Therafit Roma Women’s Casual Sport Shoes Review

Powered by Mom shares her Therafit Roma Women’s Casual Sport Shoes Review

roma black

It’s no secret that I love Therafit Shoes! Not only are they made for women’s feet to maximize comfort and support they are or so chic and stylish too. My favorite flip flops are the Carly Sandals from Therafit. I don’t usually like flip flops but I love mine from Therafit and the bling on them make them oh so fashionable! Now enters the Roma casual sports shoe from Therafit ooh la la!

I adore the lace details on these shoes as it gives them an added touch of chic so that I can dress up even a drab outfit with these shoes. I take them to the office with me so that I can wear them for my walk at lunch time. So even when I’m wearing the office suit having the Therafit Roma shoes on doesn’t stick out as a sore thumb or shoe in this case. The keep my feet happy and I like how they look and feel. Just to give you an idea of how they look, the picture below I’m wearing an outfit that I’ve worn to the office on a semi-casual day and I think my Therafit Roma shoes looked good on me during my lunch hour jaunt.

therafit roma shoes

They look better than a regular old sneaker in my opinion and they are super comfy. They come in four styles/colors so there’s something for every gal. I wear them a lot with jeans, in fact they are one of the few casual shoes I wear out, usually I only wear runners when I’m exercising not for every day being out and about. However with my Therafit Roma shoes with their added chic I will wear them while doing errands, they’re not just for my lunch hour walks!

Here’s a close up of this cute casual shoe

therafit roma close up

They don’t get dirty fast as I’ve been wearing them for about six weeks now and look at them, they still look good! They know what they’re doing at Therafit as they work well with my difficult feet. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so finding shoes that are comfortable for walking more than five minutes is a challenge for me. The Therafit shoes are one of the few that provide me the support and comfort I need without looking like a clunky old orthopeadic shoe.

About Therafit

Dr. Lisa Masterson, of the Emmy award-winning series, ‘The Doctors’, co-developed Therafit  shoes and she has a strong belief in empowering women to embrace wellness in all aspects of their lives.  Therafit has created fashionable, comfortable shoes – perfect for all hours of a woman’s day. We know that combining fashion with comfort gives women a solid foundation, both at work and at play.

If you’re looking for a fashionable and comfortable shoe for casual wear then look no further the Therafit Roma shoe is for you! You can check them out HERE and use coupon code poweredbymom14 for 10% off!

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  1. I like how these stylish and comfortable these shoes look.

  2. Anne Marie Carter says:

    I can see that these shoes are stylish but, this review makes them seem comfortable also.

  3. Jerrica Evans says:

    I love these shoes they are so cute and look very comfortable, I need to get me a pair.

  4. These are so cute! My daughter has arthritis in her knees so comfy shoes are a must for her. I bet these would be so good for her. Thank you for all the great info 🙂

  5. Karen Propes says:

    Love these, so stylish.

  6. Ok so… these just cant get any cuter but the bonus is how these are made for womens feet and i love that!

  7. Julie Simpson says:

    I always thought these were for the 55 and up crowd but seeing them now, and needing two new knees for the past 20 years I’m sold. I love the styles and the way they cater to younger people now . Thanks.

  8. Crissie Woolard says:


  9. Kimberly B says:

    I love the look of the shoe very cute! I need a comfy pair of shoes.

  10. denise smith says:

    i love the look of the shoes great for walking

  11. Melissa George says:

    i love these shoes and it wouls be fun having them as i can go for long morning walks and enjoy my time.

  12. Tamra Phelps says:

    They do have some really nice shoes! I especially like the Mary Jane style. They would be great for my Mom, who has foot drop from an injury & needs a shoe that is sort of low on the foot.

  13. I have never owned a pair of Thera-fit shoes, but after hearing your review I ‘m going to check them out. At my age, I’m about comfort now. Those look very comfortable and they are cute too. I have a very wide foot, so buying shoes is difficult for me too.

  14. Richard Hicks says:

    The shoes are sharp looking and built to last and for comfort!

  15. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I like the bling on them and that I do not have any like these.

  16. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I love the style of these Therafit shoes they looks so unusual . I know wearing these my feet would not hurt they make wonderful shoes.

  17. Charity Cram says:

    Love the lace on the shoes, very cute!

  18. My aunts love these!

  19. My aunts truly love these shoes.

  20. sandy weinstein says:

    i remember when the sandals came out and they were all the rage, i still have the green ones, they were so comfy. i have wanted to try some of the tennis shoes, b/c that is all i wear in the winter. i like the support they give your feet, especially if you have a low arch. i like they dont look like “clunky old orthopeadic “.

  21. These sneakers are so pretty! Love the lace design on them. Also, love that they don’t get dirty as quickly as other sneakers do.

