Sunbell Solar Lamp & Phone Charger Review

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We’re happy to share this multi-use solar lamp that is simply amazing!

2 solar lanterns

We received both the yellow and red (as you can see) SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone Chargers. These lamps are ingenious, we found so many uses for them and were pleasantly surprised at how bright the lights were and how long they lasted!

You can use it as a desk light, reading light, flash flight, hanging lantern, table lamp, you can even put it around your neck and yes you can charge your phone with it. The bases are the solar panels that you can remove when the lights are fully charged if you want, and of course depending on how you want to use them.


It only took a few hours to charge up the solar panels and lamps and they were ready for use. I tested my phone on it (see above) and yep it started to charge my phone. We used it just this past weekend and hung them from our gazebo so they were hanging lanterns. They were so bright it was like they were two spotlights!

Check it out here it is in the day time hanging in our gazebo

hanging lantern


Here’s a night shot of both of the lights. Do you see what I mean they’re like two spotlights they were so bright. I had to have my hubby move it as I was sitting under one of them and felt I was under interrogation lol. They do have 3 different light settings so it doesn’t have to be as bright but when it got dark outside we turned them on to the high setting.

Sunbell night


Another picture of the nice glow they give when being used as a hanging lantern

night lamp

We also decided these would be great to take out as flashlights as you can take off just the handle that contains the actual light and use it as a flashlight out in the yard or when out for a walk with our dogs which we do sometimes. We’re also considering take “flashlight” portion along with the solar panel of course with us this summer on vacation. It would be great for the parks and night time events and as a safety feature when walking to your hotel room from a parking lot. They would also make fabulous emergency lights, just keep the solar panels charged and if the power goes out at home you’ve got instant lights!

flash light



  • Task light – when the lamp shade serves as a table stand
  • Ceiling light / lantern – when the lamp head is inserted into the lamp shade
  • Portable light / neck light – when the light unit and battery pack is detached from the lamp
  • High quality DC/DC USB adaptor that can be used with any mobile phone with a USB charging cable
  • 1 LiFePO battery, 1.400 mAh / 3.2V with 2.000+ cycles (5-7 years)
  • 3 High quality LEDs with adjustable light from 5 to 50 to 150 lumen, 5.500-6.000 kelvin
  • 1.8 W Solar panel with 3m/9ft cable rolled up in solar disc
  • UV resistant ABS plastic housing
  • Splash proof covers for plugs

We give the SunBell Solar Lam and Phone Charger 5 out of 5 stars for ingenuity, quality and versatility of use, we love them, these are now a favorite family accessory for almost any occasion!

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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    These solar lamps look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Suzanne Robinson says:

    I am amazed by the innovative thought that went into this! Why haven’t I seen it yet

  3. This is the cutest little lamp ever! I love that you can charge your items with it too. It would come in so handy while camping.

  4. Rhea Coles says:

    So many uses, I love something that is so practical. Definitely would serve so many uses and needs in my home. And would be used alot! I love it!

  5. debra dubois says:

    Wonderful review what a great item every household should have one i just love this.

  6. nikki k says:

    I’d love to win this for my hubby.

  7. Georgiann D'Angelo says:

    These would be wonderful to have not just for outside , but also when The electricty goes out .

  8. Sarah L says:

    I could have used one of these today when we had a storm and the electricity went out.
    Very useful.

  9. heather says:

    I would love to have about ten of these lights for the patio area.

  10. Fiona N says:

    I love the feature that how the sunbell solar lamp phone charger can be used as a hanging lantern! Super cool!

  11. Lesley F says:

    I like that you can use it as a ceiling light

  12. Pamela Kumfer says:

    Where we live we lose our power a lot this would be nice to keep or phones charged

  13. Those lanterns are awesome. I live out in the country ad these would be FANTASTIC!! Our fmaily spends a lot of time outside during summer, especially at night, and these would be the perfect thing. Especially for night fishing!

  14. Gale McCarron says:

    Love, love, love that this is all powered by solar energy. What a great convenience for camping!!!

  15. debra dubois says:

    WOW!! This is cool we do alot of camping and we even use our camper in your yard with the grand kids this would be a perfect item for us to have i have to get some. Thanks so much!!!

  16. Joyce Alexander says:

    I’m not sure if I’m writing and leaving comments in the appropriate place, but sometimes I start getting confused this time of night….anyhows, I mentioned how I love all thing solar powered and this is such a wonderful idea! It’s a lamp, it’s a light, it’s a phone charger! No, it’s SuperLamp!! Powered by the sun & fighting off darkness, all at the speed of light! Like a Super Hero!

  17. Joyce Alexander says:

    Solar is stellar!! I love everything about it! Mostly the ‘cost’ to power solar powered products! We’re finally starting to head in the right direction…if only we can get more of the Big Oil, old boys’ club types to follow our lead. Anyways, I’m getting a little off track…I like how these lights look in your photos. They seem to put out so much light & I really like the phone charger feature! I can think of so many people to give these to as gifts! Great review.

