Zike Z150 a New Way to Ride Review

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If you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy that’s fun and (don’t tell them) is a great way to get some exercise you want to check out a Zike! It’s a hybrid of a bicycle and, skateboard and push scooter and it’s just good old fun! As it’s lower impact exercise the Zike is easier on your bones and joints than running is and has a ton more benefits to Ziking which we will enlighten you about but first let’s talk about all the fun we had with our Zike Z150!

daughter zike 1

I did make her put her helmet on as she was going to do a bit more ziking after the picture above. I will warn you we have some pictures where she’s not wearing her helmet, I blame her dad but they were taking it very easy on our dead end street. Hubby is also a rebel and didn’t wear his helmet for his quick zip up and down the street. Again please always wear your helmet as hubby did get in trouble from me for not wearing a helmet and setting a bad example. He’s a very experienced rider but that was no excuse even for a quick ride on our block.

The Zike Z150 is good for ages 8 & up and up to a weight of 160lbs which works out well for my family.

Here’s hubby on the first day and he’s wearing his helmet! As you can tell he’s a bit of a goofball playing it up for the camera!

hubby zike 1

My hubby is an experienced rider when it comes to bikes so he had no problem adjusting to the Zike. He was off and ziking right away. He said it took a few minutes to get used to the feel of the Zike and the differences of riding it compared to a bike. The Zike requires constant coordination of the whole body and makes the muscles work together to maintain your balance.

hubby and daubhgter zike 2

One of the many reasons that the Zike is not only a fun choice but it’s a better choice due to the many benefits it offers. One of these benefits is an improved posture. When they are on a bike they are hunched over, however on a Zike they have to stand up straight, pay attention to posture and balance. Check it out above you can see my daughter standing up straight. If she was on a bike she would be hunched over.

My daughter is not an experienced bike rider, she’s still learning to ride so as with the bike she’s just learning how to get used to the Zike. She says she likes the the Zike “pedals” better as they are more like a scooter platform but one for each foot.

hubby and daughter zike1

You can see her dad above slowly easing her into getting used to balancing on a Zike. See the foot pedals though, they make her feel more stable and she has to stand up straight so she’s helping her posture. You can also see that our dogs were interested in following them around on the Zike. Stay tuned you’ll see the dogs having even more fun as we learn to ride the Zike.

daughter zike dressed up

Here’s my daughter all dolled up to ride her Zike. You may be wondering why she’s wearing a skirt, well it’s a skort and my daughter didn’t feel the need to change out of her dressy clothes to ride. After all she is standing not sitting but I wouldn’t recommend wearing a skirt for a variety of reasons which I’m sure you all can guess most of them 🙂

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There’s hubby giving the dogs some exercise as they run with him as he rides up and down our block :). Hubby is only hunching over a little bit because he didn’t adjust the handles of the Zike. They will move up to accommodate his height, he was just having a bit of quick fun with the dogs and our daughter had been riding it just before these pictures.

daughter zike 3

The Zike’s are designed to strengthen both sides of the body while reinforcing good posture for kids. I can see that happening every time my daughter gets on her Zike. She says she feels she’ll learn to ride this quicker than she will a bike and feels more comfortable on it. Whatever works, as I’m happy it helps her posture, balance and builds up her heart rate!

Here you can see the Zike in live action as hubby zikes down our street.

Riding a Zike increases one’s heart rate to an optimum aerobic level quickly and can maintain the heart rate providing ideal moderate-level cardiovascular exercise. Not only that it burns calories at a rate equivalent to step aerobics and rowing (burns in excess of 600 calories per hour). I can definitely burn more calories and I like that. It uses the calf muscle, thigh muscles and gluteus muscles while some trunk extension muscles and ankle muscles are also involved.

Overall Powered by Mom and family, including our four legged members all give it 5 out of 5 stars for a low impact exercise option that has a lot of benefits. I personally love that it’s easier on my joints as I have rheumatoid arthritis so that is important for me. Right now the Zike Z150 is also on sale for only $169, normally $329!

Make sure to connect with Zike on their site and social media channels and find out more about how you can have maximum fun with maximum benefits!


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  1. Susan Faatz says:


  2. Diane Sallans says:

    this looks like it would be a great workout! thanks for the review!

  3. Charity Cram says:

    I learned that you have improved posture when using the zike. What a great way to exercise~ =)

  4. Diane Elizabeth says:

    Wow, thanks for the review, i hadn’t seen these before. Great for all ages, good workout, and faster than walking..what’s not to love about that!

