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Family Night

August 23-August 29, 2013  Open to US Only

Featured by: Mommy’s Memorandum & Celebrate Woman Today

Family Night

Marquee Candles “Three Gifts In One” (Soy Candle, Genuine Precious Stone Jewelry & Stemless Wine Glass)”

Prize: (1) Marquee Candle every Two Months for 1 year. (Totaling 6 Candles).

ARV including S&H $360

Save 10% at check out with the discount code: MommysMemo10%

Family Night

Kristian Regale Sparkling Juices

Prize: Case of 6 assorted Sparkling Juices

ARV: $110

Kristian Regale Sparkling Juices use only the finest, natural ingredients. Inside the beautiful bottle you’ll find ingredients like Geranium Botanicals, Natural Fruit Juice, two-thirds LESS sugar, no preservatives and no alcohol or Caffeine! It’s a celebration that is good all around.

Make this year one to remember without the next day blues!


Family Night

Prize: Three boxes of THINaddictives: Almonds, Cinnamon Raisin, Almonds

ARV: $9.87

Crafted by Nonni’s the premier biscotti baker, THINaddictives are premium cookies. Artisan Almond Thins that are not only delicious, but nutritious. Baked into every bite are premium ingredients, many which are anti-oxidant rich. These cookies may be thin, but they are packed with whole cranberries, raisins, almonds and pistachios.

Discover THINaddictives and where to purchase them by visiting the THINaddictives website

YumEarth Organics

Family Night

Prize: YumEarth Fruit Snacks

ARV: $4.49

Looking for organic, delicious candy and snacks? YumEarth Organics is quality candy made using real fruit flavors and nothing artificial added. While candy should be eaten in moderation, YumEarth Organics, is candy you can feel good about giving to children or yourself. We think they make the BEST lollipops! Now they offer fruit snacks that are organic and DELICIOUS!
YumEarth Fruit Snacks are a great snack. Pack them in lunches, eat them as snacks and discover the chewy, organic goodness of YumEarth Fruit Snacks. They can be purchased directly from their website.
Winning Moves

Family Night

Prize: Retro Games Prize Pack (Sorry, 2 Puzzles, Pass the Pigs and Yahtzee!)
ARV: $60
Winning Moves is a leading maker of classic card and board games, world renown puzzles, action games and popular adult party games. Since their first year of operation in 1995, they have forged a close relationship with the world’s largest game company, Hasbro, Inc., owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games. As a result, many long-lived Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games are now made exclusively by Winning Moves Games!
Visit their site to find the best-selling titles like Pass The Pigs®, PayDay®, Rubik’s® Cube, Super Scrabble®, Rack-O®, No Stress Chess®, and hot new sellers like Big Boggle®, Mah Jongg™ Card Game and The Game Of Life® Dogs Edition. Additionally, many timeless classics like Pit®, Deluxe Rook®, and Go To The Head Of The Class® are now exclusively made by Winning Moves Games.

They have a great line of puzzles, where the pieces are shames in fun and unique shapes like cowboy boots, ballerinas, animals, letters and more!

Pamper yourself before and after the entertainment with this amazing Beauty Prize Pack filled with Aveeno and Garnier beauty products! Head over to Celebrate Woman Today and enter here.

One Reader will win this amazing Family Night of Entertainment!

ARV: $544.36

US Only please

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  1. Cintia Scanlan says:

    We love to hang out as a family. Wether it be cleaning the house or just watching tv. We enjoy each other 🙂

  2. Zanna Dobbs says:

    Reading we love reading and often share book series.

  3. Julie Simpson says:

    Being disabled my son and I budget just permits us to enjoy the free things like the park feeding ducks watching my muy bonito grandson Diego pick flowers and snacking on picnic type items

  4. Melissa Green says:

    We love to play at the park!

  5. We love family game night.

  6. Valerie Clark says:

    We go geocaching together!

  7. Valerie Triana Nordin says:

    Bowling! Even my 2 year old loves to bowl!

  8. We play games together. =)

  9. gail ward says:

    We love walking in the evening after supper.

  10. Tina McClay says:

    We love to go camping

  11. When the weather is cool we enjoy an outdoor fire. We bring our drinks out and throw some potatoes in to cook. Yes, we’re boring!

  12. stephen radford says:

    Fishing Swimming or watching a movie at home

  13. We love anything outdoors together.
    Thanks for the chance.

  14. we do pizza for dinner then a game with snack and later we do a family movie – every satruday night!

