Maggie Bags the Bailey Bag and Butterfly Bag Review

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Whether you’re 2 or 20 every girl knows how important it is to have the proper accessories when dressing up an outfit. Of course, jewelry and other items such as shoes, etc, are important but when all is said and done there’s nothing more crucial than matching your outfit to the perfect bag; if you’re as obsessed with your hand bags as I am then you know this to be true!

I was recently given the chance to work with Maggie Bags again, I love all of their handbags and now my 13 year old daughter has become a fan too! Launching their first line of seat belt bags in the spring of 2009, Maggie Bags was born from their parent company, Adrian’s Inc, who worked hard to rescue millions of yards of fabrics from landfills since their start in 1991. Now, standing on their own two feet as a successful stand alone company, Maggie Bags has made their success from taking safety belt material, that was discarded by automobile makers during testing for not meeting safety standards, and making them into something new: fashionable, durable and unique purses and handbags.


I was sent the Bailey Bag Maritime Bundle and Butterfly Tahiti Combo to review.

The Bailey Bag-Maritime Combo is the perfect bag to take on an upcoming trip if you’re looking to travel light and need a festive bag to match your travel clothes. It plays host to a number of zippered pockets in which to store your keys, wallets, identification cards, cell phones, etc and is ideal for the amusement park visits. You’ll be well organized with each zippered pocket so finding your camera or your money is a snap unlike big, bulky purses that require a lot of rummaging and frustration. It’s impressively lightweight feel, 0.80lbs, will keep your shoulders free of the constant ache that comes with larger, heavier bags and it’s design lets you choose between over the shoulder or cross body wear. It’s also perfect as an every day smaller bag or for young girls like my daughter!
As you can see the Bailey Bag is a perfect size for her! She takes it to school and has her phone and wallet it in along with a few other things. It’s not bulky but it holds everything she needs.
bailey bag 2
The Butterfly Tahiti Combo  is a gorgeous bag for an afternoon or evening out. It features the signature Maggie Bags lining with inside pockets for lots of easy storage options and even includes zippered outside pockets that wrap around the sides; you’ll never want for extra space with the Butterfly Tahiti Combo.
butterfly bag tahiti
It’s recently redesigned look includes a wider shoulder strap for comfort as well as a wider base to hold more of your day to day essentials. Weighing just 2.14lbs, the Butterfly Tahiti Combo is also great for running errands that require you spend long hours walking from place to place. The Butterfly Bag though is a big bag, I am able to put my 16″ laptop in it, my lunch, wallet and anything else I need to for those days I got to the office.
See how roomy it is? That laptop as mentioned is a 16″ one so it’s not small and that’s my iPhone 6.
butterfly bag tahiti inside
I didn’t realize right away that those front pockets had an additional zippered pocket inside of them. Those are handy for your keys, lipstick etc.. that you want to reach quickly without having to go through the big section.
butterfly bag tahiti outside pocket

As always any bag from Maggie Bags never fails to impress from the quality of the material to how well they are made and of course how fashionable all the bags can be! I love this blue set as they are colors I wouldn’t have got in any other bag yet with a Maggie Bag it’s not only stylish but goes with more than I thought from my outfit of jeans to a summer dress!

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  1. I learned that Maggie Bags was created from its parent company, Adrian’s Inc.

  2. Debbie Bray says:

    I like all the different zippered compartments in the butterfly bag

  3. Christina Strapp Lambert says:

    I love these bags and love the material they are made of. I think they are pretty cool and stylish.

  4. Christina Cikins says:

    The review was really helpful. Some people don’t give that much detail. It felt like it was your real opinion. I feel you gave an honest review because you really want to inform your fellow beauties, not just because you got something free. The pics you posted really helped me get an idea of the size of the bags and what will fit in them.

  5. these bags are great!! id love them to haul around all of our stuff in!!

  6. What a unique idea! I love that all those seatbelts are not in a landfill. I had no idea they could become such beautiful bags. I know I would like one for myself.