  5. Ashley Busse says:

    I love that this new “Zike” is a hybrid between a scooter and a bike! It looks like great exercise, and my son would get a kick out of it! I learned that it’s good for your heart, and heart health is very important!!!

  6. I like anything that’s easier than running!

  7. Erika Messer says:

    This really does look awesome – my daughter can’t yet ride a bike but this would be easy to teach her some great balance! I think she would just have a blast on this 🙂

  8. Dorothy Boucher says:

    It’s a hybrid of a bicycle , skateboard and push scooter and yes I want one 🙂

  9. Chrystal Thayer says:

    great for excerise. A bike, scotter and skateboard all in one

  10. This would be great exercise and easy on my 68 year old joints!

  11. Anyone can use it & it would be fun to exercise with.

  12. This Zike is So cool~ I just looked over this with my son and he just loves it. He asked me if anyone ever wins one? HA! I hope we do. But I love the fact that you stand straight and that also helps your posture! Can’t get better than that guys~

  13. This would be fun for the whole family.

  14. Lisa Konieczke says:

    I learned that Zike’s are designed to strengthen both sides of the body while reinforcing good posture for kids, that’s good. And I learned that my Hubby is not the only big kid who would ride this, haha.

  15. What a fun way to exercise! Our whole family would enjoy this!

  16. your hubby look like he had fun on that i could tkae it to the empty lot and do exercise on it wow

  17. Terri Carle says:

    What an awesome way to get the family to exercise 🙂

  18. Nena Sinclair says:

    This looks like so much fun! I’m thinking that this would make a great Christmas gift for my grandson!

  19. I love all the features of the Zike – especially the fact that it has two foot pedals, and that it enables you to maintain better posture than you’d have while riding a bike!

  20. How cool that Zike can improve your posture. I used to have great posture, then I started working at a computer all day! Would be nice to have a fun thing I can do that would remind me to be more aware of it.


  22. Patty knight says:

    This looks like it would be great fun and exercise for my grandkids.

  23. Patti Griner says:

    Would help kids stay fit, and be a lot of fun

  24. Looks like good exercise and lots of fun!

  25. Susan S., TN says:

    I love that its not just for kids. I think it looks like so much fun. And works the entire body. A great work out for everyone..

  26. Sandra Watts says:

    I learned they are not just for kids. Adults can have just as much fun on them.

  27. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I learned that even adults can have fun with these bikes.

  28. easier on ur joints and great exercise

  29. Gale McCarron says:

    What a great twist to exercising for the Family. Looks like a great deal of fun and easy to use. Great product!

  30. Donna Quarles says:

    Anyone can use it & it would be great exercise

  31. Carrie Conley says:

    Family friendly….fun way to exercise

  32. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    Besides having to stand straight and improving your posture, I also learned that I r-e-a-l-l-y want a Zike.

  33. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I learned that you have to stand up straight to use the Zike and that helps improve your posture.

  34. My granddaughter has hinted for a scooter for her birthday. I think she would love the Zike Z150 as it is a bike and a scooter. I never liked how you hunch over to ride a regular bike. The Zike would improve her posture and it can be used by her parents as well since the handlebar is adjustable. 🙂

  35. Bonny McDevitt says:

    This is AWESOME! Looks like a good work out also! 😉

  36. I like all the benefits that it has; especially improving ones poster

  37. Stephanie Griffith says:

    My daughter would love this

  38. This looks like a great thing for kids, active Alysia would love it. For me, possibly not so much

  39. Jason Stursma says:

    I like the Zike® Classic Hotshot® because it is the right age range for my son. I think he would have tons of fun on it!!

  40. alena svetelska says:

    this would be perfect for my daughter,low impact excersice.My daughters birthday is next month,maybe this would be her birthday present.

  41. So fun! I love that it improves posture!

  42. This looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  43. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Thanks for the review on the Zike. In particular I was glad to find that it helped to improve good posture. And so much fun!

  44. Laurie Nykaza says:

    Lower impact exercise the Zike is easier on your bones and joints than running is and has a ton more benefits This would be amazing for my my family to ride my daughter had cancer and my son a heart transplant and low impact is so good for them to keep them strong and healthy.

  45. Judy Lipcsak says:

    I like that you have to use your whole body to ride the Zike. It sounds like it would be a great workout for your core because you have to concentrate on your posture. Hopefully this will put less strain on the shoulders.

  46. Dorothy Teel says:

    This Zike is really neat, I like that it is easier to learn to ride then a bike and that it promotes better posture, and it is another way for children and adults to get more exercise.

