Febreze is safe for dogs, cats and their humans too

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Do you think Febreze is safe for dogs or cats (and their humans)?

The answer to whether or not Febreze is safe for dogs or cats (and their humans) is YES!

But wait! This is not just my opinion or guess, there’s some interesting information available to verify that Febreze is safe for dogs, cats and humans too (to use around them) that you may not already know. Last month, I went to P&G headquarters in Cincinnati for Febreze’s first ever Safety Immersion. There I learned that the ASPCA has certified that Febreze is safe to use around pets. You can see their statement on it HERE. As an animal lover with dogs and a cat, I appreciate that the ASPCA has stated this.Febreze is safe for dogs or cats (and their humans)?

Please remember that we’re talking about using Febreze as an air freshener and we’re not talking about spraying it on people or animals. That said when spraying a room if someone were to walk in and get some on them or breathe it in, it’s still safe. We’re not talking about spraying large amounts on anyone ever.

Don’t worry I’ve got more to share to ease your fears about Febreze being safe. I will admit though that a lot of what I’m about to share I didn’t know previously but because of that, I’m passing along the information so that you can be better informed than I was for a quite a while there! I’m not going to get all technical and science-y on you because that is sooo not me and I simply don’t have the background to even pull off pretending to be science-y.

Like I said earlier I was invited to Procter and Gamble’s wait for it, it’s a shocker… Febreze division to visit their main digs in Cincinnati to learn more about Febreze, what’s in it, what’s not, how it actually works and to quite frankly educate me and the others who were invited.

Below is a photo of said group which includse myself.Is Febreze Safe for Dogs and CatsHowever, while this article is sponsored all opinions are 100% my own, I would not be writing any of this if I did not believe it 100% and had science-y facts and more to back it up. Last but not least I can’t be bribed by going on a trip or even with a monetary offer. I can sometimes be bribed with amazing delectable chocolate, a month off from cleaning the house and not having to be the family admin assistant and chauffeur but none of that was offered in exchange for this article. So, in other words, it’s all about me and what I learned and believe folks.

Let’s begin with a bit of simplified science for those who are not science-y at all like myself.

Febreze is different from other air fresheners as Febreze eliminates odours, it doesn’t just mask them. Their OdorClear technology seeks out the stinky molecules of those odours and eliminates them. Febreze has three odour eliminating compounds aka the Febreze Four. Stating with their odour trapping donut shaped starch molecule called Cyclodextrin that you got it traps the malodor molecule within the donut.

Up next in the fab four – I mean the Febreze four – are the odour converters that are reactive to perfume ingredients to help eliminate a ton of odours and they bind those super stinky odours that are officially called malodors. They then react to those ultra stinky odours and actually convert them into a molecule that doesn’t have a stinky smell.

Febreze doesn’t stop there folks, remember it’s the Febreze four so there’s also odour neutralizers such as citric acid – you know the one found in lemons. Why does that matter? Think about when you squeeze lemon onto a fish, it smells less fishy right? The citric acid eliminates odors by balancing their pH to that of water which means it’s less stinky.

To round out this odour trapping team of four is last but not least the odour magnets which is made specifically for fabric odours and is in their Febreze Fabric Refresher (one of my favourites besides the pet one). This odour magnet gets down deep and dirty to attract (aka being a magnet) odours from those fabrics. Check it out below.

For those who want a bit more science-y facts than I can provide and explain in a coherent manner, you can get more details on the Febreze four HERE.

While we’re not in the age of smellivision yet I’m sharing a smell test video that I did with the family. I got this smell demonstration from Febreze who did a few fragrant demos with us. I think you’ll get the idea but oh how I wish we had smellivision so you could have the full experience. I took it easy on the teenager and used coffee instead of something you know actually stinky. Fortunately for her she was reasonably well behaved that day so I didn’t have reason take revenge on her for anything. For some reason though she wanted to dip that stick herself. You think she didn’t trust me or something, I can’t imagine why.


So what, now what?