  15. Brittany C. says:

    Movies, board games and card games!

  16. Teresa Thompson says:

    Movie night at our house is lots of fun.

  17. Angela Rhodes Ingles says:

    We love kayaking, yoga, hiking, camping, gardening, swimming, board games, etc.

  18. debbie campbell says:

    my kids like to watch movies and play card games

  19. We like to sit outside enjoy nature and grill hotdogs.

  20. Right now it’s TV or DVDs. We keep meaning to get board games!

  21. beth dunlavy hoppe says:

    We all get together and play Scrabble

  22. Whitney Bush says:

    We like to watch TV shows like, Supernatural.

  23. we like to watch movies

  24. we go for walks in our local park

  25. Stephanie Shipley says:

    Our favorite entertainment is playing games! Uno is our favorite one.

  26. Michelle H. says:

    Right now, we are enjoying watching baseball together.

  27. Ashley T. says:

    We like to take walks, and ride our bikes or just plain laughing at each other haha

  28. We play games together 🙂

  29. Love these prizes! What fun!

  30. A movie at home with popcorn

  31. wendi watson says:

    watching trailer park boys and hanging out outside by a fire and grilling out

  32. Our fave entertainment is def watching movies together while eating snacks.

  33. Dawn Bean says:

    Would love to win this

  34. shannon wilkovich says:

    Watching movies 🙂

  35. John Iavarone says:

    Nice prize. I’d love to win this !

  36. We love movies and reading together, and my husband I are gamers when the kid is asleep 😉

  37. We like to watch movies and play board games.

  38. Miranda P says:

    We like watching movies together.

  39. Debbie Lewis says:

    We like to go riding on the UTV

  40. Favorite form of entertainment is spending time together in the backyard running around and playing

  41. April Conn says:

    I only have a little guy so we enjoy reading stories or playing outside..and cartoons also!

  42. Movie night with pizza or tacos! We’re having a tougher time as the kids get older finding something we all like (movie-wise), but when we do, it’s a lot of fun. ; )
    Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a great collection of prizes!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  43. Saturday is game night where we play card games and board games

  44. Board Games and movies. And having a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.

  45. Our favorite form of family entertainment is our weekly popcorn and movie night!

  46. Rachel Rodrigues says:

    playing board games on friday family night

  47. We like to go out to dinner and go to the movies.

  48. Kim Pinch says:

    Going to a hockey game or watching one on TV with pizza and popcorn.

  49. Kristi Bonus says:

    I ADORE board games. My husband’s not to keen on them but I break can break him down once in a while. If it were up to him we’d all be playing video games together… lol

  50. We place board games or wii

  51. Jessica D says:

    I don’t have a family of my own yet but the one I’m part of, when we’re all together we love just standing around and swapping our latest stories. We always have a blast

  52. My family loves watching movies together and playing MarioKart on the Wii together.

  53. Carrie Phelps says:

    It really depends on the time of year, in warmer weather we’re always outdoors, hiking, camping, swimming, biking and just playing. During the winter months we enjoy snow play as well as board games & movies.

  54. Rebecca Miller says:

    Depends we have movie night, game night, go to the park and hangout all day, or beach, or to a friends pool, or color. Kids love to color. We don’t have cable, just Netflix.

  55. We watch movies on TV from Redbox or Netflix 🙂

  56. We love games! Sequence, dominioes, yatzhee, cards we also enjoy movies

  57. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We like playing board games!

  58. Sandrea Igess says:

    My family has game night and we always end the night with popcorn and a movie.

  59. Christina Graham says:

    Our new thing is playing Uno now that my 3 yea old can understand and play too.

  60. Stephanie Robertson says:

    We play cards and watch movies and generally just have a lot of fun

  61. Jessica Fortner says:

    We like to go camping, hot tub and ake walks together.

  62. Denise Elliott says:

    we are big on playing board games. we own over 100 but we don’t have any of these my son really wants to try pass the pigs

  63. rebeccabasset says:

    My Family and I don’t live together anymore, Grown Children, but when we do get together we love to go out and Eat. I
    Hope it is still Okay to enter the Giveaway?

    Thank you.

  64. We play card games & we go camping

  65. Jess Lundgren says:

    We love to play games!

  66. We love to go walking around the popular lake we have in the middle of the city. We bring the dog and people watch

  67. We like to go walking or go on the boat.

  68. Michele P says:

    we like to go bowling and play games at home, watch movies too!

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