Udderly Smooth Skin Care Cream #Review

Keep Your Skin Soft & Smooth with Udderly Smooth Skin Care !

Powered by Mom recently discovered the AHmazing skin care products from Udderly Smooth! Their hand cream is now my number one choice to keep my hands smooth and silky but NOT greasy! Read on to find out more about these amazing products and of course enter the giveaway!


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 Powered by Mom’s Review

I was lucky enough to receive a fantastic assortment of Udderly Smooth skin care products to try out and I must say I couldn’t be happier! As I wash my hands a lot due to cleaning, allergies, pets and more my hands get very, very dry but so many hand creams are also greasy. Those ones are just not an option for me as I’m on a computer for the majority of the day whether working from home or at my contract job. An oily keyboard is definitely not something I want to deal with but I need to keep my hands moisturized.

Fortunately the Udderly Smooth hand cream gives me everything I need. In fact all of their products are so versatile you could pretty much use any of them on all of your skin depending on what you need. You should check out some of the unsolicited testimonials HERE from Udderly Smooth customers who have used their products from sunburns to hobbies.

Here’s a picture of what I received and what is also being given away!

udderly smooth products

My hubby likes the hand cream and the Udder Cream, my favorite for my hands is the Vitamin E Cream which gives my hands the need moisturizer with the benefits of Vitamin E which has helped with the chapping and cracks as well, as do all the products but I LOVE this one for my hands. 


My husband likes the creams for one of the same reasons it’s not oily or greasy, as he works with tools outside for safety reasons he can’t have anything that makes his hands slippery. As well of course since he is working outside in the elements his hands get extremely dry and coarse. We started with the Udderly Smooth Body Cream for his extra chapped hands and in only a few days it helped so much that he now uses the Udder Cream and keeps a tube in his truck at all times.

I’ve  just started to use the Shea Butter Cream for my calloused and dried out feet, however after only a few days I’m noticing a HUGE difference. I simply can’t find anything to complain about these products as they are also very reasonably priced ($1.75-$8) and available in the US & Canada. Udderly Smooth products can be purchased online and found in several stores across the US & Canada. For locations on where to buy GO HERE.

My daughter as you can see below loves the cute hat 🙂

pbm udderly smooth

My daughter will be taking  a tube of the Udderly Smooth Cream with her on a trip in early February as she will be on a mountain for a week in the cold. I know the Udderly Smooth Cream will keep her hands and skin soft and prevent it from drying out. That’s why Powered by Mom and family give Udderly Smooth products a 5 out of 5 stars for quality, reasonable prices and not being greasy. We love Udderly Smooth!


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  1. A great moisturizer for my hands!

  2. Julie Garrett says:

    I learned an LOVE that this is made in the USA

  3. Wow, I never knew that you could use this on sunburns and here is a plus, they are located about 60 miles from my house.

  4. Susan D'Alesandro Wilder says:

    I learned that the Shea Butter Cream is really great for dry, cracked & calloused feet; can’t wait to try!

  5. I would love to try this they say it is a really good product

  6. Eileen Jones says:

    I’ve learned that these products are as good as I had hoped. Sound like just what I need.

  7. You can used on cracked hands.

  8. krista grandstaff says:

    I love that it is quick and effective without being greasy… there is nothing worse than waiting and hoping that a cream or lotion will sink in, and not being able to touch anything or move…!

  9. I learned that i want to do a review too!

  10. Jessica Dillingham says:

    I learned that the creams are not oily and that the foot cream actually works within days!

  11. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I love Udderly Smooth products. This is the only lotion that truly moisturizes my hands and keeps them moisturized. When I use other lotions, I am constantly putting on lotion because they are so dry. The entire family uses Udderly Smooth and are very happy with the results.

  12. Kari Wagoner says:

    I learned that it has Vitamin E and also its not greasy. I have dry skin and i love this brand.

  13. Kristie D. says:

    I found out that the Udder Cream has Vitamin E. I would love to try that for my hands. They get so dry they crack and bleed. Sigh. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

  14. I learned that it doesn’t make skin greasy! Exactly what I need! Greasy lotion is one of the reasons I avoid lotion, but my skin desperately needs it! So this would be the perfect fix.

  15. I would really love to try this product. I hear great things.I have eczema and I hear that it would really help.

  16. Christina Strapp says:

    I really like how it is not greasy or oily. I also like how it has Vitamin E to help with cracking.

