Top 5 Reasons Adopting from a Pet Rescue Rocks

Thinking about getting a pet? Go with a pet rescue organization.

You’ll never regret adding a dog or cat or other pet from a pet rescue organization.

It’s true what they say that a dog or cat that has been adopted from a shelter or pet rescue organization truly appreciates and loves the humans who adopt them. It’s like they know they’ve been rescued and once they settle into their families you can see the joy coming from them. There are those who have been abused, neglected, abandoned and more and yet they tend to be the best pet additions to any family. Despite their difficult starts to life they can move on and truly enjoy their new families.

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Molly Mutt Stylish Dog Car Seat Covers

Molly Mutt Dog Car Seat Cover Provides Style and Protection

Animals truly are a mans best friend! They become like family and for many people, where we go, our pets go. I think we can all agree, the one thing we could do without is the shedding! Pet hair gets EVERYWHERE! My family has a Chow/Golden retriever mix… he is fluffy and has long hair, so the shedding is endless! I could brush him for hours and still, the shedding never stops. His favorite thing, you might have guessed, is going on car rides.

Molly Mutt Car Seat Cover is a Powered by Mom Holiday Gift Guide pick. Check out our Guide HERE.

Molly Mutt Stylish Dog Car Seat Covers

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Healthy Weight Loss for Dogs

Powered by Mom Talks About Healthy Weight Loss for Dogs

We’re sharing some tips or healthy weight loss for dogs as keeping our dogs happy and healthy also includes ensuring they don’t become obese. We love our dogs and like many dog families sometimes we find it easy to spoil them. Our dog Luna as she’s started to slow down and is not as active started to gain weight. This in turn had the potential to cause her other health issues such as putting more stress on her joints.

Healthy Weight Loss for Dogs

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Understanding the Labels for Dog Food Ingredients

Do you understand the labels for dog food ingredients?

Are you in the habit of reading the labels for the dog food ingredients?

We all know how important it is to read the labels for our food but it’s just as important to read and understand the labels for dog food ingredients. After all our pets are a part of our family. Their nutrition is just as important as our is so we’re sharing some helpful tips to help you decide if your pet is getting the right kind of food.

Say hi to our Little Zeus aka LZ

dog food ingredients

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Why Protein is Important for Your Pet

Powered by Mom talks about why protein is so important in your pets diet

Is your pet getting enough protein?

We all know protein is important for us but are you aware of how important it is for your pet too? Whether you have your pet on an omnivorous or vegan diet, it’s important to ensure that they’re getting enough protein. One of those important reasons is that it gives them the energy they need, especially during these long, hot dog days of summer.

Our busy cat Ollie exploring the pond and stopping for a drink too. He has lots of energy and his diet is part of the reason why he does.

Getting protein

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Mr. Peanuts Collapsible Dog Bowls

Mr. Peanuts Collapsible Dog Bowls – Keeping Your Dog/s Hydrated 

Keep your dogs hydrated this summer with these collapsible dog bowls

You can also win a set of these awesome collapsible dog bowls! Read on to find out more. It’s easy to keep your dogs hydrated and fed anywhere you may be with them when you have some Mr. Peanuts collapsible dog bowls.

Whether you’re travelling going for a hike or just hanging out at the dog park you can keep your dogs hydrated with this awesome bowls. Not only are they lightweight, take up next to no space, they are sturdy and can easily be taken anywhere.

collapsible dog bowls

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