Soufeel Jewelry – Charms with Purpose


Soufeel Jewelry Brings Charm Bracelets to a New Level

Soufeel Jewelry brings the true charm to charm bracelets. Their charms are classy, sentimental, and much more elegant! When I was a teenager, charm bracelets were a BIG deal. Getting a charm for every occasion and loading up the bracelet where you could hear a girl coming from a mile away.

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Original Grain Minimalist Watch for a Sleek, Elegant Timepiece

Disclosure Diane

Original Grain Minimalist Watch for Simple Elegance

Give the Gift of a Beautiful Original Grain Minimalist Watch

With Valentine’s Day almost here, I couldn’t help but tell you about this gorgeous watch I found for the hubs! His had broken and he had been fussing about since it happened. If you wear a watch, then you know what I am talking about! Whether you have it on, or not, you still look at your wrist to see what time it is. It is frustrating when it’s not there! When I saw this gorgeous Original Grain Minimalist Watch, I knew I had to get it for him!

Original Grain Minimalist Watch

This particular Original Grain watch is the “Minimalist” style. It comes in a several wood and case choices. I chose the Golf/Ebony Wood/Wood Dial for my hubs and he loves it! [Read more…]

Pictures On Gold – Valentine’s Gift That Stays Close to the Heart


Sweetheart Cascade of Hearts Heart Locket by Pictures On Gold Will Speak Volumes

Sometimes I just don’t seem to find the words to describe my love to my loved ones. They are just so special to me! The old saying goes “A picture is worth a 1000 words!”. Looking at a photo can bring back a million memories but also give the warm and fuzzies about the current time and the many hopes for the future. Pictures on Gold Sweetheart Locket will be sure to remind your loved one this Valentine’s that you have been loved, are loved and have a million more memories to make!

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Yvolution Neon KYX – Party Time!


Looks Like A Party Every Day With Yvolution Neon KYX Light Up Shoes

Yvolution┬áNeon KYX – New, Fun, and Fashionable

My son had told me about these “light up shoes” he saw. I was not too sure what he was talking about so I looked them up. Brand new to the market, these Yvolution Neon KYX shoes are sure to grab attention everywhere you go!

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Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet Set

Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet Set Review

The Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet Set is a wonderful gift any time of the year.

When I received the Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch and Bracelet set I was immediately taken with it, so much so that my original plans of giving it to someone as a gift went out the window as it found it’s way to my jewelry box. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved jewelry. I used to love going through my mothers jewelry box and gazing at her jewelry pieces with an awed sort of reverence, hoping that one day she’d let me wear one of her pretty, grownup things. It was many years before I was responsible enough to actually wear one of her bracelets but I remember positively glowing with pride when that day came. It was shortly after that I was gifted with my own pair of “grownup” earrings and I loved them.


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LuLaRoe Carly Dress and Joy Vest – Simply Comfortable

LuLaRoe Carly Dress and Joy Vest Simply Comfortable

The LuLaRoe Carly Dress is my favorite dress ever!

Say hello to your new favorite clothes from leggings and tops to dresses for any and all occasions. The best part, besides them being cute clothes, beautiful clothes, pretty dresses, funky patterns, butter soft leggings they are all simply comfortable! Seriously the LuLaRoe Carly dress for example is the most comfortable dress I’ve ever owned but you don’t look like a slob in it. You can be dressed for a night on town, more casual for coffee with friends and everything in between.

A big thanks to LuLaRoe Consultant over at LuLaRoe Missy & Me for sending us some new LuLaRoe clothes to show you all how fabulous it is. You’ll want to make sure to go to her Facebook group HERE to check out some fabulous clothes!

Here’s my very first Joy vest (the white lace) worn backwards to look like a dress. I’m wearing it over a LuLaRoe Cassie. Remember I said their clothes are versatile and you’ll see a few examples of that in my review.

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