  7. Richard Hicks says:

    These are nice looking bags and very good quality too

  8. It’s awesome that these bags were created by recycling seatbelt waste from the automotive industry.

  9. I LEARNED THAT:>>The Bailey Bag-Maritime Combo is the perfect bag to take on an upcoming trip if you’re looking to travel light and need a festive bag to match your travel clothes

  10. Tricia M. says:

    I love that these are made from lightweight and recycled material. I wish that many other companies made things like this there are so many out there that are usable and recyclable.

  11. Michelle Tucker says:

    I love these! I rarely carry a handbag anymore. In fact, I usually just give my husband my id and credit cards and away we go. However, if I had a smallish bag like the Bailey Bag it’d be just perfect for me. I also love that it’s made from seatbelts. That is such an innovative thing to use. Such a great company.

  12. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These are really cute bags indeed and I love they are recycled from old seat belts. I would really love one of these for my laptop bag. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I have liked Maggie Bags since I found out about them last year during giveaways I entered (like this one). I am devastated to find out that they are closing and are in the process now of selling everything off. I’m hoping to win and be able to own some Maggie Bags before they are gone forever. They are high quality, lovely colors and very practical for a lot of needs. So sorry to see them closing.

  14. laurie murley says:

    I love their handbags they have such a variety

  15. Cynthia Knisely says:

    I love the review. I also love her handbags. She is very talented

  16. Sandy Weinstein says:

    love the bags are so well made, and last, the eco friendly as well. recycled seat belts. love the colors and the different styles. love they are lined and have pockets.

  17. April Crisafulli says:

    It’s fantastic that they save all these seat belts from going to a landfill!

  18. It’s great that they recycle. But, I personally don’t like these bags. I wouldn’t carry one.

  19. Thanks for a great review! I love seeing blogger pictures of Maggie Bags because it helps to see them in use. I love bags with lots of pockets for my mom stuff, so the Butterfly Bag sounds perfect for that!

  20. andrea bullock says:

    I continue to love these bags and reviews whenever they come up. I am going to get one this time whether I win it or not! I love the fact someone took discarded seat belt material and made these bags. The colors are so vibrant and very pretty! I love so many of them it really is hard to decide which one I want first.

  21. vickie Couturier says:

    I have one of their bags and it is so nice and I love carrying it,I get compliments on it all the time

  22. Ashley B. says:

    Wow such unique bags! I love how they are using recycled seat belts! The quality looks amazing too!

  23. Ive loved these bags forever. My nieces would love to have the cute smaller bags. What a great gift! Your daughter’s is so cute and it matches her outfit perfectly. I like the shape of the Butterfly Bag. Just a great way to recycle seat belts.

  24. I think it’s wonderful that you reuse materials that are otherwise discarded! This world needs more recycling and it’s great to see someone actually making so many beautiful bags from it!

  25. Maggie Bags are awesome, I don’t have one yet but I can’t wait to get one. This is a great review I like that there are a lot of photos displaying the product. Thank you for sharing this review.

  26. I like purses with lots of pockets to keep my stuff organized. I like that these use recycled seat belt materials.

  27. Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on Powered by Mom brings you a Maggie Bags Bailey Bag and Butterfly Bag Review! I absolutely LOVE these Maggie Bags! When I first heard of them being made out of seat belts, I thought to myself that these cannot be very attractive bags! Boy, Was I Ever So Wrong!!! These Bags are very Stylish and they are really beautiful! I am just amazed how someone came up with the idea to make handbags out of seat belts! How Ingenious! These bags are so terrific and they have so many wonderful pockets to place things into where you will know exactly where to look when you need something! I can honestly say that I love these handbags! They are really gorgeous and practical! I love it! Thanks again for the Fantastic Review, the pictures, and information on the bags you received for review! I truly do appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  28. I love them all hard decision to make BLESSED BE

  29. wendy browne says:

    I like that the butterfly has zippers on those pockets.

