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Because this is a blog hop, each blog will be responsible for securing their own prize on their own blog. The Prize can be sponsored OR you can self sponsor. The giveaway must be for this hop only, it can’t be used as a group giveaway or for another hop.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop Sign Up

Join Celebrate Woman Today & Powered by Mom

October Breast Cancer & Any Cancer Awareness Giveaway Hop

10/10 – 10/19, 2016


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PUR 11 cup pitcher Giveaway ends 4/14 US Only

Powered by Mom Shares a PUR 11 cup pitcher Guest Giveaway ends 4/14 US Only

 Fresh crisp water is always the way to go, and with this pitcher you can achieve that. This pitcher will even tell you when it is time to change the filter!!!


Sponsored by PUR Hosted by Top Notch Material

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Buttons Cloth Diapers Giveaway

Buttons Cloth Diapers Giveaway ends 9/22 US Only

Do you love the benefits of having your little on in cloth diapers? Then you might as well have them in the cutest cloth diapers out there! Keep baby’s sensitive skin covered in the natural materials of cloth diapers and have them looking oh so snazzy at the same time!

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

buttons cloth diapers

Sponsored by Buttons Diapers  Organized by Celebrate Woman Today

To protect these young bums from rash and infection, cloth diapers are called for help. Lots of options out there when it comes down to choose in a huge array of cloth wonders which one to go with. Have you checked out BUTTONS cloth diapers? [Read more…]

PlayMG Mobile Entertainment System Holiday Giveaway ends 12/28

Welcome to Powered by Mom’s PlayMG Mobile Entertainment System Holiday 40K Fanbration!


Sponsored by: PlayMG  Hosted by: Powered by Mom Blog & a fantastic group of bloggers

Powered by Mom Blog has hit a milestone thanks to you all the wonderful fans out there! We have hit 40K fans on Facebook! So to celebrate the holidays and this milestone we partnered with PlayMG to bring you this amazing giveaway!

The PlayMG is also featured on our Holiday Gift Guide. You can check it out and all our other gift guide items HERE

The PlayMG is the The Non-Smartphone, Smartphone. It’s one cool pocketable all-in-one entertainment system specifically designed for young people who do not have a smartphone. With no monthly charges or expensive cartridge games to buy, PlayMG enables you to enter the world of portable “freemium” apps via the Google Play platform. With PlayMG, young people get their own smart-device and parents get their smartphones back! [Read more…]

Blogger Community Flash Giveaway – SIGN UP ONLY!

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