Dune Jewelry Review

Dune Jewelry Gold Delicate Oval Stacker Ring Trio

Dune Jewelry is a truly unique and personal jewelry option. They offer rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more in gold and silver. The special part is that each is customized with your choice of sand, dirt, or some other natural element from your choice of more than 3500 locations worldwide. These are beautiful pieces that can be totally customized representing a location that is special to you. 

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I got to customize the gold color Delicate Oval Stacker Ring Trio

Dune Jewelry Rings

The Concept

The idea behind Dune Jewelry is that it is “Jewelry with Meaning.” The company is the original Beach Sand Jewelry Company. They have a bank of over 3500 sands, dirt, pebbles, shells, flowers and more from locations all around the globe.  You can search by type of “filling” or by location. I chose three locations that are near and dear to my heart. Each sand or “filling” is hand incorporated as a jewel into your hand designed jewelry.  They can even make you a custom piece of jewelry from sand you send in!
Dune Jewelry Rings
I love these stacking rings. They are fine and delicate and sit together neatly with no extra bulk. I chose a different filling for each ring. The light colored sand is from Cadiz, Spain where I celebrated Carnival in 2004 while I was studying abroad. The reddish colored dirt is from the Grand Canyon, which I hiked rim to rim in 2004. My final choice was the black and white (and slightly purple) shells from Washington, the state I call home. So each one of these represents a place that is very special to me. Each and every piece of jewelry they make is customized like this. Since these are small rings, they only use a small amount of sand. There are other beautiful bracelets and necklaces and more that can add a lot more for a bigger custom sand “jewel”! Dune Jewelry even has men’s styles.

The Jewelry

Dune Jewelry Rings
My three rings fit perfectly and are sized very accurately. Though they are delicate in style, they are solid in structure. I’ve worn them out shopping with three young kids. Unfortunately, I do catch and bump my rings on things, but so far they are showing zero wear. However, the jewelry is easy to clean up, and the gloss finish can even be buffed so scratches won’t show! It is noted though that the jewelry is all handcrafted and should be worn gently. You should not wear it while washing dishes or showering. You should also avoid any cleaners, perfumes, and hairsprays to keep it in top condition.
Dune Jewelry Rings

In Conclusion

I am loving my rings. I wear them almost daily now. And each time I glance at them I am reminded of wonderful things in my life. Though I got these for myself, these would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for anyone. I would love to get pieces for my kids with sands or shells from where they were born. You can use them to remember where an anniversary was celebrated, where home is, or a wonderful trip you took. The possibilities are endless. Dune Jewelry has a wonderfully unique concept that could make anyone’s day.

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  1. Ronald Gagnon says:

    Thank you so much for so many wonderful ideas…my special niece loves unique jewlery

  2. Robin Abrams says:

    Their jewelry is really beautiful. I love the stackable rings. The choice of the sand colors are great

  3. I like the customizations. Personal touch!

  4. These rings are lovely and I love the concept! It is so special that they are beautiful yet meaningful.

  5. What a beautiful and special idea for jewelry, I love it! The 3 ring stacked set is so pretty, and I love that you can choose 3 different sands for each. 🙂 This would make the perfect gift for someone as well!

  6. Tammy Horn says:

    These rings are so beautiful and unique. I love that you can customize them with what you want in them.

  7. I learned they have thousands of options when picking out the rings.

  8. Brandy Davis says:

    I love the creativity of this. Being a bit delicate though I would only wear it on special occasions.

  9. rochelle Haynes says:

    This is looking nice love to have these rings

  10. I love dune jewelry. I actually have a necklace from them made of sand from the Jersey shore. It’s such a creative idea.

  11. Kimberley L T says:

    I like the natural gems used in this jewelry line! Also to be able to customize pieces is very alluring! Hopefully I may get a stunning original piece of the collection under my account tree 🌲🍀🤞🍀

  12. Amanda Alvarado says:

    These are so neat and beautiful! I love that each one takes on the color of the sand that you choose!

  13. Linda Madden says:

    I love the Stacked Ring! The stones are so beautiful!

  14. alice minx says:

    I lie the concept of this jewelry.. I’ve gotten pressed flower jewelry in other countries, but Iv’e never seen anything quite like this.

  15. Diane Therkildsen says:

    real beautiful

  16. Sharon Rooney says:

    What a great idea, pieces of jewelry filled with memories. I would choose the sand from the 3 beaches that were special to my husband and I.

  17. I think these would make such a special memento of special places and times and they are so pretty.

  18. Donna Evans says:

    Love the way that the stones stack on top of each other, looks like it would be comfortable to wear.

  19. These are such pretty pieces, I’d love to own any one of them

  20. I am glad that you noted that the rings are a bit delicate in your review. I would choose carefully when/where I wear them.

  21. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Their jewelry is really beautiful. The possibilities are endless as to what you can create. I could spend hours on their site!

  22. This would make a great gift for my mom! I like the simple design..

  23. These rings are so pretty .. I like that I could have sand from the beaches that I have visited, to bring back memories.

  24. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I love how they are so different and such a conversation piece

  25. I think my wife would love the rings

  26. They are so nice. I love gold flakes they would bring good fortune and good wishes. Thanks so much.

  27. this is absolutely gorgeous. totally my style

  28. This is such an interesting concept. I love that you can order sand from such a wide range of places – places I’ve been but am not likely to be able to revisit. What a great way to memorialize a honeymoon or such.

  29. Michelle Castagne says:

    This is a great idea to have a choice of what you would like in the stacked ring. It makes a lovely keepsake jewelry.

  30. Jessie Mohler says:

    I find it amazing that they have sand stored from all over the world and I love how beautiful these things are and can be made genuine for a genuine person

  31. This is really an awesome concept. And I really like the ring with the purple stone! Beautiful!

  32. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Dune Jewelry has Beautiful customized Jewelry. The rings are so Pretty..Just knowing they are customized makes them that more Special.. Thank You for the Wonderful Review!!

  33. Anita Duvall says:

    So pretty. Would love to have a ring to remind me of places we have visited as a family.

  34. shannon fowler says:

    I really love this idea! There are so many meaningful places that I can think of for myself or as a gift for my sister and my mom. this would make a really unique gift!

  35. The 3 rings shown here are beautiful and represent places that are important to you and your family. A wonderful keepsake to own. I had not seen this page beforehand and I commented that I would choose sand and shells from MAUI, HAWAII. My husband and I went there for our 45th Anniversary. I won this trip or we would not have been able to go. The 3-ring jewelry would be a great piece with reminders of a terrific vacation. This is the first type of jewelry I have seen that incorporates our lives. I am going to spread the word to all I know. This is such a cool idea. Kudos to the people at DuneJewelry.

  36. These are so pretty, what a beautiful way to remember special places. I had never heard of this company, I am definitely checking out the Dune Jewelry website for Christmas gifts.

  37. I’m more interested in the rings since you noted that they are well wearing (scratch resistant).

  38. Your choices are amazing. They make for a very special ring. 🙂 The sands are so pretty. I think I’d like a bracelet or necklace if they have those.

  39. I haven’t seen rings quite like this one. Such pretty colors and would be fun to wear.

  40. Michelle S says:

    The rings are just beautiful! I’ve not tried a stacked set yet but I’m going to now.

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