EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids

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Fabulous shoe subscription boxes for kids from EasyKicks 

EasyKicks service gives one incredible solution to getting the right shoes (at the right price) onto your kid’s feet. With just a few clicks, brand new shoes will arrive at your doorstep in no time at all.

Read on to find out how team member Amanda liked this Shoe Subscription Box for Kids. 

EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids - Powered by Mom

Shoe subscription boxes for kids from EasyKicks just made shoe shopping a breeze!

EasyKicks has made the hassle of finding that perfect pair of shoes for your kids a walk in the park. Parents already know what a struggle it is to find shoes that first of all fit, are affordable, and they have to be adored by your kids as well.

That is a lot of expectations to fit into a pair of shoes. We’ve all been there, searching for that perfect shoe.

Thanks to EasyKicks, they are now offering shoe subscription boxes for kids. It’s so easy to use, and solves a huge problem for every kiddo in my home!

How does the shoe subscription boxes for kids work?

  1. Head on over to their site and sign-up for their shoe subscription service
  2. Print out the shoe sizing guide shoe sizing guide and measure your kids feet
  3. Create a profile for each of your kids to keep their shoe sizes and orders organized
  4. Shop EasyKick’s stylish collection of Nike and Converse shoes and pick your favorites
  5. Sit back and wait for your order to arrive. Mine was ordered on a Thursday and arrived the following Monday. It was super fast!
  6. Once the shoes have been worn out, return them to EasyKicks with their return to sender bag that comes with your order
  7. Start again with measuring your kiddos feet and picking out a brand new pair of shoes!

EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids- Powered by Mom

You received your EasyKicks shoe subscription boxes for kids…. now what?

When my EasyKicks ordered arrived, the shoe box had my kiddo’s name on the box. This was thanks to the child’s profile I set up on my account. For multiple kiddos, this will come in very handy. The shoes I chose were some of my all-time favorites, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars! You can never go wrong with classics, even when it comes to shoes.

As you can see, the shoes from EasyKicks are beyond adorable on my little man. He absolutely loves them! He even has a cute way of calling his new shoes “Chucks.”

EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids - Powered by Mom

Within the shipping box was a return to sender bag, which you can use to return your kid’s worn out pair of shoes. Do this when you are ready to order another pair from EasyKicks. It does not cost you any extra to send the used shoes back to EasyKicks. It does however, give EasyKicks the opportunity to re-use or recycle these returned shoes through various programs including With Love and Nike Grind program. Another huge benefit of the shoe subscription boxes for kids by EasyKicks!

What does EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids cost?

I’m sure by now you’re wondering… this sounds great and all, but how much does this service actually cost? EasyKicks shoe subscription boxes for kids costs $20 per month, per child. It is very affordable. Especially when your kids have an ever-changing need for shoes upon their feet!

EasyKicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids - Powered by Mom

My Thoughts about Easy Kicks Shoe Subscription Boxes for Kids

All in all, I think this is a great solution to the shoe battle. The service is easy to use, affordable, stylish, and you can order a new pair of shoes whenever your kiddos have the need for a new pair of shoes. Plus! Your used shoes are put to use through programs that are focused on children.

Try them out for a few months, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I love the fact that a can have shoes for my grandbaby at my fingertips. i don’t have to go to the mall and look for shoes

  2. This is such a great idea. My grandchildren outgrow their shoes so fast. These shoes shown look so nice. Thank you so much for sharing