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Do you need a little help with your weight loss? PGX from Webbers Naturals can help. You feel fuller for longer with PGX! Read on to find out more and of course enter the giveaway!

About PGX

PGX® Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels and Supports Weight Management. They have found that a unique combination of natural fibres can help people safely reduce appetite, as part of a program to prevent weight gain. As more and more people become aware of the health risks connected to excess weight, they are seeking natural ways to improve eating habits and control food cravings. When you can effectively control appetite, you can reduce food consumption and lose weight. Impact on Glycemic Index: Results showed that when PGX is consumed before or with foods or beverages, it can reduce the glycemic index of meals by up to 50%, partly by
reducing the speed of digestion. This contributes to healthy blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity.

Powered by Mom’s Review

I receive the PGX Daily softgels, granules, travel packs and the SATISFAST, PGX & Whey Protein to review. They all have their benefits for use and I eventually found myself using all of them at one point or another. I like the softgels for when I don’t have time to make something to put the other products in. They are large but still can be easily swallowed and your done, easy peasy. The granules and the whey protein powder are excellent for smoothies which I do make almost every day but there have been a few days where I was behind so didn’t make my smoothies and those are the days I took the softgels. I keep a couple of the travel packs in my handbag now when I’m out and about and haven’t had time do do anything so at least I can add them to my food if I’m out eating. They don’t have any flavor so it can be added to any food, it does have a bit of a grainy texture but that didn’t bother me. I would often add the travel packs to a salad or soup and wouldn’t even notice it was on there!

Now I have to admit that over the course of a few weeks I had to adjust my intake of the PGX a few times. You should start out slow and build up otherwise you can encounter some back up of you know what I mean and might be a bit gassy. I started out slow but I think I upped my intake too quickly so I had to cut it back down. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out what worked for me but now that I have I’m starting to see some results!

I am definitely fuller for much longer now so any cravings I was getting before which was a lot are diminishing! How wonderful is that?! PGX really does help to keep you fuller for longer so I feel confident it will help me with my goal to lose some weight! Don’t just take my word for it though check out this video from Dr. Oz where they talk about the benefits of PGX!


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  1. Just had a baby & am trying to lose the weight & get in shape for summer. Thanks for the awesome giveaway for your Canadian fans!

  2. Kim Barrett says:

    I already use many Webber Naturals products, but I’d like to try PGX to help lose weight.

  3. Carrie Butler says:

    I do need some help with weightloss! I trust the brand too!

  4. Susan Meyer says:

    I am trying to be healthy by losing weight and taking vitamins.

  5. I am trying to take better care of my health but it is expensive trying products to see what works for me. This would be a nice help.

  6. Rhonda W G. says:

    I’m in my mid forties and trying to keep from gaining more weight!

  7. I haven’t tried them before so i would love to try them!

  8. I really need to get rid of some weight!

  9. Jennifer L. says:

    I like to buy supplements for my family and I’d love to try these.

  10. I’d like to win cause I don’t think I’ve tried webber naturals before. I keep hearing about their products and would like to try them.

  11. Already a fan of Webber Naturals. This would help greatly with all the vitamins I purchase.

  12. Florence C says:

    I take vitamins and would love to try the Webbers Natural products

  13. I have tried the PGX and some other Webber protein powders and have been very satisfied with them. Great flavours, easy mixing, and pretty solid nutrition for a decent pricepoint. What more could you ask for?

  14. I have bought Webber Naturals vitamins and would love to win.

  15. Lately I have been feeling a little off and i think I need a natural boost.

  16. Rose Holloway says:

    I trust the Webbers Naturals Brand

  17. I’d love to try Webber Naturals – I always take supplements, so I’d like to see how this brand compares.

  18. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’m trying to lose some baby weight and stay healthy so I’d like to try Webber Naturals as a part of my strategy of staying healthy.

  19. Love to try because I’ve seen the brand on the shelves but never had an opportunity to get my hands on a product.

  20. Because I want to be healthier and Webber is a well known trusted brand

  21. sandra mitchell says:

    Getting older so need so boost

  22. natasha severson says:

    would like all the help i can get to be healthier.. love to try new things as well 🙂

  23. Beth Gallinger says:

    I’ve heard good things about Webbers from family, so I’d like to try a few products from them.

  24. Always looking for ways to make our family healthier – these products will help and it will save us money too.

  25. candess phillips says:

    I want to try Webber Naturals products becasue I NEED a health boost. My goal is to loose fifty pounds this year. This wouild help with supplements ect.

  26. Would love to try to help with my resolution to become as healthy as possible this year!

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