Paws 5 Rock N Bowl Feeder Review

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Luna, our 12 year old Blue Heeler tested out the Paws 5 Rock N Bowl

Say hello to our beautiful Luna. Yes she’s gone blind but she’s still active and likes to play. The Rock N Bowl is perfect for her to sniff out and feel the food and poke at it for the food to come out the bottom. It’s keeping her engaged, having fun and challenging her too.

Luna and Rock N' Bowl PBM

Our pets are like family. We treat them with the same love and respect that we use when dealing with each other as well as our children. We even take the same care and consideration with their food as we do with our own. From buying them the best toys to scouring the ingredients list on their food labels, there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to make sure our pets are well taken care of and content. The same can be said about what they eat out of and what they play with. I can’t tell you how many bowls we’ve looked at or how many toys we’ve given a test run, just to make sure our pups were happy with the end result.

rock n' bowl pbm

As pet parents, our search for the best products for our animals never ends. It seems like wherever we go, if there are pet products to be had, we’ll stop to take a look. When I was given the opportunity to work with Paw5 I was more than happy for the partnership. I’m always looking for new opportunities to try new pet products and when I saw their Rock N Bowl I knew our Blue Heeler, Luna, would love it. Yes the food can end up on the floor and be a bit messy but if it helps our dogs I’m all for it. Besides they’ll eventually get every last morsel of food 🙂

Check out this super duper quick video of Luna using the Rock N Bowl

The Rock N Bowl bowl is perfect for turning meal time into fun time. Not only is is great to serve your pups meals out of but it also serves as a rewarding challenge system for your pet as well. It looks just like your standard bowl found in the pet aisle of your local pet store but it’s actually doubling as a feeder and puzzle in one. The Rock N Bowl is unique in the fact that it gets your pet thinking, problem solving and having fun all in one sitting. By adding environment enrichment to mealtime, you turn your normal daily routine into a fun brainteaser that will please your pet to no end during mealtimes. With the Simply Challenging design of the bowl, you just pour the food directly into its top and the food runs down into the hidden compartment, so, your pet has to get inventive with how they get to their reward in the end.

Luna eating PBM

Features of the Rock N Bowl include:

  • Easy to fill and fun to use.
  • FDA Compliant: BPA and phthalate free.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Perfect size and holds up to 4 cups of food.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Durable.

Whether you have a small breed of dog or a large one, the Rock N Bowl is perfect for any pet size. It’s also pleasing on the eyes and fits in with any home decor, no matter what your taste preferences might be!

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  1. Olivine Eyes says:

    Luna is one of the luckiest dogs in the world trying different dog products. The bowl itself looks cute with the paw print.

  2. Amanda P says:

    I think my baby would love this! We have a few interactive toys that release food but this seem quite different. I will have to put it on the list of toy ideas for her!

  3. I want to get one of these for my new rescue dog Milo, he’s a smart little Minpin.

  4. Pat Schwab says:

    I appreciated the video so I could see how it really works. My Tiger Lily ( our dog) just got rushed to the emergency vet the other night. I have to feed her rice and hamburger or chicken. which I just did as my daughter walked by. She said if her cat ever gets sick I better take as good care of her and cook her dinner too. How long has Luna been blind? My dog might have Vestibular disease which used to be called old dog syndrome. She is a big part of our family like your Luna.

  5. I bet my dog would love this! He always wants to inhale his food and seems bored with it. I am going to check this out! Thanks for the great review.

  6. Linda Manns says:

    I got one of these and my dog loves it. What an ingenious design. Thank you for sharing this product

  7. Pamela James says:

    Had to share this on my fb for my girls. both have dogs that act like dinner time is 2min long & never slow down enough to taste the food, much less enjoy! Great Idea

  8. Judy Thomas says:

    These are such a great idea! A fun way to have meals

  9. Interesting. Norm hoovers his food and this just might slow him down!

  10. Sophia,M.,McConnery says:

    My Romeo is a cat.He likes to throw his food on the floor!Not sure what that is all about?

