Women and Self Care – Make Time For You


Women and Self Care – Make Time For You

Women and Self Care – Don’t Feel Guilty About Some “Me Time”

Whether you’re a mom, grandma, aunt or none of the above you’re most likely one busy lady. It’s a fact women are multi-taskers and tend to take on a lot. So that’s why today, I want to talk about women and self care. It’s simple we don’t do enough of it and when we do often times we feel guilty for taking that “me time”. Don’t feel guilty not only do you need some time to take care of you, it not only helps you but everyone around you. By taking care of yourself you are recharged and more emotionally and physically capable of taking care of others.

Women and self care – it’s important to treat yourself! I’m offering a few tips where you can easily have some “me time” that will leave you feeling revitalized. One of these tips includes the AVEENO® Active Naturals products below.

Aveeno - Women and Self Care

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Infused Coconut Oils and Super Teas

Primal Essence brings you Infused Coconut Oils and Super Teas

Step up the flavor of your foods and beverages with Infused Coconut Oils & Super Teas!

Thanks to Primal Essence it’s now easier than ever to add amazing flavor to your meals and snacks with their infused coconut oils from the savory to the sweet the flavors will tantalize your taste buds. They don’t stop with your foods they also want your hot and cold beverages to taste amazing with the natural flavors of their super teas! I warn you, you will become hooked!

You are going to want to try all of their flavors. Luckily right now, you can get FREE shipping AND you can save 15% on all Primal Essence products by using the exclusive code blog15! Go HERE to order. 

Primal Essence infused coconut oils and super teas

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Honeywell Can Help


Honeywell Heaters and Cool-Mist Humidifiers, Perfect For the Winter Temps

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater and Removeable Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier Makes a Great Combo For Winter

Thankfully, weather in North Carolina is pretty mild; however, temps still dip down and fluctuate quite a bit. Between the fluctuating in temperatures and my asthma, I seem to keep a cough through the nasty cold winters (much better than when I lived in Chicago!). One HUGE help with my lungs is to stay warm AND keep my lungs moist. Honeywell’s Ceramic Heater and Cool-Mist Humidifier sure have become a great asset in my home!

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G-Form Athletic Protection With Style


G-Form Rises Above the Standard

Protection For ALL Types and All Ages Of Athletes

My kids have gone through many different types of padding for various activities, mostly for riding bikes, skateboarding, and RipStiking. I always find their pads laying in various places. Their reasoning for not wearing them or keeping up with them has been that they are not comfortable to wear. G-Form goes far above the standard in comfort AND protection! I have been highly impressed! These pads aren’t left laying around, they are actually worn!!!

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Garden of Life Simplifies a Healthy Lifestyle


Being Healthy Does Not Have to Be So Difficult with Garden of Life

Today’s crazy lifestyles make fast food seem to be far easier than preparing a healthy meal and snack. Garden of Life offers products to help save time while giving much healthier options to choose from!

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Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips

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Enjoy Stress Free Holiday Travel

Relax and Enjoy with these Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips!

The holiday season has begun and for a lot of us that means life will get even busier than usual. My days are so full already, it almost seems impossible. On the other hand, it is one of my favorite times of the year! Once the season begins, it isn’t long before I am caught up in the festive atmosphere and spirit of the season. I begin making out my Christmas shopping list, and pondering the perfect meaningful gift for each special person on my list.

Stress Free Holiday Travel Tips - must haves

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