Crystal Cove Beach Resort Pet Friendly

Crystal Cove Beach Resort 

Pet Friendly resort in Tofino, British Columbia

I love the beach whether it’s warm and sunny weather or it’s a crisp autumn day. I even love being at the ocean when it’s stormy weather especially here in beautiful British Columbia (BC). The Tofino area on Vancouver Island boasts some of the most stunning oceanfront views you could ever hope to see any time of the year. If you’re a pet family like we are you know how tough it can be to find places that accept your dogs let alone high-quality ones with amazing views, lucky for us we have Crystal Cove Oceanfront Resort!

What’s not to love about a view like this?Tofino, beach, ocean, travel, beachfront, vancouver island, pet friendly, resort

I took so many pictures that it’s just not possible to put them all in this article so I created a photo album of our favourite ones HERE. That’s not even all of them as I took hundreds as it’s such a beautiful area!

Tofino, beach, ocean, travel, beachfront, vancouver island, pet friendly, resort

We were thrilled to go to Crystal Cove Beach resort which is a short few minutes drive from the lovely town of Tofino. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the bustle of our day to day lives. While juggling a marriage, kids, jobs, pets, after-school activities, etc. it can be especially hard to take a time out and decompress from the weight of the everyday stress that accumulates throughout the week.

This is what you see when you first drive onto the grounds.Cyrstal Cove welcome

Two days during the weekend just don’t add up to equal the sufficient time we need to decompress, especially not if you take into consideration the time we spend each weekend catching up on the things we didn’t get done during the week. Our lives are a hectic, noisy, jumbled mess, which is why, when we were able to take the time, we decided back in April that a trip to Crystal Cove Beach Resort in Tofino was just what we as a family needed!

crystal cove beach

We had a nice little welcome package waiting for us. The wine was good and the chocolates from Chocolate Tofino were AHmazing. Coincidentally Chocolate Tofino is a short walk from Cyrstal Cove. So yes we walked over, bought a few more chocolates and had some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had at the outdoor cafe located next to Chocolate Tofino.

crystal cove welcome

Crystal Cove Beach Resort was opened by owner, Hector Bodcen, in 1979 as a door to having his dream of a year round resort realized.  The popularity of the cabins were an immediate hit. The next few years saw the expansion of Crystal Cove and in 1995, Hector sold the resort to two couples from Vancouver Island who continued to shape Hectors dream. Today the resort is home to 34 cabins and 69 full-serviced RV sites.

Our deck with hot tub, great to enjoy the view

Our deck with hot tub, great to enjoy the view

How can you not love the stunning views at the beach? Love the ocean!

crystal cove mom and daughter

My daughter and I at the beach Crystal Cove Beach Resort

The resort was such a blessing to my family and was a much needed change of pace. Instead of holing up in a hotel where you can find yourself cooped up without much to do, the resort was a great alternative with their individual cabins, and it’s beach front location. We arrived for our 3 day stay with our 2 pups in tow, immediately taken in by Crystal Cove’s charm and ready to enjoy our mini vacation.

crystal cove cabin inside

The first thing we did when we arrived was check out our designated cabin. Out of their 34 on site cabins, we took up temporary residence in #17. Like each of our neighbouring cabins, ours came fully equipped to accommodate us during our stay. We were able to all sleep comfortably, make use of their full-size kitchen during our stay and enjoy evenings together on the deck.

Here’s a quick video so you can see more of the beach, you’ll hear the wind. This was near the end of April so it’s not high season, as such the beach was not busy. In the summer its’ a very busy area and no wonder with these views!

There were dog beds and food and water bowls for the dogs, doggy bags and well just everything you could think of for everyone in the family. It truly was fully equipped, we used the barbeque on the deck every day and the hot tub every night. I spent a few hours each day just sitting on the deck with a book and looking up to enjoy the view!

