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Love your coffee? Say hello to the Ninja Coffee Bar the coffee machine that gives you choices!

The Ninja Coffee Bar has made it onto our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. Make sure to check out all of our awesome Gift Guide categories HERE. 

Be your own barista and make your favorite specialty coffees like lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and more with ease. Wouldn’t you love a mocha like this one that I made?


Well now you can with the Ninja Coffee Bar! It is one of the new and innovative products from the Ninja line and it’s the single machine that can do it all! You can make coffee by the carafe or just enough for a single cup or travel cup, you can also make concentrated coffee for all of those espresso style delicious drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, a straight shot of espresso and it’s compact for all of the functions it can perform.

Ninja coffee bar

The Ninja Coffee Bar is actually a drip coffee system, so there is a reusable coffee grounds basket you use. You don’t need paper filters ever but it is a drip system, one that does so much though!

You get the 100 coffee recipes book along with the travel mug pictured below with this particular Ninja Coffee Bar system! Does my latte look yummy? :)

Ninja Latte with book

How does it work?

It’s all about the Auto-iQ™ One-Touch Intelligence by Ninja®. It allows you to select a size and choose the strength of your brew from the classic coffee cup to the specialty brew for espresso like drinks.  With it’s revolutionary Thermal Flavor Extraction you can have coffee in so many sizes and types from hot to cold to all those yummy specialty coffees can we mocha or latte please. :)

ninja box

The  Auto-iQ™ extracts the exact amount of water that is needed from the reservoir which is based on the brew size and and brew type you select. That takes all of the guess work out of the equation for you, easy peasy!

If you’re a visual person like me you might appreciate this picture more than the explanation above :) You choose your cupe or carafe size and strength of brew and let the coffee drip away. Just turn the dial and press a button and voila the coffee of your choice. Of course you have to add your own milk or foam but read on there’s more on that! Ice coffee lovers rejoice, when you select the ice coffee brew it will be strong enough so when you add ice your coffee won’t be weak, yay!

Ninja Coffee Bar explained

It’s a patent-pending technology blends Precision Water Delivery with automated controls for Calibrated Temperature, Pre-infusion, Coffee Saturation, and Flavor Richness. Thermal Flavor Extraction technology by Ninja® can truly unlock the full flavor potential of your coffee.

The different brew size selections

Let’s start with the single serve function as that’s the one we utilize the most. I like that I can either choose a a regular cup of coffee or a travel size cup as we all know most are different in size from each other. From there I can select either Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew or Specialty Brew.

If you want a regular size cup of coffee you can flip down the handy coffee cup shelf, then choose your brew size, in this case cup and brew strength. Most use classic coffee in this case but I like my mochas and lattes so I use the specialty brew and then I add my milk and/or foam.

ninja coffee

More often than not though I’m using a travel size mug so that coffee cup shelf as I like to call it is up so I can put my travel mug underneath. Most travel mugs will fit, although I have one that I have to make sure it’s pushed all the way to the back so that the coffee goes in (it just fit) as it has a narrow top, if it’s too far forward the coffee misses the cup. Not good we don’t want to waste any coffee.

I like the travel mug that came with this system, it’s double walled but I like to warm it up first with some water in the microwave so my cup is nice and warm and ready for the delicious coffee I’m about to have (don’t worry I dump the water out before I pour the coffee)

Ninja travel mug

Last but not least you have the glass carafe when you want a lot of coffee or have a few friends or family members over. You can select full carafe or half carafe. We found though that when you chose specialty brew and have say the half carafe it does not fill the carafe halfway. I assume this is because this is the most dense brew so it’s not meant to be for filling the carafe. It’s best for single serve coffees

Ninja coffee bar with pot

I’ve talked a lot about all of the coffee brew size and selections but let’s not forget about the handy manual milk frother that comes with the system. I had my doubts but it works surprisingly well!

This is the maximum amount of milk you put in the frother. Then you put it in the microwave without the plunger and rubber bottom. Warm for one minute (depending on your microwave)

Ninja frother

Once you take it out of the microwave put the plunger in and put the rubber bottom on again and pump the plunger about 10 times and this is how much foam you get. Not bad right?

ninja frother foam

You can get some seriously good foam out of this frother. Look at our foam on this latte, it’s quite thick and I like my foam dense like this.

ninja latte foam

I would have made some videos for you but really the folks at Ninja already have some great ones do check it out in action: 

Ninja latte

Overall we love the Ninja Coffee Bar, we like the choices that it gives us. Things to keep in mind though, it’s not as quick as a Keurig but the coffee tastes better (in my opinion). As mentioned it’s not an espresso machine but you get some good brew and espresso quality coffees. It’s compact for everything that it does so you get a lot of coffee choices all in one fairly compact machine, yay!

You can buy the Ninja Coffee Bar from a few places like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon and a few others. It’s a fabulous gift idea for the coffee lovers you know including yourself! Depending on where you buy it, price ranges from $139 up to over $200 as they also have a ones with other options like a thermal carafe. No matter what it’s a good coffee machine that is sure to please.


We received the product for the purpose of review but as always all opinions are 100% our own




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  44. Hubby and I are both coffee snobs, nothing but the best will do. No regular store bought coffees. I love to make drinks such as mocha, lattes, Green Matcha lattes, cappuccino’s, I love them all. Thank you for the opportunity and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

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    I also like that it comes with a recipe book, I could try new things!

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  263. Pauline Gorczycki says:


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