Okay great now you have a bit of information on how Febreze eliminates odours and doesn’t just mask them, so what? Now I can tell you more about how I know that Febreze is safe for dogs, cats and humans. The scientist at P&G told us all about the research and care that goes into product development and how serious they are when it comes to the safety of their products. They go above and beyond to test for safety and won’t put products out that they wouldn’t use in their own homes as well. This got me excited because I started to realize I could once again have a bottle of Febreze in all of my home’s rooms without fear. Who gets excited about Febreze? Uh, I do when you’ve had enough wet dog smell, manure smell from the farms down the road, skunk and think of another dozen stinkiest of the stinky odours you’d be excited too.Is Febreze Safe for Dogs and CatsWhy I used Febreze for Stinky Odours and then I didn’t

When you have dogs, a cat, a hubby, a teenager and quite frankly a nose that works, you are concerned about stinky odours aka malodors. I, in particular, have kind of been obsessed with ensuring my house doesn’t stink because 1) I’m super sensitive to smells and 2) after I saw that first Febreze commercial that talked about nose blindness (when you are unable to smell scents that you are used to being around) I was paranoid I was nose blind. Have I mentioned I’m obsessive about stinky smells? I had Febreze bottles everywhere, near the cat litter, in each bathroom, the kitchen and more. Then I slowly without consciously thinking about it stopped replacing the Febreze bottles and had it down to only one in the house. Which I would still use but only in extreme cases of stinkiness.

Why did I not use Febreze Sprays as Often?

As mentioned it wasn’t a conscious decision. I think as I started to use more “natural” products in other facets of my life I just cut down on the use but didn’t totally give it up. I couldn’t because quite frankly Febreze was the only product that eliminated the odour. I thought I was making the better choice but was I really?

As part of their commitment to safety and transparency, you can find a complete list of Febreze ingredients HERE and via SmartLabel.org. They do NOT use phthalates, formaldehyde or flammable propellants in any Febreze products. Huh okay so Febreze doesn’t have any of those, so again why did I stop using it as much? This is where I was beginning to realize I hadn’t really made an informed decision.

Preservatives – are they always bad?

The more I heard at Febreze and then the more I researched on my own the more I wondered how I could have given Febreze up and put up with those extra stinky smells when I didn’t have to!Is Febreze Safe for Dogs and CatsLike many others, I’ve become a label reader and I admit if I saw certain preservatives listed on a product I might put it back on the shelf and said hell no. However, preservatives can be good. You wouldn’t want mold growing in any of your products would you? Of course not and that’s just one example of how preservatives can help. Our fruits and vegetables also have natural preservatives so again sometimes you need those preservatives in your products. Just be informed as to which ones are good and what amounts are safe so that when you’re reading a label, it’s not just what the ingredients are but it could be all about the amount of it.

Natural ingredients are not always safer than man-made ingredients.

Oh come on I’m pulling your leg on this one right? Um heck no people. As an OCDish kind of person and mom I’m careful what I use around and for my family, but it’s true natural isn’t always safe or safer. Remember what I said above it’s also about amounts. If you get too much sun that’s not good for you and yet it’s natural. If you take too much Vitamin A for example it can be toxic to your body. Moderation people, moderation. Be informed, this is my mantra.

Can Febreze harm me if I or my pet inhales it?

Here’s a science-y bit of information for you that answers that question. No, it can’t harm you because Febreze can’t reach our lungs due to is particle size (85-120 microns). It’s too large to even make it as far as our lungs to do anything but maybe give us a slight taste in our mouth. Again remember we are using it as an air freshener we’re not saying to spray directly on your person or your pet for that matter. Always, always follow the directions on the label of any product for safety reasonsIs Febreze Safe for Dogs and CatsHow Febreze continues to put consumer safety first

Recently, Febreze met with a group of multidisciplinary experts to discuss the ways they can help we the consumers make informed decisions on the products we use in our homes. They are dedicated to continuing to work with industry leaders and experts to ensure us and provide us with the facts so that we are not misinformed with some false information you can find on the internet.

What have we learned?