Walking along the beach had to stop to take a picture, yes I love sunsets

crystal cove stunning sunset

To make the deal even sweeter, because the cabin alone was worth the trip, it was mere steps away from the beach! It took us an entire two minutes to walk to the beach with the dogs. While our pups are supposed to be on leashes while at the resort when we were down at the beach we often had parts of it to ourselves so we would let them off the leash. We could see other dog families doing the same and guess what they were never any doggy problems, there was never a mess on the beach. Everyone cleaned up after their dogs and everyone enjoyed the beach.

crystal cove family

My family 🙂

Some highlights of Crystal Cove:

  • It’s 100% pet friendly. We were able to take our fur babies with us without having to worry about leaving them home or finding a kennel to take them. We walked them around the grounds without receiving any complaints. Convenient pet showers are even stationed near the beach entrance so you can give your pup a rinse before retiring for the evening.



  • The staff around the resort were very friendly and attentive. Unlike a lot of larger corporations that run a chain of resorts and employ workers with a low customer service ethic, Crystal Cove is family owned and operated. We were met with smiles, friendly faces and warmth from check-in to departure.Tofino, beach, ocean, travel, beachfront, vancouver island, pet friendly, resort, sunset
  • Crystal Cove’s Resort Office prides themselves on being able to take care of their guests needs. They offer an array of post-cards for loved ones, complimentary DVDs (which we loved being able to borrow, we only watched one but it was handy) and even bike rentals.
  • I took advantage of the the shelves of books they had, you could borrow whatever novel was on the shelf so I did and enjoyed reading a book on the deck watching the sun go downTofino, beach, ocean, travel, beachfront, vancouver island, pet friendly, resort, sunset
  • The Resort is a short distance from the Pacific Rim National Park where visitors can enjoy surfing, explore tidal pools, hike, or go kayaking. This is also where you go if you’re brave enough to do the West Coast Trail.
  • It’s also only a short drive from the resort over to Tofino, a small town with the population of 1,876. Friendly dogs and their owners only added to the charm of the district, which we enjoyed.
crystal cove sunset walk fun

Sunset beach walk at Crystal Cove Beach Resort

 Now I do have to mention that the area the resort is in they do not have fiber optic cable for the internet. If you’re planning on having access to the internet while you’re there, it’s slow, like really slow. If you knew me you’d know that this would be a bit of a shock for me, I work for a living on a computer and had planned to do a bit of work while I was there. That’s just me I’m always busy and multi-tasking but you know what? After a few hours I realized that hey this was my time to relax, now I had no choice and it was the best three days ever! No work distractions, no tech distractions just beautiful scenery in a lovely cabin with my family and our dogs, the only thing missing was our cat LOL

Luna enjoy the deck

Walking around the Crystal Cove resort itself is a lovely walk, each cabin is a little bit different but they all stocked with everything you need, some are just a few steps from the beach, we were close enough. You can spend your time walking the beach of course and exploring, we found a few anemones, starfish and more just walking around!
crsytal cove star fish 2 crystal cove anemone
As you can see we enjoyed ourselves immensely at Crystal Cove, our experience was enhanced by the amazing people who work there, the stunning views and the fact that our entire family which of course includes our dogs were made to feel right at home. Choosing the right vacation spot for your family can be tough with so many varying interests but my family and I can’t say enough good things about the Crystal Cove Beach Resort. It’s definitely a place we’ll visit again in the future.

Tofino, beach, ocean, travel, beachfront, vancouver island, pet friendly, resort, sunset

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  1. This place looks amazing! and so beautiful! I love how they greeted you with those chocolates, and Love that you found some kool looking water animals.

  2. BEAUTIFUL/RELAXING for us & our furry friends!! This is my kind of vacation!! Of course, I would need more chocolates after eating the complimentary ones, Chocolate Tofino, would definitely be a must stop for me 🙂

  3. It certainly is a beautiful place to stay and if I ever travel to BC I shall remember it. I love that it is fully equipped for both humans and pets!

  4. What an incredible place for sure. I love your pictures. Your daughter is gorgeous. I would really like to be able to go here some day 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful place,ahhh just what I need right now and how fabulous that they are pet friendly yayyyy! So much room for the fue babies to explore and roam. Looks like you all had a fantastic time and I love seeing and hearing about families vacationing together, making memories 🙂

  6. This looks like an awesome place for a vacation. We only ever go to pet friendly places because we want to bring our pups with us, but nothing as nice as this. Our dogs (and the rest of us) would have a blast there!

