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Biographies are the readers version of reality TV. They usually entail twists turns, human interest, human depravity or flaws, and all the juicy things we enjoy watching only many times (unless they are biographies of a celebrity) we get the added ability to exercise our minds recognition of proper grammar and the potential to learn something. The added ability to learn something is probably why I prefer a good book over a reality TV show, game-shows and sitcoms are another story for me. What does this have to do with Anatolian Days and Nights, well I preferred this book over not only the reality shows but some of my normal sitcoms as well. It wasn’t full of smut either, but had an amazing balance of human story with history, culture, and language exploration. It all starts with the thoughts and experiences of two woman and becomes a love-story that I didn’t see coming.

I originally agreed to review this book because I (if I’m honest) thought the cover looked cool.  Yes, we can all be drawn in by external appearance and I was with the sunset like colors and romantic feeling the cover displayed.  Now, I have read some books with horrible covers that are amazing and leave you thinking what happened with the cover.  Then, there are the books with amazing covers that should just have been admired for the great cover and never open.  For this reason, I truly didn’t allow my enjoyment of the cover to cloud my potential dislike of the content.

I honestly started reading and had the thoughts that it was going to be two woman’s trip together and either very full of smut, which I hate, or very boring with nothing but pretentious cultural facts tossed at you as the woman try to expose us to the Turkish culture and sub-consciously stroke their own ego at how culturally open they are in comparison to the rest of us.  I was very wrong.  My first impression was proven wrong in chapter 2 and continued through the book.  I still was exposed to the historical facts for the area, the cultural details, and language exploration that a good biography entails, however the woman’s emotions and experiences brought a flow to it all that make it for a great read.

You get the dynamics of two different lifestyles still allowing for a unifying bond to form with the woman over a simple love of travel and specifically of Turkey.  While my personal feelings towards how to lead ones life differs in many ways, they tell their story in a way not to challenge other peoples opinions, but to simple tell their story.  It isn’t an excuse or justification filled bio where we get the feeling we should feel a choice or decision they made is the one to have, but just a this is what happened, how if made me feel, and here’s to hoping this knowledge takes you somewhere feeling.  I greatly appreciated that since often people, including me at times, write as though their choices and opinions are supreme.

One of my favorite parts of this story is told by Joy.  She explains her decision to make the trip to Turkey and the turmoil and split feelings she had over taking this particular trip.  It was wrote in a way that I, as a mother, could fully relate to and understand just how hard of a decision it was for her to make.  Her daughters words, as she recalls in the bio, are remembered by me because it seemed that they were where her turning point was for whether or not to make the trip.  I really appreciated that part being added as it made the story even more relate-able to me.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was their exposure of the male vs female culture in Turkey.  The dynamics of it go past the simple men do as they please and woman rule the nest.  They do talk of that aspect, but also the almost mystical power some of the woman have over the men driving or controlling them to adhere to guidelines which best suite the couple.  They also talk of the flip side where the control is solely around the man or first born son.  They give different insights into how the woman deal or in one particular case they describe how some woman try to escape.  They also offer an insight that for some woman they wouldn’t change the roles, even if I’m not sure they realized they showed that, I can think of one particular woman who kept to herself as she was expected and while she seemed to want for a womanly conversation with the authors she also seemed very content bustling about the kitchen.

They also speak of the appreciation for food and drink which almost seems to hinder on a love affair each man and some of the woman have that at times makes me wonder if it has bewitched a few away from their relationships.  Their are times when food is discussed to such a level between the locals you would assume, if you had no insight to the language, they were discussing a spouse/child/job and potentially crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed in the discussion.  It’s interesting how a love of something that is merely a requirement for life can create such an ingrained cultural identity in a person where the passion they discuss it with is at times more emotional than a discussion of a human love story.

What keeps you reading to the end of this book is the expectation of closure with the “friend” of theirs who started their journey together and the desire to hear them describe the Whirling Dervishes.  We all have heard about them, but reading about them in a bio is like getting an inside look at their custom beamed into your head and that is too delicious for any intellectual to refuse.  The human dirt side of us want resolution to the “friends” story which keeps us reading as well.  I will tell you that one of these two desires gets full-filled but you will have to read it to find out which one it is!

I give this book 3 Whirling Dervishes out of 3!  I will be having to read this book again to catch all the cultural and historical facts intertwined with their adventure and I love books that I know I have to go back to, but don’t feel overwhelmed with information while reading.  It shows a great balance in writing when an author can pull that off!  I highly recommend you read and enjoy this book, especially if you, like me, one day dream of travelling!  You can either go online and buy this book now or enter to win this giveaway including the book, a $25.00 Starbucks card, and magnetic page markers!!!!

