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The name behind Powered by Mom came about after much contemplation of what I wanted this site to represent. I knew I wouldn’t necessarily be a “mom” blog and there’s lots of amazing mom blogs out there. I wasn’t going to write just on parenting and I couldn’t seem to settle on a niche. So I decided to take the direction of pursuing all the things that interest me. The more I thought about it the more I realized, moms and women in general we just do so much and have so many layers to us. One of the women I most admired was my mom. She came to Canada without knowing the language, no family or friends besides my dad and a two year old toddler (yes me) and made a home, family, friend and became a big part of a community. I know that where I get my desire to build and be a part of a community so in short my mom inspired the name Powered by Mom. Mom and women we power the world from our big and small communities all in our own way so this is to all of us. We hope you become a part of our community as we welcome everyone who wants to share and build the community.

PBM About Page

Meet Powered by Mom and her wonderful team!

  • Michelle – Owner/Founder, Editor in Chief
  • Sian – Daughter/Reviewer
  • Paul – Husband/Reviewer
  • Amanda – Review Writer
  • Amy – Review Writer
  • Arena – Travel Writer
  • Beth – Review Writer
  • Bobbie – Review Writer
  • Diane – Review Writer
  • Jaime – Travel Writer
  • Julee – Travel Writer

Hello! I’m Michelle aka Powered by Mom. I’m married with one daughter, my hubby was my high school sweetheart, our two dogs Luna and Little Zeus and our cat Oliver. As you can see we’re a family of animal lovers. We live in the Vancouver area of beautiful British Columbia Canada. However, Powered by Mom covers Canada and the United States with my team of writers (see below about them) being all over the US and we live only 15 minutes from the Washington State border. We get to enjoy all the wonderful things that the west coast has to offer and frequently visit the US as well.

I have a Master’s of Arts in Leadership and worked in universities for over 16 years doing event management, human resources, recruitment communications, student recruitment events, social media and international education. I was drawn to starting a blog as I love to write and connect with people for the purposes of sharing experiences, helping each other and building communities of practice in life. 

In addition to Powered by Mom, I am a social media and community manager as well as a part time Promotions Manager over at yoyomama, a Vancouver family focused site for parents on the go. Like many of you I’m a busy mama and gal who has varied interests but the things most important to me are my family, education in all forms, our health, animal advocacy (adopt don’t shop) and doing what we can to help our planet Earth.

Powered by Mom is is about connecting, sharing and building community.  I love to receive your thoughts any time so feel free to email us any time and if we can help we will. CONTACT ME

My husband


 My beautiful daughter


Our beloved furry family members


Our wonderful writers/team members


Arena Blake is the wife of a Nerd and mom of a boy who loves his Star Wars blankie. She shares creative ideas, yummy recipes, and fun crafts on The Nerd’s Wife, a Dallas mom blog. She loves traveling the world with her family and you can follow along on her adventures via Instagram .



A quirky, dorky Virginia transplant with an appetite to taste the world and blog about them. Bon Jovi fangirl, mom to many, cupcake connoisseur, ready to travel. Find me writing about the chaotic comedy I’ve come to call my life on Mommy’s Memorandum and The Huffington Post.



Hi, I’m Katrina. I’ve been married since 2009 and have 2 daughters. Mya who is 12 and Fallon who is 2. We love watching movies together, play games and just have fun. I graduated from college with a degree in multimedia web design. Even though I don’t do much designing right now I do still work online through blogging, and social media managing. I’m a huge technology/electronics fan so I enjoy testing out the newest and latest products out there and sharing my thoughts to my readers. In my free time I help run a few online support groups. Most of them focus on life after weight loss surgery including safety losing the weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding. I really enjoy helping the people and have learned a ton myself in the process.


I am a mom of two wonderful kids, 15 and 11.  I am married to my favorite person…and have been for almost 17 years.  We have two dogs, a big one and a little one.  Oh, and a turtle,whom my son has named affectionately, Leroy Jenkins.  I have a marketing and business degree, but absolutely love writing product reviews. It lets my creative side out.  I also read as many novels as I can, it’s my guilty pleasure as well as working in my flower garden.


I am the lone force behind Moms and Crafters. I live in New York although I’m definitely still a Jersey girl at heart. I’m a craft-addict and thought I’d share my ideas with the world. I make jewelry in my spare time. Okay, who am I kidding? I don’t have any spare time… While managing my home, family, and life, I write tutorials and work as a freelance graphic designer.



  1. Judy Thomas says:

    It is so lovely to read about the bloggers behind the blog 🙂 Hi from New Zealand!

  2. This is helpful – you have a lot going on!

  3. Thanks for a tuturtorial on how to explore more of you & your’e family’s website. Thanks for all!

  4. Heather Garcia says:

    I have been following you for a while and never realized you have a team also. I really enjoyed reading the bios of everyone. We have an Oliver cat too and a Flower. I think Oliver gained 20 pounds whle we were on vacation, no one to deter him from eating Flowers food.

  5. Didn’t realize your daughter was on staff:) She earns her allowance and room & board:) I’m in NC like one of your bloggers. Love that your family have and love 4-legged family members. We have 4 ourselves, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a teen son, too;)

  6. Amber Nara says:

    I want to say it was great to meet you and lean through you in the about me area of your blog! I too am an animal lover family and it gives me much joy to be a fan of your blog! Thank You for all the hard work that you put into it 😉

  7. Cute little doggy 🙂

  8. Elizabeth Yanko says:

    Nice picture of you and your husband. Cute animals too. I enjoy your giveaways

  9. Jessica Fortner says:

    I’d choose amazon or Target.

  10. Enjoy what you offer through your website throughout the week and we have the furry family members in common. Here it’s Abbey Cat (she’s striped like yours) and Rudy Dog- Jack Russell mix.

  11. cathy henatyszen says:

    Thanks for the nice blog, and letting all of us into your virtual livingroom. Wish your family happy holidays

  12. Greetings:
    Thanks Michelle, for the awesome giveaway.Almond Fresh.
    Just rec. my useful coupons. Will be enjoying drinking
    and making the tasty recipes from the Earths Own site.
    thanks again
    Dayle. from the Pacific coast too.

  13. Rebecca Miller says:

    I love to buy books,dolls and just about everything from Amazon

  14. I enjoy your blog and all the fantastic giveaways! Thank you for all you do.

  15. love this site

  16. I just love following you on your blog. I have been wondering if there is a father or dad blog group out there like there is a mom one. Do you know if there is one or not?
    There is one thing I sure do like about your blog which is I can go to it to find most of all the giveaways out there. Thanks very much!

  17. Desiree says:


  18. Elaine Bell says:

    Hi Michelle, it’s me again. I am having a difficult time reading the turqouise lettering on your purple background. I hope you’ll consider using a different color for the print. Thanks!

  19. Elaine Bell says:

    I enjoy your blog and all the great giveaways. Thanks for all the time you spend.

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