Isabelle Grace Jewelry Review & Giveaway

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Isabelle Grace Jewelry

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I am thrilled to share a review and giveaway of a lovely piece of jewelry. I think the Bella Madre necklace is just precious from the meaning (beautiful mother) to the simple elegance of the necklace itself. Any woman would love this necklace as much as I do!

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is…

From the heart
Whether it’s from the Isabelle Grace Collection, inscribed with special words, or custom inscribed in honor those who are close to your heart, each of their pieces is designed to be a keepsake. 
Designed for life and love
When someone comes to our site and puts together their own one-of-a-kind piece by selecting from our personalized charms, initials , and semiprecious stones to create a piece that tells their story.

Timeless style and enduring quality
At at its core, Isabelle Grace Jewelry is all about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, their designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things.


I selected the gold plated Bella Madre Necklace as I rarely treat myself to anything gold but I know I would have been happy with either necklace. I just love that Bella Madre means beautiful mother which to me means beautiful inside and out.

Here’s a picture of mine 🙂

pbm bella madre

If you wanted to you could add charms to this lovely necklace but I also like it just on it’s own with it’s beautiful message. I decided I just had to keep this one for myself!

So whether it’s for your mom, yourself, an aunt, sister or any special lady you know, you can’t go wrong with giving such a beautiful and elegant piece!

One lucky winner will receive their choice of the silver or gold plated Bella Madre necklace from Isabelle Grace Jewelry. Bella Madre means beautiful mother, I’m sure many of us can think of someone to give such a beautiful gift to! It retails at $85 and charms can be added to personalize this lovely necklace (prize does not include charms)


Make sure to check out the beautiful collection of jewelry at Bella Madre where you can personalize almost ever piece and create a lasting memory! It’s a delicate looking necklace but there’s no worry of breaking it as it’s solid.


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  1. I love the Jett Bracelet! It’s really pretty 🙂

  2. I love the Aurora Necklace!

  3. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I like the Isla Bracelet

  4. Julie Simpson says:

    I love he tag necklaces and I’m on love with the Cleo leather bangle in the gunmetal gray as well. .

  5. Charlotte says:

    Twisted love necklace

  6. Sue Hull says:

    I love Let Faith Be Bigger Than Fear and the Love Lets You Soar. I like inspirational necklaces. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

  7. Bijou Bracelets (Green/Coral)

  8. ROBERT P. says:


  9. Debbie Clauer says:

    I would pick the Amethyst Gemstone Bar Necklace.

  10. My wife is not hard to please, she would appreciate any bracelet or necklace.

  11. Missy Marie says:

    I love the Nora necklace. Gorgeous jewelry!

  12. I’d pick something from their zodiac necklaces

  13. Karen Beckett says:

    I like the Family Is Forever Necklace. But all the jewelry is beautiful!

  14. Suzanne Rose (SuzySweeps) says:

    I would get the Blue Lapis Fragment Bracelet in silver! So beautiful! Hopefully will win the necklace and get the bracelet in silver to match hehe! 🙂

  15. The Love Tag Necklace.

  16. Melanie McDowell says:

    I would love to have the Circle of Love Necklace!! so cute……..

  17. I would choose the “I refuse to sink” pinspiration pendant necklace or “soar” inspirational or the “bella madre” to remind myself to be a beautiful, nurturing mother to myself (to take good care of myself). 🙂

  18. Debra L. says:

    Double name bar necklace!! Love it!

  19. I like the Twisted Love Necklace

  20. i love the personalized bracelets

  21. Heather R says:

    oooh I love that estrella necklace! so elegant but still not too dressy to wear out with friends or to the office – perfect!

  22. I would like the mom Braille necklace!

  23. like this one
    Athena II Necklace

  24. Anne Marie Carter says:

    I like the Twisted Love Necklace.

  25. Kyndal Smith says:

    I love the Bella Vita necklace but anything containing my daughters name I would be proud to own and wear every day!

  26. Alesha ol says:

    Possibly this, but would have to add for my fur babies too

  27. I love the unique “Pinspirations” quotes neclaces. Let faith be bigger than fear — so pretty.

  28. Christina Strapp says:

    I like the I like the Name Charm Necklace..

  29. Lily Kwan says:

    I would choose the Dragonfly Necklace.

  30. Shannon F says:

    I really love the Love Pendant Necklace!

  31. Jill T. says:

    I would love any personalized necklace with my children’s names on it and the Cabo Beach Collection is pretty cute too!

