5 Best Friend Gift Ideas for Kids

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5 Best Friend Gift Ideas for Kids

My youngest daughter Fallon is 6 and has had a best friend since birth. It’s the cutest friendship and funniest story as they were both born on the same day. I’m talking only 2 hours apart. Hadley actually came to visit Fallon in our hospital room, so they are very close. PicturesOnGold is a perfect site to get a best friend a gift that can mean a lot to each of you.gift ideas


Perfect Best Friend Gift Ideas

Friendship bracelet- you can never go wrong with the classic friendship bracelet. You make it with embroidery floss and can do patterns that are simple or complex.

Sugar scrub- this may be for the older teen or adult. I know I would love if any of my friends made me a sugar scrub.

Open when letters- This is a fantastic BFF DIY gift idea. The premise is that you write something good inside for your friend so that when they are sad, or bored they open that specific one up and it makes them happy and lifts them up.

gifts for best friends

Picture collage- you can get a frame at the dollar store, it doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t want. Fill it up with all the pics of you and your BFF over the years.


Locket- This one is more expensive, but sites like PicturesOnGold make it very affordable. You can engrave it and they are beautiful. Even better you can have any picture you want on the inside by a laser. This way the photo doesn’t ever fall out.

Photo Engraved Mesh Charmed Bracelets– PicturesOnGold has these awesome bracelets that have charms on them. They adjust to make them small enough so that you can fit them to a child’s wrist. You can do silver, gold, or rose gold and add as many charms as you can fit if you want to.5 Best Friend Gift Ideas

Why PicturesOnGold

Everyone loves to feel special. PicturesOnGold helps you give your BFF a gift that reminds them that you think they are special to you. I mean, yes, I know Fallon is only 6 but Hadley is her person. When she saw that bracelet and I asked if she wanted one with her picture on it, she’s the one that came up with the idea of giving one to Hadley. She wanted to share the excitement and joy.

The quality is great, and I was very impressed with how quickly it shipped considering it’s a specialty item and had to be made custom. Overall, we have been very pleased with the bracelet and both the girls love them.5 Best Friend Gift IdeasOf course, if these bracelets aren’t your style like I mentioned above check out the lockets, or all the other jewelry they have to offer. There is a huge assortment and I’m sure something will catch your eye.


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  1. My granddaughter got a friendship necklace from a friend when she was 4 and still treasures it many years later.