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George Lucas is giving us another amazing movie. We can’t wait to go see it Strange Magic in the theater. The animation looks amazing and just from the preview you can tell that they have some fun and interesting characters, not surprising since we are talking about George Lucas here. I can’t think of a single film he’s produced that I didn’t love and I can already tell Strange Magic will not be the exception.

My daughter is very excited to see this movie so we’ve made a date to see in a few weeks. It opened on January 23rd so if you get a chance to see before we do let us know how you liked it!

You can already buy the soundtrack from itunes, trust me, you will love it!

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Here is a little preview of the movie.

If you want some fun things to do like activity sheets, posters, even recipes you can find them HERE.

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  1. I’ve seen the previews on TV and this movie looks good. I want to see it but I won’t admit that to anyone else, I’ll just wait until my granddaughters bring it over and we’ll enjoy it together.