Women’s Office Chair and Microfleece Bedding Review

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For this time of the year we’re always thinking about ways to keep warm and we like to be comfortable and cozy too of course. The BrylaneHome collection of Microfleece bedding not only met our requirements it exceeded them. Read on to find out more!

 This is the bedding set my daughter selected from BrylaneHome. Her sheets are the microfleece in the purple plaid, the comforter as you can see is black, it has a sheen on one side (but it’s not cold) and the other side is microfleece. Can we say super cozy?! She also selected the solid purple microfleece blanket which is nice and plush and super soft, you can see it one of the pictures below.



When my daughter’s bedding arrived the first thing my husband asked me after picking it up was if I bought a set for our bed. He was very disappointed to learn that I did not because the sheets are so soft and cozy! After a few washes of the sheets and bedding where they did not pill or anything, they still look great we decided to order bedding for us as well. 

My husband is extremely happy now that I got bedding for us too because we all love the microfleece bedding so much! Even though it’s light in weight it’s just incredibly soft and keeps us warm. We use the microfleece blanket in our family room which is in our basement and can be quite chilly. So we cozy up in the blankets to watch movies and we’re all happy campers. You can also easily use the top sheet from the microfleece bedding as a light blanket!

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As mentioned the sheets and the comforter all wash very well, the colors didn’t run but I always suggest you wash with like colors for new bedding. We are all very happy with our bedding and I was ecstatic when I got the comforter and sheets on sale, it was  a steal. That’s the other things I like about BrylaneHome they already have fabulous prices but they always seem to have a sale going on. Just make sure to sign up for the email updates and you will get a code for free shipping usually and find out about the sales, it’s well worth it!

I also received the Extra Wide Women’s Office chair in the brown from BrylaneHome. I was tempted to get it in the “Ice” color which looked close to cream color and even though it’s leather and will clean easily I went with the brown. It’s a nice dark and rich color which can go nicely in any office. Even though it’s designed for women I think anyone can use it as it’s quite comfortable.


I am about 5′ 3″ so the chair is a little tall for me even in the lowest position. I have to put something under my feet but this is not unusual for me I’ve had to do that with lots of chairs. I actually find it’s better for my posture to have a short stool under my feet. The back does not recline but I don’t need it to as it’s for when I’m at my desk.  I’m not a large person but it’s great this chair can accommodate up to 500lbs. The seat is extremely comfortable, a lot of cushion  so it lives up to it’s claim of 24/7 cushion. I really like that it has air pocket coil springs between that and the cushion it’s a very comfortable chair. So much so that my daughter keeps stealing it. She uses a computer in my office and her feet never touch the ground anyways so she just likes the chairs that are comfortable as you can see below.

Women's Office chair

Details on the chair:

  • designed for a woman
  •  24/7 pillow comfort
  •  waterfront edge seat improves leg circulation
  • Seat made of bonded leather with matching PVC back
  • 24½” wide seat with ½” memory foam support
  • available in 2 colors: Ice or Brown
  • heavy-duty casters and hydraulic height adjustment
  •  pneumatic adjustable height handle extend 2″ from seat for easy accessibility

This robust yet elegant office chair measures: 46½”H x 29″W x 29″D, with a 24¼”W seat (18½”-23¾”H floor to seat).

 As always BrylaneHome products have managed to once again make us very happy we love the bedding sets and this awesome chair so they get 5 out of 5 stars from us again! Thanks BrylaneHome!





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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    These BrylaneHome products look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. that is a great looking shair and it looks so comfortable

  3. Brandi Price says:

    The bedding is awesome but that chair…That just looks so comfy!!

  4. sally deeser says:

    Nice review! This chair looks comfy, and I too am short…lol!

  5. wendy scott says:

    love the bedding

  6. Awesome, TY. They have some nice looking furniture.

  7. I like things that are soft and warm – and PURPLE! Want that chair, too.

  8. Brutus Duffy says:

    I had been looking at the chairs on their site and thought they would be too big, but your picture helped determine that they aren’t as wide as I thought. Thanks!

  9. Pam Gurganus says:

    I love BrylaneHome! Your daughter has great taste in colors and décor! The microfleece blanket looks so comfy! I also love that chair! I’m in the market for a new one. I will definitely be checking them out on BrylaneHome. Thanks for the reviews and information!

  10. Tammy Isom says:

    looks great!! 🙂

  11. Terri S. says:

    My granddaughter would love those purple plaid sheets! I use a Microfleece blanket when I curl up on my sofa to watch TV. It is so soft and toasty warm. I need them on all of our beds. 🙂

  12. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    My 5 year old loves microfiber. She is very sensative to textures on blankets and this would be perfect for her.