  47. I like that this is low impact and easy on the joints.

  48. carmen miller says:

    I learned so many things; that zikes are great exercise, that they are three things in one, a bike, scooter, and skateboard. They are easier on your joints, and that’s always a plus. It’s good for your heart and burns calories. All positive things. I want one now!

  49. Angelica Pickney says:

    I love the fact that it is safe and they entire family 🙂 can enjoy it! Great Birthday gift for the kids; they all born in January!!! So one BIG PARTY & ONE GIFT! 🙂 Thanks for a chance.

  50. It does look like fun exercise. Learning about the aerobic level heart rate tells a lot about the exercise benefits you’d get on this. Ziking is on my bucket list!

  51. amy tolley says:

    well i learned that this bike will give you and your heart a work out …and that you have to use all your muscles to balance the zike and pedal it….this zike looks like such fun for kids and adults once you get the hang of it it seems pretty easy to ride thanks for this great review on this zike riding toy

  52. Rebecca HM. says:

    I love that you don’t have to hunch your back. I haven’t rode a bike since I was a teenager, and I have been bummed out that I can’t ride with my kids. But I suffer from a herniated disk in my lower back, sciatica, and scoliosis. It really hurts to hunch. But a Zike is perfect and I could get a really work out, plus its adjustable so my oldest could use it too. This would definitely help me get in shape, tone, and learn some balance(I could use that too 🙂 )

  53. I learned that it helps posture, balance and builds up one’s heart rate! Burns in excess of 600 calories per hour. Riding the Zike, builds muscle & is fun.

  54. Learned that Zike has a bike/scooter for all ages, there is no limit as to what you can do on tour Zike-

  55. Barrie Mac says:

    I love that there is no hunching like on a bike which bothers my back. This looks like work but fun too.

  56. Dorrie Turner says:

    My daughter loves her scooter but is scared of a bike yet, so I think this would be the best of both worlds in fun and exercise for her. The fact that she still can be upright will make he feel more stable while balancing and pedaling for control.

  57. Arena Thompson says:

    I learned that it’s good for ages 8 and up which would be great since my kiddo is about to turn 8!

  58. These look like so much fun! I love that the Zike Z150 goes up to a 160 lbs weight limit!

  59. I broke my ankle a couple of years ago, and I think this pedal motion would be way easier on it than my bike it. Zike makes me think of using an elliptical, but in a productive way. Cool product!

  60. Cristy Ridey says:

    It is strong enough to hold an adult up to 160 lbs

  61. I like that this is low impact and easy on the joints and that it helps with posture.

  62. amber kolb says:

    It’s a lower impact exercise that’s easy on the bones and joints! Great for kids!

  63. Kasee Johnson says:

    I think we could all benefit from the coordination training on a Zike. My clumsy gene seems to have infiltrated the lives of ALL of my children. We have a similar “bike”, the RockBoard Scooter, but it only has 1 platform to stand on, so it’s a lot more difficult for the younger kids. A Zike would work for all of us.

  64. Ingermaria Berryman says:

    Thanks for the great review! It looks so fun! I like that it gives a full body workout, improves posture and balance, works the core muscles, and is easy on the joints. I have chronic health conditions that I need to be careful of my body. I would love one for myself and my daughter. It looks like it would be a great active family activity.

  65. i had no idea this could improve posture! they always just seemed unsafe to me. will look into it!

  66. i found int interesting that it was good for posture!

  67. makes the muscles work together to maintain your balance.

  68. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    It holds up to 160 pounds which means all 7 of my kids can have fun on it.

  69. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I learned that it helps with good posture for kids

  70. Stacey Roberson says:

    I learned that the Zike is easier on your bones and joints, and has added benefits like improved posture.

  71. Mary Dailey says:

    I love that they can use these for a much longer time since they have a higher weight limit!

  72. Mary Dailey says:

    That looks like so much fun! I know all of my grandkids would love these!

  73. This Zike Z150 looks super cool and unique. I love the idea that they make a “3-in-1” product: bicycle, skateboard and push scooter. The Hot Shot is my favorite because it’s small and easy for first-time riders! Super cool 🙂
    Thank You for the review!

  74. I learned that it’s good for the heart and exercise

  75. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I learned that you burn more calories. that’s great!

  76. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love that it is a great way to get some exercise. Great that it has a 160 lb weight limit. Great for kids.

  77. lisa ehren says:

    wow what fun zikes new way ride my son loves to have

  78. Looks like it could give you a good work out too..loved the review! We have a rock board scooter that is what this reminded me of only cooler looking!

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