Cocoon Cam Monitors Baby’s Breathing

Cocoon Cam Gives Parents a Peace of Mind

Cocoon Cam is the first ever non-wearable breathing baby monitor that is changing lives! Helping parents, Cocoon Cam not only has an audio monitor but it also has an HD video AND breathing monitor. It works through an app on the parent’s phone.

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When my brother and his wife had their second child, my brother just so happened to wake up hearing the baby making a strange noise. Before he knew it, the baby had stopped breathing due to aspirating from reflux. SIDS and other breathing issues caused by asthma, allergic reactions and even reflux take the lives of babies all too often. Cocoon Cam makes all the difference!

After a few months of sleepless nights for my brother and his wife, they were finally confident enough to get some sound sleep.

The Cocoon Cam App

The Cocoon Cam App is user-friendly. One neat feature about the app itself is that even if you close out your apps, the Cocoon Cam App has a feature keeping it from closing without a second click from parents. Just connect the camera to wi-fi and the monitor will then show up on the app. You can use the included phone cord if wi-fi is unavailable or even just used as a backup connection.

cocoon cam

We take security very seriously at Cocoon Cam. Your information, including all images and analytics, is protected by powerful 128-bit encryption.

Sleep data is processed securely in the cloud, so your baby’s images and other information are not left vulnerable to hackers or other attack.

The app will alert parents if it detects that the child is not breathing or if it detects the child is missing from the crib. Whether you have just general anxiety about the safety of your child or maybe you or someone close to you has experienced a similar situation as my brother did, you can rest easy knowing that an alarm will sound if any problems arise.

Features of the Cocoon Cam

Mounted on the wall four to five feet away from the baby, the Cocoon Cam provides both audio and visual ways to check on your baby. With the two-way audio feature, you can hear your baby and your baby can also hear YOU allowing you to comfort and soothe them without having to go into the room. We all know what happens once a baby sees mommy! The 2-way audio feature can be muted in the app. I love that option because if the baby is crying and you are needing a few minutes of quiet, you can still observe the baby visually while the audio is muted.

  • Real-time smartphone notifications when there are any changes in the baby’s breathing
  • No touch monitor takes the risk of the baby getting tangled in cords or pulling monitors off
  • Live video streaming from anywhere allows you to check in even while at work or on a date!
  • Video constantly analyzed in a secure cloud, keeping anyone else from seeing your child
  • Regardless of your baby’s size and position, breathing movement is detected
  • HD video allows monitoring in the day or night regardless of the amount of light
  • Audio feed continues even while other apps are open or phone is locked
  • Works with BOTH Android and Apple products
  • Save video of your child on an SD card

cocoon cam

Continued Use of the Cocoon Cam

I love how it can grow with your child. Even when your child is a toddler, you can continue to observe your child without having to sneak in! So, whether you child is one to get out of bed during the night or if you just want to be able to see your precious baby sleep, Cocoon Cam is a great asset even for older children!

Save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety with Cocoon Cam. Parenting is hard enough as it is, Cocoon Cam will make these early years go by much smoother!

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  1. CalviN F. says:

    Great camera to keep babies safe

  2. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds awesome. My niece just gave birth to a little girl. She has had a few health problems but is getting better every day. I will be sharing this with her. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  3. Margot C says:

    Isn’t that fantastic, I wish that I had had when my daughter was a baby.

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