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  1. Baklava anytime

  2. christina serrano says:

    day 3 🙂

  3. day 7…baklava…delish!

  4. i think day 10 i would enjoy

  5. TRACY SIMMS says:

    DAY 6: Grand Bazaar–seems like so much funn and Turkey has soo much history! tracy simms

  6. Teresa Thompson says:

    Day 4 looks really nice.

  7. Day 3

  8. Petra Starr says:

    I like day 6 to visit the Grand Bazar but also to see the Suleymaniye Mosque.

    Wonderful tour. I wish I could take it


  9. DAY 10: Hot Air Balloon tour (optional) and Greek town
    I think greek town structures are beautiful!

  10. Sarah Belair says:

    DAY 10: Hot Air Balloon tour (optional) and Greek town
    I love Greek town structures, they are beautiful

  11. Tammy Owens/ Botzon says:

    Day 3!

  12. amy linderman says:

    day 7 baklava factory

    amy guillaume linderman

  13. laurie brown says:

    Day 5

  14. Teresa Moore says:

    Def Day 7…Baklava!!

  15. Rachel Wierenga says:

    day 7! yum!
    Rachel Wierenga

  16. sarai martinez says:

    I am between day 3 and day 5

  17. I like day 3!!

  18. Nikki Mann says:

    Day 3!

  19. amanda ward says:

    Day 7 I tried making baklava on eyear it was good but I bet taht it is excellent there

  20. catherine c says:

    i like day 4

  21. day 10 and day 3! those sound amazing!

  22. jenn lignoski says:

    day 7 yummy buklava

  23. Paula Gillespie says:

    My choice is 100% day seven. I love Baklava. I have a package hidden right now from my family. LOL!

  24. I like Day 7!

  25. heather whitlock says:

    I can’t decide between days 6 and 9.

  26. Lisa Puckett says:

    Day 7 Baklava!! Yummy!!

  27. Lynn Wittner says:

    Day 7….The BAKLAVA Tour! YUMMY 🙂

  28. Day 3 with all the fresh produce.

  29. rebecca kremis says:

    day 7 Baklava
    TY for the giveaway!

  30. Barbara Compton Kesterson says:

    Day 7, I love Baklava

  31. John Joseph says:

    day 3 is my favorite

  32. day 7, who does not love Baklava!

  33. Heather Badgwell says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. DAY 5

  35. “” is not available !?

  36. viviana rodriguez says:

    DAY 4 Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise

  37. day 3 because of the cooking sounds yummy. thanks for giveaway

  38. Heidi Dean says:

    Tough choice but I think I’d have to go with day 6.

  39. Rhonda Houchin says:

    Day 7 Baklava tour. yummm I love baklava

  40. Laurel Klem says:

    Day 8 ,A trip to the underground city of Kaymakli sounds really cool.

  41. J A john says:

    day 7 baklava factory tour ,yummy yum

  42. Sandra W. says:

    day 7… baklava! yum!

  43. robert hogan says:

    DAY 3: Exploring Beyoglu and Cooking class

  44. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    DAY 7: Baklava Factory is my favorite of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Definitely day 4 – Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise

  46. The first day would be mind blowing…but day 7 to see a real “grand Bazaar” would be cool.

  47. Lisa Stonesifer says:

    It’s so hard to pick from 10 days! I guess I would say Day 10 for the Hot Air Balloon Ride & tour of the old Greek houses & have lunch in one. Plus you tour the oldest settlements in Greece. Who wouldn’t want to tour Greece this way?! I have always wanted to see Greece & the old houses on the islands & how they’re packed together & this would be such an exceptional trip! I’ll have to look into this because this book has made me want to go there even more!

  48. I think day 2, but it is hard to decide

  49. Day 7 for me 🙂

  50. Jessica c says:

    thanks for the great giveaway

  51. Cherry May D. says:

    DAY 8: Departure to Cappadocia!!!
    oldest winery/underground city

  52. I have lived in Turkey for 7 yrs as an exchange student and managed to visit Istanbul and cover all of the days mentioned. If there was ever a trip or day I would love to take is to visit Cappadocia(day 10).I never managed to visit that part of the Country. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Turkey! I plan one day I want to revisit Turkey and take my family with me and get to see my classmates again!

