GetScreen Monitors Children’s Electronics


Monitor Your Child’s Screen┬áTime with the GetScreen App

In today’s world, there are so many things accessible to our children with just the touch of a finger! As parents, our job is to protect our children from any and all harm. With inappropriate sites on the internet, photos so easy to send via text or social media, as well as conversations and music that we may not want our child involved in, GetScreen can help safeguard your child.

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Yvolution Neon KYX – Party Time!


Looks Like A Party Every Day With Yvolution Neon KYX Light Up Shoes

Yvolution┬áNeon KYX – New, Fun, and Fashionable

My son had told me about these “light up shoes” he saw. I was not too sure what he was talking about so I looked them up. Brand new to the market, these Yvolution Neon KYX shoes are sure to grab attention everywhere you go!

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G-Form Athletic Protection With Style


G-Form Rises Above the Standard

Protection For ALL Types and All Ages Of Athletes

My kids have gone through many different types of padding for various activities, mostly for riding bikes, skateboarding, and RipStiking. I always find their pads laying in various places. Their reasoning for not wearing them or keeping up with them has been that they are not comfortable to wear. G-Form goes far above the standard in comfort AND protection! I have been highly impressed! These pads aren’t left laying around, they are actually worn!!!

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Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Review


No Fear, Only Easy Riding With Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

The Brand You Trust With Electrical Certification

When my 14-year-old first asked for a Hoverboard, my immediate thoughts went to a board catching on fire. After much research, I found there are so many improvements that have been made. Razor has put out the Hovertrax 2.0 that exceeds the UL 2272 Certification standards (Razor was the first to receive the listing when it went into effect in May 2016) ensuring the electrical components are safe! Boy, was I glad to hear that because my son was DETERMINED that was the ONLY thing on his list this Christmas!

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Razor’s RipStik Classic – Pump Up the Adrenaline


RipStik Classic – Swivel and Ride

As a kid, skateboarding was a big thing. Not that my son doesn’t like skateboarding but the new big thing is RipStiking. Using balance while strengthening his lower body muscles helps to keep him moving on the RipStik Classic

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Learning Resources Makes Learning Fun


Quality Games and Educational Toys – Great Gifts By Learning Resources

I love when I can find great gifts for my nieces and nephews that are not only fun but educational. Not only are they educational and fun but I am also always looking for a great price! Learning Resources has it all for a great price and wonderful quality!

Learning Resources

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