Bright Endeavors Soy Candles Giveaway

Powered by Mom’s Bright Endeavors Soy Candles Giveaway

Open to US Only – Ends 5/30

Bright Endeavors Soy Candles Giveaway - Powered by Mom

Sponsored by Bright Endeavors and hosted by Powered-by-Mom

Thanks to our incredible friends over at Bright Endeavors, we are hosting a giveaway for a set of 3 Signature Glass Soy Candles.

Make your home more inviting with these soy candles from Bright Endeavors. They are made with soy wax and a phthalate-free fragrance. The 11 ounce Signature Glass Soy Candles come in a variety of scents. Plus, Bright Endeavors is offering a limited edition scent of Black Currant Orchid. They also have a long burn time of 40 hours.

On top of making a fantastic candle, Bright Endeavors is a company with a cause. They offer young mothers the opportunity of learning a trade through their paid training course, career growth, and support so they can provide a safe and loving environment for their children. Every candle sold provides you with an incredible candle while giving young mothers an opportunity to succeed. Soy candles for a cause also make the perfect gift for birthdays, teachers, house-warming, and hostesses.

Bright Endeavors has been generous enough to sponsor a giveaway! Up for grabs are 3 Signature Glass Soy Candles, winner picks the scent!

You can go HERE and see what Powered by Mom writer, Amanda, thought of the Bright Endeavors Soy Candles!

Good luck!


  1. Jennifer H. says:

    I would pick Lime Lemongrass.

  2. I would love the Vanilla Honey, Lemon Tea, and Water Lily scents!

  3. water lily for me!

  4. melissa craig says:

    I would choose Lime lemongrass

  5. Sarah Anne says:

    It’s hard to choose between the lavender sprig or the lime lemongrass, but I think I’d go for the lavender in the end 🙂

  6. Jessica W. says:

    I would choose Black Currant Orchid.

  7. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Water Lily all the way for me. I think I’d really like that scent. (I’m a “blue” scent person – anything with words like water, breeze, mountain, etc. is usually something I’ll love!)

  8. Jessie Redding says:

    OMG that lime lemongrass sounds to die for. That’d be my choice.

  9. Terri S. says:

    I’d choose Vanilla Honey. The Lemon Tea scent sounds nice too.

  10. Black Currant Orchid would be my chosen scent ~ sounds spicy with a bit of floral ~ right up my alley

  11. Nicole Colletti says:

    I would definitely choose the vanilla honey scented candle! It prolly smells soo good!! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Dana matthews says:

    The Black Currant Orchid and Water Lily sounds very interesting!

  13. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    Lemon Tea
    Vanilla Honey
    Sandalwood Patchouli

  14. Anita Jude says:

    I would choose lavender sprig

  15. I would chose sandalwood. I love candles.

  16. The vanilla honey sounds great

  17. I would choose the Vanilla Honey, Lime Lemon Grass and Black Currant Orchid.

  18. Debbie Penney says:

    I would choose Lavender Sprig

  19. Jen Dantuma says:

    They all sound lovely, but I think I’d choose the Vanilla Honey, Black Currant Orchid or the Lime Lemongrass – hard to choose! Lol.

  20. Cindy Peterson says:

    I would pick vanilla honey or maybe water lily.

  21. Aaron B. says:

    I would choose Lavender Sprig, Vanilla Honey, and Water Lily.

  22. Kayla Klontz says:

    I would probably go with vanilla honey.

  23. I would love to enjoy the smell of Lime Lemongrass.

  24. LeAnn H says:

    I want to try the vanilla honey candle

  25. allyson Tice says:

    I would choose LIME LEMONGRASS! Sounds so fresh and clean!!

  26. Kathy Davis says:

    I would choose Vanilla Honey.

  27. Megan Cromes says:

    i would choose the water lily ty 🙂

  28. Michelle Proper says:

    I love love love Lavender so the Lavender Sprig for me 🙂

  29. I like the Mini Signature Glass Soy Candle in Lemon Tea

  30. Darlene Owen says:

    I would love: Water Lily, Vanilla Honey and Lavender Sprig.

  31. I would probably choose the water lily scented candle.

  32. Annmarie W. says:

    If the 3 are all different scents, I would choose the Lime Lemongrass, the Vanilla Honey & the Water Lily. (If they all are the same scent, I would choose the Lime Lemongrass!)

  33. Love to try the Vanilla Honey. Like soy candles because they last longer and the scents are stronger. Some candles smell great but when you light them can’t hardly smell them.

  34. Tara Liebing says:

    I would choose Lime Lemongrass, Water Lily and Black Currant Orchid.

  35. Wendy Pence says:

    I would choose Water Lilly, Black Currant Orchid and Lavender Sprig. 🙂

  36. Robin Creager says:

    I’d love to try the Black Orchid scent and give one to my sister.

  37. Viki S. says:

    I’d love the black currant orchid candle.

  38. Sandalwood-patchouli!!! Love the combination. Just an old hippy?

  39. Alicia Hewitt says:

    I would choose Water Lily. It sounds like it would smell really good!

  40. Julie Murphy says:

    I would choose water lily

  41. Victoria Scott says:

    Black Currant Orchid or Vanilla Honey 😀 Yum!

  42. I would choose the vanilla honey

  43. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I think the water lily scent sounds wonderful.

  44. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I think I’d get the Black Currant Orchid, Vanilla Honey and the Citronella (even though it’s not the Signature Glass – we have been looking for a good citronella candle that actually works at keeping mosquitoes at bay)

  45. Water Lily sounds like a beautiful scent

  46. Terry Poage says:

    I would get Vanilla Honey.

  47. Lauryn R says:

    I would definitely choose the Vanilla Honey scent! I love all things vanilla and I bet it smells incredible with honey! 🙂

  48. monique s says:

    I would choose water lily. I think it will be very fresh and relaxing for the bedroom

  49. rochelle haynes says:

    I like lavender spring

  50. Sarah Oswald says:

    I would probably choose Black Currant Orchid

  51. water lily

  52. Catherine Wooster says:

    I’d love to try the “Black Currant Orchid”…sounds like it smells wonderful!

  53. I’d choose water lily. It sounds like a gentle scent for summer!

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