Asparagus Proscuitto Roll Recipe

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I love proscuitto and asparagus so pairing them up in a flaky pastry is like heaven for me, so delicious and easy, my favorite kind of recipe! Asparagus is in seasons as I write this so it’s perfect timing πŸ™‚

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You can of course make different variations of this roll, you can substitute the proscuitto for many other thinly sliced meats, I like it also with a spicy salami.

Asparagus Proscuitto Roll Recipe


  • 1 Can Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (8 Count)
  • 8 Asparagus Spears
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • 4 Slices Prosciutto (Cut in Half Vertically)
  • Goat Cheese, Block or Crumbled (To Taste)
  • Garlic Salt


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit.
  2. Place a large stockpot of water on high heat and bring to a rapid boil.
  3. Snap off the bottoms of the asparagus spears and discard. When the water starts to boil, place the spears into the water and blanch for 3 minutes.
  4. While the asparagus is blanching, prepare a large bowl of ice water.
  5. Once the asparagus has blanched, remove them from the stockpot and transfer to the ice bath for 1-2 minutes. This stops the cooking process and keeps the spears green.
  6. Once you remove the asparagus from the ice bath, pat them dry with a paper towel.
  7. Place the asparagus on a large dinner plate and pour a tablespoon of lemon juice over them. Using your hands, rotate the asparagus around the plate so every spear is covered in lemon juice. Set aside.
  8. Unroll the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  9. Place the goat cheese, to taste, on the widest part of the crescent roll. Repeat until all 8 rolls have goat cheese.
  10. Wrap 1/2 slice of prosciutto around the asparagus spears, repeating until all 8 spears are wrapped with prosciutto.
  11. Place the asparagus spears on top of the goat cheese.
  12. Sprinkle the crescent roll, and the whole asparagus spear, with garlic salt to taste.
  13. Tightly roll up the crescent roll and place on the baking sheet. There needs to be a 1” gap between the rolls.
  14. Cook for 10-12 minutes. The crescent rolls should be golden brown.
  15. Remove the rolls from the oven and let stand for 2-3 minutes to cool down.
  16. Enjoy the rolls immediately or refrigerate and re-heat in the oven (350 for 3-5 minutes) when you’re ready to serve.
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If you try the recipe let us know! Enjoy!

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    I was married to the youngest daughter of an immigrant Italian family, and we made our own proscuitto and other sausages., and meat loafs. But we always ate them with heavy home made bread. I also love asparagus (but the cost is exorbutent) but I have never tried either on flaky pastry. Since your wonderful recipe seems dummy proof..I shall be trying it. Thanks

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    Beautiful, delicious and easy!! My kind of recipe!

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    What a quick and easy way to make these using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! I love asparagus, too. I think I’ll experiment and try other vegetables like broccoli rabe and spinach and possibly even try making a vegan version.

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