  22. Heather in VA says:

    These are adorable. I have very painful feet so I’ll put these on my must try list.

  23. sherry butcher says:

    I really like that Therafit is made for women’s feet to maximize comfort and support they are stylish too. TFS.

  24. I have RA too. I’ll have to go try on some of these and see how I like them.

  25. Thank you for your review. I have a hard time finding shoes that don’t make my feet hurt and toes sting. I would definitely live a pair to start getting back in shape.

  26. Heather Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for the review. I really like the shoes you show in your photo! I have a hard time after a knew and back injury finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable for me, but it sounds like this site has shoes that will do the trick. They look nice and stylish and comfortable as well.

  27. It would be great to have a pair of shoes that was comfortable for my difficult feet too!! Plus they are so cute. I would actually love to wear these!

  28. Stacy Smith says:

    The shoes look really cute! Most things that are designed to be good for you don’t have fashion in mind. Good job!

  29. Heather Blackman says:

    I love how you added an actual picture of you in them. I have not had a pair of sneakers since 2007 and my $1 flip flops are even more uncomfortable now being 30 weeks pregnant with freezing temperatures and snow. I will have to recommend these to my mom who has plantar fasciitis and who keeps buying new balance thinking they are supposed to be supportive only to get no relief.

  30. robyn donnelly says:

    I really like the shoes as they are very trendy. I like the information given about the product. Great job.

  31. Diana Castro says:

    I have bad feet and knees and a good pair of shoes are hard to find and these look like they would help my feet out.

  32. Jennifer Hiles says:

    What I love most about Therafit shoes is the combination of fashion and functionality. I think the one’s you picked are adorable! I don’t remember seeing them on their site.

  33. I would like to try these; I’ll be on the lookout for them!! I have plantar faciitis and have difficulty finding shoes that feel good!! Right now my favorites are Alegria.

  34. Dorothy Teel says:

    Doctors Doctors give me the News thank you Dr. Lisa Masterson, for helping to create a shoe that is comfortable and good for the poor old tired feet, I like how you point out that these shoes can change the look of outfits and they are comfortable enough for every day wear

  35. I like that in this review I can see u wearing it and this makes me comfortable. I like that this shoe can be matched with some dresses like how you did.

  36. These shoes sound so great to me, I would like to try them out for my walks-

  37. great pictures! Very flattering, makes the shoes look great

  38. Shannon R. says:

    I like that you showed us a picture of you wearing them to show us what they look like on a real person!!

  39. I like the amount of choices there are for these shoes and plus they do not look like a clunky orthopeadic shoe.

  40. Yvette Figueroa says:

    I love how versatile they are.

  41. Ruth Griffeth says:

    These shoes sound excellent to me. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, not to mention I have to have inserts for my shoes. These would do wonders to help my back not hurt so much. Thank you for the review!

  42. Michelle Waller says:

    I have a pair of Therafit shoes and I love them. They are so comfy.

  43. April Farley says:

    These cute athletic shoes can be worn dressed up or down . That is very rare for an athletic shoe! I love that they do not seem to get dirty and they wear so well. I truly need a pair !

  44. thomas rusinak says:

    the unassuming look for orthopedic shoes is rare. One of my legs is shorter after hip replacement….so i know!

  45. I have a white pair and a black pair of Therafit shoes and the print you showed is darling. I should look into another pair.

  46. They sound like a great shoe. Raving reviews. I do like the ones in your photo too. I wasn’t sure if I liked them on their website but they look much better on feet.

  47. DOLLY CLINARD says:

    I love the blue a d silver

  48. Dawn Monzu says:

    I had no idea they had lace. I guess I didn’t pay attention on the site or something. They are cute, and I bet they are comfortable! They look great!

  49. Reading that you have rheumatoid arthritis and are happy with them is good to hear, and that you don’t find them clunky like other orthopedic shoes. We keep looking and trying different shoes for a loved one who is dealing with many feet issues. We have not tried these yet.

  50. Thanks for the Terrific Review on the Therafit Romaq Women’s Casual Shoes! When I first saw them, I have to admit, I thought that they were ugly! But after reading your review and actually seeing them on your feet, I have totally changed my mind! I have all kind of health problems and I need comfortable shoes so be able to walk or stand in! These really sound like they fit the bill! Thanks again for all the information you provided about these shoes and showing us the pictures of how they look! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂

  51. Susan Broughton says:

    What I like about these shoes is that they are stylish and comfortable looking.

  52. Ooooo, these shoes with the lace are pretty! I didn’t see them on the site- I gotta go back and check them out!

  53. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I’ve always been especially hard on shoes since I’m always on the go. I have five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and just keeping them walked does a real job on my shoes. I could seriously use a couple of new pairs and these sound great from your review. I’ll be checking into Therafit shoes.