That I ramble on and talk and write too much? Okay true, did I not mention that I have a tendency to do that? Oops sorry, my bad, too late but I hope you caught the gist of what I was sharing. Can you answer the question of whether or not Febreze is safe to use around dogs, cats and homo sapiens too with a big resounding yes?! If you’re not ready to say yes but are willing to dig a little deeper then that makes me happy too because that willingness means you’re ready to find out more. You’re open to the facts and researching them more so you can make an informed decision.Is Febreze Safe for Dogs and Cats

Do I truly believe Febreze is safe to use around dogs, cats and peeps too?

Um did you read any of the above? Kidding, sort of but okay here you go, ABSOLUTELY YES. Yes, yes and yes and in case you’re wondering I once again have a bottle of Febreze in all those rooms that have been without it the last year or so. No longer will I suffer the stinky, sweaty, gasping for air please let me die it smells so bad smells ever again

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  1. Thank you for all the information. I do not trust much of what corporations say, but feel that you have really looked into this. I have used Febreze to remove odor from a dog bed – the mattress, not the cover. This way it does not touch my dog’s skin. I also use a great dog bed cover – PawSheets. They are a fitted sheet for a dog bed. It makes it very easy for me to keep the surface clean and as well as a less stinky bed.

  2. It is good to know that Febreze is safe for people and pets. I use it all the time to freshen up rooms and on my dogs bed and carpets.

  3. I have two elderly cats- Fred is 12 ( the oldest) and he does piddle a bit from time to time- so Febreeze is a product I use frequently and I can say it’s safe.

  4. I love that Febreeze is safe for pets. I have dog that is older and has accidents once a while that can cause a smell so I use Febreeze when that happens.

  5. I do try to buy natural products as often as I can. I didn’t know Febreze was safe for animals and their humans! Good to know I feel so bad when my dog starts sneezing when I am cleaning.

  6. This is an awesome post that I will share with my daughter. I definitely don’t want to use anything that will harm my fur baby. While I sometimes use Febreze on the furniture I would draw the line at spraying my boy with it

    • Yes, it’s okay to use around them but as mentioned don’t spray the animals. If you wouldn’t spray it on yourself why would you spray the animals. It won’t hurt anyone if a bit accidentally got on them but spraying a person or animal down is not the purpose of it for sure.

  7. WE don’t have any pets but this is great information that I will share! We love using febreeze products

  8. I’m happy that it is not toxic around animals due to the fact that I have 3 indoor cats. I definitely do not want to do anything that would be harmful to any of them.

  9. I love how febreze works around the house and for my pets, I love the smell it gives off but also what it does killing those nasty odars from the pets, great video here.

  10. I find it interesting that several articles say the SPCA endorses the use of Febreze with pets. My daughter works there and someone mistakenly started spraying the cages down with Febreze instead of the animal approved cleaner. Several pets almost died ! My friend ignorantly sprays her dogs with Febreze and they keep getting misteriously ill. I bet she hasn’t told her vet what she sprays them with. So, while you can use the product according to the instructions. It is not harmless to pets if it’s used directly on them.

    • Hi Sheryl, thanks we are of course always talking about using according to instructions, like any product when you don’t there’s a risk. We never refer to spraying an “air freshener” directly onto a person or an animal. That’s not the purpose and hence why it’s not called a body spray or pet spray. Thanks for your comment and I agree your friend should not be spraying her dog directly.

  11. Wow, thanks for posting this and it makes me feel better about trying Febreeze, I didn’t know how much care went into, that’s great!

  12. I’m so glad!! I have 4 rescue kitties and use febreze almost daily. I’ve never had any issues but I would feel terrible if I had unknowingly been harming my little ladies. Thanks for the article

  13. Love that Fabreze is safe for pets. It sure helps reduce the pet odors that accumulate especially in the wet winter weather. Thanks for the informative post about the ingredients it helps re assure that our pets are safe

  14. I enjoy using fabreze and I love what they put in and what they don’t , I know its safe for me and my family and furry members.

  15. I think I have used Febreze since it first came out. I always love have clean it made my home feel. And it is nice to know that it is ok for humans and furbabies.

  16. I always wondered if Frebreeze was safe for pets, it’s good to know that it is, now I won’t have to worry about it

  17. Crossing fingers that this is true and continual approval by medical/vet/research. Yes, we use this brand though try not to overuse. Thanks!