  17. Kelly Rettig says:

    The products are not oily for greasy and are good for men that work with tools. The products help heal dry chapped skin and keep the skin moisturized.

  18. I know how good the hand cream is, I didn’t know how fast the foot cream worked. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I learned that its not oily or greasy and that it helps with cracks and and chapping.

  20. Dawn Rader says:

    I like that it isn’t oily or greasy. I also like it contains vitamin E and will prevent chapping and dry skin.

  21. Calshondra Williams says:

    I learned that product is non-greasy, contains Vitamin E. , and works great for extremely dry skin.

  22. sheri anderson says:

    Love that it’s not oily or greasy, thanks!!

  23. Its nice that that its non greasy. Looks like a great deal pricewise. No foo foo girly scent is a huge plus for the guys.

  24. Amanda Shaw says:

    I love that the products aren’t greasy or oily meaning they are perfect for sensitive skin! My 13 year old has super sensitive skin so it’s really hard to find products for her that don’t make her break out or make her scream from the ingredients! Thanks!

  25. Katti Ostertag says:

    I learned that these products are not oily or greasy and that is great. No one wants that, you can’t open doors if your hands are all oily or greasy. I like these products glad I checked out what she had to say.

  26. Jessica Shorey says:

    I learned that Udderly Smooth is made in the USA.

  27. Helen Whaley says:

    Reading your post showed me that it’s possible to have soft and moisturised skin without leaving a trail of oily prints everywhere.

  28. I learned that it’s not oily or greasy, and I love that! It was a great review, thank you for that. : )

  29. My skin suffers in the winter time. I’m constantly looking for a product to help keep the skin around my fingers from cracking/bleeding. Even though I apply cream, I’m still itching where my skin is dry. I would love to try your product!

  30. Love the Foot cream with Shea!!

  31. Melisa Hennings says:

    that you can use it everyday, shave with it and its not greasy!!

  32. I use the Diabetic Foot Lotion for severely dried cracking heals and wear a pair of socks overnight after applying; I love the results. I’ve learned that Udderly Smooth products leave skin very smooth & silky, no greasy, oily film, and the vitamin E cream helps with cracking and chapping skin.

  33. Learned that it is not greasy and helps even the driest of dry skin

  34. Judy Mitchell says:

    i learned they aren’t greasy and they are affordable

  35. Terrie Swanson says:

    I learned that the products are not greasy and that men like to use them also.

  36. I really want to try the foot cream, I don’t wear shoes until I leave the house and my feet are dry and cracked.

  37. Ancilla Jagdeo says:

    I love that it is not greasy. I really dislike using products that leave a film on your hands and skin.

  38. Lucinda Parrish says:

    I learned that all Udderly Smooth Creams are not oily or greasy which makes them good to use during the day and night!

  39. sheri street says:

    I learned it has extreme moisture which would b good for eczema

  40. natalie parvis says:

    I would love to try Udderly Smooth. I have Psoriasis and need something that is extreme moisture without the greasiness.

  41. I learned that the hand cream is not greasy like other products.

  42. It is amazing that the cream is not greasy like others are and it is very good with very dry skin

  43. Kathy Lane says:

    I learned that Udderly Smooth keeps your skin smooth and silky and not greasy.This is very important to me,because I hate greasy hands.

  44. Melissa Marinho says:

    I learned that the products are not oily or greasy, and contain Vitamin E to help with chapped and cracked skin! Awesome!!! 🙂

  45. I”m also on the computer a lot and don’t want greasy or oily products on my keyboard or mouse. Thanks for the review.

  46. candy kratzer wenzel says:

    Not greasy, easy to find in stores, good for all types of skin

  47. Your review has me convinced. I am on the computer a lot and need a cream that is not greasy but will cure the cracks etc. I need the cream with vital E right away.

  48. Wow, I learned that you can use it on sunburns. I don’t use lotions when I get burned because it blocks in the heat. Thanks for teaching me that Udderly Smooth can be used for sunburns. Awesome review!

  49. love this brand

  50. tanya holland says:

    I learned that the product is not oily or greasy

  51. I’d love the hand cream.

  52. I learned how versatile these products are!

  53. joan olson says:

    I learned non greasy and I should be using the foot cream

  54. Myrna Kasick says:

    I learned that they are very reasonably priced.

  55. I learned that Udderly has products specifically for your face. I am so excited!

  56. Rebekka S says:

    I learned that utterly smooth leaves your hands smooth and silky, not greasy at all.

