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Football season is in full swing and fans are happy about that! While I am not a football fan I know that it provides a lot of entertainment for many and it got me thinking ahead for gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season. The Tudor Red Zone Electric Football Game 9071 would make for a wonderful gift for any football fan and even for some of those who are not fans. We had the opportunity to review this game and I was surprised to find that my daughter was interested in checking it out.

About Tudor Games

Tudor Games, makers of Classic Electric Football®, bring young boys and dads (who all remember playing this game as a kid) an all new and improved game. Newest features include speed turf field, remote control which gives you the ability to control the speed whereas you didn’t have the option before, and invisibase cleat technology to give you full control of player routes.

Kids can challenge their friends or even dad in a game! If you’re tired of all the high-tech toys and mobile games kids play with today, Classic Electric Football® has a touch of technology to make it relevant to kids but also encourages learning and fun through strategic game play.

Tudor Games has a few different electric football game options like the ons picture below. However we reviewed the Red Zone Electric Football 9071.

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My daughter was very curious to check out this game as it’s funny to realize but true she hadn’t seen a tabletop game that was electric. It’s very neat to see these old style games upgraded and capture the attention of our kids. My daughter is not a football fan at all but she was intrigued enough to want to pull it out of the box, check out all the pieces and try to put it together. Now I have to say that since there are a lot of small pieces it’s not recommended for younger children. The box does say it’s recommended for ages 8 & up. I had no idea that Electric Football has been around since 1948, wow!


The set includes: playing field game unit, 22 players (both white and red), Invisibase Cleats to attach to the players for easy maneuvering and so much more! The PlayAction Remote attaches to the bottom of the SpeedTurf Playing Field, which makes the field vibrate and in turn makes the players move. The dial on the remote controls the speed at which this all happens.

Believe it or not my daughter did enjoy it and she took it to a party that had both boys and girls attending and they all had fun with it. I wish I was there to take a picture as I’m still trying imagine my daughter liking a football game. The game is definitely fun for football fans and hey you might make a fan of others too with it.

Tudor Games has also launched their NFL licensed Electric Football version at ToysRUs.com, Dicks.com, Amazon.com, Target.com and several other retailers this fall with NFL action figure team logos and more! The new NFL line IS available in three playing field sizes: NFL Electric Football,  NFL Deluxe Electric Football, and THE NFL Pro Bowl Electric Football.

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Visit with Tudor Games online and be sure and fan them on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest games.

Now one lucky person  has a chance to win the Red Zone Electric Football 9071 valued at $49.95. Enter on the rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!

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