Gather Free-Run Chicken Recipe by PetCurean


Gather Free-Run Chicken Recipe by PetCurean is a hit!

Health conscious pet owners will love the organic, healthy ingredients found in the Gather free-run chicken recipe by PetCurean.

My family is very pet friendly. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been surrounded by all manner of critters, both big and small. My parents weren’t picky about what kind of pets we had, so, we had everything ranging from snakes to exotic birds. For many years we even had outside pets like horses, goats, and chickens/ducks. Needless to say, I grew up to have a great capacity of love for animals and to this day we have our own little army of inside cats and dogs.


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Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine for Healthy Happy Dogs!


Keeping our Dogs in Optimum Health with Petcurean GO! Sensitivity+Shine!

Perfect for dogs that are picky eaters, has dandruff or a dull coat, food allergies or sensitivities!

When it comes to my dogs let’s just say they are more like my children. I have a pack of 7 dogs right now and sometimes feel a like the old woman that lived in a shoe! But, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are all rescued babies and I am honored they chose me to be their Mom! Of course, I welcomed them into the pack and with a promise to take care of them to the best of my ability! I have had people ask me “how do you afford to feed so many big dogs”. Truth be known, they probably eat better than I do isn’t that what you do for your babies?! However, I know that nutrition and good quality dog food is the key, and the bottom-line, in keeping my 4-legged babies healthy!

I would much rather feed them high quality nutritious dog food and keep them healthy than need to treat them for illness after the fact. Just like with humans, nutrition plays a vital role in their overall health and helps ward off illness. As members of my family, I want to see my dogs healthy, happy, and enjoying life!


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West Paw Design – Wox Dog Toy Review

disclaimer-amanda West Paw Design – Wox Dog Toy Review

Keep your dog entertained with this Wox Dog Toy. Thanks to the lovely design, it can be used in a variety of ways including tug of war, fetch, and a chew toy.

If you’re looking for a way to keep Fido entertained, this Wox dog toy is the answer. The unique shape gives your pooch a way to play like no other toy around. This is a Powered by Mom Holiday Gift Guide Top Pick.

Read on to find out how team member Amanda and her dogs like the Wox dog toy. 


My Thoughts

The shape of the Wox dog toy sets it apart from traditional chew toys. The unique form allows dogs and owners to use it a few different ways. When the Wox dog toy hits the ground, it bounces in a direction your dog can’t always predict. This makes playing with the Wox dog toy exciting. Above, is our youngest dog, Trixie. She is a rambunctious, full of life, 1 year old pug and black lab mix. Her energy level is the same as a wind up toy. Wearing her out takes a special kind of exercise. Walking her just isn’t enough. That is why I love playing fetch with the Wox dog toy. It keeps her attention because of the way it bounces around. When playing fetch, right before I throw the Wox dog toy, she sits at complete attention, waiting for that epic toss. Once it goes flying through the air, she chases after it determined to catch it before it gets away from her. She has yet to guess which direction it will bounce, which makes playing catch much more fun.

She seems to have a liking to the center of the toy, where she can bite onto it and hold on. This is great because it leaves the handles free of dog slobber and I can handle the Wox dog toy without getting slobbery myself.

In addition to those great features, this Wox dog toy is incredibly durable. It is soft, but has held up to some sharp dog teeth tearing and biting into it on a regular basis for the past few weeks. The only wear and tear I see on this toy is a spot or two of mud.

My Only Issue…

The only issue I have had with the Wox dog toy is that Trixie has had a hard time sharing her new favorite toy with her sister Izzy. Both of my dogs love this toy. Thanks to the design, they can both get in on the fun and play tug of war with each other. Here is Izzy below getting some one on one time with her new favorite toy while her sister Trixie takes a nap. I think it would be a good idea to stock up on a few of these incredible dog toys.

Wox Dog Toy - powered-by-mom

To get your furry friend a new favorite toy, head on over to the West Paw Design website where they have a variety of toys to keep your fur baby busy and entertained.

Thankful for our Dogs

compensation disclosure no shadowPowered by Mom & Family are Thankful for their Dogs

For dog lovers everywhere not only did we appreciate our family on Thanksgiving but we are thankful for our friends and family all year long. This means we’re also thankful for our dogs as they are an important part of our family too. They give us unconditional love all year long, they are there when we’re happy, sad, grumpy, well they’re just there no matter what, never judging, always just giving us their love and loyalty. Darn amazing if you ask me and it’s no wonder my entire family are animal lovers.


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Deveros Pet Collars – Natural Flea Repellant

Deveros Pet Collars – Natural Flea Repellant

People welcome pets into their homes for many different reasons. Some are looking for something to fill up time, others want added protection and some just want the easy companionship a pet offers them. It seems that no matter what their original intentions are in the beginning, every pet owner inevitably comes away with an additional member of their family rather than just a “pet” that takes up space in the home. 



In our family our pets have always been considered part of our family and as such we treat them like we treat our human family members. We only want the best for them and this is reflected in the foods we buy, the treats we surprise them with and ensuring that they get to all of their checkups. If you’re anything like me then you’ve even stood in the pet isles of your nearest pet store and poured over countless product labels, compared brands, etc. in the effort to make sure your pet gets only the best.  [Read more…]

Keeping it Easy with Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

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Ollie the cat, says keep it fresh & easy with Arm & Hammer™ Clump & Seal™ LightWeight Cat Litter

 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter is Ollie Approved – #LitterBoxLife and #ArmAndHammerCat


We love our cat Ollie but let’s face when it comes our cats there are some things we don’t always love like the cat litter. However, thanks to Arm & Hammer’s cat litter we’re keeping it fresh and easy in our home making for a happy cat and family. [Read more…]