  57. TAMARA TERNI says:

    I would love to try udderly smooth

  58. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    how wonderful the product is and not greasy

  59. Elizabeth Becky Young says:

    i REALLY want to try these products out! Between having exzema (super dry and itchy!) and walking barefoot all year long – i really need some good products for moisturization and healing. I noticed you said it only took a couple of days for the foot care product to work. I’ve tried a few things and only a couple have worked on my feet. My feet are really tough! lol! And as for the exzema, I have to moisturize very frequently so the itching doesnt start and i like the fact that they arent heavily perfumed. Unfortunately, due to very limited finances, i usually have to use the cheapest products i can find, even if they dont work well (it’s better than nothing). Here’s to hoping i can be lucky enough to get to try some of these products!~

  60. Dana Vargas says:

    I learned that the Udderly Smooth skin care creams and lotions are silky yet not greasy or oily which is a huge plus. I also liked the fact that the products are high quality yet affordable while transforming dry skin even after the first few uses. The Udderly Smooth skin care and creams sound wonderful. I would love to.try them out for myself!

  61. Linda Shutz says:

    I learned that their products do not leave behind the oily film most other lotions do. Also there products can be used by tge whole family!!! I will definitely try this out!!!

  62. I learned that the product isn’t greasy! I love that, because I have had plenty of lotions that left a greasy, watery feeling!

  63. Barbara Powell says:

    I learned that the products aren’t greasy when used and that they can be used by everyone in the family.

  64. I learned from the review the lotions are not greasy, I would like to try the cream especially since I bike and become chaffed to see if it could be the magic I need.

  65. Teri Melton says:

    I really want the foot cream, or any cream that I would use on my feet anyway, because just like you my feet are dry and cracked. What I learned from this review however is that there may finally be a product I can use on my hands and arms without being greasy. I have several lotions and not one of them leaves me feeling not greasy so I just don’t use them.

  66. Brutus Duffy says:

    Wow-this lotion/cream soinds fantastic. I’ve seen it but never tried it. Now I’m going to get me a tub next time I’m out. Thanks for the review.

  67. I have heard so many great things about these products!! I would love to try the Foot Cream with Shea Butter because my poor feet are always so dry even though I get a pedicure every month. All the products sound great though.

  68. nancy horton says:

    Need all the skin help I can get with this cold weather

  69. Jennifer Hoover says:

    I like that it is great for dry skin! In the winter (I am in Michigan), the cold weather is very unforgiving and I hand wash all my dishes. You combine those elements and it is not good. My hands start out severely rashy, blotchy, itchy and red. About a day after this, my hands crack and bleed and feel like they are on fire. it takes a few days to feel better if I don’t do dishes and protect them from the cold, but it seems like a vicious cycle.

  70. Renee Patterson Travis says:

    I would love to try it all. I have severely dry skin during the cold winter months here in Missouri. My feet are the worst! Thanks for the great review and giveaway 🙂

  71. Katie McBride says:

    I definitely want to try the shea butter cream for the feet. I love shea butter!

  72. Barb Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you for your wonderful review. I have seen this lotion but have never tried it. I love to put lotion on my feet because my heels become so dry and cracked. I can’t wait to go out and grab some now.

  73. I love that you and your hubby agree they are silky and NOT greasy! There’s nothing worse than putting on lotion to moisturize your skin and feel like a greased pig! I’d love to try Udderly Smooth. I’ve always known of the product, but have never used them.

  74. alejandra torrez says:

    i will like to try these great products

  75. katherine McPherson says:

    I would love to try these products because I am on a computer most of the day as well and can’t have greasy hands, If Im not on the computer, I’m answering phones. Try to write down a message with greasy hands!

  76. I like to have the udderly smooth hand & body moisturizing lotion

  77. The hand and foot cream because my hands and feet are so dry!!!!!!

  78. Great product, non-greasy, great for all skin types. Wonderful for chapped hands. Great for anywhere that needs a little moisturizing!

  79. tammy ward says:

    i love it is great for your skin and it takes care of chapped hands and cracked skin,i really need this

  80. I like that the products add moisture without feeling oily or sticky.

  81. Heather Cronin says:

    Love that it is made in the USA. Also love that it can be used on many different kinds of skin types.

