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Customized Doll

 Review and Hosted by: Real Reviews by Savvy K

Cryoow! is a company based in Bali that creates and brings your child’s drawing to life by creating from their drawing their own customized doll! It works by your child simply creating a one of a kind drawing, anything from a baby doll to a Monster’s University monster my step daughter drew. As you can see below, the doll came out practically exactly as it has been drawn even down to the outlining and small zig-zag pattern on the sleeves!

Customized Doll

 Each doll retails for $149. This is outrageous for a small doll! However, once you factor in the shipping from Bali it does make since. These dolls aren’t shipped by regular postage, they are shipped by DHL Express. That means, after the 2 weeks it takes to create your doll, you should receive it in about 5 business days or less. If they used regular shipping, it could easily take 3-4 weeks! They also pride themselves in their tailor employees who create the dolls. They want the dolls to be high quality and to use the best materials, not the least expensive.

 Now I know that many of you can’t afford these dolls, so we are giving one away!

One winner, US or Canada resident, will win a Cryoow! doll! They will be able to have their child create a doll and have it for their very own! (Please make sure you are able to email your drawing to us to send to sponsor!)

Enter using the rafflecopter below! Terms & Conditions apply, see rafflecopter for more info.

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Disclaimer: Real Reviews by Savvy K received this doll in exchange for an honest review. Regardless all opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. No other compensation was given to Real Reviews by Savvy K or other bloggers participating.

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  20. Stephanie F. says:

    This is the coolest thing! My son has a character he’s been drawing for years and this would be an awesome birthday gift…I will enter this giveaway!

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