  11. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    Sometimes my dogs have to be left for a few hours by themselves and I could see this bowl as an aid to relieving their anxiety. They are both 9 years old and just recently have started chewing on things that they shouldn’t chew on when I am gone. I really believe this bowl could be the answer to this problem. It could keep them focused on something besides Mom being gone.

  12. laurie murley says:

    this sounds like a great product, my dog would love to have one

  13. This is really nice. I used to have a dog that woofed down his food so fast. Great idea.

  14. Going to look into these for my terrier who eats quickly.

  15. Paw 5 has found a great way to get dogs to slow down and think of ways to get them to work for their food. For dogs it is a great idea, especially for my dog. “Benji” eats all his food in 2 minutes flat. Which the vet says is not good for him. I appreciate Paw5 coming up with a great, playful idea at feeding times.

  16. marthalynn says:

    This is a brilliant idea! What a great way to extend meal time. And a great way to challenge them and keep them busy. I must try this out!

  17. I love that this slows down fast eaters. Both of my dogs tend to “inhale” their food. I bet they would really benefit from something like this.

  18. Dana Matthews says:

    This looks like fun! My Sadie would enjoy it!

  19. Lisa Welch says:

    I think that both of my pups would love this bowl. It seems to make mealtime fun! Plus it gold up to 4 cups of food, which is good, as we put out 3 cups per day, which they share.
    Our older dog is about 50 lbs, the younger ones is about 5 lbs.

  20. angie mumford says:

    I am loving this bowl! i wish i could get one for my dog she would love it and have so much fun a meal time.

  21. Linda Kish says:

    We have few smaller feeder dishes for slowing down the eating habits of some of our smaller dogs but this would be good for one of the bigger dogs since it holds more food. I like these ‘educational’ feeder dishes that provide some mental stimulation for my bored little doggies.

  22. Deborah W. says:

    THis would be perfect for my dog. She is like a little vacuum cleaner; sucks up her food way too fast.

  23. belinda bell says:

    I would love to have this for my furbaby. She is vey active but this would keep her mind active too

  24. Michelle Castagne says:

    This looks easy to clean and the colors will compliment any home.

  25. Paula Brown says:

    Such a great idea I would love to win for my sons dog thank you

  26. Renee Turyna says:

    Thankyou for letting us know that it holds 4 cups. Pics don’t always give us a true size idea. My girl loves to play and anything that adds enjoyment to her day is a plus. I love the paw and challenging reward system.

  27. Laurie Nykaza says:

    This would be so much fun for my 3 dogs. It looks like a well made dish they could have fun eating from making it play time for them.

  28. Regina elliott says:

    This bowl is such a wonderful idea keeps them exercised as well

  29. Lori Lugenbeel says:

    That is a really good review! Luna is beautiful & I love that the feeder/interactive product is BPA free! Thank you for really researching this product! It really helps reading reviews with saving time on our part & we really appreciate your time! It would be very nice to win for my 2 dogs to see if they would be interested in taking the time to get to through the puzzle!!

  30. Wendy Browne says:

    I learned that even blind senior dogs like to play and can use this bowl.

  31. Marisa May says:

    I love that it’s BPA free and easy to take apart and clean, and also that it engages their cute little furry brains.

  32. Gabrielle says:

    I love this idea. I have a terrier and am always looking for ways to keep him mentally occupied and interested.

  33. What a great idea this is to keep dogs engaged and help deal with boredom. It looks like it works so well for you dog.

  34. Sherry Compton says:

    This bowl looks well designed and sturdy. I really like the it is Made in the US.

  35. First of all, your Luna is a beauty. Good for her that you make sure her life is still fun even though she’s lost her sight.

    I love this bowl! It’s cute, and it would be a big help in getting our newly adopted dog to slow down. Thanks for your review.

  36. Cara Harmon says:

    My 10 year old Pitbull would love to win this Rock N Bowl food bowl, and momma would love for her to win it also. It would be nice to have a food bowl as easy to clean as this one ?

  37. Ann Cluck says:

    My Lady Girl could use this to slow down her eating. She was rescued as a puppy and was in a shelter for 3/4 yrs before I adopted her. This bowl sounds awesome and perfect for her. She is a border collie/black lab and very smart. I love that this bowl is BPA and phthalate free and made in the USA!!

