Enjoy the creativity of Minecraft Games & Collectibles

Enjoy the creativity of Minecraft Games & Collectibles at Best Buy


Kids love Minecraft and it’s no wonder as it builds their imaginations and creativity and is tons of fun. I know my daughter has loved Minecraft for years and she’s told me what she love most is that she gets to create and build. It’s no wonder they love it when they get to create their characters and much more.  [Read more…]

Yvolution Neon KYX – Party Time!


Looks Like A Party Every Day With Yvolution Neon KYX Light Up Shoes

Yvolution Neon KYX – New, Fun, and Fashionable

My son had told me about these “light up shoes” he saw. I was not too sure what he was talking about so I looked them up. Brand new to the market, these Yvolution Neon KYX shoes are sure to grab attention everywhere you go!

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Gather Free-Run Chicken Recipe by PetCurean


Gather Free-Run Chicken Recipe by PetCurean is a hit!

Health conscious pet owners will love the organic, healthy ingredients found in the Gather free-run chicken recipe by PetCurean.

My family is very pet friendly. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been surrounded by all manner of critters, both big and small. My parents weren’t picky about what kind of pets we had, so, we had everything ranging from snakes to exotic birds. For many years we even had outside pets like horses, goats, and chickens/ducks. Needless to say, I grew up to have a great capacity of love for animals and to this day we have our own little army of inside cats and dogs.


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Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet Set

Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet Set Review

The Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet Set is a wonderful gift any time of the year.

When I received the Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet set I was immediately taken with it, so much so that my original plans of giving it to someone as a gift went out the window as it found it’s way to my jewelry box. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved jewelry. I used to love going through my mothers jewelry box and gazing at her jewelry pieces with an awed sort of reverence, hoping that one day she’d let me wear one of her pretty, grownup things. It was many years before I was responsible enough to actually wear one of her bracelets but I remember positively glowing with pride when that day came. It was shortly after that I was gifted with my own pair of “grownup” earrings and I loved them.


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Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

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 Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Review

Brookstone’s Wireless Cat Ear Headphones also have built-in speakers

A fun gift for music lovers

Ever since my daughter was a toddler I’ve had so much fun buying presents for her birthday and Christmas. The act of narrowing down the possibilities and gauging her likes could be a little tricky at times but I’ve always loved the look of pure joy on her face after unwrapping her gifts and uncovering their identity. Now that she’s entered her teenage years it’s more of a guessing game when it comes to picking out gifts that she’ll like but the end result has always been the same and she’s expressed joy and gratitude with every passing year. I think though that this year we’ve found the perfect gift for her, Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones!

The Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones are a Powered by Mom Holiday Gift Guide Top Pick

Cat Ear Headphones

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Honeywell Can Help


Honeywell Heaters and Cool-Mist Humidifiers, Perfect For the Winter Temps

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater and Removeable Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier Makes a Great Combo For Winter

Thankfully, weather in North Carolina is pretty mild; however, temps still dip down and fluctuate quite a bit. Between the fluctuating in temperatures and my asthma, I seem to keep a cough through the nasty cold winters (much better than when I lived in Chicago!). One HUGE help with my lungs is to stay warm AND keep my lungs moist. Honeywell’s Ceramic Heater and Cool-Mist Humidifier sure have become a great asset in my home!

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