  53. Arlene Whitfield says:

    Day 7 – Baklava…yummo!!
    Arlene Whitfield

  54. DAY 4: Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise- that looked cool@!

  55. I love cooking so day 3 is my fave!

  56. Day 6: Grand Bazaar. I love to explore and shop! 🙂

  57. tiffani davenport says:

    Day 3 cause I love cooking!

  58. jennifer speed says:

    Day 3 is my favorite…

  59. Nancy Moral says:

    Day 3 is my favorite. I love to cook; especially if I’m able to experience a different culture while doing it.

  60. rebecca day says:

    Day 10

  61. day 3!

  62. LisaY.27 says:

    Day 7 ’cause the guy’s face is PRICELESS!!! Hahah, looks so uncomfortable. (x

  63. Candace Little says:

    DAY 3: Exploring Beyoglu and Cooking class

    I love to eat and cook 🙂

  64. i would love day 2 to go to a structure that is the biggest for over a thousand years and to see the way they built it…so fascinating

  65. Melissa Valencia says:

    DAY 10: Hot Air Balloon tour (optional) and Greek town… I would love to visit there!

  66. carmen york says:

    day 4

  67. Day Three would be my favorite: Exploring Beyoglu and cooking class.

  68. I chose the explore Beyoglu and cooking class. I love to learn to cook different cultures of food. I have been to Germny.Holland, and France. I have friends in India and alot of countries. So, ya I am big fan of learning all I can. 🙂

  69. Charlotte Robinson says:

    I love the idea of DAY 3: Exploring Beyoglu and Cooking class but DAY 7 sounds really yummy also

    Charlotte Robinson charlotterobinson81 (at)yahoo(dot)com

  70. Sharon Cummings says:

    Umm not sure cause i like alot of things but most i like seeing old places and scenery. Day 8 about the walking of rugs is interesting. But i know i couldn’t fly out of country at this time. But i would love the starbucks.

  71. shawna durk says:

    did somone say 7 all the way 😀
    shawna durk

  72. Kisha Cotton says:

    DAY 7- Baklava for me!!!

  73. Erin Hankins says:

    DAY 4: Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise

  74. Tina Marie Daggett says:

    Day 4 sounds grrrreat to me:)

  75. amanda roach says:

    day 3 for me

  76. Jennifer Hedden says:

    Day 3 is my favorite.

  77. kelly nicholson says:

    Visit and go to their Our Turkey Tour tab and tell me which day is your favorite commenting below? Don’t forget to include your name and email!

    day 7 baklava

  78. Angela s says:
  79. Melissa B says:

    Day 3.

  80. It’s probably just me but I couldn’t identify several of the logos that you asked us to vote–sorry. I did where I could identify them and think this is a fun giveaway! 🙂

  81. rebecca says:

    day 3! the food 🙂

  82. DAY 4: Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise..

    the Code Of Hammurabi is something I’ve been interested in….

  83. Valerie Strawmier says:

    My favorite is between Day 4 and Day 10, but I guess if I had to pick one, I would choose Day 4. 🙂 Sounds like a great trip!

  84. stephanie miller says:

    how awesome!! this sounded the best to me, There, we will stay in luxurious comfort in a cave hotel with womblike rooms built into soft tufa stone.

  85. Krystal Ramirez says:

    I like Day 7- I would love trying all that fresh made Baklava.

  86. JODI BRADSHAW says:

    DAY 4: Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise

  87. My favorite day, I think, is DAY 3: Exploring Beyoglu and Cooking class. Sounds like fun!

  88. chelesa sims says:

    day 5 is my favorite because I love food and it is a good thing to try new foods.

  89. michelle combs says:

    DAY 4: Topkapı Palace – Bosphorus Cruise is my favorite because a cruise sounds great

  90. I like DAY 7: Baklava Factory

  91. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    DAY 7: Baklava Factory is my favorite day.

  92. Kimberly Davis says:

    I liked Day 7. I would have loved trying all that fresh made Baklava made from the factory. Oh yum I love Baklava. Thank you for this giveaway! P.S. I could not find a timeline as to how many hours and days,just the date.

  93. michelle oakley warner says:

    i would love day 3
    michelle warner

  94. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Day 7 Baklava TouR!!! Yummy!

  95. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    *sigh* Istanbul. I’ve always hoped that I’d get to see these cities in my life.

  96. Chrissy R. says:

    Day 3 is my favorite…I love taking cooking classes and it would be so fun to shop for the food and learn how to cook a new type of cuisine. 🙂

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