  30. april williams says:

    These bags are an awesome concept. Love that they can go from mommie size to daughter size without being to big on her. I especially like how durable they look, and we all know how durable a seat belt really can be, so you know they will withstand many years.

  31. beth titus says:

    I love how much room the Butterfly bag has plus the inside pockets

  32. Lynn Solomon says:

    Love the Butterfly Bag-Tahiti Combo….unusual shape & beautiful color! I’m a little concerned about weight though, they look like they be heavy.

  33. Linda Buzard-Moffitt says:

    If these aren’t the neatest thing and recycled to boot and pretty and stylish I like the bigger totes and all the neat colors

  34. I love that they are upcycled from seatbelt material because that would make them durable. Also, I like the size and all the storage options in the Tahiti bag. The Bailey is perfect for every day errands.

  35. I am amazed at how stylish they look.

  36. Alison Gibb says:

    I learned that Maggie Bags are made of seatbelt material!! Brilliant!!

  37. I think it is fantastic that these bags are using rescued seat belts! I love upcycling and recycling.

  38. Marthalynn says:

    The Butterfly Tahiti bag really is beautiful! It’s the perfect size. I like all of the pockets it has. Perfect for daily use!

  39. I love that Maggie Bags are made from recycled material, from salvaged seatbelts! Kudos to this company for its eco-consciousness!

  40. Fabulous bags. I like that they reclaim seat belt material and add so many special details.

  41. Holly Thomas says:

    I have the campus tote in purple and love it,

  42. I’m kinda slow and never noticed that the bags match in color. I love the smaller bag for quick runs to the store or when I’m on vacation and don’t want to lug around a large purse! I just love the idea of Maggie’s Bags…such an amazing and smart idea to make them out of seat belts!!

  43. April Ralene says:

    I love the unique idea of making these from seat belts, and the colors are amazing , it would be really hard to choose which one id like best as their all gorgeous.

  44. I learned the company started recovering seatbelt material in 2009 that had not met the safety standards. Evidently they would throw away any substandard material. Who knew that seat belts came in such wide range of colors

  45. I love how durable they are and all of the styles and colors, something for everyone.

  46. I like that they are light weight. They are really nice.

  47. Deborah D says:

    Started in 2009

  48. Gloria Walshver says:

    These handbags are made with extreme detail and love, you can take them everywhere.

  49. Libbi cooksey says:

    I love that these are made outta recycled materials and I love your reviews. I think these would make great presents for a baby shower.

  50. Tamra Phelps says:

    I love Maggie Bags! First, they had a great, ‘green’ idea & made the bags really stylish, too. The Butterfly Bag is one of my favorites!

  51. I love that your daughter is hooked on them at age 13. My 15 year old desperately wants one.

  52. Margaret Smith says:

    I really like the detail to even the inside of these bags. They’re really cute and interesting.

  53. These are such beautiful bags! They look like they will last for ever.

  54. Lisa Schweizer says:

    What could be better than to help saving the planet by recycling! I love all the styles, so colorful and roomy! 🙂

  55. judy maharrey says:

    I learned the bags are from recycled seat belt material. Tge purses are well put togather, with lots of room. I think it would be grest to have one of these.

  56. judy maharrey says:

    I like the large burgany soho bag.

  57. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I love there colorful bags. I have their wallet it is so nice cant say enough about how well made it is.

  58. I absolutely love that they are made from recycled seatbelts. How creative to think of that.

  59. Kasee Johnson says:

    I didn’t realize that when I bought my first Maggie Bag in 2009, I was getting in on the ground floor! Judging by the quality of their products and their outstanding customer service, it was definitely not obvious that they were a brand new name.

  60. I love maritime and sorbet. Really neat it’s made of seatbelts.

  61. AnneMarie Chiappetta says:

    Maritime is very pretty! It would be a great light weight bag and made from recycled items is a big plus!!

  62. Maritime!!! Is my fav bag ty !!!!!

  63. Sherry Martindale says:

    I love that these bags are made from recycled seatbelts. I would love to have one of these on my next vacation!!! 🙂

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