  18. This is great to know. I use to use fabreeze but when I got my dog I stopped I was afraid it would bother her. Next shopping trip I am going to get a bottle. I love Fabreeze

  19. I always worry about using febreze around our furry babies. Good to know all about this. Thank you!

  20. I never knew Febreze was safe for myself, and my animals. I use it daily, but make sure my animals, and I, aren’t in the room after I spray it. Guess I don’t need to worry. Thank you for sharing!

  21. I’m glad to know that feebreze is safe around my animals. I always wondered about that. I love using febreeze for everything. Thanks for all the great information.

  22. Love that Febreze not only helps with eliminating unwanted odors in the home but that it’s safe for everyone as well. I always ensure that I read ingredients for both our children and our pups.

  23. I was so excited to see this review!! I have 4 cats & I LOVE Febreze, so I’ve often wondered if it was safe for them & the rest of my family actually. I love their scents & that they last for a longer time than other products. I have asthma I am pretty particular about air fresheners, so thank you for this review, it put my mind at ease!!

  24. Wow, this was really informative & educational for me, thank you so much! I’ve had concerns about the safety of air fresheners, some types of odor eliminators, & fragranced items in general. It’s great to know that I can rest easy with Febreeze. 😀

  25. Febreeze is amazing! We have dogs and cats who are in and out of our home. It makes the house smell clean and fresh and lasts a long time.

  26. I am glad I got to see this information posted here because I had no idea Febreze is safe for pets. I have a hamster, rabbit and dog and I love them all so much and care about them so I want to use things around them that is safe. I love the fact that Febreze doesn’t just mask odors it eliminates them. This is what I want and need.

  27. I just did research on this a couple of weeks ago because I have a cat, it works great and I will keep using it.

  28. Thanks for the informative review, i had no idea that febreeze was safe for pets. I’ll definitely be more likely to use it around my home now.

  29. I used to drive for a rideshare company and would always bring Febreze with me and spray after each ride to keep it fresh.

  30. i am happy to find this out. i recently learned that air fresheners were cancer causing and i had stopped using them.

  31. I’ve always used Febreze, but was always skeptical how how it got rid of oders. I enjoyed learning the science behind it all and that Febreze eliminates odours and doesn’t just mask them.

  32. Thank-you for this information. It is great to know this is safe for my pup! (and us humans, of course!)

  33. I have used Fabreeze for years, and I am so glad to hear it is not harmful to pets. We have lots of pets and socialize ferals so for us it is super important that chemicals dont harm them. I really like this product.

  34. We only use Febreeze! I’ve tried the other “natural ” ones and always go back! I’m happy to learn that it’s safe to inhale…I can’t be the only one who holds their breath when spraying in case it gets in your lungs! I was worried about my pup getting right back into her bed after spraying but not anymore! Thank you for the great info!

  35. I never knew this, and I’m very happy to learn because I’m hoping to be able to get a dog when I move- can’t have one where we are now.

  36. This actually is surprising to me. I had no idea that Febreeze was safe for humans and pets! I have 2 dogs and kids so smells happen! It’s nice to know that I can use Febreeze and not have to worry! Thanks for the info.!

  37. I am so happy that Febreze Is Safe For Dogs, Cats And Their Humans Too. I do have Febreze but was a bit concerned about it.

  38. We are always looking out for safe materials for our home. With little ones and pets safety is our #1 priority.

  39. I love Febreze, so it’s good to know it is safe for pets. They have such great scents, and it really does fight the stinky odors.

  40. I am so happy that this is safe for our pets. I love that it does not mask odors but eliminates them. I use Febreeze all the time but I learned some new things about it today. Thank you for sharing

  41. Thanks for passing on this well researched information. So important to actually have the evidence behind what we use in our homes. Good to know that I can use this safely.

  42. I really love Febreze products. They really DO eliminate odors. Good to know it is safe as well!

  43. I’ve always been wary about using room sprays around my fur babies. Now that I know Febreze is safe I will definitely be trying it out to get rid of any odors we have in our home. Thanks for this review.