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Now you can have some security and peace of mind in your home for a lot less with this EZVIZ Husky WIFI Security Camera. You can set it up outside or inside and check up on what’s happening in your home no matter where you are thanks to this fabulous security camera.

Security Camera

Have you been looking at security cameras for inside you home, outside, or for around your property? Technology today lets you do this at an affordable price. Katrina recently did a review on an EZVIZ Husky wifi camera. Go check out her review and what she thought of it.

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 Now for the really fun part. Top Notch Material teamed up with EZVIZ for a giveaway of one Husky camera. Follow the Giveaway Tools below for your chance to win.
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  1. BILL HOFF says:

    We have been wanting a security camera just to keep an eye on our house hen we are gone

  2. This would definitely be perfect for knowing what is happening in a given location; while not at home. Also, for feeling much more secure about walking up to the door at any given time.

  3. Too many home invasions lately. Apparently, the area I live in thief like to come here because of the easy access to the freeway.

  4. Ashley Owens says:

    There has been some break ins lately in the area and would love to use this for that and to watch my kids playing outside

  5. Lucille West says:

    I would use this for my home security. Plus be able to see the grandchildren when they are outside playing. It would be great to win this. Thank You for the chance

  6. Heather Manu says:

    I would actually keep this for our house, we have never had home security, but I have always wanted to have a security camera for our home.

  7. Joey Simmonds says:

    That would be great to put on my moms home since she had a stroke, I worry about her.

  8. Laura Martin says:

    We are moving from an apartment to a townhouse next week and won’t have the security of double doors anymore. I’d feel a lot safer if we had a security camera at the front and back doors of our new home. Thanks for offering this!

  9. I would gift it to my friend who owns a bar and could use it to keep an eye on things.

  10. could sure use this things have been going on since husband passed away called law and was told to buy a camera and when i seen something call them

  11. I would probably gift this to my parents if I won. Thanks for hosting.

  12. I’ve had things stolen from my yard. I would feel secure with this

  13. I would keep this one and aim it out the front door we sure need something like this.


    I would keep this for myself as I am older and live alone in a huge apt complex, with employees that have master keys to all of our apts. I would love to have this in my own apt. to monitor anyone coming in here when I am not home! I have had more than 3 theft issues in the 5 years that I have been here!!!

  15. Andrew Gay says:

    My area is not the safest I would use this as a security camera to help prevent theft

  16. It’s very dark behind my house and there is no fence. I would put it there.

  17. Jill Jacoby says:

    I would love to ave this camera for my front porch. I live alone now and would really feel more comfortable knowing I have a security camera.

  18. Heather Dawn says:

    I would like to put it out front because people around me have been having their tires slashed. This would be super helpful!

  19. Cute and compact. And that mango salsa looks yummy

  20. I would like this camera to keep an eye on things outside of my house.

  21. lulu kaliher says:

    I need this to make my mind at ease when I’m away. This would be a wonderful security blanket for our family.

  22. I would give this camera to my Dad because he is a pilot and wants to keep an eye on his house when he is on trips.

  23. Wendy McBride says:

    I am wanting this camera for my house. Sometimes I get packages and also have had items stolen out of my yard. I also would like to know what happens when I am not home.

  24. I would love this for our nursery

  25. Would love to get this for my kids play area downstairs!

  26. I have been wanting a security camera just to keep an eye on my house if I am gone.

  27. I would love this for my house. My middle schooler gets home before me and I would love to see her arrive and make sure she’s safe.

  28. Holly Thomas says:

    I would keep it, there have been a lot of thefts in my area.

  29. Angela Patino says:

    I would keep it and used it for our home my husband being wanting a security camera

  30. Crystal Warnick says:

    I would keep it and use it for my 3 boys.

  31. id get it for my parents

  32. Amanda Alvarado says:

    BTW your twitter handle in the form is wrong – the “d” in powered is missing!

  33. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d like this camera for extra security at home especially during the days when we are both at work!

  34. We’d definitely keep it! We have had a lot of things come up missing and our neighborhood has gotten really bad. We need one to keep ourselves safer.

  35. stephanie bastien says:

    im a single mother and it will help me feel more safe with my 3 littles and also to keep an eye on the animals when were not home

  36. I would love to have this to keep an eye on my dogs when I’m not home.

  37. I would love this because we are expecting a new baby!

  38. angie rogers says:

    I know my husband has been wanting to get a security camera since his brothers home was broken into.

  39. My husband would love this. We have a security system but a camera would be one more thing to make us feel safe and secure.

  40. Jay Jackson says:

    This camera would be great at home when my wife is home by herself.

  41. Linda Madden says:

    I would keep it for myself because I love alone. This would make me feel more secure.

  42. I would give this to my niece, she has twins to keep an eye on.

  43. Margo Chamney says:

    It would give me some peace when I’m home alone.

  44. Jeffrey Legg says:

    I have to leave family at night for work, would love to have this to keep eye on back area of house

  45. I’d give it to my middle son because he’s always out exploring nature and would take much better photos than what he does with his phone ;).

  46. I would give it to my sons. I would love this camera as I think they can have tons of fun filming their BMX biking runs on the dirt track near my apartment

  47. I think I would gift this to my sister. She receives lots of packages while she is at work and I bet she’d like to be able to keep an eye on things.

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