  18. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    While I’m unfamiliar with SUNBELL ~ let me say this much: after reading your review, I’M SOLD! I can think of many many multiple uses for it, and I know my Honey/Hubby would love it! (I think he would (WILL) can a case of these!

    Perfect for his workshop (and extra lighting for his his close detali projects,) our garage workshop/studio, backyard grilling and parties, dinner picnics at the beach and outdoor concerts ~ just to name what comes off the top of my head!

  19. robyn donnelly says:

    I would love to win one of these. I love the review and how many uses you came up with.

  20. Julie Price says:

    I have not tried their products before, but I would love to. They seem to put out a lot of light and that is awesome!

  21. Lesley F says:

    I like that it uses LED lights

  22. I’ve been using small solar lamps in the living room in the evening when hubby is watching tv. I’m going more and more green. These are a whole lot brighter than anything I have, and being able to charge my phone with solar would be fabulous. We’re planning to sell the house and live and travel full time in an rv, and this would be perfect! They look great on your gazebo! So cute.

  23. Cindy Merrill says:

    I really do need a few solar lamps- power outages are common where we live, batteries for flash lights are affordable, but sometimes not readily on hand.

  24. Lisa Shepherd says:

    Would be AWESOME for my 13 year old daughter~Thanks!

  25. Lesa C Jones says:

    This such an awesome thing… I love this and have to have one.

  26. Mary Jo says:

    What a great prize! I never thought of using it outside on our patio. I hate having the spotlights on when we’re out there, this would be perfect. Just the right amount of light! Thanks for the opportunity.

  27. Nicole Flynn says:

    I learned that something lime rhis wcisted. I had no clue. This would be great to bring to. Harge a phone on a couple night camping trip in the woods.

  28. Natalie Brown says:

    This is such a neat product! I love that it’s waterproof and solar powered. It would be great for camping too! Thank-you for the information & review!

  29. Maggie Warner says:

    This is Great…So many options and can do so much with them!!

  30. rochelle haynes says:

    These are nice to have

  31. Erika Messer says:

    I can only say WOW to this product! I am getting one of these for sure 🙂 I cannot believe they will charge a cell phone too! My daughter has an iPad, I have a cell phone, a Kindle, this would be so great to have around at all times! Totally awesome 🙂

  32. I really like this idea. I think the more and more we use solar power the better. It is so powerful and easy to use, yet we continue to rely so heavily on fossil fuels.

  33. Jill A. Collins says:

    I would never have thought of using these for gazebo lighting – but I LOVE the idea!

  34. Dawn Monzu says:

    These lights seem amazing! I love anything portable! It makes things so much easier. I would love to take these lights with me on a camping trip, or just hanging out in the back yard with the kids and dogs. They are such a great idea, and seem like they would be GREAT to use! Thank you! This is how I learn about new things!

  35. cheryla lister says:

    I am amazed at how bright these are! This would be perfect on camping trips when I have to make a trek in the dark to the public restrooms.

  36. This would be great to light up my back yard and very handy to know my phone can always be charged with this!!

  37. I love this thing! My husband sits outside reading his kindle all day long so this would be perfect for him to keep it charged!

  38. Nelda Gay says:

    Ok I am loving that you did the review on these. These would be so great to use outside in the late evenings.

  39. I love that the lights can be taken off and used as flashlights.

  40. mary smith says:

    these would be beautiful either in my back yard or front porch,

  41. Amanda G says:

    These are amazing! I’m always outside with my son camping or just relaxing and these would be perfect for us!

  42. Sue Hull says:

    Oh my gosh I want some of these! These are so cool! Awesome review by the way 🙂 BrylaneHome has the best stuff.

  43. Arik Issan says:

    books, yes, we have books – the time machine

  44. Deanna Middendorf says:

    This is just the coolest and greatest thing ever. Thanks for the review. I need to get one.

  45. Cristy Ridey says:

    Informative review! The lamps are great because they have dual functionality – bright light and charging station..

  46. Racquelle says:

    This would be great for power outages!

  47. Tamra Phelps says:

    These would be very handy in an outage! I’d like to have a few!

  48. These are nice and bright, and perfect for emergencies!

  49. Racquelle says:

    I think it is awesome that you can charge your cell phone with it!

  50. Sheila Owen says:

    Wow!! I can’t believe how bright these are. I love that a solar light can be so bright, these really would be perfect for camping, or in an emergency.

  51. I can’t believe how much light you got from them. The solar idea is great. These would come in handy and would save a lot of energy if we used them more often. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t seen this before.

  52. Sheila M. says:

    Fantastic! We could use these daily because they are so versatile.

  53. Debra Holloway says:

    They are good to have it an emergency come up where you need lighting.

  54. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    You can use it as a desk light, reading light, flash flight, hanging lantern, table lamp, you can even put it around your neck and yes you can charge your phone with it.

