Barbie Princess Power Prize Pack Giveaway ends 3/23 US Only

Powered by Mom Brings You a Barbie Princess Power Prize Pack Giveaway ends 3/23 US Only

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Barbie never goes out of style when it comes to young girls, in fact she just goes with the times. Right now she’s wanting all girls to feel like super heroes, be kind and share the love! So if you have a Barbie fan in the family you don’t want to miss out on this awesome prize pack that is valued at over $60!

One lucky Barbie fan will receive everything shown in the picture above!

Prize Pack includes (but not limited to):

  • Princess Power Barbie
  • Prince Power Barbie PJs in size 5
  • DVD
  • Socks
  • Comic Book
  • Sunglasses

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  1. I was a Barbie-aholic as a kid. I had every barbie you could think of.I even had the New Kids on the Block band,stage, and music instruments. I had an MC Hammer doll too! LOL I had everything you could think of… My papaw built me a doll house when I was 3 so I was set! I’m 30 and still have my doll house.

  2. Judy Lipcsak says:

    I remember getting one of the first Twist and turn Barbies. I wish that I still had it. I could probably use it to finance my own dream house.

  3. Emily Endrizzi says:

    Oh my goodness I had soooo many Barbies as a kid! I still have a lot of them. My favorite was a Hawaiian Barbie. She had a pretty tan and really long hair. I also had a lot of my mom’s Barbies to play with and homemade clothes. We still have pretty much everything in my parents’ basement.

  4. Tia Wallner says:

    Yes, I had Barbies when I was a kid. One was the Totally Hair Barbie.

  5. Kayla Coleman says:

    I had many Barbie’s when I was little. My parents got me a Princess Kayla Barbie one Christmas and I loved it! Unfortunately, it was in our garage when our garage caught fire along with all my other Barbie’s 🙁

  6. laurie brown says:

    I dont have any of mine,but I am keeping all of my daughters

  7. Karen Knight says:

    I got my first Barbie in April of 1964 for my birthday. I still have it.

  8. DEBRA DUBOIS says:

    I was a huge Barbie fan I think I had just about everything possible to have in the 70’s I was the only girl so I was a little spoiled. I had the town house, corvette, pool, camper, I think every Barbie & ken also Barbie’s little sister it been so lone ago I cant remember them all. I so wish I still had all that stuff now it would be a true treasure to have.

  9. Arwen Peszynski says:

    I had tons of Barbies as a kid. I had several Ken’s and a Skipper.

  10. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    I had lots of Barbies and accessories growing up.

  11. wendy c g says:

    I had lots of Barbies, clothes, the house and accessories.

  12. I remember having barbie and her van

  13. June Ebinger says:


  14. I had Barbie and Ken and I still have the dolls and some of the furniture.

  15. misty rose says:

    I had so many I loved babbles. I had some ice skating one,rapunzel , the year 2000 doll, a few mermaid ones, Barbie, ken, Stacy, theresa, the brats, mark Kate & Ashley dolls,(they were my favorite) the mommy and baby one, the my scene dolls. There the ones I remember

  16. Katherine Oliveira says:

    I had tons of Barbies! My friends and I would play with them all the time!

  17. Yes I had barbies. We had barbie, ken, skipper, I think midge too.

  18. Ryan Origon says:

    I loved playing with babies as a kid!! Pay daughter doesn’t have any yet.

  19. Deborah D says:

    yes i did i had the the tennis barbie.

  20. Heather Johnson says:

    Yes I had several barbies, the ones I remember are Skipper, Ken, and Barbie

  21. My sisters all had a different Barbie but I had Skipper. I liked Skipper best. My granddaughter doesn’t play with anything else but Barbies. She would love this.

  22. Virginia Rowell says:

    No, I had a John Boy and Mary Ellen doll, in fact 45 years later, I still have time. My granddaughter loves to play with them and she loves Barbie.

  23. Carly D. says:

    yes, I did! I don’t remember which ones but I do remember I loved dressing them up and playing with their hair.

  24. Robin Abrams says:

    I had a barbie and ken doll.

  25. Diana Cote says:

    I loved Barbies growing up and had many. My Dad would send them to me and I remember having many and some even had pregnant bellies, i had kens, cars and even clothes and little barbie girls, i think i also had one of those plastic and cardboard houses with the elevator. hehe good times!

  26. Katie Bellamy says:

    Yes I loved Barbies! I JUST gave my 5 year old daughter all my old ones that I had TODAY! She played all afternoon!

  27. Cindy S. says:

    I had (have!) one of the early Barbies from the 1960’s. She’s called Solo in the Spotlight! She is very valuable…but I wouldn’t sell her ever! I had lots of fun playing with her as a child.

  28. debbie duffy says:

    I know a few little girls that would love this ,I had a barbie watabe . my daughter had real Barbies and now my granddaughter has real Barbies

  29. Karen Propes says:

    I had some Barbies, Kens and Skipper.

  30. debbie duffy says:

    I know a few little girls that would love this

  31. Tammy Hayden says:

    Yes!! I loved my Barbies!! My favorites were Twirly Curls Barbie and Pretty in Pink Barbie!!!

  32. I had a Tennessee Titans Barbie, acouple of regular Barbies and Ken.

  33. I had many Barbie’s and also had Midge Barbie’s friend and Skipper

  34. jean olaughlin says:

    My sister and I had lots of Barbies, Kens, skipper and clothes and shoes. I love Barbie.


    I had all sorts of Barbies, plus the Ken that came with little Tommy. I also had all sorts of Kelly play sets along with her friends.