  32. sapphire says:

    signature initial braclet

  33. Rose Reeder says:

    I like the Eternety circle.Thanks

  34. sheri anderson says:

    The Swarovski Crystal Necklaces are beautiful, thanks!!

  35. Arlyn vargas says:

    Pretty! bella madre. Im a proud mom of two girls love it!

  36. Lori Thomas says:

    Over The Moon Necklace

  37. I would pick this Bella Madre necklace and give it to my daughter who gave me my beautiful grandson Caelan!

  38. To the moon and back is my favorite..

  39. Kathy Hanley says:

    I like the Hello Sunshine necklace!

  40. Jessica Snow says:

    I would get their Anniversary Tag Necklace.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  41. Linda Madden says:

    I would love one their personalized necklaces

  42. It was hard to choose but I think I like the cobalt necklace the best. They have really nice pieces!

  43. Betty Wojnar says:

    I love the family is forever necklace

  44. Shelley P says:

    My first choice would be the necklace that you reviewed 🙂 I also love the Dog Lovers Necklace.

  45. jenn huey says:

    I love the Let Faith be Bigger Than Fear necklace

  46. Amy Cates says:

    I like the Everything Happens necklace.

  47. Mom’s Eternity Circle Necklace

  48. Avant Garde Crystal Necklace – Light Amethyst was my very favorite

  49. The pyrite hoops are my choice!

  50. Joyce Baker says:

    I would get the Everlasting Love Necklace. It can honor my children.

  51. RUBY gemstone bar necklace….

  52. michelle oakley warner says:

    i would get the zodiac Sagittarius, i love that you have a choice of silver or the vermeil, i have no clue what that is, but i love silver so that’s really cool and what i want

  53. Candy Kelley says:

    Pendant or one of their bracelets …. I want everything so there ya go love the style

  54. Tamara N says:

    I really like the Hope Pendant necklace for my daughter.

  55. heart to heart necklace

  56. Beverley says:

    Mom’s Eternity Circle Necklace

  57. I love the anniversary tag necklace!

  58. I love the enchanted locket. That would be a wonderful gift to give.

  59. lissa crane says:

    I would love to have the Bella Vita Necklace! I love that it has a butterfly and still has enough room to put my childrens names!

  60. RANDI COOK says:

    I like the star shaped initials.

  61. Maggie Warner says:

    I want the necklace you received but with my kids name on it!!

  62. Cheryl Rogers says:

    I really like the Seahorse charm , I collect them.

  63. Judy Lipcsak says:

    I would choose the ‘Everything happens for a reason’ bracelet. I can’t wear necklaces so bracelets are my favorite things.

  64. kim burnett says:

    I like the Heart 2 Heart Necklace

  65. I would choose the simple cross charm. It is very lovely

  66. Alona Y says:

    I would love one of the gemstone bar necklaces, I love this style! The Blue Zircon one is very pretty.

  67. amy rouse says:

    Dog Lovers Necklace

  68. Nancy Dyer says:

    I would pick the Avant Garde Crystal Necklace – Light Amethyst!

  69. Arik Issan says:

    Blue Mystic Topaz Briolette – nice on a necklace

  70. Jennifer M says:

    I like the Bijou Bead Bracelets.

  71. nancy chipriano says:

    I would choose the Green Onyx drops earrings. They are really pretty!

  72. Linda romer says:

    I like the bijou bracelets in green and coral.

  73. Traci McCormick says:

    I like the Love Lets You Soar Inspirational Necklace.

  74. rochelle haynes says:

    I like this Alabaster Bracelet

  75. I like the green onyx drop earrings. They cute.

  76. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I love the Posh Coin Drop Earrings!

  77. Holly Thomas says:

    Cleo Leather Bangle Set in Gunmetal.

  78. Erin Madigan says:

    It is all so beautiful! I really love the Avant Garde Crystal Necklace in Indicolite!

  79. I just adore the Pink Gemstone Bar Necklace

  80. wendy toney says:

    I love the To the Moon and Back necklace!

  81. Michelle Elizondo says:

    A signature initial bracelet.

  82. Sacha Schroeder says:

    If I could have anything, I would love the A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes necklace.

  83. Linda Stull says:

    Peacock pearl drop earrings

  84. I like the Avant Garde Crystal Necklace – Golden Shadow

  85. Jeri E. says:

    I love the Blue Quartz Bead Bracelet. Thank you for the giveaway!!

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