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Armitron Men's Watch

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About the Armitron Men’s Black IP Stainless Steel Day and Date Bracelet Watch

The Armitron Watch is classy black stainless steel watch perfect for businessmen or can even be used for just a day in and day out type of watch. The black stainless steel look mixed with the sunray dial adds a lot of class. It features a silver-tone hour, minute and second sweep hand. My husband especially loves how easy the watch is to place on his arm. The watch is easily slid on his arm like a bracelet and then secured in place with the one touch, two button fold-over clasp feature.

Key Features:

  • day/date window
  • Water resistant up to 165 feet
  • Additional Links available if needed

Armitron Watch

One lucky reader will receive this Armitron Men’s Watch!

Now go and enter the giveaway and remember to come back for the daily entries. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. It would be for my friend.

  2. My dad

  3. vivian blevins says:


  4. This would be for my hubby! His watch broke over a year ago and he needs one. Thanks and God Bless!

  5. Joy Venters says:

    it would be for my best friend of over 40 years

  6. Buddy Garrett says:

    It would be for me. I’m sorry that you are having so many problems with people entering who are not following the rules. Come on people you make it bad for all of us. If I had a blog I don’t think I could run a contest.

  7. Kristen Benson says:

    I would gift it to a loved one

  8. Philip Lawrence says:

    The watch would be my Xmas gift to myself!

  9. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I would like to win this for my brother, because he would love it. He would think I am so cool if I could win this for him.

  10. It would be for either my husband or my son. I’ll make that decision when the time comes. Best of luck to all!

  11. Richard Hicks says:

    I might keep it for myself

  12. kim brooks says:

    if i wn this watch i would gift it to either my father or my boyfriend but most likely my dad because he loves watches and deserves a new one. thank you for the chance

  13. I would love to win this watch for my nephew. It’s definitely his style.

  14. I’d give this to my co worker who loves watches.

  15. This would be for my husband. He’d love it.

  16. Sarah Hayes says:

    this would be for my friend

  17. Maria Urena says:

    It would be for my boyfriend.

  18. This watch would be for my father.

  19. My husband would love this watch.

  20. Brandon Sparks says:

    This watch would be for me. I could really use this.

  21. Christina Peters says:

    I would give this stunning watch to my boyfriend of 26+ years. He’s always late so maybe this would help him be on time!!

  22. It wuld be for my husband

  23. this watch would be for my boyfriend. he really needs one and this one is really nice!!!

  24. This would be for my husband if I won. He works two full-time jobs and is always needing to check the time.

  25. Rachel Browning says:

    This would be for my son he doesn’t have one so this would be great for him.

  26. Michelle H. says:

    This watch would be for my oldest son.

  27. Christian Alejandro says:

    I would love it for myself. It looks great.

  28. Sabrina Templin says:

    I want to give this to my little brother.

  29. The black really looks cool and I’ve had Armitron in the past and very good wathes!

  30. Amber cheras says:

    I would love this for my father!

  31. aaron reck says:

    I would like to have the watch so it would be for me. Thanks so much.

  32. Donna Jacoby says:

    I would like this watch for my son. Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. stephanie bastien says:

    i would maybe gift this to my oldest son or my father

  34. Brandy Schwartz says:

    This watch would be for my husband.

  35. alice minx says:

    I would probably gift this to my brother. He’s outside a lot for his job, so being water resistant this is perfect for him

  36. michelle k says:

    I would give this to my son.

  37. susan smoaks says:

    this would be my Christmas gift to my husband. he needs a new watch and he would love this one.

  38. I would give this watch to my husband

  39. Fredrick Pauly says:

    My son Adam

  40. I want the watch for my son.

  41. Emory Brooks says:

    I would have to say this watch would totally be for me. 🙂 Gifting to myself if I win

  42. Ronda Patrick says:

    My son would LOVE this watch! He has a couple that he wears on different occasions, this would be an amazing addition!!!!

  43. It would be for myself !

  44. Abigail Gibson says:

    I would gift this watch to my dad.

  45. Robert Young says:


  46. Reginald S says:

    This would be a gift for my son, to complete the professional look for his job interviews.

  47. Walter Van Tine says:

    Everyday watch

  48. rick vollmer says:

    So nice , would love this .

  49. It would be for my brother

  50. Diane Therkildsen says:

    for my brother

  51. The watch would be for my husband. He still wears watches, wonders why people use phones for checking the time.

  52. Diana McDonald says:

    I learned that the batteries lasts one to two years. Wow!

  53. Diana McDonald says:

    My husband

  54. Margaret Smith says:

    This watch would be for my husband. Thanks so much.

  55. Ann Fantom says:

    If I won, I would give this watch to my husband

  56. I would give this watch to my husband!

  57. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d give this watch to my hubby!

  58. Cathleen King says:

    I would give the watch to a friend.

  59. The watch would be for my Husband.

  60. ANNETTE FISHER says:


  61. lulu kaliher says:

    my hubby

  62. It would be for me.

  63. I would definitely give this watch to my husband! He has always been a big fan of watches so I know he would absolutely love it! 🙂

  64. My Husband would Love this!

  65. This watch would be for my son in law.

  66. Mary Cloud says:

    This would probably be for my son

  67. Debbie Welchert says:

    It would be for my grandson.

  68. This would be for my fiance, he loves watches, it’d be a great gift

  69. rochelle Haynes says:

    I would give it to my husband he needs a new watch

  70. Joey Simmonds says:

    I would keep this for me. I don’t have a watch right now. I have had an Armitron watch before and liked it.

  71. wendy lee klenetsky says:

    This wonderful watch will go to my wonderful husband, and it’s about time!

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