Oil. oh it’s all about the Manuka and we love it!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve become a Pacific Resource International (PRI) Ambassador. What does that mean? It means I fell in love with their products, especially their Manuka Honey, but you’re probably wonderful what PRI is all about. I’m more than happy to answer that question and share with you why I’m loving their products.

The 411 on Pacific Resources International (PRI)

They are approaching their 30th anniversary and lays claim to being the first company to have introduced American consumers to Manuka Honey, which has been used by native New Zealand people for centuries and is known for its unique healing properties. Manuka Honey is named after the Manuka tree native to New Zealand.

An exclusive importer of fine products from such respected New Zealand family brands as Arataki, Nelsons Honey, Mossops Honey, Dominion Salt and more, PRI is more committed than ever to showcasing how products from New Zealand can enhance both the health and palettes of Americans of virtually all interests, ages and backgrounds.

PRI Manuka Honey products

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Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

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Powered by Mom’s Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

Simply Earth essential oils are 100% pure guaranteed.

I use essential oils every day, in a diffuser, on my skin, in a spray and so much more. So when I was offered the opportunity to check out Simply Earth essential oils I jumped at the chance. When I opened the box with 36 Simply Earth essential oils all 15ml bottles it was like Christmas for this mom! There were many I have never tried so had to start looking up in my essential oil guide to find out more information about them, what kinds of properties they had what they could be used for and more.

The box I received, you can see 18 of the 36 essential oil bottles in this photo. 

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