  13. I like the two purples together they are very pretty

  14. Candy Kelley says:

    Both look cumfy first enjoy sitting in the chair *looks a lot like the one I have then off to the nice cozy comforter … Yeah I like that idea

  15. I’ve been disappointed with flannel sheets in the past when looking for soft and warm bedding, but now you’ve convinced me that microfleece is the way to go. Thanks for the review!

  16. Great chair! It looks so comfy for long hours at the computer.

  17. The bedding looks so cozy & would be great during our long cold winter!! Chair looks comfy, but would be a little big for me (5 ft.). Would look great in our living room at our desk!

  18. I would love this chair for my office/spare bedroom. The chair looks so comfortable.

  19. Thanks for the review on the bedding, I also bought a Micro fleece set for my son and he loves it. The review for the chair was very helpful, we need a comfortable chair, thanks for the hints.

  20. That office chair looks nice and plush. I would like something like this for my office.

  21. j gentry says:

    My granddaughter could really use a soft, comfortable, and beautiful blanket like the microfleece, and the chair would be a great asset in the computer room I know my back would benefit greatly! I’m a shortie too, it’s good to hear this will work!


  23. Alison Gibb says:

    The soft sheets and blanket sound and look wonderful!

  24. Stoic Kitty says:

    I have a leather office chair similar to that one that I got before my cats moved in with me. I am now looking for an attractive way to cover and protect from my cats.

  25. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    Thank you for another great review, I know I can count on you for honest feedback. I am getting ready to re-do my home office and I will seriously consider this chair. I have bought several items from Brylane and have not been disappointed.

  26. Stephanie B says:

    I’m in the market for new bedding, I’ll have to check out the selection

  27. I really like Brylane Home, they have so many great items. The bedding set is really nice, my daughter would live it. She is wanting new bedding.

  28. Candy Kelley says:

    I think the chair is awesome it reminds me of the one I am sitting in one of my favorite places to sit 🙂 Not saying taking a nap in a comfy blanket doesn’t rock also !!

  29. Colleen Maul says:

    Both are extremely wonderful. I could sit for hours snuggled up in that banket.

  30. I’m a collector of soft and fuzzy bedding, so I’m totally adding the BrylaneHome bedding to my wishlist. Thank you!

  31. Catherine says:

    Looks so cozy!

  32. I like the look of the chair. Brylnae Home has very high quality home furninshings.

  33. j gentry says:

    As I browse the BrylaneHome site, it’s easy to see that they do have both comfort and quality in mind for their customers. The blanket is beautiful. and I love the color. The office chair looks great and comfortable.

  34. Love it so cozy!

  35. My daughter also did the purple/black combination room colors when she was younger, so coincidental.

  36. I love the purple your daughter chose. My hubby and one of our three daughters, are very fond of purple. I need to look at Brylane Home bedding more.

  37. Rebecca Wilson says:

    The comforter looks fantastic. I am cold natured and always freezing no matter the season so this sounds right up my alley.

  38. I love the chair and is something we need and would use! My daughter has a dark purple bedroom with black trim and the sheet set and blankets would be perfect!

  39. Gale McCarron says:

    These are simply amazing, and you can see the quality of comfort in both. Great construction and great design!

  40. Paula Morgan says:

    I just finished writing on another comment how very much I wanted this exact chair!! I am so happy that you did a review on it!! I am now even more sold on it than I was before!! I had no idea it would support that much weight. I am nowhere near 500 pounds, but it’s nice to know that the chair is built good and sturdy. It would have to be to support that kind of weight every day.

  41. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I just love BrylaneHome! I ordered their outdoor swing last year and I love it! Everything I have ever bought from them has been fantastic. The microfleece bedding looks soft and amazing and I too want to curl up in that chair!

  42. The comforter looks comfortable and warm. I’m always looking for new bedding.

  43. Jill A. Collins says:

    It has been such a cold Winter. I don’t know how we would have survived it without our micro fleece bedding this year! I discovered this a few years back and I will never go through another Winter without it!

  44. Debbie Welchert says:

    The bedding and chair sound wonderful. Oh how I would love to have the chair. It sounds so comfy and would work wonderful for me.

  45. Lynn Buttedal says:

    I llike that the colors dont bleed when washing!

  46. Holly Thomas says:

    After spending hours in a chair you realize how important it is to be comfortable and this one looks very comfortable.

  47. Mary Withrow says:

    When working you always need a comfortable chair and this looks comfortable! I like the waterfront edge to improve leg circulation

  48. Denise Davis says:

    I love that this office chair is made for women, how cool is that.


  50. Sally T. says:

    the chair does look comfy,nice review.

  51. This is a beautiful chair! I really like that it is built (sized) for a woman.


  53. KAREN COCHRANE says:

    the bedding in pic is my color,,,, and both look comfy

  54. This chair sounds super comfortable and so does the blankie. Thank you for your reviews.

  55. leslie ross says:

    I wish the chair I have now was as wonderful as this one

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