Pet Sitter – Your Pet in Good Hands

Can’t take your beloved pets with you on vacation – Get a trusted pet sitter

Don’t want to put your pets in kennel when you travel? Try a trusted pet sitter

If you’re like us and have never boarded your pets (nor want to) at a kennel you need some alternate solutions for when you can’t bring your furry family with you. In the past we’ve been lucky to have family or friends either stay at our house with our pets or have them in their homes. However lately we’ve been challenged to find someone to care for our two dogs and cat when we can’t travel with them. Fortunately for many of you, TrustedHousitters, Europe’s largest global community of pet owners and pet sitters has launched in the United States!

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Why Pet Food Ingredient Sourcing is Important

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Do you know how the ingredients in your pet food is gathered? Pet Food Ingredient Sourcing is Important.

Most of us know to read labels when it comes to our food and our pet’s food but how about how the ingredients in our pet’s food is gathered? I admit it’s not something I thought about but I should have. Just as we may want to buy fair trade goods and organic fruits, vegetables and more. We should also know where the ingredient’s in our pet’s food is sourced. So yes pet food ingredient sourcing is important for both people and our beloved pets.

Our Oliver taking a break and enjoying some bubble wrap. 

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Shed Defender for Dogs Review

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Why would you want or need the Shed Defender for your dog?

There are several reasons that the patent pending Shed Defender would be useful to have for your dog. It can contain shedding for those times or places you don’t want to have to worry about them leaving a fur pile anywhere. Containing shedding also can help with dirt, dander and allergens. They also gives a portion of each sale to animal shelters. I love supporting businesses that give back, especially for worthy causes.

Psst look for a coupon code below to save when you go and buy a Shed Defender.

Our Little Zeus aka LZ enjoying some sun. He loves to sit out in the sun.

Shed Defender

The patent Shed Defender® is intended to be worn in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want dog hair, dirt, dander, and allergens. You can now take your dog anywhere you want without worrying about leaving a trail of hair.

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Caring for our Pets – Clean Labels & More

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 Clean Labels, Pet Tech & Products Help with Caring for our Pets

If you love animals like we do then you know that caring for our pets is as important to animal lovers as it is caring for any other member of our family.  We want them to be as healthy and as happy as possible which means their care is multi-faceted. From ensuring they have regular visits to the veterinarian’s office to getting the type of exercise they need and much more.

Say hello to Little Zeus aka LZ.

caring for our pets

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Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is pure joy

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Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is the best decision ever!

Adopt Don’t Shop – Adopting a senior pet is even more amazing.

When you’re ready, adopting a pet from an animal shelter is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. We encourage everyone to adopt pets from animal shelters and rescue organizations.

This is our senior girl Luna and yes that mat says HOPE, we thought this fitting 🙂

adopting a pet from an animal shelter

Our senior girl Luna (above) has lost her sight and moves slower now but she’s still has lots of love to give. Having a senior pet means lots of love and quality time. She’s a treasure.  [Read more…]

Adopting a Pet: Getting Your Children Their First Pet

When, Why and How: Getting Your Children Their First Pet

Adopting a Pet – Adopt Don’t Shop

adopt meAdopting a pet, and introducing it to your children, can be an exciting experience. But, before you begin the process, there are several things you need to understand, and responsibilities you may not have thought about. However, once you understand the process, introducing your pet to your child, and community, will be an enriching experience. [Read more…]