  54. Awesome review! I love the fact that they aren’t just comfortable, they are stylish too. These are my favorite pair of Therafit shoes. Thank you.

  55. Mary Songer says:

    Great review. You really covered any questions I would have about these shoes and made me want to get a pair or two.

  56. I love comfortable shoes. That they are fashionable too: BONUS!

  57. They do make a comfortable shoe. These are so cute too. Grey is one of my favorite colors and I love the lace. It’s not over done.

  58. I have trouble tieing shoes now with my hands so like the Mary Janes. Love the idea that they were made for women’s feet and not measured with a man’s. Review was very informative.

  59. Karen Glatt says:

    I really love these shoes, they look so comfortable and stylish. I know that Therafit makes very nice shoes that are comfortable and good on the feet. I would love to get a pair.

  60. Holly Thomas says:

    It seems they have the benefits of orthopedics without the look!

  61. Nena Sinclair says:

    It’s essential for me to have good, comfortable shoes because I’m diabetic. These would be perfect!

  62. Good review that covered the therapy and fashion aspect of the shoes. I have problem feet as well and these shoes address those issues without looking NURSEY. Thanks for the promo code!

  63. Stephanie Lashbrook says:

    This was a great review. I loved how informative and detailed it was like the fact that these were designed for women’s feet.

  64. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    I like the fact that they are stylish and comfortable both. Great Review~

  65. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    Great review – really makes me want to win a pair 🙂 Fingers and toes crossed

  66. I would love to have a pair of the slip ons. And they are very well made

  67. I like all the important shoe details you mentioned in your review! What a great shoe!

  68. Tina Bornheimer says:

    The review was great! I was very pleased to hear that you find them comfortable but not bulky like typical therapy shoes. I have tried other therapy shoes and they make it look like you are wearing boxes on your feet.. big bulky square boxes!! And these are CUTE!! I agree… they are stylish enough to wear with your work casual clothes… heck even a dressier outfit would be ok. So, yes I did like your review… and great pictures! 🙂

  69. I love Therafit shoes and these pair are super cute. The only thing I’d worry about is the lace catching on something and ripping, then they probably wouldn’t look as nice.

  70. Cathy Jarolin says:

    You gave a wonderful review on these comfy casual shoes. They look so pretty on your feet. You know that they were developed to support your feet when a Dr was a CO Developer of TheraLift. Shoes…Thankyou for all the amazing information on the Theralift Shoes!! :0)~~

  71. As a fan of “The Doctors”, I am impressed that Dr. Lisa Masterson helped to develop these cute shoes!

  72. Heather Bridson says:

    Love the lace detail on the shoes. I would love to try a pair. They look comfy and have some great styles!

  73. Marti Tabora says:

    I would love to give these shoes a try, they look really nice as well as being really comfortable.

  74. Gale McCarron says:

    They look adorable, and comfort means everything!! Love when a little fashion is added. Cute!

  75. I have very sore feet, so I often wear sneakers to work, even though I dress business casually. I could definitely get away with it if I wore these sneakers.

  76. Shakeia Rieux says:

    This review is very informative.I would love to own a pair of these

  77. Yvonne Appleton says:

    Fashionable and stylish shoes that are also comfy?! That’s a rare combo!
    These sound amazing!

  78. I love that they are both stylish and comfortable. I really like the lace on them. Thank you for your review.

  79. WANDA OKEEFE says:

    Thanks for this, I like the styles of these shoes and the fact that they are kind to plantar fasciitis.

  80. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love that Dr. Lisa Masterson ‘The Doctors’, co-developed Therafit shoes

  81. Kerri Alexander says:

    Thanks! I love the fact the you showed pictures of yourself in the shoes. So we know you actually tried them 😉

  82. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Thanks for your review. I appreciated you pointing out that they stay looking clean for a long time. And the price is reasonable for well made sport shoes.

  83. Katherine Riley says:

    I like how you show them being worn with a casual/business outfit. They do fit right in!

  84. I love Therafit shoes…I’m not too crazy of the style/color of these but their other athletic shoes are very nice looking. I’d love to own a pair.

  85. Debbie Welchert says:

    I love that they are nice enough to wear with just about any outfit. They look like they are a great pair of shoes.

  86. Katherine Riley says:

    I love the lace design on these. I have a pair of Therafits that I love.

  87. The lace sneakers are very pretty.

  88. Karen Beckett says:

    A lot of the time if you buy shoes for comfort you have to give up looking stylish. Not so with Therafit! I love the shoes you are wearing!

  89. Anne Marie Carter says:

    These shoes are so cute! I would love a pair.

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