  38. Glad that it’s easy to clean!

  39. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    This looks great for one of my Boston’s. It would help her slow down a little at the food bowl. I like that it is easy to fill and clean.

  40. My dog loves these types of puzzles – especially when there’s food involved! I’m sure he’d have a ton of fun with this and it might even help him slow down a bit when he’s eating!

  41. JULIE TARDI says:

    my Max would love this he is so spoiled

  42. Michelle Castagne says:

    This bowl is perfect for turning meal time into fun time. It gets your pet thinking and they are having fun at the same time. A great combination!

  43. Juana Sanchez says:

    This is such a cute bowl. I love this idea for our pets. Good luck to everyone.

  44. Jackie schiller says:

    It looks like Luna loves it I think my kirby would like it to.

  45. Michele L says:

    Did she get frustrated before figuring out how it worked? I’m thinking my dogs might destroy the bowl before figuring it out.

  46. belinda bell says:

    I love that this bowl helps keep her mind busy.

  47. Jennifer Rogers says:

    Budro would wonder what we were doing with the whole food feeding dish thing. You put food in the bowl and it disappears? But you move it and it comes out? It is almost comical! Thanks for the video letting us see Luna use the dish!

  48. Cindy Brooks says:

    Our dogs would have a blast with this (and probably our cats, too!) They eat different foods, so I guess I’ll need two!

  49. I really like this for pets, my pop pops dog Sammy would love this she is a hyper dog and she loves to play or find things that don’t belong to her so this would keep her occupied. I love that it has a lot of holes shaped as a paw print so cute and clever.

  50. Linda Szymoniak says:

    My Kyoko was nearly starved before I adopted her from a kill shelter in SC. While she is now no longer starving – even to the point of being overweight (I’ve helped her lose 5 pounds, but she needs to lose another 10) – she still eats as thought she’s starving and will go after all our other dogs’ food if she can. I’ve tried to find ways to get her to slow down, and this looks like it might be the perfect solution. I like that this product is made in the USA and easy to clean. Kyoko can get pretty slobbery when she eats. LOL!

  51. crystal w. says:

    I learned that dogs would really eat out of this. I figured or would have guessed that they would lose interest but it seems like they won’t. What an awesome thing.

  52. Laurie P says:

    My parents would appreciate a couple of these for there dogs!

  53. Sharon Gilbert says:

    The PAW5 SOUNDS SO AMAZING! The best part is that it is BPA and phthalate free and made is the USA.

  54. Holly Thomas says:

    My dog would destroy this.

  55. my little guy would have a ball with he loves trying new things and exploring this would be awesome

  56. Alicia Hewitt says:

    I really like how it gets the pet thinking and having fun at the same time! This is great for those fast eaters by slowing them down a bit also.

  57. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I wonder how it would work with large breed food – will the pieces fit down in the holes?! I love how they have to figure out how to get the food out!

  58. Didn’t know that Luna was blind. Doggie God bless her/him. Rock N Bowl turns meal time into fun time and serves as a rewarding challenge system.

  59. clojo9372 says:

    Thank you for your thorough and honest review. I have 4 dogs so I am always looking for products that I think would be good for them. This looks like something they’d all enjoy! 🙂

  60. Linda Manns says:

    This is such a cute bowl. I love this idea for our pets. Thank you so much for sharing

  61. KATE SARSFIELD says:

    Aw, she’s lovely ! The Blue Heeler is a new breed to me & I’ve just spent 30 minutes cooing over images of these lovely Australian cattle dogs.

  62. justin orkin says:

    Well that’s very cute. I like it.

  63. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    This looks like such a great product! It’s a toy but it also does a lot more to keep your pup engaged and to actually work their mind as well. I love it and Luna is such a sweetie!

  64. This looks like a great toy to give to my sweetie-paw, Savannah, whenever I need to leave her home alone for awhile. She has terrible separation anxiety and the vet recommended giving her a toy/treat that she’d only get when we were leaving. She lost interest in the King. The RockNBowl feeder looks like the PERFECT solution.

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