  36. Sue Hull says:

    Yes, my 2 sisters and I had lots of barbies since there was 3 of us. We had Barbie in different clothes, a couple different skippers, 2 or 3 different kens. We had the Barbie Camper, airplane, and other accessories. We all asked for Barbie stuff for birthdays and Christmas. I have lots of fun memories playing with Barbie. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  37. Angela P says:

    I have so many i don’t even remember them, I had one special which was given to me by my grandma, I think she has a hair that could go short?

  38. Yep, I had a few Barbies, a Ken, and a Skipper. My grand daughters would LOVE this! They are BIG Barbie fans.


    We had every Barbie available! Our prized possession was the original Barbie Dream House!

  40. Lisa Chapman says:

    I had a few Barbies as a child. I don’t recall which ones they were. I collected her horses instead of her ;-D I was more into the MLP, She-Ra, Transformers, and those awesome dolls that were Golden Girl (Not the old ladie

    My 8 year old is a Barbie Fanatic though, lol!

  41. Jessica West says:

    Barbie is r fun at any age. Hope to win so my daughter can enjoy too

  42. Yes, I had Barbies as a kid. I had a few Barbies, a Skipper, and a couple of Kens.

  43. Nikki Scott says:

    I loved my Barbie’s so much growing up! My niece is obsessed with them now too! It’s so great!

  44. I did have barbies. I remember playing with my barbies in the swimming pool with my cousin. I remember one barbie where you could curl her hair. I remember it had metal strands so you could curl it with the little curling iron….

  45. Jennifer M says:

    I had Barbies- not a lot, but I kept them all and their clothes nice and neat in a special Barbie box. Now my daughters have Barbies too.

  46. No we didn’t have barbies when we were kids. We were more into cabbage patch and my little pony.

  47. I remember having the Barbie home & office and Barbie, Ken and Skipper.

  48. heather e.g. kaufman says:

    I loved Barbies, especially the dream house.

  49. I loved barbies when i was little and had so many. My favorite one was Totally Hair Barbie

  50. crystal gibson says:

    I grew up in the 80’s so I had the Barbie & the Rockers set. I still have all the girls but I don’t know what happened to the guys.

  51. Karen Giasson says:

    I did have barbies as a child. However, I don’t remember which ones I had. I just remeber having a lot of clothes in the townhouse.

  52. Annette Roberts says:

    I was too much of tomboy to have barbies, but I my sister had a ton of them!

  53. I loved my Barbies when I was a kid. I had Skipper, Ken, Western Barbie, and some others.

  54. Karen Bode says:

    I had Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Midge and all the extras!

  55. Sandra L Hying McFadden says:

    I had Barbie, Skipper and Ken I played with my Barbie for hours. My Mom use to make me their clothes my sewing them new outfits.

  56. I had a few Barbies, Skipper and Ken.

  57. I had my first barbie in the 1970’s, and I still have her! She a little worse for wear on her hair, as she is going bald! I had tons of barbies, though, and I even had a cabin that was a case, and it folded out so that there was a table and bunk beds. You don’t see anything like that anymore. I wish I had kept it for my daughter.

  58. Heather B says:

    Oh my I had SO many barbies when I was younger! Barbie, Skipper, Ken I remember having some brunette dolls as well though I don’t remember the names!

  59. As a child I had only one Barbie, but many outfits for her!

  60. Patty wright says:

    We couldn’t afford toys when we were kids but when I grew up I started collecting babies because I always wanted one

  61. I was a big Barbie girl as a kid. I had a bunch but I can’t remember which ones. I do remember that I had a little suitcase for all the dolls and their clothes and accessories. I thought I was pretty cool.

  62. marla king says:

    I had lots of barbies……and a penthouse too.

  63. Laura Wilson says:

    Between my sister and I, we had pretty much every Barbie ever made. My mom saved them and now my daughter has started playing with them.

  64. I loved Barbies when I was younger. I had a huge collection of dolls & accessories.

  65. Yes, I had two Barbies and a Skipper.

  66. Deborah W says:

    I never had a Barbie as a child: I had a Tressie doll instead.

  67. Debbie Welchert says:

    Yes I play with Barbies a lot when I was growing up. They looked a lot different back then. All of my Barbies are gone now. I wish I had some of them. They might have been worth something.

  68. Kathy Davis says:

    I had a Barbie, a Midge and a Skipper, and I still have them & I am 62 years old!

  69. I had a Barbie when I was young. I don’t remember which one because I am in my late 50s. But I remember Chatty Cathy & Barbie were a couple of my favorite dolls.

  70. I didn’t have any Barbies growing up; however, I am making up for it by giving my daughter LOTS of them!

  71. Oh, Yes, I had Barbie’s when I was growing up! My sister and I used to play with Barbies all the time! We had regular Barbies and Donnie & Marie, The Fonz, Cinderella & the Prince, Holiday Barbies, etc. I have no idea what happened to them! I believe my mother has them up in her attic! I’ve asked her a few times and she won’t give them up! I have no idea what type of money she thinks they may be worth. Anyway, Thanks for asking! Michele 🙂

  72. My sister was big into Barbies! We had Barbie, Ken and Skipper!

  73. Angela W says:

    Yes, I had Ken, Barbie and holiday barbies.

  74. Mickie Hinds says:

    I loved Barbies, and so does my daughter now. I remember having a little closet for them with tons of clothes and accessories!

  75. As a child I had Barbie, Ken, Kelly, Skipper and everything in between. My favorite was my Barbie with brown hair.

  76. Gail Williams says:

    I had a Barbie but it was so long ago… like 1964??? Not the first one out.

  77. I had barbie, ken and skipper.

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