$50 Visa Gift Card Rock the Dog Giveaway

$50 Visa Gift Card Rock the Dog Guest Giveaway

Open to US Only – Ends 3/2

Who is ready for another fun family movie? Rock the Dog is coming out on February 24th and to celebrate here’s an awesome giveaway with a $50 Visa Gift Card and Rock the Dog prize pack!


Have you heard about this great new Film- ROCK DOG? It opens in Theaters on FRIDAY, 2/24!

Mom Does Reviews is happy to host this fun giveaway!

About the Film


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When a radio falls from the sky into the hands of a wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff, he leaves home to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician, setting into motion a series of completely unexpected events. ROCK DOG opens in theaters. February 24, 2017 starring Luke Wilson (Bodi), Eddie Izzard (Angus), J.K. Simmons (Khampa), Lewis Black (Linnux), Kenan Thompson (Riff), Mae Whitman (Darma), Jorge Garcia (Germur), with Matt Dillon (Trey) and Sam Elliott (Fleetwood Yak). Rated PG.

Free Printables!

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Get ready for ‪Rock Dog – in theaters February 24! Enjoy FREE activity and coloring sheets. Click here to get started! Or click on the image below!


One lucky reader will win $50 Visa to see the film in theaters and a Beanie, Tambourine and Temporary Tattoo!

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The giveaway ends 3/2 at 1159p est

Prizing and samples courtesy of Lionsgate Premiere.

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  1. Cathy Coibion says:

    Our dogs love to jump on everyone!

  2. Jerry Marquardt says:

    The adventures my pup gets into are trouble and more trouble. He is so cute, it is hard to stay angry long with those eyes…

  3. Lynne Chambers says:

    My dog almost daily does things to entertain us. She chases the birds in the backyard, she puts her hear in her toy box to pick out her toy of the moment, chases her tail, bounces and catches her ball. She’s awesome!

  4. My dog gets out and we have to chase him for awhile

  5. laurie murley says:

    not much, he stays home alot

  6. Catherine Wooster says:

    My dogs like to cause trouble together…they are partners in crime! LOL

  7. Perlita Mata says:

    Oreo, our doggie loves to run away from us when we aren’t watching lol he is such a trouble maker!

  8. Arik Issan says:

    My doxie loves to chase rabbits!

  9. I don’t have a dog but my two grandpuppies can do just about whatever they want to because one weighs 135 pounds and the other weighs 140 pounds. They’re real sweethearts though.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  10. Barking and chewing on the fence…and she is 11.

  11. Deanna Capasso says:

    I only have a cat at the moment.

  12. My dog always loves jumping into the creek with my son in the summer and swimming on a hot day.

  13. Judy Schechter says:

    When I was young we had a beautiful Siberian Husky but he literally ATE THE WALLS so we couldn’t keep him!

  14. Mindi Eden says:

    Our little doggy loves to drag the cat around by the neck!!

  15. Buddy Garrett says:

    Rocky takes me for walks.

  16. Our dog Tank is old so he doesn’t have any adventures any more. He gets into trouble when he gets into the trash.

  17. I don’t have a dog right now 🙁

  18. Our dogs like hiking and playing outside.

  19. Tara Liebing says:

    Our dog will take his bones into the backyard and bury them in different spots and leave them for a few days to a week and then go find them chew on them and them and hide them again because he doesn’t like our other dog to chew them.

  20. Sherry Compton says:

    We have a very skittish maltipoo. An adventure to her is growling at the door when the wind blows the grill cover off the grill outside. Other adventures include riding in the car…she loves to go.

  21. trying to dig under our fence, and sometimes succeeding and escaping

  22. Andrea Darst says:

    Our younger dog loves to roll around in the yard – whether in the grass, snow, leaves or mud. He’s always covered in something when he comes back inside!

  23. Usually the kind that end up with him bringing back “gifts” for the family that we have to hide from the kiddos

  24. Teresa A Thompson says:

    She likes chasing critters in the woods.

  25. My dog and I like to go hiking! She is a great hiker and is always on the lookout of snakes!

  26. He is older and just likes to lie around.

  27. Nicole Ackerman says:

    My dog loves to eat the trash and my socks!

  28. alessandro p says:

    blake loves to go hiking

  29. renee black says:

    Every time I go to my friends house her Brittany spaniel chews on my shoes or drags my things out through the doggy door. I think that she is jealous

  30. Kortney Lah says:

    Uhm, considering she’s a brat. What kinds of adventures DOESN’T she go on? She tears up all sorts of things. Thank goodness for bedrooms with no furniture because with her separation anxiety, while we’re working she eats it.

  31. Danielle Day says:

    Used to go for walks all the time.

  32. She’s okay..but most adventurous and alarming..stepping on a copperhead and was bit..almost died..expensive hospital stay..during a hike.

  33. Angela Saver says:

    Our dog likes to hang out with the kids & sleep!

  34. Our dog loves to get in the trash as soon as we leave the house. We have to put the trash can out of sight before we leave.

  35. Kayla Klontz says:

    Mine died holes like he’s trying to escape to China! Lol.

  36. lisagee1234 says:

    Not a lot. Kind of big and lazy. Walks taken daily though.

  37. Victoria Scott says:

    I don’t have a dog, but I have 2 cats that some of the time think they are dogs! They fetch! haha

  38. My dog sees everything as an adventure and uses my house as his playground.

  39. Wendy Pesce says:

    Swimming- loves running into the lake after a ball

  40. Cathleen King says:

    I don’t have a dog, but if I did, he or she would do a barking adventure.

  41. Nancy Bowers says:

    She is getting into heavenly adventures now.

  42. My dog likes to play with pullie rope with my husband.

  43. He gets into adventures with his buddies at the dog park.

  44. Geri Sandoval says:

    I think my dogs want to go on an adventure to China, because they’re dugging they way there.

  45. He gets into lots of adventures chasing chipmunks and squirrels in the backyard.

  46. Gwendolyn Jordan says:

    He tears up my yard

  47. amanda roach says:

    considering we just got a new puppy a lot lol

  48. Ashley Richey says:

    She loves to explore the yard and go on trips!

  49. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    My dogs adventure is going for long walks.

  50. Our dog is pretty timid and low-key. Her biggest adventure is probably sneaking up on the couch when she knows she’s not allowed to be up there, LOL!

  51. Jay Jackson says:

    My dog loves to torment the squirrels in my yard.

  52. ANNETTE FISHER says:


  53. I don’t have a dog, but my cat is always exploring and curious of every little thing. This looks like a fun movie.

  54. Cynthia A Smith says:

    I have a 10 week old husky and he is teething, and learning so much.He is the best puppy ever with a 11 month old,4 year old and a 6 year old, his future looks bright!

  55. Krystal Waters says:

    Not much she’s older and doesn’t really get around a lot now.

  56. Cathy Philipps says:

    I don’t have a dog but my cat is constantly getting herself stuck in boxes and bags!

  57. my dogs like going on a road trip with us

  58. justin orkin says:

    I like to explore the yard all day

  59. Melvin Golden says:

    I have a Husky and a toy poodle .and their awesome dogs I ‘he had the poodle for 16 years and they Husky for 2 and the poodle is the Boss .He is the boss of the house

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