  82. I love also that their products are not oily. I too do a lot of hand washing and evert winter my hands take a severe beating, they get really bad dry and cracked. A friend gave me a tubb of the original udder cream. I love that stuff! I picked my kids up from school the other day, my Son neglected to put his gloves on and his hands were chapped pretty good. After his bath I put the Udder cream on his hands to do its healing magic while he slept during the night. They were almost healed the next day. Did one more application that night and the next morning they were healed. He puts his gloves on now, lol. I have the dry skin on my feet, from growing up out west and running around outside with no shoes on. I’d love to give the foot cream a try.

  83. Julie Wood says:

    The Udderly Smooth skin care products help dry skin like mine stop feeling itchy! I like that they do not feel greasy like other creams and that they smell so good and are not overly perfumes. I would love to win these products!

  84. I learned the Shea Butter Foot Cream works great on Callouses. My husbands feet get really bad because of his work boots. His heels crack and bother him a lot. I’m going to purchase this and see if it will help him out!

  85. Mary Mudd says:

    Great review! I love everything about these products. I didnt realize there were so many different kinds. I will have to tell my cousin about the foot cream. I have never used a better lotion. They really arent greasy at all. And your hands feel silky smooth after using them. Im so glad I did come across your review, because now, Im going to have to try to find the other products. I LOVE Udderly Smooth, and tell every about these products. Plus, it is kinda funny, when you read the bottles.

  86. I love that it isn’t greasy.

  87. robyn donnelly says:

    I didn’t know they had shea butter in these products but WOW that’s great. Vitamin E is also a huge plus.

  88. angelic1ang says:

    I learned how effective the shea butter cream is and I can’t wait to use it on my feet.

  89. Vesper Meikle says:

    Learned that you could use any of them on all of your skin depending on what you need.

  90. Heather K says:

    I have always used Udder Cream. Now I really want to try the rest of the line for my dry skin in this nasty, dry winter!

  91. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I learned that they do not leave you feeling greasy which is nice and I learned that it is available in the US & Canada..

  92. I love everything about their products. I handle money everyday at work and wash my hands often. I keep their hand cream at my desk and use it all the time. I love that it is not greasy and would not let myself run out of their products.

  93. Lisa Schweizer says:

    My favorite is that Udderly Smooth is not greasy and leaves skin soft and smooth. My husband has very dry,cracked skin on his hands and loves the hand lotion and I love the moisturizing lotion for my dry legs. Thank you for the review 🙂

  94. I love their products great for winter dry skin, have to try the foot cream with shea butter, no more cracked heels

  95. maira lopez says:

    like to try because those are no greasy

  96. Jaime Brown says:

    I learned that they work really well and that it doesn’t leave you greasy or slippery:) Thank you:)

  97. I love that the creams are not oily or greasy! Very important!!

  98. that they are AHmazing!

  99. Jennifer Moss says:

    I learned there is foot cream

  100. Tamarae Ellis says:

    I didn’t know that they had a Vitamin E Cream!! I love the Udder Cream and want to try both the Extra Cream and the Vit e cream!!

  101. Joanne Keith says:

    I love all the Udderly smooth products! Mooo Yaaa!

  102. I didn’t realize all their products have multi purposes! That Shea Cream sounds wonderful for soften feet!

  103. teresa null says:

    the non greasy for me too!!my husband drives a truck and is out in the weather all the time.. so I have got him to try it and he loves it because it works but doesn’t look like he is wearing lotion!!! thank you so much for fantastic product!!!

  104. I learned that Udderly Smooth products are so versatile you can pretty much use any of them anywhere you need them.

  105. Angela Searles says:

    I love that it takes care of different types of skin. My boys are African-American and they love the results.

  106. I learned that they are not greasy, so my husband will use it. He hates and refuses to use lotions that are greasy or oily and he has very dry skin.

  107. Wow, these products sound awesome! Not greasy, work great, and I can get them at places I usually shop like Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, CVS, etc.

  108. I learned that they are non-greasy and that they have shea butter to help with very dry skin!

  109. This sounds like exactly what I need for dry skin. The shea butter sounds wonderful for my dry feet too. Thank you for the review 🙂

  110. I learned the Vitamin E Cream helps with chapping and cracks – nice for winter!

  111. Terressa Ferguson Zook says:

    Non greasy, that’s for me!

  112. Missy Sue Isaac says:

    Good to know that these are not oily or greasy!! It is near impossible to find a good lotion that works that isn’t greasy. Thank you so much!!

  113. I LOVE that this brand in not oily or greasy! I have very dry, itchy skin, especially in the winter and hate the “greasy” feel that some products leave. Thanks for an informative review!

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