Marbotic Numbers and Alphabet Excites Children to Learn


Marbotic – Blending Traditional Wooden Toys With Modern-Day Technology

Technology draws children in ways like no other. As a mother, I try to limit screen time. Although, when I know that their screen time is filled with constant learning, I even get excited about screen time. Just like with Marbotic!


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Learning Resources Makes Learning Fun


Quality Games and Educational Toys – Great Gifts By Learning Resources

I love when I can find great gifts for my nieces and nephews that are not only fun but educational. Not only are they educational and fun but I am also always looking for a great price! Learning Resources has it all for a great price and wonderful quality!

Learning Resources

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Bookaboo Kids Show on Amazon Prime

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Bookaboo Kids Show Premiers on Amazon Prime

Bookaboo Kids Show is fun and entertaining for the whole family

I love Amazon and how they are giving viewers more and more children’s programming. One of the shows is a British preschool show called Bookaboo. The Bookaboo kids show premiers on Aamzon Prime Video October 28th in both the US and the UK. You can get it on Amazon Prime HERE.

Find out how Powered by Mom team member Katrina’s daughter loved the Bookaboo kids shows below!


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Eyeglasses for Kids See Free Program

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Powered by Mom Talks About the Eyeglasses for Kids See Free Program! #KidsSeeFree

Kids ages 4-10 years can receive free eyeglasses at the Real Canadian Superstore. 

We recently learned about and got to experience the Kids See Free program at the Real Canadian Superstore, which for us here in BC is the Real Canadian Superstore. This is a fabulous program to encourage families to get their children’s eyes checked and if they need eyeglasses then if they are aged 4-10 they can get a free pair of eyeglasses up to $49 value! There are lots of cute kids styles in this price range so it’s definitely worth checking out!

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Thank You for Making Science Fun

Thank You Miss Cozens for Making Science Fun #SayTkU

My daughter thanks one of her teachers for making science fun!

Science is all around us but not everyone loves science. I know that science was my least favorite subject in school. For my daughter it was too at first until she had a teacher that made science fun for her. We all have things we like and others we don’t but it’s truly a gift when someone whether it’s a teacher, friend, parent, or family member can spark interest in any subject. Science is sometimes one of those areas that aren’t always considered “fun” until someone shows you how it can be. That’s why we want to say thank you to those who foster curiosity in other when it comes to science.


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7 Steps to Easier Back-to-School for Children with ADD or ADHD

7 Steps to Help with Back to School for Children with ADD or ADHD

Let’s make back to school a smoother transition for our kids

daughter ADD ADHD

Back-to-school can be bitter-sweet for all parents, but those who have children with ADD or ADHD know that back-to-school simply means a different type of battle is about to commence—the battle of getting your child to settle down and do their homework. We know this struggle as our daughter has the “inattention” of ADD which means she struggles with keeping organized and being focused in class. We’ve been learning together as we go along and have found these techniques to make homework time easier. [Read more…]