  7. What lovely photos and I really like the peaceful settings. I need a trip like that and I love the pet photos.

  8. Wow! Those views are amazing! I’d love to visit BC someday. I love the beach and the mountains.This is a place for some good relaxation. Thanks for sharing all your great pictures 🙂

  9. After this weekend of babysitting, my husband, my dog & myself NEED to get away to some place QUIET!! My poor dog was played with to death – he is old like us. I know he won’t appreciate the scenery like we will, but he won’t care.

  10. The views in photos are beautiful. It’s wonderful to find a resort that allows pets, now you can take your pet with you when you go on vacation. Thank you for sharing this review.

  11. This looks like the perfect place to go and get away from it all. Very pretty and relaxing. I can see myself there!

  12. Wow, thanks for sharing such a scenic and family-oriented getaway. I lived vicariously through your photos; thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. This is my kind of vacation getaway! I love being out in the country. Although, I’m very far from Canada and especially BC, this would be a place I’d love to spend time at. 🙂

  14. This looks like a great place to vacation! Leave the devices at home, and have some good ol’ fashion fun!!! Also, a week of peace and quiet!

  15. This really looks like a great place to visit. I know that I could relax and recharge if I was to spend a little time there. And I love that I would be able to take my dog with me. Thanks.

  16. I would love to take my pets with me on vacation!!! But, I have a feeling my cats would rather stay home!!! lol

  17. This definitely looks like a great place to visit. I know that I could relax and recharge if I was to spend a little time there. And i love that I would be able to take my dog with me. Thanks.

  18. this is great looks like all most here in mo and then we have small resots that do the same thing wow ilove to spend weekend there as a get way

  19. This is just gorgeous! I especially love that it is pet friendly! The perfect vacation spot for my family, including our dog Z!

  20. THANKS for the reply!! It makes me want to visit even more!! I love to visit places with beautiful views- otherwise, why go? I can’t see this outside of our windows!!

  21. What an awesome family vacation! Every year, the hubster and I rent a cabin with a hot tub…so relaxing!

  22. Wow what a beautiful place. My husband would love to come here and go fishing, and I love cabin houses reminds me of when we used to go to the Poconos for vacation.

  23. How much fun your trip sounded, I love the area and wish we had one like it here in Oklahoma, LOL seriously, I think it is great that they welcomed you and your dogs and that everyone is responsible for cleaning up afer their dogs, and Luna looks like she is having a ball resting at the cove.

  24. It looks like a really beautiful place and I love that it is pet friendly. I think that’s great.

  25. WOW what a beautiful place! I love that the cottages look like a cabin. I have never been to BC before but would REALLY love to go one day. P.s- love the photos. just beautiful

  26. This is in British Columbia??? WOW!! What a decent welcome package. I am surprise that they didn’t have a dog treat/bone for the dog!! I can’t get over the convenient pet showers that are stationed near the beach entrance.
    I love the inside of the cabin. It is clean and has all the comforts of home! The view from the cabin was breathtaking. So was the sunset picture!! I NEED A VACATION LIKE THIS!!!

    • Hi Sue,

      yes that’s in British Columbia, we have stunning views like that all over the province but the ones there at Crystal Cove are among the best views to be found. 🙂

  27. What gorgeous photos! I’ve never been to B.C but now I have to go……this place is calling my name!

    Pet friendly is a great added bonus too.

    I can’t take my eyes off that first photo you’ve shown…..such beauty!!!!!!

  28. What a beautiful place. I love the cabin and location. And it’s clean. We once rented a cabin and it was a nightmare!

  29. This definitely looks like a great place to visit. I know that I could relax and recharge if I was to spend a little time there.

  30. Wow! looks wonderful. I love that you can take your dog. We hate leaving ours at home. We were at Tofino once , absolutely beautiful place!

  31. Oh how beautiful I would love to be so close to be able to go surfing and the internet thing well it would force me to stay off the computer lol

  32. Looks like a super fun place to visit and stay. I would freak out without high speed internet, but after I melted it would actually be nice to be off grid for a couple days.