Skip the misery – Get your flu shot

Flu 101 – Skip the misery of the flu and get your flu shot

Do what you can this cold and flu season and skip the pure misery of getting the flu by getting your flu shot. Be prepared, know the tell-tale signs around you and do what you can to stay healthy.

Flu shot

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Prepare for the Fall Spike of Flu Season

Flu season is here and with the kids in school it = bringing germs home


Kick the “Fall Spike” to the curb this flu season. In case you don’t know, Fall Spike refers to when the kids go back to school, where they can start to bring germs home, spreading those lovely germs to all, causing sickness ranging from colds to severe asthma flare-ups. That is the craziness of the Fall Spike. Everyone including the parents, those who work with children, and others have all been subject to the not so fun Fall Spike.

flu season

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Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family

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Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family

Are you searching for dairy-free and sugar-free healthy snacks for your family? Then look no further than this post for some exciting new healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy! They make perfect stocking-stuffers too!

If you have a family member with a dairy or other food allergy, you know how hard it is to find snacks for them to eat, let alone healthy snacks. My husband John is severely allergic to whey protein, which means he cannot have cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, or even egg yolk without going into anaphylactic shock. Because these items are all dairy-free, he was even more excited than I was to try out these sensational snacks!

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Healthy Snacks Review

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Need a Good Night’s Sleep?

Do you need help getting a good night’s sleep?

Are you and your family are having challenges switching from the less structured days of summer to a fall routine? Have you always had issues getting to sleep? Whether you said yes to one or all of the above or just occasionally need helping trying getting a good night’s sleep Vitafusion’s SleepWell gummies are the solution for adults of any age.

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Snoring Aids That Work

Snoring Aids That Work from Good Morning Snore Solution

These are the snoring aids you want whether you’re the one who snores or the one who has to hear the snoring. You want to check out Good Morning Snore Solution!

For the last six weeks I’ve been using the Good Morning Snore Solution. My sinuses constantly feel stuffed up from allergies which as a result has caused me start snoring. I’ve tried a few other snoring aids with no success and really needed something to help so both my husband and I could sleep better. Did I mention he also has a snoring issue?

Snoring Aids

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Women and Self Care – Make Time For You


Women and Self Care – Make Time For You

Women and Self Care – Don’t Feel Guilty About Some “Me Time”

Whether you’re a mom, grandma, aunt or none of the above you’re most likely one busy lady. It’s a fact women are multi-taskers and tend to take on a lot. So that’s why today, I want to talk about women and self care. It’s simple we don’t do enough of it and when we do often times we feel guilty for taking that “me time”. Don’t feel guilty not only do you need some time to take care of you, it not only helps you but everyone around you. By taking care of yourself you are recharged and more emotionally and physically capable of taking care of others.

Women and self care – it’s important to treat yourself! I’m offering a few tips where you can easily have some “me time” that will leave you feeling revitalized. One of these tips includes the AVEENO® Active Naturals products below.

Aveeno - Women and Self Care

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