  55. I love not only how bright the lamps are, but also that you can charge your phones! Would be great emergency supplies as well for when there is power outages, etc.

  56. Very nice! I love the lighting.

  57. Catherine R. says:

    Thanks for the review. These are so awesome. They would be great for power outages of to take with you camping or on any road trip.

  58. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I live in tornado alley and this would be a blessing to have in case of storms.

  59. Julie W says:

    This looks like a great product! I love that you can also use it too charge your phone, very convenient when the electricity goes out.

  60. Jennifer Lang says:

    This was one fantastic review. Such an amazing little product. 🙂

  61. Dorothy Teel says:

    I learned that we can also charge our phones with these Sunbell Solar Lamps and I like the yellow one would be great in area where power goes out a lot.

  62. Dorothy Teel says:

    You covered a lot about these wonderful Sunbell lights and I found out that the solar panel is removable and I love the Yellow one, these would be great in areas that have a lot of power outages or on camping trips, which we love to do, thank you.

  63. Valerie Carpenter says:

    These sound wonderful. I’ve been trying to incorporate more solar powered items into the household and these would be perfect.

  64. jenn huey says:

    These would be awesome to own in case of power outages, To be able to charge your phone is a great perk to these bright lights

  65. Sally T. says:

    I like that you can use it as a table base.Well,sure could
    have used these today as the power went out AGAIN~ 🙁

  66. Lindsay Giedosh says:

    A well-working (and extremely cute) lamp that also charges your phone? What an amazing idea!

  67. Cristy Ridey says:

    Its great that they function as lamps & a charging station for my phone,

  68. I love these lights! I have been trying to figure out what to do in our backyard where there are no plugs available and I don’t want to invest a lot in electrical work. These would be perfect! And I love that they can charge your phone too!

  69. Nice! I love solar powered items. The less I have to buy batteries the better! If the solar panels are on the bottom how does it get the suns rays? Do you have to put it upside down in the sun?

  70. I like that there is cords to run, and you can read with them wow.

  71. Nicole Sender says:

    I agree that these lights are a product that has ingenuity, quality and versatility of use,

  72. Wonderful idea! We could use these out in the backyard and for emergency purposes. Such versatility!

  73. This is a really cool item! I would love this at home or send to college with one of my daughters! Fun outside and in, and totally fun and functional!

  74. Cindy Merrill says:

    We have a few solar out door garden lights, but I really could use a solar lamp in case of a power outage.

  75. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I’m amazed by solar lights. I just got a few on a shopping trip last week and I absolutely love them. The fact that these can charge your phone is amazing. I would love to own something like this.

  76. I like anything solar powered. These would be good outdoor light, or for use during a power outage.

  77. Teri Melton says:

    This is a great review. This is on my wishlist now. I can see us using it every evening here at home and taking it everytime we leave in my Jeep. I love that I can charge my phone on the go, I am always leaving it behind on the charger.

  78. Marti Tabora says:

    I absolutely love this. I’m thinking it is a definite must have for hurricane season here on the Gulf Coast. Every home should have one of these.

  79. Sarah G says:

    Wow! I love how bright these are! And they are so multi-functional, I am definitely going to be buying these! Thanks for the review!!

  80. J Dennis says:

    This would be great as a desk light; and you would know right where to go during an emergency for light!!!

  81. How cool! I love the look of this product. I would love to try it!

  82. Wow! I want a few of these! I’ve never even heard of such a product, how convenient!

  83. Chrystal Thurston says:

    These would be great for camping, we always need a light and my hubby always forgets to charge the phone! lol

  84. Holly Thomas says:

    These would be awesome for Christmas gifts!

  85. Christina says:

    I love the look of the lights on the backyard tent. They are so perfect and easy!

  86. Amanda S. says:

    Great for use when there is no power! Love them!

  87. This lamp/charger is ingenious Your review makes me want several. I immediately think of camping but great for power outages too

  88. Nena Sinclair says:

    Wow, amazingly bright! These would be great to use during power failures, too!

  89. Ingermaria Berryman says:

    Wow, such cool lamp/phone chargers! Great for emergencies and so versatile that you can hang them and such. Thanks!

  90. Maegan Morin says:

    This is such a great idea! I really really want one of these for camping!

  91. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is an awesome light and charger. Very convenient and I would so love to sit outside at night to read.

  92. Cheryl Rogers says:

    these lamps would really help my backyard in the evening!

  93. Lisa Green says:

    These are really cool!

  94. linda parker says:

    Oh wow that is great….I have no clue they would be so bright! The pics are great and the review was very informative. ty


  96. Pretty handy thing to have, especially in the event of an emergency!

  97. Marla King says:

    Such a variety of uses.

  98. Deborah D says:

    I like that this doesn’t use any electricity.

  99. Faith Bosnick says:

    Thanks for this awesome review! I love going green and not leaving a carbon footprint! This would come in handy when camping or spending time outdoors with the family.

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